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AI: Summary © The upcoming election and political advertisements are focused on the upcoming conflict between the US and Iran, the use of magic in advertisements, and protests in Egypt. Magicians use magic to advertise and convince people to take a stand against the new government and bring their religion to life. The upcoming Maharajan pot event is a social event where participants can receive a certificate and a message, and participants can participate in various activities, including a Maharajan shower, party, and social events. preserving the Maharajan culture is emphasized as a way to return to Islam.
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Avila shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi rain, my beloved brothers in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Most Merciful, the most kindness should

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we be witnesses, none has the right to be worshipped except our last panel data. And we send our greetings and love and celebration. So we're going to be Mohammed celluloid, send them to his pious and pure family to the Sahaba and all those who are on the sooner until the end of time Alexander's to be amongst them. We thank Allah subhana wa tada for blessing us to come this far, in the month of Ramadan, for surely one day of fasting in the month of Ramadan is more Beloved, and more rewarding than a lifetime of CME and hamdulillah has blessed us with 23 days of fasting, it counts evenly in our scales on the day. I mean, and Allah has blessed us with 23 nights of sada and km. Allah bless

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us, except from us, and may the base of Ramadan still to come, we achieve the maximum of it. All of us leave this month without any sense on our scales. When we leave this month with the food he would have laid it on outside. I mean, for one accepted Ramadan, one accepted Ramadan is enough to get in to

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all of us to get into our places in gender in the next week. may that be the distance between us and Jenna, just one week. I mean, we continue with our story from The Chronicles of Musa alayhis salaam, The Chronicles of Moosa. Last week, we mentioned how musala salam show, we had a showdown with Iran, and they had a debate, and a lot of a lot of skypes discussion, and a lawsuit to mooser, you have basically two things to do.

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Go to Pharaoh, tell him that you are the messenger of the Lord of the universe. send money through email, let them go and show him out signs. That's all you need to do. Give him a message and show him how to signs we gave you the two signs being the stick and the hand. Those are the two signs you need to show fit out. And of course, we got into the discussion with their own basically changed our argument and said, Have you come here, after we had raised you and given you and blessed you and an IRA we must last week a very beautiful iron. Moses is to fit around. Yes. I acknowledge all the benefits you've done for me, I acknowledge that you raised me that you were good to me that you

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cared for me. But does this give you a right to appreciate the money? So is that what you justified? Are you making? Are you justifying your crimes? by some good you did and many times we do this, we will we will harm someone or we will be we will wrong and do evil things. And when we when people point the finger and say you can't be doing that. Most of us remember the good times we did to you the good things we did. Right is comforting when we do good things in the past is not justification to commit sin in the future. So

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when the argument got heated, when Abu Musab was clearly winning, and without could since the room, he's his parliament. He's God's they were actually on the side of Moosa. They were actually excited to what's going to happen next. So they Darwin said, if you don't stop with us, I'm gonna arrest you. I'm gonna put you in jail. No, we don't stop I'm gonna beat you up. That's the only answer if you don't forgive. Someone said are you going to put me in jail even though I've got some I'm not just talking empty stuff. I've got signs. So if you don't bring your signs, so much of a slam through the stick, and it became a huge snake in the middle of the throne room, and it scared

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everyone was massive big snake and everyone was scared, you know, jumping up and down, and before they could recover the monster pulled out his hand and it was a bright shining like a light like the sun. So now your own asks his people around him, what should we do? What must I do? I don't know what to do. How do I respond to this? And he addresses his meta he's meaning he senior leadership for owns number one man in charge was called him Harmon. Harmon was like he's minister of defense or his prime minister said I was in charge and Harmon was the guy that was number two in Come on. So if you don't basically asked him, What should we do, what do I do?

