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We stopped at Hadith number seven. We're going to begin with Hadith number eight in sha Allah today.

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He's number eight, but also to la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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In the Kitab of Shama literally these mentions had defense of you know what gear It is narrated by Sophia and ignore lucky that one of the the,

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from the one of the sons of Khadija the Allahu Ana Hala Hindi Hindi up no Hyla

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has entered the Allahu and went to him so has entered the Allah one is the grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and has entered the Allah one.

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He was

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six years of age when Prophet sallallahu Sallam passed away. And Hussein or the Allah one was five years of age. So obviously they don't have they know they have met. They've seen Rasul Allah, but they don't have like the vivid memory of you know, somebody who's 1012 or somebody who's 14, you remember exactly how Prophet sallallahu sallam was. So he said that the Allahu, and he goes to his own mom or His own uncle, because

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this is basically Khadija the Allahu aunt had two marriages before profiter Salam and she had children from all of those marriages and one of them was Hindi. Mohyla. So Hynd becomes the brother of Fatima the Allahu Ana, right but from a different from same mother but a different father. So he goes to Hindi Behala which is the Mambo and he says, Mama John or my mom or Hadith I want you to describe to me Rasulullah sallallahu so he doesn't remember what it is now has another Allah one it is mentioned about him that he

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was the fifth Khalifa

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if you read the books they will tell you that we don't have for Holofernes we have five Holofernes I'm talking about the book of Allah so now Jana because the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu wasallam it mentions that after me in authentic narrations that

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the Khilafah is going to last between us Allah seen 30 years okay amongst the Sahaba and if you look at the error of all the combine all the errors of all the Sahabas

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at the death of Allah the Allah and we are at 29 years and six months

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and then has an Radi Allahu on 40,000 People they give it out to him. Except

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who was the one who didn't?

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Come on guys, this is like a very important history lesson. This is like

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why we are the Allah one. Right? Why are we I was the son of who?

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Sophia and I will say if Yan and he said I am the son of a leader.

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And I am a Kurachi

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for Yoko and I am alive. And I am from that G line from that generation. For Anna assume I am going to the one who's going to lead and that's where the split happened and has an Radi Allahu Allah and he

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stepped down

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because he did not want to DOMA to get into. So there were two groups and because of that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said the Hadith that in Ebony had Sayed this son of mine is a leader. Allah is going to rectify unusually heavy in Biggie by in attaining a Lima tiny mineral Muslimeen Allah is going to rectify between two major groups of Muslims because of this so he stepped down but the condition was what

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the condition was sure you snatched Khilafah you took Khilafah away like you know it was not given to you but you wanted it but after you die we go back to the old ways where people nominate not people nominate and they give out to somebody as a leader rather than this the one who wants to get nominated, comes forward and then presents himself. Okay.

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So a little bit of history about housing on the low end and his his brother was Hussein the Allah who won and he had another son

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hasn't Jose in Hudson?

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Not my husband,

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my husband, and when Rasul Allah says that I'm named the last one. He said in nice a made to who Allah will they have grown? I have named all three of them on the sequence of Harun Ali salams

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sons bisher Bashir Mubashir Hasan Hussain Hudson. Right and so this and then he passed away he did not survive

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Rahima home Hola Hola, Hamiltons.

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So, the Hadees goes and the Hadith has gone on rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kana.

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More famine more MOFA Hama

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flockmen. So which means that he was magnificent in his own existence will have more fat famine means that anyone else that sign sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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anyone else that had a look that looked at him, they had no choice, but

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they had no choice but to feel the magnificence of Rasulullah sallallahu sunnah.

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And the greatest story about this is the story of none other than then none other than has Hassan Ibn sabot so Hassan even Shabbat what happened with Hassan even Sabbath was he was asked by the Quran she said, Look, you are the best child, right? In today's day and age if you want to give you a more relevant example shires are poets at that time were similar to people who create nowadays, the writers of songs, because poetry would then get passed down on generations, and then there would become similarly songwriters today have that similar status within the society. They write songs, and they determine the culture.

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Right, and they're heavily influenced.

