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Jumuah Khutbah/Talk/Sermon on Dec 30, 2016.


AI: Summary © The importance of the God-And-God relationship in Islam is discussed, as well as the need to protect people from extreme news and avoid being in a need of abortion. The segment also touches on the "arrogance" of Islam, the importance of high levels of knowledge and love, and the importance of dressing up properly and staying safe during football games. The segment also touches on the use of alcohol and drugs in the church, and the potential for false accusations.
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In that 100 nanometer water stain what is the fruit of what are called Double Diamond jewelry unfussy now see as Dr. Medina he has the level of Allah mobila usually for the idea that Why should one you know even number one

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Why should Mohammed an Abu

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now should we also Lola dated Amana overlord The result was after Akasha for lava bigger Houma

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la hapa God had utter clarity, which is like a lot more than just an opinion and automatic, what are sold and how to sell it. And

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yeah, you have Latina Amano de la de la mattina in two Muslim moon. Yeah, you have NASA tafawa Bakula de Hala Takumi nuptse Makita wahala kameena zolgensma West amin humare. Jalan gavino monies

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what de la la de Luna v. Or ham in LA Hakuna la Cooperativa Yeah, you had Latina hamano de la Ooh, la conferencia de de u slash La La comm while you're on the Nova comb, one minute a la our solar

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Lima. I'm back in Austin, howdy de la. Well, Hayden had you had the Mohammed in Salalah, while he was alone, was schelotto Morimoto,

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wakulla mudjimba wakulla datain Bula Bula Bula.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam now is the second part of the drought that we talked about the last Friday, we said about the innovation of

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Rhapsody, among the 10 reasons that the dra is not answered. And it was given in a piece of paper today may Allah bless those brothers and sisters who have worked on another piece of paper that has that previous football and the summary of this one and Joe love to be given out to you, hopefully that will guide you and keep you to memorize and remind yourself how to get your answer now that we said definitely a problem if your application before beautification. So we talked about the reason why did why is that answered, because what's going on in the oma and what's going on, and everybody's making dropped, but it's not answered. So we have to understand that we have to change.

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Now, we said that hopefully somebody changed, and somebody will be answered, but how to get there is that topic of this whole bunch of luck.

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I want you to imagine that you're going to someone that you think he has this magic ring, or a magic wand.

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He has powers.

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And you have to even pay money to see this person. And you want to ask him write something for me, man. Make the squirrel fall in love with me. Make me three off my debts. Hear me? or whatever it is. Could you imagine? Of course we're not allowed to do that. But could you imagine if you know that somebody exists that has that magic lamp that the baby hear the Aladdin

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Did you imagine you would run into people will be lined up to make sure that they get their line. And well, I have seen it with my own eyes, another country, even non Muslims were standing in line of a grave that somebody can make drop with his dead person to actually answer them and to grant them whatever it is. That's a lot.

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I've seen it with my own eyes. I was asking about that. What is that? That's a very long line. What is that that's a lot of people. It was actually in the middle of the water somewhere where they had a ramp to a deceased person. And the people were paying money, they were actually paying money just to be able to go there and Rebecca as asked to the CS person to give them a child and give them this and give them that kind of love. I meant to be led astray. What about what is the ignorance of the oma should we not come back? inshallah.

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So, could you imagine that? Yes, yes. But we have somebody was much better than that.

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We have the ultimate. We have the one that says

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phrases, Aren't you the one that is that command is between two letters can be and it is do you have to go to some soup one you have to do this? No.

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wants to have it as mine. He was asked the question. Here's what is the distance between the heavens and the earth? Most of us ego philosophical, you know, the scientific fact was X amount of light years and blah, blah, blah. But nowadays,

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you know, what was his answer? His answer was, that was in Mr. Java.

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The distance between the heavens and the earth is an answer.

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Sir prayer. You say

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oh my lord and Allah subhana wa tada says let Baker Abdi yes my slave, yes my worshiper

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that's the distance between the heavens and the earth and we're leaving the one that has the ability to do everything for us and we're going to other people asking them so panela isn't that

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but when you complain to people what happens

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what happens in lessons

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but love

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the lesson you complete the people you will increase and people do you think people want to hear your complaints?

