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Have you been Muhammad in Walla? Lee he also he urged me no but yo Imana and Buhari your Muslim coolant visa, hey nscd Malik Ali Allahu Hadith. And he's also in the collection of Buhari multiman alternated just by Ernest, just like yesterday, very similar Hadith and very similar wording at the beginning beginning of it as well. And then still, of course, within the theme of understanding email, that's what I'm going to continue until Sunday. That's why I've decided we'll go to Sunday that will change until on Monday, something different, not that I'm done with the ideas, but I just feel like I don't want to bore you with the same ideas being repeated

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importance. What I want you to walk away from all this at the end is the importance of actually understanding ima meaning learning it, training yourself and preparing yourself to actually accept it to internalize the concepts allow them to reflect and mirror be mirrored by your behavior. That's what Eman actually is. That's what he expects from you. Subhanallah without it, that's why you might get attached to so many behaviors and emotions and, and ways of of action. That's the reason because he might it's not just a belief or a comprehension, it's more than that. And the Hadith tonight is also going to kind of point that out again, where he says I used to

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do some law you know, I do boom, hakuna hub, la he meanwhile led he when he when he married, then if you will achieve the full degree of ima and none of you will actually have full email until I am more beloved to them or to you. He's speaking himself out of his salatu salam, then your parents and your children and all people and all living creatures. Now there's another Hadees that is similar to this and a collection of Muslim anamod. Isn't Rachel's webinar almost same wording a little bit different? Or he would say I gonna have to lay him in my Nevsky he or he just adds to it more beloved to him than than himself. And there's a nice little story attached to that one that I you

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know, I think you've heard before but I can share with you where

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where I want to know how Bob came to the Prophet Alia Serratos. Have you heard that? And he said yes. I said Allah as well. Edie? Well, the oneness AMA, no problem. I don't necessarily like any of them. Anyways, I love you more than my parents, my children and all other people. No problem that can Neff see

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him in Hershey. I just burned myself. There's something I have a struggle with that one that's a little bit hard for me. How do I love you more than myself? How would I put you ahead of myself that I can't? That's gotta

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let me ask Maria Omer in, in your email is not you haven't fulfilled is not complete yet? Nope. There's something missing until that's the case, though. I mean, I want to tell us his father would walk away.

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And he would come back in after a short period of time and he would say Allah said Allah and I am enough. See, I love you now more than myself. I thought I am but now your iman as come to its full degree. He walks away. So his son walks behind him says, What did you do? Like right? Wait, where do you go and do you buy something eat something? What do you do? How do you suddenly go from this to that? So he explained to him on the low on whose argument that same number, but actually explained what he said, I asked myself

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what how beneficial was on our drama, like how beneficial was was I to myself before he Muhammad Ali his salatu salam before him I was taking myself that a path of misguidance and harm and II was taking myself to join them. And then I meet Mohamed salah, and I'm humbled someone like him, and he puts me on a path to Jannah. So Mohammed is more beneficial to all that Omar was talking about. So it only is logical that I love Mohammed more than I love Amara Salah and I'm gonna be one of the most simple arguments I've ever heard in my entire life. Honestly, it's so simple that it's almost you feel like he kind of dropped on IQ points when you listen to it. But it's so simple. And it's so

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true. And there's nothing really to it. Without him either you're salatu salam, I'm not going where there's no benefit of life, I'm not going to go in the direction where I'm going to want to live. Because Jahannam is not a place you want to live or exist anymore. So without him out of your Salah to Islam, the willingness to live will will cease to exist at some point. But with the money you start to Islam, life will only improve because I've got a little bit better than your dunya for you. So it's logical that the only thing that makes sense actually is to love him more than you love yourself.

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But that's what he's explaining. Again, again, the manifestation of iman is love again for the fourth Hadith that I've narrated to you within the last two weeks. The fourth How do you think the last two weeks of marriage you were the manifestation of iman is somehow going to be love of someone or somebody or something in some form? And in this one here, he's reminding all of us about wisdom you need, you need to love him. And honestly, I can attest to this. I can attest to it like with full certainty you hands down. You don't love him out. I used to say not only is your email not full you're going

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Oh wait with this. With Islam, you're going nowhere with it. Nowhere, it is idle, it will read only regress. You will lose it. I guarantee II that you don't truly love Him Alia salatu salam, I guarantee you will lose it impossible. You see, you can struggle with loving Allah subhanaw taala you can struggle with that. Because you're loving, a being that is not physical, not a human you've never there is you have no other relationship with a Supreme Being. It's not like you have a lot of relationships with beings that are outside of this world. So you have a relationship with someone that is beyond you, that you do not have physical contact with. So yes, you can you could take some

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time to actually build that relationship and I'll take your time. That's okay. But with him, I think it's solid to send it's not hard. To love a person is easy. You love people all the time. To understand why to love him out of your sight to ascend, I'm gonna just give you a simple argument. There's many more and much more complex and much more profound actually. It was easy to love him either you saw to us and I've just read about him just learn about who he is. Once you read his story, no problem at all. You can't love someone you don't know. I think that we can all agree to that one. But if you know him, it is so awesome is impossible that you don't love him and without

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heat. His love is the safety valve that Allah Allah, Allah he is. His love is the safety valve of your Islam and the stem of your children and your children as well. You want them to love stay when you make them, have them love Mohamed salah, and I'm humbled so I say they love him, then they will always have something to recline upon. You'll always be able to go back to that one thing that will keep them there because they love him out of your thoughts and they were they grew up loving Him, then the stories they have are of love of Him Allegan salatu salam and his love of them just to be more accurate here. And your iman will not come to a point of fulfillment and fruition. If that love

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is not genuine, if it does not exist inside of your heart and it is not heavier and more meaningful than any other love that you have inside of you. But Allah Allah, you also have yourself a really easy thing to do. Just just learn a little bit about him. And just read a little bit about him and you'll see that your presence of true greatness. There'll be in awe of a level of character that is sometimes not even fathomable

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an ethical standard that doesn't like we can't even comprehend properly. Yet he does it flawlessly and effortlessly and easily. He asks nothing in return, he doesn't brag about it, he does it as if it's expected of him. sal Allahu alayhi salatu salam, the more you learn about him that way, the more you stand, you're humbled by this character, and you love him. Because all he had to give was long. I mean, he did and he continues to do and that's why you should that's why you should and again and the manifestation of Eman again is low.

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You can't you can't look at a man and just say it's a simple belief knows more than if it doesn't turn into love. It doesn't even exist. That's what he's saying. And he started saying it doesn't turn into love it doesn't even exist. Which is a little bit mind blowing. If you don't understand the concept itself. You always say Hi Fi modificar Allah HeMan Hadith NSABP Malika lovano coil coil and abuse Allah Allahu Allahu early he also he will sell them you know how to call them how to Hakuna at him inwardly he already he co Germain for the colossal Allah he's of Allah Allah you is it something like 100 You know Allah Allah Allah and still feel go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala

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Nabina Muhammad when earliest which means rockmelon heyland Baraka Lo Fi