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Like on songs, I did remember I was, I met somebody who was a

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who came from that industry. And Allah guided him And subhanAllah now he's in the sheet artists and stuff. So he was telling me that in the last 15 years, all the songs that have made it to the top 10, like the top 10 list, they're all written by all the songs and the tunes that have made it to the top 10 they're all written by four people.

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It's scary. They're all written to the tunes and the songs are written or tweaked by these only four individuals. They live in one in Finland, one in Sweden, so we don't even know them.

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But they're the ones that are promoting and propagating one of the songs so Hassan even sabot he was given lots of money. By the Quraysh lots of money Hassan, even saboteurs a type of child he was an ethical child. It was a point he was like, No, I'm not gonna get enrolled in this like, but when he saw the amount of money being offered, he was like, Man, I'm gonna go and write some poetry against the honor and dishonor Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam this type of for poetry is called hija. Like when you you find faults in somebody else and you write poetry to point out the faults on the others. And this is a common thing between poets you know, those of you that are accustomed to

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poetry, somebody will say something about somebody else and he will write poetry and say to him as a as a as a normal thing. So Hassan even Saba did says

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that when he went for but interval Rama G Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Afflalo Salatu was Salam ala Ali, he waited in the alley waiting for prophets of salaam to pass by so he could look at him

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for a democra that when Prophet has passed al Habib Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Mara, Jimmy, Raoul Hulk, the Valhalla. He looked at him and he said, Man, this is something I've never seen before.

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Extreme beauty and everything in the existence physical and inside.

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Why in the Mara Hassan hypnotherapists rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when he saw us, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam has admin sabot for a Sherpa be Jana. Lucky when no real watch. He said I was illuminated by the sheer existence and the radiance that came from prophets that allow us

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for God sub Allahu Zawada Luffy l be Hassan dibny sabot and Nora, while muhabba Lyra su De La. Just by looking at him, Allah opened the heart of assertiveness avid and he changed for Raja Illa Qureshi came back to Korea for a demo alone, he returned back to their money

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for Karla and Wailuku. Lace at leafy her hydroton I have no need of your money, a Maha that lady Rotom and a Jew and ask for the one you wanted me to dishonor with my poetry for in the OSHA who do and who rasool Allah. I give testimony that that is a true messenger of Allah. Islam Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Islam, and then he wrote his thing, his poetry, just just to satisfy them. Llama are you to Anwar or who sought to act, when I saw the radiance and the knower of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam engulf everything in its existence when he was here. While there are two Min Ki Fateh Kofi Isla Vasari I placed my hand on my eyes that my eyes may get blinded by the noodle that I

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saw with Rasul Allah.

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How often Allah about 30 Min. Roshni Surah T. I got so scared of my eyes because what I see

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I was so beautiful that my eyes might I might lose my eyesight because of the sheer beauty that I saw and he was a prophet at that time when he saw him he's afterwards he becomes a Muslim. So he's expressing this as a non Muslim.

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For less to Andorra who Illa Allah Catherine, I was able to only look at him like this like

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like, you know, the word cutter over here means that restricted Lee I was not able to fully gaze at him with some restriction,

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rule human nor Mina nor if he just made middle camera, he is light embodied similar to the light that you find in the in the camera in the moon. And you see time and again people would define Rasul Allah says, and I'm with Bader, but Al Badu Eileen. And oftentimes it's better and better it's kind of a roofie Laila till whether it's always like that.

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The hill yet in

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noci jet be angiomas zaharie. It is as if it was a cloak. That was braided brocade, with nothing brocaded with locks off of rose petals. That's what I found Rasul Allah says, so this is what he responded to them about writing them. So he says, Fuck man, Mo Mufasa, saying, Mohammed that anybody that would look at him, irrespective of who you were, you would be stocked with the magnificence and the author of Prophet sallallahu wasallam Yatala our Jew

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a Laila tell battery saver, his face radiated like the radiance of the full moon on the night of the full moon night the radiance of the moon on a full moon night.