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No one has come to near the snake. What is this? So they said, If Iran says to Lucia, this they say this is magic. This is nothing. This is not from any superpower. This is magic. So if Iran says into a bar called Argentina, we took the gentlemen out of the Navy silica Musa Musa says, Do you think you have come to us to push us out you want our land? You want our wealth? You want our kingdom with your magic. Now side note Moosa ever say give us your country.

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The minister ever said I want you Yo yo yo yo power. I want your kingdom. No. He said, Give me my people. Let my people go for your own is now changing the dialogue again. He's saying you see Messiah is here to overthrow the government. He wants to overthrow you. Oh, oh, Egyptians. Remember that?

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Egyptians are the ruling class, the soldiers, the military. You see, these groups are coming in to overthrow and today this is a very powerful propaganda that we as Muslims are constantly being harassed with. You see the opening image, they want to overthrow our area they want to take over. They want to bring a Sharia state here. We never see anything like that. We didn't say any of that stuff. You are using that as an excuse to harm us. Similarly, if Iran says You see, guys, this is coming to overthrow us and kick us out of our land with his magic. So he's minister seek to clear our call who are

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in her Shireen yet to get to Capricorn Lisa had in our team. So they said, Look, we don't know what to do. We can't understand what's happening here. The snake in the sand. We don't know what's going on. Tell them we postpone them. Tell him give us time, him and his brother. And then we will gather magicians to compete with him with equal kind of magic. We will find every learned magician in the world will gather them all together. So okay, most of you come with your tricks. Like you're very good at making magic and illusions. We will also bring magicians from all over the land. And then if it is in Florida, jumping between Florida and surah Shara for the tn mcebisi heading Miss Lima, Miss

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Lee, fetch Albanian avena commemorate and learn to live with Nana and mccannon Serbia. So if you don't see it, okay? You bring magic you've shown us your magic, okay? Give us a chance to bring our magic. We will bring you magic like us even better than us. So let's make a day. let's let's let's put it see the date out that you and I and the police have an appointment, we will battle out we'll do our magic against your magic, which we will not fail to keep and neither you both sides will come when when do you want to film by City, Utah, you tell us when we'll be we'll bring our musicians in a place and in a predetermined place. So Moosa says Carla Marie tokuyama, Xena, Sharon, NASA. So

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Moses is the day that we're going to do this is the day of the festival. Now there must have been a national holiday, they must have been some day on the calendar. We all the people got together the caliber of the people of Egypt, the National maybe just films mooloolaba what it is, right. And so Moses on that day, we will have the showdown. And Moses is that's the day I'm going to come. And when all the people are assembled in the mid morning, right 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock when the crowds ready, that's when we're going to do this

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for the wildlife in order for Gemma to match. So basically, so moose and olives, everyone is shocked. And the news spreads throughout Egypt. Everyone says, you know, Pharaoh obviously told these people, you guys keep quiet record in this room, keep quiet. And he was we will keep quiet. But when God went to go to his wife and said, Look, I have something tell you something happened in your own room. But don't tell anybody. And she said I won't tell anyone. But she told her sister. And she also told nobody. And she's no one told anybody but the owner of Egypt knew what happened to Pharaoh. And the whole of Egypt was shocked that a man who they believed was a god, a man who they

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believe they genuinely believed this. And, you know, after years of being subjugated, we noticed that even some people eventually begin to believe these lies, they begin to feel inferior. So they begin, some people began to see the flow that we don't want. And they began to see that his power was not as absolute as he claimed to be that he could control the variables of Egypt.