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They're gonna shut you off. Oh, I will

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ask a lot to protect us to be up on the people will just complain about everything.

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So May Allah protect us from that but a lot of people don't they're angry with you don't complain. Talk to the hand call lady. I had enough of you man. This guy is coming RUN RUN brother his mother complains about every day. How are you doing man? Oh, my kid needs this my back a lot. But I just lost my job and my wife was driving me nuts. The kids that's how I lost my hair. And all of that long list of things and after.

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After a long list of complaints is again you

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know, man, that's not it.

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But you know, people get angry to see that but Allah subhanaw taala gets angry if you don't ask him the other way around.

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It's actually the cup bowl

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with the honey for Indian curry.

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The amazing part about this is is the ask you about me or Muhammad tell that I'm here. He didn't say

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this bullet of tinea. He didn't say tell them Oh, Mohammed. He got the middle man. Yes, he says they asked me about me. I'm here. He didn't tell them tell them I'm here just to see how expedient that is. There is haste there is no link all you have to do is this up. You know you get the four G's and the biggest and the biggest router and you get the unlimited. I don't know what is that 130 or whatever gigs that you have. And all of a sudden he says Yeah, because I want fast. I want to download this up. I don't want to upload this really fast. I don't have that. I don't have two seconds to wait for this video to download. You get the best right? Let's analyze. You have the

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strongest up link and download the strongest and the fastest ever. There is no computer on the face of the earth or whatever get you whatever you want that quick. It just shows you the power to hop online. But we neglect it and leave it to somebody else. Even prophets and messengers, my brothers and sisters the best of creations they asked Allah Do you think they need this? You think a prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the best of creations? It is obscene. He makes me sad that you're being telecabine Saba, Ninja, but better Do you think he is alive to destroy these people? You will never be worshipped after this anymore. This is even worse. This

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means this hell when I lay down

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Take it easy.

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Take it easy, alone in a lot. He promised He will give you one of the two.

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This is a promise of a lot. This is his deed. But still rubbing Mohammed

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had to put the effort and plan and raise his hand and plead to Allah and break that barrier of of arrogance.

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With a rubber ducky that's what allows

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if you have this arrogance that you think that you are self sufficient that you don't need me. There's something waiting for you. Because you think you're too boy You're too rich. I don't need this triangle shape. I don't have the money I've been gonna make that I can get the best doctors in the world. Isn't that right? I have this given you got you poor guys. You need to make you guys you need to go. You have to come behind the map. You have to totally you and some of you I see you crying What are you doing, man? This is a Bollywood movie playing here What's going on? You don't I don't need this. I have money. I have power. I have people

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I know people that have stars and swords and eagles and stuff. You put you behind bars. You see these are powerful people. But if that's the case

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if that's the one

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if that's the case, are we ever self sufficient and we're always in a need of abortion.

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No matter how strong powerful rich no matter what we're always poor to a levels of hydrogen leftover that we need to always and that's what this is all about is Robin Mohammed Salah. All the prophets and messengers

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in your in the Muslim

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What did you do? Did you call 911?

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a very strong weapon. It's a weapon. It's illegal weapon.

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None of this w m DS, the fake w m DS, you know, the one that they actually go take our lands and take our resources. Oh, they had w m DS man. Well, we have a bigger web.

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We have a much bigger web.

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We have the eyeballs.

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Unfortunately, we neglect that beautiful power and we think of the dunya not the hereafter. There's a few things I want to share with you because the time is up, but the list is there. First thing is if lost. That's what this thing is about. I think we should take this as a series but we'll do our best to get it done that comprehensive way. The first thing is that last because of this dowel law.

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Federal law, we've seen that I've asked a lot of Muslims smokeless with loss, knowing that the only one that can answer us allows you kind of Jelena not anybody else but does not mean that that gives you the green light to go ahead and tell your boss I don't really care whether you

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it's not that it doesn't mean that we talked about this before that brother that went to the University and you stuck his foot in the professor's basically said my foot is is cleaner than your face. Because that's not the idea. The idea is that if the hobbit as you see the scholars will tell you that you're with the limbs are are here the limbs are here you do your best here this dunya but your

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mobile phone as Bab

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The heart is cut off from this what you think that whoever is going to give you that but is linked to a levels of high knowledge and love.

