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call it as for them and during the time of the Prophet sallallahu the scholars I mentioned because you know the well well waters have different the water from the well

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has different color

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it's actually certain when you like you said you look down in the water it's actually black and it is there some blackness in the water because based on the soil also because sometimes some somewhere else, you take out the water you'll see it's not clear it's actually black. And so that's what the colored scars I mentioned the color of the world well water in Medina was that color during the time when the Prophet sallallahu has and that's why it was black, and they were able to eat dates only why because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made dua for for baraka and date the dates of Medina

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the dates of Medina, Prophet Ibrahim made dua for

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for the people of Mecca. Do you know what he may do for them they have

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what's blessing in Medina and Mecca?

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He made dua for the people Mecca to have what

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zamzam? No

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there's something else on food.

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zamzam of course is blessing by default already foods, fruits,

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the meat of the people Mac has blessed

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the meat the peak people, Mecca is blessed.

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so blessed that when you eat you know if you were to eat meat anywhere in the world, anyway me in the world, just eat way too much meat to get sick.

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Too much meat, you get sick,

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except in

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southern Mecca. And the meat of Mecca is less because Prophet Ibrahim made dua for the meat in Mecca.

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won yesterday from the animal for Mecca or

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the meat and Mecca itself any meat meat that's in Mecca, he made the art for them to have meat in Mecca. So that's blessing. And even during the time of the prophets of Allah aosom. They used to have, they used to have what's called a lead or lead, which is dried meat and Somalis have that you guys call it?

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Yeah, that's the hard drive me. That's that's what they used to have. That's that's what the that's, that's what the Companions

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say that oh, that's what the time and you can keep that for a very long time. It doesn't spoil, right. So that's the mean that mean there. That's what they used to tell us. That's the state the people who in Mecca. You know, when they have a lot of meat, they would make it they will make a deed and that's what they used to eat. And so Prophet Ibrahim, when you know when when Prophet Ibrahim came to Mecca, I remember he left a smile and his wife had the first time He came for Hajj.

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Prophet, this man married and married from a woman who was not was not a very, very good character. So Prophet Ibrahim is her father in law, but she doesn't know he comes to visit because you know, he left and he comes to visit and so she doesn't know that this is her father in law. So probably wouldn't comes knocking at the door. And he says, Is there anybody who is anyone home? She says no, where's your husband? Oh, he's he's gone. He went you know went hunting. He's not here. Do you guys have any food? And what do you guys eat? What do you guys have a food? And you know, she said any food waters and now we don't have anything no food no water. Sorry.

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No food, no water. And she's complaining or anyone has said life is so difficult. We don't have any food and I have any water. What Why does she say that? Do you think she has any food? Water? No.

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She does. But she's always complaining number two, she's was she worried about some of the scars I mentioned. She was greedy.

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She wasn't generous. But she so if you haven't yet, I guess someone who was traveling long distance and they need at least you know, like, oh.

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We do have we don't have much, but this is what we have. If you want somebody we can give you some. You know, I know my husband's not here but he just takes some of this. You know if you see somebody hungry, right? You'd be you would do that. So but she wasn't like that. So Prophet Ibrahim, he says

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He says she doesn't know of course, she says, You know, when your husband comes back, send them this message. Yes, send him my salons and tell him to change his, his thresholds and the door, the door has this little thing in the bottom. Usually, sometimes when there's water that comes by doesn't come, you have that threshold, right? And you have the activator Bob, he said, change that, tell him to change that when he comes home. Change that and she doesn't understand. Right? But what he was telling him to do, telling him is made to do is to divorce his wife to divorce his wife, and of course, profitable not profits, right? There's something who's somebody who's very, very, very

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proper, this male who is somebody who's very, very well known. Yeah, and his lineage, and who he was, and his, his kindness, generosity as a prophet and messenger of God. So he was very, very,

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you know, in terms of his character, he was a noble and character generous. And so when he came back, he divorced his wife, and he knew and of course, he told his wife that, you know, that's, that's my father and she and he has advised me to divorce you. And so he divorces his wife and the people in the jury room they were there the jury

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they were there. So they so they hear about what happened and why he did what why does he do what you know, when some when divorce happens? What happens? What do people people speak about it right? Like, what? Why did he divorced his wife? There's must have been a reason. So this story gets out.

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The story gets out. Then when the story gets out. The the thing that was praiseworthy about Prophet Ibrahim A prophet, this man was the leader of the yourhome, right. He's the chief leader that your home they were the ones who came from Yemen, they came lived in Mecca, with Prophet Ismail and his mother. And of course, that's who he married from. But he of course, now he's just recently divorced his wife and they know why. For the chief hears and invites prophet is my father and vice prophets fire to see him. He says, you know, you know, he praises him. He says, you're someone who was very, very good, very obedient to your, to your father, your father tells you to divorce your wife, and

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you divorce your wife. Because your father, because of that, he says, You know what I want you to I'm not gonna allow you to marry anyone except for my daughter.