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At 12 minute Mr. Bora he was taller than as a medium person will accept a metal mesh job and he was he was short mesh mesh zoob. And he was shorter than a person who was taught extremely tall. As the M will hammer. You had a very grand head

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Ragini shower wavy hair in in Farakka tapioca to hoover up aha, this is a new thing that we have not discovered. So this is how he Rasul Allah says salam would have his hair. So one, he will take his hair and he would put them behind his ear. They're not tired, they're open, but they're second in Farakka tapioca to who can I throw him in Iowa? He would he would flit from the middle, right split from the middle, and then he would let them go, he would drop them, and then he would just have them back. Right? Third, he would split his head into four.

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Right? So when it means one, one area to area three area four areas, and then he would braid them. And that's what Abubaker the allaahu. And that story we mentioned about Abubaker. The next is Rasulullah would have a singular braid. So he would read all of them into it. And then there's a there's another narration that talks about three braids, right? And those are all the different times and then if you had long hair, he would tie them up. Right? Well, Allahu Allah, but he would tie them up. So they would they would be described as long hair, but they would be in a position off hours. So remember, we said that it was a Joomla. It was really long hair, but it was looking like

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our era. So he had something that he would do at the back, which would raise the hair above

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what he loved fella. So if it was easy, why is he saying the author that if it was easy to split, and it was not easy to split? What is he referring to?

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When he came out of the shower, it was easier to split, when your hair have dried up. And if you've got long hair and those days, it becomes very difficult for you to set them. So when you've taken a recent charity, you know, if it was easy to split, ie if he was recently he's just came out of a shower, it was much easier for him to split what Illa otherwise he would just leave it as is and he would put them there. uj would do shadow shamatha. Although shamatha or DNA, in this particular Hadees his hair went beyond the ear lobes.

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If it was a Wafra, as Harold alone he was rosy in color white with Rosie a touch of rosiness was your old Jabeen. This is a new one. So this area on the top. This is called Jabba. This is called Jabeen. This opera. So over here, this area is called Jabba Jabeen. This every person has to because if you remember when you were a baby, this was two, it had two splits. So every person remember you can touch and you can actually feel the two splits. Now they're hardened. So these two areas called YC or Jabeen, ie the hairline went a little bit up. And this was more visible, as opposed to hairline being right at the Jabra. Right right. You're at your forehead. So whilst your job in his

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hairline was rescinded, and it was when you would look at him this entire thing was quite grand to look

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What was your role Debian as that jewel how are you?

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How old you are what?

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Yeah, beautiful as that jewel, how are you? His his eyebrows were like a rainbow, like a, like a bend of a rainbow. It had a little bit of unbend they were not straight lines. They were not completely around. They were like a rainbow as a drill halogen.

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So our bill field at a cotton swab, it means they were abundant. They were not flimsy. Like they were not weak eyebrows. They were not eyebrows that could hardly be seen. Right? There were full eyebrows that were full of hair. You could tell you say this person has eyebrow, but they were not connected. Now how do you reconcile between this hadith and the Hadith of Omar but where he says she says that they were connected?

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And both are authentic Hadees.

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So have you seen sometimes individuals, from far it looks like they're connected when you get close? They're not actually connected, right? So when you're looking at far it looks like you know the shades that forms on the hair. It almost looks like they're connected. But there was a very minor separation. They say kinda Jonnie Latif, there was a very small separation between the two arrows. So they were close to one another but they were separated with a very minor just like a very subtle break in there. So in when you were far away, it would look like they were singular but when he got close you could tell they were separated. Oh man, but did not see it as sort of Lhasa salaam close.

