Ahmad Saleem – 080 Jumuah Khutba

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The importance of individuality and value in social gatherings is emphasized, along with protecting one's identity and reputation. The speakers also discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the belief that it is a factor that has to be considered when making decisions and the need for everyone to submit to Allah's rule. The speakers also emphasize the importance of fulfilling Islam's promise to be all and fulfilling spiritual goals, while highlighting the need for individuals to be beneficial to people and not just for money. Finally, they discuss the importance of fulfilling Islam's promise to be all and fulfilling spiritual goals.
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All right

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ARL sauna

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are you Ready

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and then how many

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who understand you know what is still federal when I was moving him into Raleigh and fusina woman, Dr. Medina Maria de la phenomenal woman you

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are special Allah Allahu

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wa Chateau Anna Mohammed and Abdo solo another OC Kumar FC Rita Paula, Papa Dameron Allahu Tada I think Italia Hill carrying

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on watching Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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Allah Allah, Allah,

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Allah como

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Manuel de la,

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Rosa now the muscle man now that

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every single one of us in our lives,

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from the time we become independent, and we leave our households or sometimes we may be tethered to our households, but we start seeking a life of independence. And in this process of seeking a life of independence, or independence or independent from our parents, or elders, we start making connections,

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we start finding significance and value in social gatherings in certain circles in certain places, and sometimes they would be work related, sometimes it can be social organizations, we all as human beings have a need to seek the significance somehow.

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A small child seeks that significance by doing things that may be completely out of the ordinary and may be considered bad advocates, but to that child, the need of gaining significance in the eyes of my elders and seniors and in the eyes of my parents is more important than the societal norms and little bit of advocates that could be let go.

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Now, in that process, what happens is we start identifying

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to individuals. We start saying if this person exists, and he says yes, then my thing is will move.

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Every decision that you make, you may run it by this confidant of yours, hoping and expressing that if he buys my

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idea, then my idea will be successful.

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If he is on my side then I am a victor.

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So we placed the trust

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in somewhere that we shouldn't have placed.

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And to that Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in the Quran

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and he says that I will do let him when I say final regime where he has Judo fists

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well the dad or below will do we want

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desires I have such the but the other bits that when we are talking about it in the matter of daily we don't do sits there or we don't do such that we can do the surgery or the tilava after whenever you are done so today after your salats salata Jumeirah, you can do this in detail, but when we're doing in the process of valium or football and other plays that football is of a higher category. You don't do this as a detail which is a sunnah whereby over offering a free above or an obligation so you don't resort to something that is the Sunnah when you're in the process of an obligation, what Allah so Allah says to for Allah, yes, you do, manifest

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everything, all of our confidence, all of our people that we think will help us become Victors

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will grant us victory or significance in a particular segment of our society, social networks, social net enterprises dome, it doesn't matter where Allah is reminding you that everything.

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Whoever exists between this heavens and the earth, they all prostrate

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to Allah. Now, we're not talking about a physical sujood we're talking about a whole door that everyone at one point in their life recognizes Allah and has no choice but to submit all of their egos to Allah.

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Even the most arrogant, even the atheist when the plane is falling down, we see those Instagram videos and tick tock videos all the time, where they're like, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, that same person used to believe that there is no God when the plane took off in the first place.

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So Allah is like it's by this, this, this decree of Allah that whether you like it or not, you're going to submit to Allah one day.

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But Allah is reminding you,

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oh, I'm Ocula you have two choices. You can do this willingly. or Allah will put you in circumstances will you be forced to submit?

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You will, you will hate the fact that you are being forced. And you have been humbled to accept Allah's dominance over you. You can have that option or you can be through those who willingly choose to submit to Allah. And Allah reminds you as a reminder was Allah Allah home all those people who are arrogant, all those people who put their trust in anyone other than Allah, what Leela to whom their own shadows? Have you seen their shadows at the time of sunrise and sunset, they also do sister says Allah to Allah subhanho wa taala. They all submit and that is why the aroma they said that at the time of sunrise and sunset, your little, your shadow is the lungs, an indication that it

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has completely submitted to Allah.

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Then Allah says after to Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and this is a reminder for all of us to say, Man Robinson out who is the rub of Santa what? Well, who is the one who created this heavens in the earth?

