The Council of Nicaea – Where Jesus Became God

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Salam aleikum. Everyone I am in is Nick. Ancient Nicaea, where the famous Council of Nicaea took place in the year 325 ce patronized by the Emperor Constantine the Great, who built the city of Constantinople as his capital of his Roman Empire. Right now, what you see behind me is the lake Nicaea. Where Emperor Constantine on the banks of this lake, okay, he built his palace. I can see the remains at

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this distance, you can see those blocks. I don't know if you can see them, but those blocks are there on the left hand side there. Okay, that remains of his palace, just behind the palace. Just beyond the palace. There are remains of a basilica, a church underwater, so there are no remains above the water. The remains of the basilica are underwater. Why is that Basilica, so important? That basilica is important, because it is one of the sites where the scholars think the Council of Nicaea took place. The Council of Nicaea took place at that spot, the famous Council of Nicaea, where the nature of Jesus Christ was discussed in the 325 cu by 318 important Christian bishops.

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Constantine brought these bishops together in this Basilica, so that they can discuss the nature of Christ and unite under his rule. His agenda was to unite the Christians upon a doctrine Christians are divided on Jesus Christ Who is a God, less than God, some some kind of demigod or

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an inferior God, or a prophet of God, these questions are discussed here. Okay. And you can go and read the history of the Council of Nicaea. It is one of the most important events that took place at this city in this city at this spot. Okay, not very far from me. The lake Nicea, as you can see, is a huge lake, okay, of natural water, natural spring water, or freshwater lake, rather. And you can see that big mountain behind the lake. This was a favorite spot of Emperor Constantine. That's why he built his palace here. And historically speaking, this city is very, very important in Christian history, and in the Ottoman history as well, because this city, called the city of Nicaea, was taken

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by the Ottomans in the year 1331 by photon or Han Ghazi, photon or Han Razi, the son of Sultan of Managua, the the city was taken by him in 1331. And since then, it has been in Muslim hands, but as a Christian place of importance. This is a very important city. Okay, this is where the famous Council of Nicaea took place in the year 325. C. Okay. And since then, the Christians, the majority, the overwhelming majority, the Catholics, the protesters, the Orthodox churches,

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be a Greek Orthodox, Russian, Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox, okay, all of them believe in the doctrine of the Trinity because of what took place here in the year 325. See, Jesus became God with capital G, on par with God the Father here at this spot, and then later on the city was taken by the Muslims, the Ottomans, and since then it is in Muslim hands in Turkey, the city of Iznik. Just wanted to share this with you, why am I telling you all this because we do tours, to teach history

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to people who come on these tours with us, okay to better appreciate the history of the Ottomans. The ancient history of the Romans and the Christians. Okay, we continue to do these trips. For people who want to join us if you want to join us, check out Halal You will see dates for future trips. There is one coming in December 25 of December to the 13th of December 2023. For Spain, a Londoners will be visiting. You are most welcome to join us slavery.