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And he can control the sun and realize he can't do these things. So now Fiona has to establish his authority. And so but what less of your own went away, and the to give him and his ministers, him and his counsel, they formalized a plan is a beautiful part about our seed cloud apart about the seed of pseudo calf, we're talking about leadership. And gardening is a beautiful Hadith, the practices of seeds, with leaders, if I want what's good for you, as a leader, he will put around you ministers that are good, that they will correct you when you forget. And they will help you when you do the right thing. But if Allah wants bad for you, he surrounds you with bad leaders where they

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will support you in doing wrong. And if you forget, they won't remind you. So for your own counsel, obviously they are also benefiting from this system. They can continue to use You are the God of the load of the argument obviously, whether they believe it or not. Right, you are the heavens and the earth belongs to you. So they formulize formulated a plan with him. But you may have suffered Winnicott Yomi maloom, so the solid calling throughout the land throughout basically the world around the most powerful wealthiest man on earth has seen out the sending of an advert if you're a magician, come bring it later. See what magic you have because we can have a showdown with this guy

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called Moosa

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and the people all the magicians came to a point today and obviously the magicians, they were informed about what Moosa did that he has a stick that looks

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to appear to turn into a snake. So this is an old trick in the book. That's the first thing in the book. That's magic one on one, we can do that as well. And all the skill of magicians came together. And the soldiers were killed in us and too much than your own. And it will say to the people, will you congregate so throughout the land, the army, the military, went door to door, knocked on the door, knock to knock on the door.

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You need to attend the festival, you have an invitation from their own. There's an invitation that we asked you to attend, you must attend, and you are going to support fear. And you're going to support these magicians and this is going to be our national holiday year you go here's a flag, here's a finger profit on gopher down. That's what's gonna happen all of you are going to attend so everyone is being called. So the people sit let Anatolia suffer to incur no human valuable Halloween. So the people sitting

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around that we will go Let us go to the festival all of us, let's go together out of Egypt, and we'll follow the magicians what it could mean Yeah, we're gonna go and support the magicians. So you have a massive stadium. Again, think of a sports thing, right? Everyone is behind the magicians Moosa is the moose and Harun aadmin, or even when he saw him, everyone is the winner. They support him or not. They have to they all cheered interferon and these magicians. It also could mean here that some people said, Wow, imagine some imagined the magicians win this battle, perhaps they will even overthrow you down. That's how powerful these magicians are. They are like being built up. Now.

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The propaganda, the media is going out. These are our magicians. They are the saviors of Egypt, and they are going to save us from the threat of these outside forces. And the pictures are being put up all over Egypt. So you understand what the propaganda is going out and the advertising is going out. These are our superheroes, for that matter. So now when all the magicians came just before just before the showdown between Musa and the musicians, the magicians came and they came to fill out in swannanoa it shows that they they realize the position they ranked in society before they could never speak to fit on like this. And also shows you for those powers diminishing. Of course they sit

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down to film in Atlanta Roger in Conan O'Brien, what is it going to what are you going to give us if we went to the unit? Basically, right now the tightest thing you need us What are you going to give us if we succeed today when we win and you will look you in your name will will beat Moosa in your name. What are you going to give us so if we don't get caught up, you will be rewarded handsomely well in the comedian Lamanna makara. Robin and you will be close to me you will be part of my inner circle I'll basically give you government jobs put you on Parliament how often this has happened right? You want me to do this Mr. President, Mr. Salsa what you're gonna give me Don't worry. We'll

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give you a job in Parliament. You don't have to do much sleep it's fine. And I handle politics is the same. It's the same same corrupt politics is the same from then till now. Right? So if Iran says we are all in this together, you You make me look good guys. And I've sought you out for life, you will financially will be sorted out and you'll have powerful positions. All right. So now the into the arena, and extending face to face Moosa and Harun again Swan Allah as I said in the story, you have to stand in front doing all the talking and all everyone is doing is making the crying making to others is doing so to set up and all these magicians a lot of how many of them may be hundreds of

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the descending order of Moosa moves. Now the standing the they, the crowds are cheering and chanting them and they named Moosa is sort of alone, but he has this confidence. And he steps when he speaks first and he says to the magicians, Moosa will occur to you, oh magicians, what would you laughter voila, he can even fun for you to come