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The Quran is of the past at least had. So Hazel, who will be they used to believe that Allah is the Creator. But then Allah answers this bullet. Because today you have people that are of this opinion, or this all happened coincidentally.

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It was just, you know, a coincidence that it happened. I had a person who came to my house, and he wanted to marry a muslim woman. And I said, Look, in our religion, Christian men cannot marry a muslim woman. But I can tell you and I can give you our to Islam. You can look at it and if you see the message resonates with you, then feel free to connect. So I told him, Oh, he was having cookies that were made by my daughter.

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So I said,

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Do you believe that the cookies that are created?

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Now you're facing these cookies? He said, Yes, the cookies had a creator.

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I said, who was the creator of Cummings? Who made them?

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And he's like, Well, you're told me your daughter. I'll put you never saw my daughter.

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Isn't that an argument that he has we never saw the Creator. You will

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into the cookies, all of a sudden all those ingredients didn't all of a sudden come out of the closet and they decided that you know, let's you know and somebody was playing some machine and they all decided that you know based on the rhythm of tendencies, we will just all get together and go into the oven and come out as cookies.

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And that simple example turned out in person

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because we all believe everything has a creator even though we did not see the Creator.

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But today you are having people that are denying that Allah ever created That's why Allah says in the I will ask them man Raposa, who is the creator of the heavens and the earth. Call Oh prophet of Allah say Allah. Allah is the Creator.

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Allah is the Creator of the heavens

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and then I'll ask this question I've had to hustle min Dhoni earlier

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after the fact that you know that Allah created you and your parents and the food that you eat and the house that you live in and every single thing that you own in this world every single thing the raw materials of it all were created by Allah do you take

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other than Allah

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protectors? Do you believe that that person can help you helpers friends Do you believe that that person if that person is on my side or this person is on my side? Then I will come?

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Then I will then it will be my job then I'll get promoted. No. Oh, Allah is like a factor has to mean Dooney earlier you took people and you believe that they had power you took them as Oh Leah and protectors and guardians and friends many Dooney other than Allah these people lie you're only gonna unfussy him NEFA.

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How can they protect you and guard you and provide you any benefit? They themselves cannot provide benefit to themselves? Namely corner they don't have any ownership of any benefit for themselves.

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Whenever raw?

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No, never, and neither can any harm. If it is going to fall on to them, they can prevent that. When Allah says *, yes, that will. Well we'll see. If this example is not very evident for you, then Allah is telling you let's look at a more evident example that nobody's gonna argue with the example is, is a blind and a seen person equal?

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And the answer is no.

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I'm helpless There we go, no matter what nor? Or is darkness and light equal?

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And the answer is no. These are evident realities of our lives that we see and we affirm to irrespective of your religion,

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likewise is the reality that those people that we take as protectors, those managers that sometimes we may commit things that are not pleasing to Allah in hopes of a better promotion?

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Right, we might do that. I am Likud enough I would otherwise they don't even know they don't have any benefit on their own. They can provide benefit to themselves, neither. Neither any harm that falls onto them. Likewise is the example of the Blind in the scene and the darkness in the darkness is and the light. There are two opposites

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that Allah asks the question, and the idea he should raka color Polka healthy butter sharp and Hawala him or these partners of yours have they created anything and even if they have created look, you see a lot of these people today oh mankind has progressed so much we have created so much AI and chat. GPT is going to outsmart human beings that all of that Allah is like Tashahhud

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they may look like it has intellect, but it resembles it may resemble but it is not a creation.

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Because Allah is the one.

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He is the Creator

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that Allah says Coleen Allah Who Holly Hokulea shining, anything that you see in this earth, Allah is at the heart of everything.

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Wah hoo, wah wah.

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And he is singular alone. While we're on

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the ruler, they say Why is so such an emphasis on why they say that, in every single aspect of our lives in numbers we have power in every single aspect.

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Whenever you have more numbers that means more power, but when it comes to God, numbers means weakness. And oneness means power.

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And that is why over here the emphasis

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As Iowa had, he is the one,

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the supreme one, there is none other than the one

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a heart, He is the irresistible or the one who overpowers everyone.

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Then Allah gives us a more visceral example if these examples are not enough, Allah gives us more examples because he wants us to recognize this right that the number and dollar the harm and the benefit has nothing to do with human beings. It's only in the hands of Allah.