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Now first thing is that if lost there's 29 things

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in it you try to go on and please when you answer when you hit the door I don't see that as a ticket shirt on.

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Do I just you know just it was you have to have certainty that allows you not only that we have to have a lovely Villa that in a positive way we have to think of a low if you think a low answer you will answer you but it will not it will not answer you. And don't ever be in Russian haste. Without I asked him asked what happened she had been asking for three years man Yo, give me this righteous girl You know what, give me your oldest things that I don't let that I

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do not oppress let except that exceed the boundaries. I want it to be 1234 and specifics don't do that. Yes, you probably you choose Robin that's why the best Dr. Robin attina Jr. has enough what is

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enough? Why is that all

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the best? And keep us away from the Hellfire because do you know the best in this dunya we don't know what's the best in the dunya

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dunya is the man what happens you will never see you again because you may give me money gives you money. What happens? Do you think we'll see him you're again sucker will lose that whatever I will not gonna see anymore. You got the Beamer top down, you got the baby, you got the bling bling on, that's it, you're done. You think that's the best thing for you love your life. So let's tell us what's a myth.

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And don't be in a rush. Because a lot of us have had a hard time Allah would answer you not the way you want. The way he wants. Not that time you want that time he wants and

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that's why the scholars will tell you, if I ask Allah Subhana Allah and he answers my do I am happy once.

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I'm happy alliances

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but if Allah Subhana Allah agenda, if I make a drop and Allah does not answer me, I am happy I shall often Moloch multiples of size I'm much happier. Why? Because he said, because the first one of what I'm about what

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the first day is my choice. That's what I asked for. I got that was my choice. But the second one is was a last choice. And the last choice is much better than mine. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make it someone else's speech on top of the rest of the crocodile

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salatu salam, ala Medina de vida, I'm about my brothers and sisters quickly go through the etiquettes of matters and the times in the places where the answers drop. First of all you have to have

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Nice. Could you imagine go to a king going to a king and going to ask him something? What do you want me to do? You gotta wear your pajamas. Do you think you know what your pajamas? I didn't have a shower? I don't really care. I just have garlic bananas. It doesn't matter, man. I'm just going to the good guy that didn't go asking for something. You didn't even do that. No, you're gonna dress really nice. When I take a shower, you're going to make sure everything is groomed. And that's what you're supposed to do he or she doesn't that's what he's doing. He used to shave before he comes to meet the demand great. I used to be a fine himself. So make sure that you actually face the big law

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dress nice. Start with a hamdulillah praise Allah subhana wa jal if you're not because you go to somebody says, you know Oh, Mr. King, or Mr. Prime Minister, or whatever it is that you are so bla bla bla Sure. Look, 100 Imam is not what the hypocrites do. If you get a ticket for it, it's a ploy.

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Isn't that what we do? The scribbles of your son is a perfect roadmap for success. A low effort? Isn't that what we do? We butter him up into what's called Sure. Now we need to ask a levels of high notes. It was his best in the glorious names by Allah subhanaw taala opens up the doors, the King of kings. And then we see a salutation about Prophet Mohammed Salah, love it.

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Then we say whatever it is that you want. And go shopping. The seller says Don't raise your forehead unless you're satisfied with either.

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Do you better do this? This was not the hellos, just to get rid of it too much. You know, something

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that it says don't finish any prayer unless you make these throughout your dinner or lunch give us a good ending. Why? Because some of us dollars used to cry is What are you afraid of? You know, your senses will let you know about it.

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This is my sins. I doesn't that's not what scares me. What scares you? He says, So

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speaking of this, I'll give you a story. That's a true story.

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Amanda was doing very well, to cut the story short, but he was helping orphans.

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This man was known not to be a good man.

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But he died in a from

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that that the shape the shift that was making that selective naza you couldn't believe it?

