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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now elaborates on the tafsir of Surah Tawbah in the light of the Battle of Tabuk.

After the return of the Prophet ﷺ, there was the death of the leader of the Munafiqun - Abdullah ibn Ubayy ibn Salool, who was involved in the battle of Uhud where he backstabbed the Muslims and also played a major part in the horrendous and most terrible deed which is the slander of Aisha RA.

Another topic of discussion is the beginning of Surah Tawbah. It is the only Surah which does not  begin with 'Bismillah.' Why is there no Bismillah? There are two opinions which warrant some understanding:

  • Uthman RA , who was in charge of the compilation of the Mushaf , said that the reason for this was the joining of Tawbah with Anfal because the content is basically the same.
  • When Ali RA was asked by one of his sons about the same question, he said that Surah Tawbah is precisely when Allah cuts off his ties with the pagans and thus, it is deemed unfit to begin the Surah with mercy and so is the case for the rest of the Surah which is very harsh.

The tafseer of this powerful Surah Tawbah is explicitly explained and we gather unsurmountable evidence on the plight of the pagans in the wake of disobedience to Islam.


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