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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now divulges details on the dream of Prophet Yusuf AS And how his father Prophet Yaqub AS (nicknamed Israel) interpreted the meaning of this dream. The most noble and blessed of lineage is that of Prophet Yusuf AS. His father had 12 sons. 

When did he see the dream? This was when he had not even matured. What was the dream about? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers explicitly and we are left mesmerised with the explanation provided.

What did Prophet Yaqub AS respond to his son’s dream? He told his son Yusuf AS not to tell this dream to his brothers or else they would plot against Yusuf AS. They would get jealous of Yusuf AS as to why was he being prostrated to and not the brothers. Also, the father was well aware of the mentality of his other sons seemingly well.

Dreams are of three types – a vivid explanation is given on the same and should be listened to intently to achieve clarity.


AI: Summary © The use of Allah's serum and the dream of "quarantine dream" is discussed in a series on Islam. The importance of shay patterns and shapeshay patterns is emphasized, as well as the concept of dream interpretation and shapeshay threat. The use of Allah's setup, the number of sons in a culture, and the "quarantine dream" are also discussed. The concept of "quarantine dream" is discussed as a way to avoid negative consequences and to create blessings for individuals.
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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County, Ebony Allah Bullock

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to another episode of our series towards understanding pseudo use if this is your host so called. In our previous episode, we had described the Quran and the status of the Quran and how the Quran is in itself clear and it clarifies things to mankind. Today we will start talking about the dream that use of Allah His serum saw and how his father interpreted stay with us for today's episode, look on the

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. In our previous episode, we had discussed the concept of the Koran being clear in and of itself and clarifying things for mankind. And the fact that Allah subhana wa tada has revealed the best of all stories in the Quran. And we indicated that this is a type of indication that the surah itself of use of Allah His Salam tells us the best of all stories, the story of use of is the best story in the entire Koran. And today, we will begin talking about the exact dream that begins the surah. And the same dream that ends the surah. The beginning part of the surah tells us about a dream that you saw, Allah says, what is called I used to fully be what it

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means, remember, recall, when use of set to his father, here we have to pause who is useful, and who is the father of use of use of Allah His Salaam, is a noble prophet of Allah subhana wa Taala, whose father was Yaqoob. And Yaqoob was a prophet whose father was also a prophet. His father was his half and his half was a prophet whose father as well was a prophet, and that is the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salaam. In other words, we have a full lineage of prophets, Ibrahim alayhis salaam, who is as we all know, the Khalid or the friend of Allah, and Ibrahim alayhis, salaam son is half his half son is Yaqoob and Yaqoob son, his use of once a man came to the Prophet of the Lahore I sent him and

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he said, O Messenger of Allah, Who is the most noble of all of mankind. So the Prophet system said the most noble is the one who has the most fear of Allah and love of Allah. As Allah says, In the Chronicle in the law, as the one who has the most taqwa is the most noble, the man said, O Messenger of Allah, I'm not asking about that type of nobility. So the Prophet system said, Do you mean nobility of lineage? So this is what the man wanted. Who of the Arabs is the most noble he wanted to find out? The Prophet systems that if that's the type of nobility you want, then the most noble is use of the son of a prophet, the son of a prophet, the son of a prophet, this is what the prophet

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system said, the most noble of lineage just in terms of pure lineage is used to value his setup. How much more noble Can you be when your father and your grandfather and your great grandfather and you yourself are a prophet? So use of Allah His setup is this noble personality that the Prophet system said, is the most blessing in lineage so Yusuf Alayhi Salaam is telling his father of a dream that he saw and his father is Yahoo.

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Yaqoob is also known as his straw eel. Okay. Yaqoob had a nickname, his actual name is Yaqoob and he had a nickname and that nickname is his slaw in therefore the children of Yaqoob are called the children of Israel, Bani Israel in and Jaco Valley his Sallam had 12 sons, 12 sons, and each of these sons eventually became a tribe in and of themselves, so we call them the 12 tribes of Israel, or the 12 tribes of Israel. These are the 12 sons of Yahoo. Use of Allah His solemn is one of these 12 and use of Ali Salaam says he has seen a dream. Well, a number of questions arise. Firstly, how old was he when he saw this dream?

