The Submersible and Lessons we can derive

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Why were you and I are not on that submersible. All of you, I'm sure have been following the Titan submersible

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where the people went down nearly four miles now, to see the wreckage of the Titanic, which sank in 1912, killing 1500 people.

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So these people paid approximately a quarter of a million dollars each to go and see that wreckage. They went down to see the wreckage and what was the outcome?

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They passed away they died. Now I want to ask you a question here, brothers and sisters. Why were you and I

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know on the submersible me and you didn't even know that there was a submersible which takes you down to see the Titanic. Why were you and I Not on that submersible? Because you and I are from that group who are regarded as not as privileged as those who went on it.

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impossibly me and you have been multimillionaires, we'd be billionaires, maybe maybe we would have been on that submersible. But me and you are not regarded as privileged

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to be on that ship because we and you don't have that much money.

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But it was that same privilege, that same money, which caused the demise of these five individuals.

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On the other hand, last week of the shore of Greece, the same ocean took the lives of other people who did not have enough and wanted to make a better life for themselves. You and I

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would give anything to attain the millions and the billions. But maybe there is no hate in the millions in the billion because you could have been on the submersible. Allah says Arsa TEPCO shaitan Wahidullah come, what I saw unto Him who shaitan will, shall we'll look them will low Yeah, level one two

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is a possibility that you dislike something, but there is good enough for you.

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There is also possibility that you like something, but there is evil in it for you. Allah knows. And you do not know. Imagine when these people if they lasted that long if they hit the seabed. Imagine when they wet the seabed. Imagine what they were thinking about. See, this is life brothers and sisters privileges go out the window. It's like a glitch. You and I are like a glitch in this world. Their life changes like this.

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Magical they must be thinking the brilliance didn't count anymore. Wallah. He is one of them could give every penny that they own. To be in your miserable, boring, mundane, small house, they would have given it they would have given it this belief of have nots and the haves and the privileged. And the less privileged. Is it dunya we construct? That's all it is. It's made by the dunya

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because of the fact that the yardstick by which you measure it by is materialism is how much money you have in your bank. It's wildly popular you are out there. Because you can't quantify happiness. You can't quantify content and explanation. You can't quantify your connection with Allah but what you can quantify is your dollars and your dimes, your pound and your pennies.

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And this is why Allah the Creator of the heavens and the earth is

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woman here to demure Illa Allah is telling you, don't be deceived. This dunya is nothing besides goods of deception.