A Conversation Between Noah (AS) and the Angel of Death

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Just before we get started I wanted to make two quick announcements in Charlottetown one of them is that next week inshallah we're going to have a webathon bit the night after which you can see in the information in the link below which is really to celebrate at hamdulillah Raman what we've been able to do at yaqeen over the last four years and Alhamdulillah and some of our projects for the next year and asking everyone in sha Allah to support but at the same time there's going to be a lot of beneficial content inshallah Tata wonderful presentations just to get us geared inshallah Tata for what is to come. So inshallah Tata please do join in at this time, you can sign up at the link

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below, next week in the night and make sure that you share it with as many people as possible in Charlottetown and just like malachite and to all of you for constantly supporting and 100 another work that we do at UPN and keeping it free and accessible in the nighttime. Secondly, and Charlotte I'll actually just start this with the with the heart era bisnode Hamden Los Altos no Montessori no and he was IBM and while some of you might have seen that earlier I posted about the the passing of the father of half ugly Sam Sharif Mohammed Sharif Rahim Allah to Allah whose brother had passed away so panel lunch is 36 hours less than 48 hours before him and prior to that I'd actually written

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about you know, just this experience the other day of being in the cemetery and going from grave to grave and people pointing out their loved ones and making up for them. So Pamela today you know, just wanted to share a brief reflection

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quickly on on you know, something that happened today that was unbelievable and at the same time connected to the topic for tonight but in the night on which is a saying attributed to know how to his salon so hello today as we went to bury the father of how threesome Rahim Allah to Allah there were two other Genesis that were actually there and you know one of the things that ends up happening is that literally we shift we prey on a brother who Rahim Allah passed away due to COVID and as name is handy, Abdullah honey or him Allah to Allah whose family is really one of the one of the legendary families in Dallas that established the Muslim community and he passed away due to

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COVID Rahim Allah so ask Allah to grant him Shahada alone, I mean, and you know, seeing the the way that the body is enclosed due to COVID was really very humbling. And so you have a bunch of people that came to pray, or that prayed the janazah on half of the sounds father Rahim Allah to Allah Hamad Sharif came to the burial site to bury him but while waiting for the body of

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Muhammad Sharif Rahim Allah to arrive, prey on the body of hum diakonia Rahim Allah tada we bury him and then right away then after that everyone turns their attention to the next graveyard, or to the next grade, and something that if you've ever been a part of the burials in Medina, you know, going from one grave to the other. And we're just reflecting on how many people have been buried in recent time. So my last penalties Have mercy on all of our deceased bones and my last contact comfort, all of the families that have been left behind a llama I mean, a lot allow us to reflect on you know, what's happening around us and to and to live life more meaningfully, in a way that's pleasing to

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Him along the way. I mean,

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so the, you know, the quote that I wanted to cover today, it's actually not a hadith that can be attributed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. It's a narration that is no Gulf that stops at NSF in medical the law of town Einhorn or Savannah Marina, or Himalayan one. NARRATION and it's, it's found in Kitab azote. For him, that'd be dunya two beautiful narration about a conversation between the angel of death and the Prophet no Holly his salon. And one of the things about the conversations or some of these narrations is that they tend to be narrations to grant us lessons to help us reflect and so you know, as long as they're not outright fabrications, inshallah, tada, it's good for us to

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benefit from them. And so this is a narration that you find in the tough seers, when you have debates about the life of know how to use it, um, how long he lived and we know that knew how to his Salaam was the prophet who lived the longest life is that we're alone the the the call of Noah was 950 years. That doesn't include how many years he lived before he started his down and does not include how many years he lived after the flood. And so you'll find some of the narrations, you know, mentioning his lifespan, you know, even on bass or pathauto, over 2000 years, or around 2000 years that he lived on this earth. alehissalaam. So you can imagine a person who lived for 2000

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years, right? Think about what that is, you know, for us. We're in the year 2020 right? Imagine a person who lived approximately all 2020 of those years.

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Higher body of history that we have for the Gregorian calendar. Imagine a person one human being who lived that entire lifespan on earth. And this was certainly one of the miracles of Allah upon new Haida his Salaam. And so you know, when he's passing away how many people has new Halley's slam seen passed away? How much has unfolded before his eyes? How many generations of people have come and gone before the eyes of nurhaliza. And if you could imagine, that's a really, really, really long time. You know, we see people that live over 100 years and we say so Pamela, how long their lives where, imagine a prophet who lived for 2000 years, a man who lived for 2000 years and who saw the

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world unfold in front of his eyes for 2000 years. And the angel of death asks new honey his salon, yeah, outward intervener onra Keifa widget to dunya

