Madina al-Zahra (Cordoba) – What Happened to it

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Salam aleikum, everyone I am

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at Medina to Sahara in October in Cordoba,

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Islamic Spain. It used to be once upon a time Islamic Spain, current de Spain, the city still called Cordoba. And this is a historic site. Our city was built in 1936. See, it was started by a black man, the third, the most powerful ruler in Western Europe, and potentially, possibly in the world. He started this city as a project to make the point that he is the most powerful man in the world. And he wanted all the ambassador's to come and meet him in this place. So he wanted to show the splendor and the power of the Islamic caliphate in the West in Spain. But this was our our started in 1936. See, and it was finished in 10 years, let's say 946. It was finished, and it lasted for

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nearly eight years. Later on in 1013, just before the Umayyad caliphate collapsed in Spain, the city was destroyed due to a civil war between the barbers and the supporters of the OMA years and other factions. Right. So unfortunately, the city did not last more than 80 years, and then it was lost. It became an abandoned, lost sight. It was rediscovered in the early 20th century by some archaeologists, and lo and behold, we have what remains of this magnificent city once upon a time, one of the greatest and the most awesome cities. In the Western world. Cordoba was the largest city in the world with a population of a million people at this time. It was a city of scholars,

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philosophers, intellectuals, universities, mosques, public libraries, there were 70 public libraries, public bots, some of the most learned men in the world were found here. Some of the most important works on science and philosophy were transcribed in the Arabic language and then transmitted later on to the rest of the Western

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Europe. Okay. And it was from here that the European scholars got the knowledge they later developed and

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basically created what we called the European Renaissance. Okay, so Medina says Zara is right at the heart of it. This was an absolute statement of power and glory on the part of the Muslim caliphate. And it remains standing to this day as a memory as a reminder to Muslims as to how powerful Muslims were in Western Europe once upon a time and how much influence Muslims exercised. Okay. So this is lost history. This is unknown history to most Muslims in particular and the rest of the world in general. We are trying to encourage people to come and visit these places with us so that we can teach them history on the spot on the ground by showing the monuments and explaining history. So,

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there are many more tours taking place of similar nature in the future. You can go and check out the dates on holiday getaways.com halaal get aways.com Check out the website for future dates for future trips to Spain, a London us and Turkey and Morocco and other places. Inshallah we look forward to seeing you there. This is a very important thing. You have to teach yourself history teach your children history so that they have a sense of belonging to a civilization so they know what was achieved before them for them to vote for them to look up to something if you don't teach this to them. They don't know anything. They don't know what happened before they were born. They will never

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know and they will never look up to it. They will never try to revive it they will never try to learn from it there is no inspiration for them. So in order to change all that join us on these trips inshallah holiday