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Right? She wasn't home intent alone. So she was looking at Rasulullah from behind a tent or she was you know, if it is if you looked at other Hadith where she was out outside, she is generally with the sheep and Rasulullah arrives. So she was not in very close proximity because these were strangers to her. So she saw them at a distance. Right? She saw them at a distance. So he's an obviously Hindi Behala. He is somebody who grew up with prophets, Allah sallam, he was a ravine, he will grow up in the house of prophets. I said, I'm so Rasul Allah raised

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I'll stop here because there's other new morphological asna and that you know, the new things that we're going to talk about that we have not discussed, I don't want to skip over that. And these are newer concept like about her CI his cheeks, about his teeth, and all of these so these are new descriptions that we have not come across so I will, I don't want to skip over them. So we'll stop over here in sha Allah SallAllahu Taala Hey, Hakeem Hamad Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he also he also left us even cathedra article on Muhammad you want them about Tala Ibrahim and why they brought him in Academy do Majeed Allah Who Medina fusina Taqwa was Akira

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antihero. Manchaca Hunter. What do you have all the Hyrule banana? I mean Allahumma wa fitna Yama, Hadith he had a yummy, I mean, Allah homomorphic 98, if you had a yellow bar because you're about Halloween, Lahoma Taco Bell Minetta art and if you had a Yeah, morphic knowledge, it

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will *ing fit nearly mozzie demand authority or but I mean, also long metadata hidden Hakeem from Eduardo already, he was like he was

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just to reminder on Tuesday, Inshallah, we're going to have a community Iftar and a communal dua Inshallah, on the day of Arafa, because that's one of the most blessed day so we're going to begin around 745 If you guys can start coming in and Sharla there will be registration and a flyer that should be given for everyone. And it's a full family event. So come with family, if you're, you know, if you're doing Iftar bring your families along. I mean, if we can be in hajj, at least we can enjoy and have some, you know, feeling of hydrogen, sha Allah,

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I have invited few of the local Imams of

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Atlanta to come and join us in the die and also lead us in the DUA so that you know, they can also be present and we can all do that inshallah. So I'll see you all, obviously, on Friday, tomorrow, but definitely, Tuesdays and in our event and our other thing on Thursday or sorry, on Saturday, after maghrib we have panel discussion. It's primarily geared towards

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University and fresh graduates, right. Anybody else can benefit. It's about how do you balance between social activism and religious, really, you know, spirituality. And the person we have is Jeffrey out salute you. He's visiting us from Spain. I have not checked Riyadh, when I was 15. In Canada, he was the head of care in Canada. So he was at the he was executive director, so pinnacle of social activism and then he left all of that and became a scholar. So he went to South Africa, did his course Island program studied everything, you know, at an age when he was already like 35 And then he left everything, then became a scholar and comes back so he's a very balanced person.

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All of all of you can attend. All we do request is if you are planning to attend, please register and

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And so that we don't order extra food or less food. So right now I only have 11 registration. So if actually everybody else here and we food is for 11 That's gonna be a problem. So in the WhatsApp group, you know there is a post about it if you can please go. It's called time for truth. And if you know other university students this is a very important topic because in university a lot of times our youth they get derailed because of activism. So they go into activism, they leave their dean, because they think that's more honorary thing to do. And now they get into swatters sucked into the whole, you know, extreme liberal agenda about activism and then they forget the

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religiously. So you have somebody who's like, defending the rights of someone and not praying salah. And that's a very common phenomena in that age group right now. And for some odd reason, it's very easy because you're satiating your your your your guilt by saying, I'm doing something good for the humanity. Allah is gonna be a fool to Rahim to me, so it's a panel discussion, I will be leading the discussion while the chef is going to present his discussion. So please bring as many as those that age group if you know, please give it to them. It's a rare discussion to have inshallah. And since he was visiting,

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I'd have to ask the sheriff had a he's a more of a not very comfortable streaming type of person. He's like, he wants to be free.

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No, no, I think because when you have a discussion, like when you're giving a lecture, I don't think the sheriff would mind. But when you get into the discussion, sometimes you have to open up topics, and people can take a snippet and take it out of context. Because I'm not done my thought. And I'm giving an example not that I've done this, and then people can take those things out. So discussions, that's why it becomes a bit tricky, and we want to we were also going to have open q&a is from the youth so we're going to have an anonymous q&a, they can ask us questions. Some of us may not be even comfortable if those questions are asked and stuff like that. So, but please come if you

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can, and send other people in Sharla if you can duck, Baraka Luffy Saturday at Maghrib inshAllah beadnell A lot of coffee from Santa Monica.