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to you don't invent a lie against a law or he will exterminate you with a punishment. Now, Moses says, look, you can fool and deceive all the people. You can even move it around. But you know, and I know that this, you're doing this trick. This isn't the real power that you have. It's just security. So be we. I'm coming with power from Allah, Allah is going to destroy you, if you continue doing this. And he actually he told the harbor minister and he continues and an end he has failed who invents ally? Now Musa is like, you know, doing trash talk before the time Moosa is basically, you know, telling them you're going to lose you guys, you're going to lose, I'm sending you alone,

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you think you're 100 against one you're going to lose, you don't have real power, you know, I know you don't have real power and I was going to destroy you. And this actually affected it for the naza so they disputed so they got together in a huddle, right.

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So they at the stadium, they got to get another one. So talking to another guy look serious, man. What you know, you know, we heard about the snake thing and we've never heard of a snake so big and look at these stickers just standing there alone. You know, he's supposed to be scared, but he's not scared. He actually is making them scared. So they got in a private conversation and call in on a one by one on either the government or someone said Look guys, stick to the plan. Just stick to the plan. Call in

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Head on these are two magicians you read on the radio You mean

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that they want to come and take your land and thank you women and take your jobs that's what they want to do

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and they want to change your exemplary exemplary way of life the perfect way of life they coming here to overthrow the perfect way of life so far they want to come and overthrow this wonderful utopia we living in these outsiders with evil they want to change our perfect life propaganda all the same. So now they someone is trying to encourage the magician guys don't lose you don't lose your cool you guys have the ability just one minute alone for tomorrow okay?

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To suffer, so they resolve themselves in Okay, we pulled ourselves together. They did the ACA, whatever it might be. And then they came forward in a line now they're standing in line by line standing in front of immigrants moves

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to Minnesota and he has succeeded today you overcome once and for all and will they announce the winner today? Will the window succeed? is they will be victorious the winners today will have great success. Right already. It's both up today, you will see the two victorious one and the real power will succeed. Right they will really believe that you know when called lujah Musa in Tokyo or in Laguna a woman shouted to Musa Alright, so we know you trick you throw a stick and it becomes this like okay, we can we can do the same. So who's gonna throw first either we throw our sticks first or you throw your stick first who's gonna go first?

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You throw it bring it you throw first, but for either masumi you even see him and

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so Moosa said you throw and suddenly when they threw the ropes and the sticks appeared from the magic that they were moving, so it appeared to all of them threw out like a stick away arrow and it appeared to be like like snakes coming alive so all over us these snakes in another surah Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that this seen it be which the eyes of the public all of the people began to gossip, they began to look at that, you know, and it really appeared like hundreds of snakes appeared in front of the stadium

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right off the bat

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on an international volleyball and when they flew it they said in the name of Bismillah which mean the name of your own we will be victorious remember you guys you're going to be part of my Parliament you successful you're gonna get billions billions, but you got to make me look good. Right? So it's my power I'm the one that's causing this right you have to we in this together make me look good out there. So they said in the name of your own, we will bring these things to life. Right The Magician is no it's all lies, it's all make believe it's all fraud. And we throw the sticks in the ropes it appeared it appeared to become alive.

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So Josephine FC he Fatah, he threatened Musa and an even Musa got afraid. When he saw all these ropes and sticks becoming appearing to be snakes, he began to he began to doubt himself, he began to feel afraid. Many, many times. Moosa is like the, the number one the poster boy for revolutionaries in the Quran. If you see how many times Allah sees you escaped, he was scared. He was he again Musashi, standing The, the all the eyes are on him. And you know, Subhanallah if I miss a year, suddenly that looks bad, Allah that is being laid down. So he began to feel afraid in himself. But again, Allah sees enough See, he didn't show it on the outside. His face was so determined and

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confident but in his heart, he felt scared now couldna immediately heard the voice of Allah. Don't be scared. In the candle Allah. You are.