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At all, we don't control any of that. Then Allah says, and Salamina, Sama EMA and for Salat, odia, Tonga, Kadri factum, and as they say, you know, several labia the rain comes down, lots of rain comes in Atlanta, this example should be very easy for us what happens all of those crevices between any divot y d is a is a place in earth that is in between two high passes. So even a small as long as it's deep enough to carry water that can be called a lot. Generally, now why D or a valley is considered that is you have to have mountain passes, and you have a low area where the water can run through, right, Allah is saying under I mean,

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Allah brings down from the sky and water facades, oh dear. So these these, these, these valleys, they they flow with water, we

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this is a very powerful word, because

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every valley can accommodate only a certain amount of water. If that valley overflows, then there's damage. And if the value does not have if it has underflow, that that's also damage. Because it was like that valley it fills to its other to its metadata. If you river Nile for those of you that are from Egypt, if it flows, and we saw the floods that happened in Pakistan recently, right, all of those valleys, they overflow their cultural, their amount required amount for which Allah had created because every

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time I let's say you lose over the labia, Allah, Allah says, then that flood, when it comes, it takes all the debris and all of that rises to the top. And then you have this phone that is on top of it.

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Let me my up though, and for some people, they did not get get this example. So I'll give you another example. And what about the example of gold but gold is extracted from the ground, it is thrown into fire, that fire purifies the gold from other impurities until you can get to 24 karat gold. So Allah is like well Mima, you don't either if enough similarity when we burn this fire, if we want to have these jewelry, we want to have these ornaments Omata and or we want to ornament our houses that gold Zabba don't miss to that boiling of that gold also has a similar type of foam on top of the the molten gold as is the flowing rivers and the floods, you see that foam on top of it.

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Now Allah tells you about people. In an example, he says what was seven and asked for that foam that is found on top of the water sometimes, or on top of the molten metals that you get asked for that form for amazima. Don't forget Hubble jofa.

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As for the stone, it will dissipate with no benefit to anyone or any effect on us. And as for those people who are beneficial to others, Allah is pivoting you from Allah controls the Nefer and benefit but Allah wants you to be the beneficial one to the others. Right through while recognizing that ultimate benefit only comes from Allah Allah says what I'm

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and asked for that which benefits people as for those who benefit people, via go to

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Allah will establish those people in disperse.

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You don't need to go and see somebody else console benefit vote any of that. Because if you are beneficial to people, Allah will fire them to Allah will establish you in this earth for them to feel

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that he will Allah Allah. Allah is like this is how Allah strikes examples for you and us so we can think and reflect. If you're benefited at your workplace. It doesn't matter if there are layoffs. It doesn't matter. I am going to film the question you and I need to ask is not what have I done

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to please my boss, but what have I done to be beneficial to the company that I work at?

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The question I need to ask as a volunteer, whether you're volunteering at this organization or any other organization, the question need to ask is, am I beneficial, because if you truly are beneficial,

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then Allah will take care of your permanence. Allah will make you permanent.

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But if you're not beneficial, then you will be like that phone, even though you may live to see seven 810 1215 3035 years of being in a prominent position, but nobody will remember where you've gone.

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You're just like that phone, you're gone. Look at all the Sahaba and the sulfasalazine. And their books. They didn't have half the crowd of what I have today.

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But their books lasted the test of time because they were beneficial to people.

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So in every aspect of our life, we want to be the most beneficial a mama In fairness, for young kids to fill, Allah will take responsibility of that not you

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be Willa hole. And

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then Allah says Linetti Anastasia will not be him only those who respond to this message above you decide to be beneficial. And you decide that you're going to truly From this day onwards not do things for the sake of materialistic gains, but your gains are going to be directly connected to whether this act of mine is beneficial than living in a steady behemoth.

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For those who responded to this call of Allah, Allah says for you, is bliss, you will be showered with the bliss from Allah subhanaw taala we're living in an earlier stage Eboo law who those who did not respond to Allah and just called another human being of the Jimmy one, if the entire Earth whatever this earth has, all of that was given to you know, another homage a lot of the Jimmy will miss Lau who ma who and another Earth equal to that.

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Left Adobe on the day of judgment you would want to come and Ransom yourself. Enter Jana with twice the amount of this entire Earth's wealth, you will not be able to.