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Oh, Prophet who lived the longest of all of the prophets? How did you find this world and all of its pleasures share a reflection on how you saw the world and all of its pleasures over the course of your 2000 something years? This is the Angel of Death who has taken the souls of everyone else. But this is the Prophet that lived the longest How would you describe as you're about to leave this world, you know, what your life has been like, or how you how you experienced its pleasures. And he said that I found it can be eaten lahab Robin, I found it to be like a home that has two doors. I entered into the the home. And I stood in the middle of it for some for a brief moment. So I entered

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into this house, it has two doors, a small house with two doors, I entered into this house from one door, I stood in the middle for a brief moment, and then I simply went out from the other door, pal, it's a very profound way to reflect on life, that for 2000 years, this is how I would summarize my life. It's like a small home. I entered into it from one door, I stood in the middle for a brief pause and then I walked out of the other door.

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If you think about that, you know like if that is no honey, his sit down, and how Allah subhanaw taala says that the world would seem to us on the Day of Judgment, k Yeoman around Leone, like one day or a part of a day.

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And you know how we how we really reflect on the shortness of life not in a way that depresses us or not in a way that says well, you only have one life to live. So you might as well make the most of it not in that way. But there's something where no honey is Sarah alludes to in the statement that's attributed to him again, it's not a Hadeeth. But this powerful narration that you know, unless you really understand that just as you entered into this house, and you cannot recount anything that came before it, but you certainly did not originate from nothing. Your origins are not in this world, you did not originate here, your body has originated here, but your soul did not originate

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here. You existed before this, and your miraculous entry into this world with, you know, from a place that you cannot see from around that you cannot describe in any way whatsoever. Then how are you going to fully appreciate that you are about to transition into another realm that you cannot see or describe except by what has been described to us through divine revelation? How are you to be able to describe that, right? How can you really appreciate that you're about to go out of this door, if you don't really understand that you came in through a door as well. And this is why you know, when you see when we talk about our birth, right, none of us can recount our birth, no one of

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us can remember being born, no one of us can remember the moments at the hospital. We know we know that we were miraculously brought into this world. Because now as adults, we see other people take that miraculous journey, whether it's our own children or other people that originate from nothingness and become full human beings. So we see other people born into this world. And because we see other babies come into this world, we have a certainty of it. Right? But you know, other than that, we don't recount our own coming into this world. We don't remember what life was like in our mother's wombs. But we see other babies in their mother's womb. We don't remember the moment of

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birth, but we see other babies born into this world. In the same way. Death is such a mower a law, it is such a reminder that it gives you certainty that you are burying people constantly. You're putting people in the grave. And you know for certainty that you too will one day take this journey. You too will one day take this journey. It is a certainty. There is no doubt that you can make no prayer that you can make nothing that you could do to escape that moment. But some kind of Allah Allah gives us that right that we go to the graveyards and we put people into the graves and we see

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See before our own two eyes, constantly, bodies that used to have souls that are now cast aside that are now put in the earth to be consumed by the earth and the soul will go on. And just like we cannot explain the miraculous entry of the soul, we cannot explain the miraculous exit of the soul. But we trust Allah and His Messenger, sallAllahu wasallam, with that divine revelation to explain that to us. And so we have certainty, we have certainty in the miraculous entry from what we see. And we have certain certainty in the exits, from what we see. But what comes before that door that we entered into. And that door that we exit out of, that is where our soul continues, that's where

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our soul continues. And that's where the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala is the only thing that counts and the only thing that can carry us forward. So So Pamela is just reflecting on that saying of know how to his salon, because it was just so quick, right? you bury one person move on to the next bury the other person. And it's just like a hospital where babies are being brought in, and then they're being put in the ward, if you ever seen where all the babies are, you know, and people look at their babies and you point them out. And somehow just like that people are burying and bearing and bearing and just like they came in, they go out. And if new Holly has Salaam, having

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seen the equivalent of 2000 years says, life was like a small house entering into one door and exiting out of the other door and it was just a brief pause in the middle of that house. What does that mean for us? And how much do we reflect on how we make the most of our true existence and our true purpose that is not confined to this house and not confined to this body that carries the soul? So May Allah subhana wa tada Have mercy on us all on our loved ones. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings, may Allah subhanaw taala allow that which awaits us in the hereafter to be better than that which is in this life? May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to enter into paradise

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without any form of questioning without any form of punishment without any hardship. May He allow our eternity to be a pleasing eternity, a beautiful eternity? And may He allow it to culminate in the presence of the prophets and the righteous and the murders in the highest level of gender for those around our beloved sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a lot, I mean, does Aquila Hayden again in Charlottetown I'll see you all next week for the webathon at the same time that will be streaming live here in sha Allah. And please do sign up, sit down where you can welcome to LA he will be