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You are already superior. You already winning. They have sticks and ropes. You got like a nuclear bomb in your hand. And I don't feel scared. You already are trapped in Sinaloa. It shows you Allah

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knew the innermost feeling that means even say it to himself. He didn't make do it. Allah, Allah was away in his heart. You feel escaping, so don't feel scared. You already have all you have to do. What did I tell you to do? Musa you give the message. You drop the science that is up to me. This isn't Listen, we learn a lot doesn't ask us change. We don't change the government. We change society overseas. You've got five things, each one of you do your small part. Let me see to the outcome. Everyone you do the two pieces, you bring the outcomes, vanilla mousse, I would have thought we would have thought how do I change the whole society? I need billions to bring all of

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them to one place, then I need to give a beautiful buy and to convince them of this religion who brought all the people to the stadium who was the one that said if we're all standing here And the winner is the truth. What

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was the one who was the instrument of a law of power to bring everyone there? So it was you just do what you bought? What must you do? You drop the stick. Murphy, Murphy aminika Danica Manzano.

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Throw down what is new right and it will swallow and obliterate that which they have invented that which they made in Amazon, okay? This, this is only a magician's trick. This is nothing more than a magician, what

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Allah says and this is beyond the story. Allah says, The Magician will never ever be successful. So I don't know. It's strange that people still go to prophets and miracle healers and people that can tell the future didn't even occur to them. If this man is charging 20 then to speak your dead grandmother would tell you, who's your your soulmate? Why didn't they just, you know, predict the lottery numbers with next week. You know, what smart Allah, we can cure all your illnesses, but this guy is dying of diabetes, it's, you know, I was saying the side the magician, you will never ever be successful. And those who delve in these kind of things and, and unfortunately, some experience with

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this kind of stuff. So Allah, Allah says, you sell your soul with cheap price, you sold your soul for a cheap price and you'll never be successful in the dunya you will never hit the big end in the after, of course you'll be punished. So Allah says the circuit will never be successful.

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So far. So Moosa through his assault. He threw his stick for either he attacked Kakuma, yeah.

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So Moosa threw his stick and turn into like a huge snake. And within instantly, it destroyed everything. It swallowed up all the ropes and sticks that they had, it wasn't even like the way they mentioned it. It's like immediately it was over. So everyone's expecting a big battle, and they're going to cheer and it's going to be a long over, chicken's done. This huge snake comes and it just wipes the floor and eats up every other stick and robots on the ground. And for alcohol to surgeon, immediately the magician's for Institute, they fall down into June immediately, either out of fear in the snake was approaching them. But more but but really what happened is, they realized that this

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is not magic. This isn't a trick. This isn't an illusion. This is real power. This is something beyond normal understanding. This was a living breathing huge like that that stick was so big, but the snake was so much bigger. There's no way I could have hit that snake, you know, up the sleeve, right to undisturbed and not possible. This is real power. This is something real. Then they fell down in sujood. And they said out of fear and out of admiration. Call

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me now remember moose has been keep on saying I'm here on behalf of Rabbil alameen Rabbil alameen Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa, I mean, we've never heard of someone called me the magician's also don't know who's coming visit. Wherever Musa is calling to we believe in that one. I mean, Robbie masaharu, the load of moose and heroin. That's the one we believe in. So they were terrified. They were afraid and they fell Institute. in Surabaya, they actually say caught, we believe in the load of Harun and Musa. And I mentioned, why would they say our own first and then Musa, and this is a Musa. And it could be that something has grown and something new. So first out of confusion.

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But a beautiful, you know, analogy is

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if you look at vanilla, how these illusionists when they do the tricks, with one guy doing the talking, or this assistant, that's just to distract you, the guy behind the scenes is really doing all the power. So they see this guy doing the talking, but there's a guy at the back, you know, he's just like, deep in like, he's the real power. You know, who says just entertainment? That guy the back is the real power. So they said, We believe in that guy's lowered.

