D28 Du’aa asking of Allah’s bounties

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The data that we have today is about a plea to Alice pantile I mean, all the data in one way are

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a plea to a loss pantalla the asking should be begging a las panatela because a lot loves that a person asks him and is persistent with the drop. And this plea is to ask Allah from his mercy from his virtue, what he has given all the things that are,

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are great from him to ask him for that. Because in the Arabic word we have the word Favell, the world like me excess, even we are somebody you know the word please. For example, Arabic we say formulaic from your virtue, if you like from the excess that you have, or from your good nature. So this is where that comes from. So in this draft, we sang along what Inanna said, will come and follow Lika while hermetica For I know who I am, liko ha Illa.

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Allah we ask you

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of your virtue, from the access that you have created to give to us from your Rama because no one owns it except you. And that is also an important admission that I have Matt is from Alaska. He's the one who lives there and he's the one who provides his advisor. No one else owns that except Allah. So Allah is the one who owns the heavens and the earth he owns all this one the heavens the earth, and he is the one who can give he is the one that provides and a follow up which is also another door is a long Feeny behind a leak and hydraulic wall before the leak, I'm Nancy work our law make for me enough.

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Your halaal

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from from the Hara

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that would you have made her arm? keep me away from that and make the highlight your halaal make it enough for me to open up all the avenues of huddle for me so that I will not need to go to huddle.

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what led me before the leak unless you work enrich me from your virtue from within you so that I don't need anybody else or anything else, everything from you.

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So there is a kind of

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do out where we are seeking Allah. And we're asking our last parent out of his virtue of his greatness of his aroma, because he's the only one who owns it and he is the one who gives it. We don't want to be going towards Haram. We don't want to be going to other sources for that alarm. So leukemia formerly called hermetic, no lion liquifying and Allah.

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Ernie before Lika behala how lolicon harmonic or Allahumma Cassini behad alikhan harmonic wasn't any before Lika

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was fantastic, give us and make enough for us the halaal means you show a lot and keep away from us all those people who are evil and bad or have bad notions.