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You have to marry my daughter. Right? You have to marry my daughter. So he profit is mine marries the daughter of the chieftain. Oh, God, whoa. Like she is the most noble woman, like in the in Mecca. And,

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and so he ends up marrying Prophet Ismail. She is he ends up Prophet, this marriage ends up marrying her. And of course, his later on his father comes back again in the same situation. But this time, he says, what have you.

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Do you guys?

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You know, where? Where's your husband? He's gone hunting. says Do you have any food? I mean, is how's life here? Life is good. She never complains, you have to understand the first the first problem the first problem with the first wife was she was already complaining, even though complaining about how hard their lives were to who?

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to a total stranger. So let me tell you something, if your wife is speaking to the mailman, the UPS guy about the problems in your household.

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That's a big problem, right? This is a stranger.

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And how is she complaining about all the difficulties? Right? That's somebody who you should be talking to about, about your problems at home. Right? So that's number one. Secondly, she was very, very stingy. But this wife was the opposite. So he says handle everything's good. And, and he says, Do you have anything? What is it that you have to eat? What do you guys have any food? Yes, we do. We have

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meat. We have meat and water. We have meat we have very, you know, milk Have you knew Watson. So Prophet Ibrahim and he's made dua to Allah to bless the meat of Mecca. So that's why the prophets Allah Allah has said the Prophet Ibrahim may do is to bless the meat of Mecca. And I have made dua to bless

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the dates of Medina by to false and that's why the most the best dates

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are the dates of Medina the most blessed days

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For the data Medina so this is not just, you know, here it's a no this is from the prophets of Allah Himself. So if you find dates, and they are from Medina, these are blessing dates. How are they so they are so blessed that you can eat days every single day. You can eat Medina data every single day and you don't have to do anything else and you have everything you need.

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You have everything you won't get sick. In other words, you won't be missing lacking anything. And that's why the people look how many people go make hygiene. And

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if you go to another country,

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if you go to another country

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coming from America, do you go when you go back home?

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What do a lot of people who grew up here go back to go back home? What did they get the first week?

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What did they get?

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Sick, diarrhea, everything right? You get diarrhea. You go to Mecca? And how many people were there was something that people don't get from eating the meat?

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Do you hear people getting diarrhea from the meat all the time? Like you have other places?

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You hear about it? Once in a while, but not like not common, like other countries other other places. The idea of like how many times have I been to Mecca

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didn't get sick, and never got diarrhea? But maybe get sick of because of other things. Yeah, other things but not because of the food, the diarrhea. But that was new. Yeah. I mean, they used to cook outside. And yeah, of course.

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Yeah, they don't take care of the stuff like that. But generally, the more the amount of meat that people eat there, and the people they eat, all they do is eat meat. Also, but the meat is blessing from the meat is blessed in Mecca. And the dates and Medina are blessed.

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The dates and that's why if you eat, you know the dates and Medina, when we say blessing, that means it has all that you need. And you can eat that. And it will be enough for you for two months straight, eat nothing but dates. And you have all the energy and strength that you can eat, that you are really just water and dates. And so what do we learn from this hadith, the prophet Allah lives we used to, he was always invited to eat

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by the companions, and sometimes the Companions would bring food, whenever they had food, they will bring it to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so when the Prophet sallahu, when the messenger of Allah had food, do you know what he would do with his food with the food that he had,

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of course, the Companions

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would have food, will bring food, and they will bring it just enough for the prophets of Allah, Allah loves him and his wife, only enough for them, sometimes just enough of the prophets of Allah, and one of his wives, maybe, but the Messenger of Allah would still share. And because of the blessing of it, because of the blessing of it, that it was enough for all of them.

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It was enough for all of them. And that's why one day

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rewrote the law and ended with a section

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for the law, I used to stay what used to be with the Messenger of Allah Salla time all the time.

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So he said, I was

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I was hungry.

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And sometimes I would ask

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a question, I would ask them, you know, Abu Bakr. Omar, and I will ask some of the companions questions now because I wanted to know the answer.

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But I wanted them to realize how hungry I was.

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Like, this is how hungry he is. But he's he's shy to ask for food.

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But he's so hungry.

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That, that he he asks him a question. He says, I know the answer to the question. But I'm asking in hopes that maybe they will realize they're hungry or maybe invite me to their house that he asked and nobody realizes that he's given the answer. So he's still hungry. He asks again, still hungry.

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And then he comes to the prophets of Allah. And the messenger of Allah. Allah says, I know exactly why.

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I have there's a there's a companion, you know, who has us he said that he had they have some milk from me. Why don't you go and get it?

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Why don't you go and get it and so, so he went and he got it to bring it to the profit center.