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He says Well, I have to. I have to ask what happened his mother. So he went to this neighborhood start asking what was the story? He says yes, he used to go to this house here. This is a an orphan. Here. This is a widow. I used to look after this orphan.

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And he asked the mother, the widow is never given that What did you say is Allahumma Zuko her son of Houghton. Even though this man was not a very good man, it doesn't give us the green light to be good. I'm just telling you the power of drop. That widow that that man used to look after the orphan he made a drop or like give him a good ending. That's what this guy was afraid because if it's done, it's done you cannot come back. So he says that's how he got it with the power of drop.

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So please make sure that you fix the Qibla you do you it's permissible on your own to raise the hands of Prophet Mohammed Salah did it, dress nicely put perfume on do righteous deeds after you do this kind of data with righteous deeds, like we were talking about today. If you want to have the intention of those helping the brothers and sisters are going to own up from from here from the high. Give that with the intention after you give that SATA Mega Drive. It's answered according Sony Bahati and those who actually were held back in this week in the in the game too many stories to tell you but that's the intention. And after you finish whatever it is that you want to finish

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again, Nick solicitation of a prophet Mohammed Salah. Now the best time and the best place, of course enough, like Medina.

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But we can do that not all of us are going to Oman or Hutch. But when is the best time it is that the family member remember that brothers remember long time ago when you really don't want that something. remember the time when you wanted to get married. remember the time when you actually wanted to graduate. remember the time when you wanted to get a job. Remember your time that you wanted to get a car. Remember that time that's the time you were actually bringing that. That's it after you got to what happened?

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No family. So we have to put that forehead down. Then Allah subhanaw taala these things in the way befitting His Majesty on the last third of the night. And how the last night is between November and February divided into three the last third is that the best time our love of God It says in the way beginning his majesty. He says Helman

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anyone that asks,

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have you been hajah any worldly affairs, anything you want any chores and errands you want to do

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hasn't been any repentant, how many mistakes anyone that wants to be forgiven?

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Did you mess it and that is every night, and the closest place to allow somehow to live your life, when you put that forehead that makes you different than the other creation, that is the mind that makes you different. To put that highest thing than the most intellectual of your body down to earth again

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and asked a lot, that's the closest time and the best time with you on your own. Of course, including our fan, so on and so forth. So make sure you get the best time the best places. And when you answer if you ask Allah subhanaw taala the scholars will tell you it is a good thing no matter what.

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But make sure good was the devil Tao how'd you get your answer? You know how and I used the Buddha when Prophet Mohammed Salaam Salaam says how was allegedly entered into how and looking this is what he says a woman Hala Hara Shara Omaha,

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your food is hot off your drink is hot you the clauses Hello.

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How is the levels of handle that is going to enter your SCADA system under conditions, make lots of stuff, lots of righteous deeds, make sure that everything is halal.

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And the other thing he said what, three three types of people that will also answer the Dr. Seuss one is what a decade he's alive and he knows that cannot. So we said those remember a lot in abundance. And here what by the way is the after the eighth, you will see there. Now that's another aluminum in the slides, you see that a lot of male and female. Those remember a lot of abundance. So we said what from now on? What did we say when you walk around? How are you going to walk around? Are you going to pick up sister sushi as you're walking around? Yes, you gotta walk around with the right foot, you say I'm doing law with the left foot you're gonna stay and stuff for the law. As we

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said before, that's what the scholars will tell you. Because you think that the good things that Allah has given you, you said, hamdulillah with your right foot when you walk, and you think of the things that you did. It's not befitting in the majesty of Allah. So with the left foot, you're gonna say stuff for the law. That's how you're going to be instead of getting a lot to deal with that, get us hello and enter you.

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And give me

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a righteous ruler and a fair and just ruler. Forget that we don't have those around here. Nowadays, we all bring it back to us a little bit. I mean, unless the oppressed, so don't be afraid, yes, you know, that two is answered for sure. There's about three ones, three types, one that allows Well, I don't I will grant you, as we mentioned before, the second the last I don't, I will actually grant you something that is better than that, which is a calamity that's going to be bestowed upon you. And that two out will go up and struggle with that will keep an eye out for you. And the third, that alone will leave it for you till Judgment Day. And now he says when you see that your app, and the

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reward you've gotten on Judgement Day for the drive that you made, that was not answering this dunya you would wish that none of you that were actually answered in this dunya and your reward will be actually held for you in the hereafter.