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So now imagine this round said, Look, everyone come here. If you want to watch it, we'll follow the victorious one. And we'll see who's the winner is on the truth is with the winners. And these magicians fell down Institute and they said we believe in the Lord of Moosa, we believe in the Lord of the universe that this what they got what they did this what this guy did is real power. This isn't magic. Now film is furious and is humiliated in front of the whole country, no country. Again, as I said, Allah subhana wa Tada. didn't ask Moosa convert the whole country, Allah said, you give the message and you throw the stick down. Let me do the rest. And Allah had a plan. And now without

00:24:14 --> 00:24:31

Musa preparing for this amazing thing, he The Magician's of Moosa, although other magicians of Iran are the ones giving Dawa, the one who's giving the Dawa, the magicians Are they the ones that say we believe in the Lord of Musa color? scheme is a furious call.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:39

Have you believed in Musab before I gave you permission in Nola kabiru Kamala D Allah macusa

00:24:41 --> 00:24:41


00:24:43 --> 00:24:44

me see laughing

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so we don't have no way of explaining so he said this was a big conspiracy. None of this is all tick. Then moves are in cahoots together, they are working together. This was the plan all along. Moosa is the the Mr. V

00:25:00 --> 00:25:28

Leader of magicians and they are his students. He taught them magic, right? So when you can't anymore debate the facts, when all the evidence is against you. So what do you do conspiracy theory you invent a make believe are all of it is lies all lies. Is that true? It's all lies. It's all make believe it's all false. It's all fake. So it's all fake news, fake news. This is what's happening instead of fake news, not real, not real. That's the only way you can debate now, when you've completely lost credibility, you all you can do is just make denial wasn't me, right? So

00:25:29 --> 00:25:45

he says that this this is a plan from the magicians and Moosa, and it says to the magicians now, as a punishment, I'm going to show you, I'm going to cut off your hands from opposite sides, meaning your right hand and your left leg, your left hand and your right leg, and I'm going to crucify you. Another is feed you

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inside the deep part. So they're only crucified on a stick, they're going to be crucified on the trees, and we know spiky inside it will force you inside it. So the magician's Subhanallah look at the response we found threatens them, and he obviously has them he threatens them call Lula the euro. They said no harm in illa rabina mongkol. even look at the how the is change. Now. Before they said we believe in musas load. Now they say we believe to our load, we will return to Hana few moments ago. They were the army of shavon. A few moments ago, they were the ones fighting. They were the head of Cooper. They were the ones fighting Allah subhanaw taala. They were the ones trying to

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defeat loser. Now they are the ones calling to Islam. And shows you that no one's heart is beyond changing. Even if they don't, even if he was beyond change. He wouldn't have been invited to Islam Musa wouldn't be giving him power. But it shows that every heart even the worst of people can change. And they came from the worst of people to the best of people. They will Sahaba of musona they would like the workers and they became Muslim first. So they said we are ultimately to return to Allah you can see we can go back to Allah in a Buddha hottie Anna.

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And we hope when we make the law, that our Lord will forgive us our sins, because we are the first of the believers Allah will count as we were the very first to believe in Allah science shows you what Allah shows he signs those who believe, right, they get the highest level of of reward. And those who disbelieve their hearts become even harder like they don't. And they continued as they've been tortured now unfit always army they call them silica damage. And I mean albina wonder the foreigner with sub Lima and the party in America, he has the highest adonia he never will we ever prefer you over what has come to us of clear proof. We've seen the truth, how can we go against it?

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He created us. So do what you want to do. You can only harm us in this life. That's all you can do. You only have power in this life. In rabina katajanokka de la human well low

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indeed we have believed in our Lord, that he may forgive our sins and that which we will compel us to do in magic. Allah forgive us for the magic we did and Allah is better and more endearing in a woman Yeah, terrible Mooji man for interview Jana, Mariah and I'm so the magicians are being tortured. Obviously they're going through hardship. And they say to themselves, that that we we are we are struggling here in the dunya Yes, we are being tortured. But if we were to go to Allah as magicians as follows around, then we will go to janam way the punishment you cannot live or die in the torment eternally.

