Muslims in the West, Stand Behind Your Imams

Haitham al-Haddad


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Without him this is a very good point. Let me send that message to all Muslims without in Britain or in other European countries. I'm not talking about Imam Alhamdulillah. Many of the Imams and the activists are being very active to support our brothers and sisters in Palestine. But the message of course, they have a lot to do. But I just want to focus on one thing, which is to support the Imams to support the activists don't belittle any level of support for an email. For example, an Imam was speaking in favor of Gaza and Palestine and defending our brothers and sisters. He will be targeted by the police. He will be targeted by the Charity Commission he will be targeted by different

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elements from the authorities. Of course, they will target him in different ways. Sometimes they say yeah, we want just to make sure that your well being is protected but that will exercise pressure on him support your Imam support the activists and remember that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Allah Allah is supporting you as far as you are supporting your brothers and sisters support them by supporting them, they will support our brothers and sisters in Palestine more and more Wallah here a telephone call to your email or maybe visiting your email that Imam who is active Oh my Imam, go ahead or any activist when you see him or maybe call him Listen, I have heard that you have been

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targeted by this and that don't worry, we are making dua for you. We are supporting you, we are around you. We will look after you Wallahi it means a lot I myself I have done this yesterday, I was calling some of our activists without mentioning their names will lie they were very overwhelmed by my code. This is one thing, let your wives support their families because their families sometimes become scared and they will tell them to keep quiet that their families and even you if you can speak to their families, don't worry, Allah is with you. Allah is supporting you. Do you think that if the your husband is supporting the Muslim community, Allah, Allah Allah will let him down know

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and sometimes ask them? Do you need money? Do you need help? Do you need security? Do you need any thing offer them your help financial health, physical health, et cetera? It means a lot also our lawyers Alhamdulillah they are doing fantastic job but we need them to be even more active. Go to the Imams who you think that they are targeted see, we can help you on proponent basis. Don't worry, we are supporting you this kind of communal support my dear brothers and sisters will lie here it will work we need the whole mother entire Ummah to stand and mush behind the discourse because as I have said a number of times this is not a struggle between Russia and the Israelis. This is a

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struggle for the entire Ummah, if there are some people who are being defeated, what will happen, unfortunately, Western governments they will become more aggressive towards who towards us here in the UK, in other European countries Wallahi they will be able to impose many laws, not to speak against their agendas, not to challenge them. So we have to be really very careful. And we have to put all of our effort in order for the truth. I call it the truth, not the Palestinians that truth to win. So do that my dear brothers and sisters and as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Don't belittle any amount of good work, even if you meet your brother with a smiley face