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Now make sure your rights this gives us such because you know I feel that he says how you perceive the divine tradition. This is the best of actions and deeds of my place the other one the obligations.

00:23:18--> 00:23:45

And you keep doing righteous deeds other than what is obligated among them. What is the ID? lousy Brenda lemon Casa Luna? Toki? lamb is that isn't Oh, it's for sure. And nusantara indeed, again, barely two letters in one word again, making sure that love for Python is doing it. So do that for that for that my brothers sisters, your wedding. My brothers and sisters, this is the most important one of all football like a true story.

00:23:47--> 00:23:51

A mother asked her son, they bought him a car

00:23:53--> 00:23:54

18 years old.

00:23:56--> 00:23:57

He asked him take me to your hands.

00:23:59--> 00:24:01

And that son says no.

00:24:03--> 00:24:30

So the mother is leaving, begging her son to take her to ride. There's an older mother. Just now you got the car so you can have me as a slave and your your mother love all of that stuff. So that son did not answer that. Leave the mother. When he walked away he heard he says I heard words. You know what the words were? You will know shortly inshallah. That man went out. They didn't come back.

00:24:31--> 00:24:37

He was imprisoned for 18 years. That shift says I visited this man to see what's going on. Here's what

00:24:38--> 00:24:59

it was that night that I disobeyed the commander, my mother when I left, I went outside and I never got back. The police got me and says that you're accused of killing some of the high stature people, the noble of society, and now he's been in prison for 18 years. And he was not allowed for anyone to see them. No visitors.

00:25:00--> 00:25:07

He was finally allowed after 18 years for someone to visit him. Who was the first one to visit him. It was his mother.

00:25:08--> 00:25:20

How many people you have on Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat or whatever it is that you have? How many people will visit you when you need on your deathbed or your dinner de

00:25:21--> 00:25:28

su family? Is the true friends. Now that mother says when she saw him yeah when I forgive me

00:25:29--> 00:25:39

there's How come y'all all mother? How could I forgive you? Why? Remember that night is Yes, I remember that night How could I forget? Is that me? against you?

00:25:42--> 00:25:44

I sit alone My soul into a man

00:25:47--> 00:25:49

because he has no mercy on his own mother.

00:25:51--> 00:26:05

See, she said, Oh Allah, lets him be in control of those who have no mercy upon him. To Allah he or she is up to now I have no idea. Where am I? Five years? 18 years.

00:26:07--> 00:26:15

So if you're gonna say yes or no to anyone, you better be careful what you say to your mother first, and your father, my brothers and sisters. It's a complete answer to I

00:26:17--> 00:26:19

don't mess around with your mothers and fathers.

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It's an answer drop. Too many things to share with you too many stories that will lie, we don't have enough time. Maybe some other time. The list is there. It's not there for you to just blast it on your fridge and know it's for you to change. So please take this list and implement it. You have a roadmap, how not to get you answered and how to get you answered. Me Allah subhanaw taala make us among those who listen speech and follow the rest of it. I want him to let me know solomani ariosa the attorney Yeoman Juma is also an answer to this specifically the our some of the scholars at this time are some of the spouses the last hour of that so please don't forget your top all the time

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inshallah Yamanaka

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amateur hour enough effort enough in Milan alhama de la Munster Islamism Simi Valley public elementary capital D y dealership karma Shaheen other other ID okay Catherine Catherine out of volume enough about me Northridge let me begging him selling me along the whole nebulous nine o'clock

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level isn't it you're often in what I wish we'd been or other or it has been along the hub I mean benei Idina or McCarthy now and a man in Madinah on Filipino and

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you know a lot

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of terms mean what Hamilton Amato's mean what should we mean what are two other words I want to come to like

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mechanic even man, well mechanic even call them the same for me. I'm going to check on Well, what sort of wind What up? Well, who can be what's a welcome song?