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And Allah says Allah Italia home su Elisa, and those people they will have a very wretched, very, very wretched and horrible terrible

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record reckoning

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not the end of it, or Manuel home Japan and they will end up in Japan. Well being send me hard, and how wretched of a lap of a mother is Johan, may Allah protect us.

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And then Allah is the list for all of us to remind us of our money.

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Do we not know this Annamma on Zillow in at the middle of we can help.

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That if that message that was revealed by Allah that message is help that has been revealed to you from your Lord is the truth.

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Common who Arma can the person who has a message from Allah but he liked the one who is blind, who was driven by his own desires, who was driven by seeking power for the sake of power can lead the to be equal dunya for the sake of dunya power for the sake of power, luxury for the sake of luxury can the to be equal. Allah says in Amaya.

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The only people who benefit from this entire message of ours is ones whom Allah has given them often. And then Allah says letting you foreigner be I have the

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all Allah wants from you is remember the promise that we all said La Ilaha illa Allah, we all said that

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when we were all created in our heavens, in our Anwar in the state of power rule, Allah asked us this question unless to be or have become, Am I not your full nirvana? We all said, Follow. Follow. Follow. We all said Bala, we all said by now.

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Yes, you are our Creator. Allah is like remember that promises years Alladhina ufone. Dinda those who fulfill the promise of Allah, wa ala Yun who do not meet

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and they do not break the promise that they have made with Allah. May Allah grant us the power, the stability, the tenacity to be able to fulfill this promise in this month of Ramadan. May Allah make this month of Ramadan, a blessed month for every single one of us, and maybe a cinema Monday at

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turning point for our spirituality that we get connected to Allah subhanaw taala in a way that we never get disconnected ever, and we become those from those who make every single decision of theirs with Quran and with the light of Quran and their hearts are filled with the Noor and the love of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam portofolio only heard I was stuck through the Hollywood recycling boosting infrastructure

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Smilla will come that Allah salatu salam ala Mala and

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before we begin, if I can just ask the brothers if we can just stand up and make some moves and move forward. So the brothers that are coming in at the back of have some space so if you can all stand up

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talking and just fill the first stuff first so that every sauce is complete, so that the people at the back when they're coming in, they're not standing Chava Baraka offic

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena V Abaddon. And then we ask Allah subhana wa taala, that on this blessed day of Friday, in this blessed month of Ramadan, that Allah subhanaw taala showers us with his bliss and mercy. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us from those who are Whose murder who of whom Allah's Mercy has descended upon Allah, how much Allah Allah how much I love, my deen or Allah make us from those who are guided and make us from those who are guided without an effort. Allah puts the guidance in our hearts and we follow that guidance. Hola Hola. Hola Meenal mustafina Hola select us from those watch I laminin carnitine and Allah makes us from those who

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submit to Allah subhana wa Tada irrespective of the state that we are in.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala that on this last Friday, Allah subhanaw taala accepts all of our drives all of our cin our TM. Now, in last chutzpah and Hamdulillah we went out to the community and we had a quick message in reference to the the audio system and the technology Hamdulillah we are almost there, the cameras and everything has been installed. But the network is down into the hands of the Luna, this is a test from Allah. Now the ATN T's network is Downton. So in anyways, we had and then few other brothers came to me and they said, You know what, I was not there, I didn't get an opportunity. This is not fair. I said, don't worry, you get a lot of opportunity here in sha

00:27:43 --> 00:28:21

Allah. So if anyone of you would want to cover in sha Allah, the cost of the new carpets that we have, we only need two individuals. And it's total of $6,000 to 3000 3000 all the new stuff that you see there, and anybody who preys on those carpets until the Day of Judgment, you're getting, you know, like, you know, compound interest, halal interests in sha Allah. So if those of you one brothers already said that over here, so if any other brother wants to cover that and let me know or Let brother Mansoor know or rather Shakeela any of them in sha Allah and we can cover that cost again, I want the community to be part of this. I mean, we could do these things, but it's

00:28:21 --> 00:28:37

beneficial for everybody that we feel an ownership to this place. Insha Allah Baraka Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala that he accepts from us our Salawat our tn opodo Polly had our stuff with Allah Hollywood accompanies that in a Muslim and for some little fact known before writing welcoming Salah in Salah Tottenham and it's actually a win win for the world.

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