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And he was very happy because hey, because he

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knew because the prophets have said, No, I know why, since I know you're hungry.

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I know. You don't have to ask the question, in a way. And so he said, he said, and then the problem and then I brought the milk.

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And I wanted to drink it. But of course, you know, and they give it to the prophets of Allah first. And so depend the messenger when they get arrived. The messenger of allah sallallahu lessem said, don't call your companions

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said Go call your companions. And of course, there's a whole group.

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There's a whole group I know so far, these are the people in the back of the masjid. And I will say like, it wasn't.

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It wasn't for the fact that it's, it's mandatory. It's obligatory for me to obey the Prophet sometimes I don't think I would have done it.

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I was so hungry.

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I was so hungry that he didn't want to do it. Because you know what, this milk I need this more than anyone else. Right? And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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says, Call your companion, so I went anyways. And then Then the Prophet salallahu Alaihe. Salam said, they said, Okay, give, let them drink. And he says, you know, you all of them, like, how are they going to drink?

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This is just a small container. How are they all going to drink? What's going to be left for me? And so the prophets of Allah, Allah tells us it to all the other companions. Right? All the companions, and every single one of us, this is it. There's nothing, there's nothing. There's nothing in real life for me, one after the other, and no, there's nothing in the next person drinks. And thanks for some drinks, and next person drinks. And there's nothing there's nothing for me. And he says, You know, I wouldn't have given to any one of them. If, if, but you know, I had to do it because the prophets on ordered me to, until finally all of them drank.

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All of the drank.

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And then it was my turn. And the prophets of Allah in essence, I drank, and I drank until I was I felt has fallen. But there was still more Mel and the prophets, Allah said, Drink more, and they drank. And, and then he drank again and drank antis. I was already full, but I still drink. And he said, Drink, until finally I said, O Messenger of Allah, I don't think there's any space left in me.

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There's nothing left. He said, a dragon tell there's nothing left. I couldn't, I couldn't put in any more. I drank and drank. And then finally I gave to the prophets, Allah, Allah, Allah, some and he drank. And then it was empty, after he failed. But it was meant to be just for one or two people, but was enough for the whole group, because of the baraka, because of the blessing of the man during the time of the Messenger of Allah. So Allah He has, so the Companions used to sometimes you bring food to the prophets, Allah, so sometimes they invite, they will invite the messenger of allah sallallahu HRSA. And so it's part of the sun. And then you know, to also, you know, to, to, to

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invite others of food, and also to to give gifts, food when you have some food at home, bring, you know, make some extra and give to your neighbors, give to your friends and family. This is something that's that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam ordered us to do, ordered us to do, and if you do, so inshallah there'll be blessing in it. And that's why one of the first things that the prophets Allah said, when he arrived in Medina, he said, Are you Hannah's for your Salah? Well,

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for our time, apart, so give your food feed, feed others. And so the prophets of Allah ham came, and he and he ate. And so that's why sometimes

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the companions of the Prophet sallallahu knew that there was blessing in it. So when you share food, there's blessing in your food, blessing and yours, blessing because Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses, when you're generous in your kind, just like the woman, the wife, the second wife, who I have.

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Profit is made when she was

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when she was generous. She wasn't stingy. Allah subhanho wa Taala bless her and as a result of her actions, less the people Mecca as a result of the DUA Prophet Ibrahim also. So to sharing food, being generous when it comes to food kind Sharla This is our something that's praiseworthy Inshallah, we'll end it right there. And we'll continue next week with this particular Hadith

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of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it's going to be about prayer. Also remember

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For them, they're gonna come and pray and who do you when you're praying at home right now we will pray we were speaking about praying in the masjid. But we pray at home you have children woman or you have two people one person, how do you stand because some people they how do they stand some people you have two people person stands here the other person says behind some people say you should stand right next to them and we have three people who do stand some people they stand two people next to the Imam, some people two people back so what are the ruling was the rulings behind that and all about that if you have like, let's say if your wife is leading the people or she's the

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only one that you know, that's that that's praying or reading the prayer and the message and all How does she pray inshallah We'll cover all of that next week in sha Allah? Anyone have any questions relating to this or anything else?

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If not, inshallah

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again, we'll continue with

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the seal of the prophets of Allah Hi, someone sent Saturday night.

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Sunday night this Sunday we have the Sister Sister session after maghrib but if you want also we do remember we do have Quran on Saturday mornings you can join us for that and Sharla this Saturday we'll try to hopefully we will not forget we'll try to bring breakfast also we'll have some breakfast after the after the Quran class, you know usually Shall we when we announced we have breakfast? MashAllah shall hopefully we have more than more people. And people are not just coming for the food each other but food is good.

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Is actually you come from the Quran, and the food is extra. The food is actually less than each other. We'll try to get some, some breakfast also. together so that we will come meet each other to learn the Quran. And the word of Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Who knows