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But whoever comes to Allah as a believer, called Romulus already had and they did good deeds

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for them will be the highest degrees of Jenna, they will have the highest levels of Jana, Jana, to Adam, a garden that will live forever digesting the data and heart beneath it or rivers that flow holiday interfere with Africa desert and this is going to be the reward for those who purify themselves. We conclude in sha Allah at this junction. So after the magician's belief, we don't teach them and teaches them but they are the first to believe and they allow Moosa and how long to go off. Why. Why didn't Pharaoh just torture Musa as well? Why don't they just kill heroin? We'll talk about that inshallah. Even next week or the week after

00:29:24 --> 00:29:59

just a few announcements, quite a few announcements. Firstly, any concerns or comments with [email protected]. As we said, we're doing the deaf seat of super calf delights. You know, it's been well well received from the line if you'd like to receive the previous lectures, you can message us so you can go to our website Godzilla, or and we're hoping to build up our list so this would be received today. We hope to seamless to you on your WhatsApp and the lectures in the evening. So against tradition, take out your phones. Take out your phones in general and take

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down the number or wait for triple to 1308 take it down, take a picture, save it if you want the images, if you want the lectures and updates from the budget, you can add the number and just message message WhatsApp the number and then the messages will go through to you

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regularly it's always for triple 21308

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we said federal is 14 and for every person in your household that you're responsible for fidra you have to pay 40 or 40 that federal and fee for every day that you are unable to force and you can't make up and we see this many times for the sisters who are breastfeeding or pregnant philia is not a compensation for that she has to make those days so just be very very careful about that. Someone also asked is should I pay for my domestic worker that loves in my house now to domestic workers are dependent on you but of course if you'd like to give Excel 40 then got much footage and is not much

00:31:00 --> 00:31:26

when we have invitation for everyone was families to join in the making of the Maharajan pot so we making lots of food and really what happens is it's not just about providing the funds it's actually a well an experience we will get together and they make the food make the food themselves the recipe is all team and then we see who has the best acne inshallah and then of course we feed people 100 people per pot. So please join that in

00:31:28 --> 00:32:05

now, okay, so we will talk about eating challah misses you will go out with regards to eat, it might be an area they might not be with, so inshallah looking at all the within the country and the buka. But it's something to be so in the meantime, while that is undecided, we'll decide that in shall discuss that later on this evening, opposite nine to 10. We have our PML al Sala, here in the area. And then again, as is the custom now it's happening every Friday, if thought is at Wellesley, in the road just outside between basically the smell and the Hilton, everyone is invited and I said and besides being a thought it's a wonderful mechanism. Lots of other museums also come and we, you

00:32:05 --> 00:32:16

know, giving Dawa through Cousteau is a lovely way of giving Dawa. And it's also we sending out the symbolic message that we are in solidarity that this is blue cup is we Islam began here in South Africa.

00:32:18 --> 00:32:53

That's vanilla, you know, the people came as slaves, they came as outcasts. But all those systems are gone. But the culture and the mood, the deen of Islam is still very present prevalent. We don't want to have a situation with a dancer not allowed to give him a massage anymore. When you know people cannot practice the Islam openly. Especially this is like our Heartland. So this is a a Booker with a protest, but in a nice way that this is our culture. We'd like to preserve it not just our boot camp culture after the boot camp, but it's all of us here, Islam, Muslims in South Africa in particular, this is our culture. So please join us for the start and make dua for us and Allah

00:32:53 --> 00:33:06

bless us all. And Allah bless us in the last or the main to these last 18 months. Allah grant us all the way and Baraka and forgiveness means a loss in the Mohammed. Salama Mussolini and hamdulillah mean saramonic Mark llobregat

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