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scholars estimate based upon external sources, that he was probably seven, eight years old when he saw the stream, a young lad a young boy who has not yet even become a mature man. Secondly, he saw a dream. So what if he saw a dream? What is the statue

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Just have a dream. A dream is not reality a dream is fiction correct? Well, here we have to pause, and we have to clarify what is the Islamic status of a dream. This is a topic in and of itself. And we can talk long about this. But we will summarize in a few essential points. Realize My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, that a dream is one of three types in our religion. as Muslims, we believe that a dream is one of three types. The first type and the most common type. And the type that we dream every single night pretty much is what we call Hadith, or knifes, or the whisperings of our own selves and imaginations. This is a dream that is purely fictional, we imagine and we

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dream it ourselves. For example, if we are talking about, we want to drive a car or went to purchase a car, lo and behold, we dream ourselves driving that car, or we think of a big house and want to purchase a house and we dream ourselves in that house. The sign of this dream. One of the main signs of this dream is that when you wake up in the morning, you forget about it very quickly. The image does not last very long.

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This is a common phenomenon. All of you wake up, and you're just dreaming about something is fresh in your memory. And within a few minutes, if somebody asked you to describe that dream, you would not even remember any detail. Even though when you wake up it is as if the entire dream is in your consciousness. But within milliseconds, the whole dream is forgotten. This is a type of dream that is from ourselves. This dream we ignore, we literally throw it out the window, we have nothing to do with it. It is our own imagination, nothing wrong with it, and nothing that we have to base our religion on. The second type of dream is what we call an English a nightmare. And a nightmare is a

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dream that is from shavon ha fun, an evil jinn. That nightmare serves the purpose of frightening the believers, frightening a person. So shaytaan throws into us whispers into us, evil, frightening, disgusting images. And the sign of a nightmare is that you wake up terrified, having seen an utterly disgusting or frightening dream. This is the sign of a nightmare. And a nightmare is from shavon 100%. Allah subhana wa Taala never shows you something in a dream in which you wake up terrified of this world, terrified of an accident, terrified of a death of yourself or a loved one. This is from shavonne this is never from Allah. And if it is from shaytaan it means that it is not real. It is

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meant to scare you. That's the entire purpose of a nightmare. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave us many guidelines, if we see a nightmare. He said this is from shaytaan we shouldn't tell anybody, not even your closest friends, not even your spouse. Don't tell anyone because it is fictional. Secondly, don't act upon it. If it's not real, we don't act upon it. For example, suppose somebody saw himself in an evil crush and evil car accident disgusting. He saw himself in a very bad car accident, and he wakes up terrified. The next day, he should still go to work the way he goes to work if it's in his car, he goes to work in his car should not change his plan, because of the

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nightmare to change your plan because of a nightmare means that you are falling prey to the temptations of shape on

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the purpose of shaytan is to try to cause an effect in your life. And by listening to this whisper shaitaan becomes happy that yes, this person has basically been irritated by what I have done. Remember, nightmares have no reality. They are not true. They are Figment not even your imagine a nation of shape pawns imagination, so a nightmare is never ever acted upon. And the third type of dream, which is the actual dream that is important and these are the type of dream that use of Allah has seldom had. The third type of dream is a dream that Allah azza wa jal gives us it is a dream from Allah. In Arabic, we call it ruya. Whereas the nightmare in Arabic is called shalom or lamb.

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And these are different words in Arabic and English. We don't really have these nuances. So we can just say a nightmare is a type of dream from chiffon. And then there is a good dream, there is a pious and righteous dream. How do we know a righteous dream? Well, obviously, a righteous dream does not terrify us of this world. It doesn't terrify us of, of anything of this world. Realize if a person wakes up terrified of the Hereafter, he sees something in the hereafter. And this encourages him to be a better Muslim. This dream cannot be from shape one. The purpose of shaitaan is to terrify you from this world to terrify, you have a physical calamity. If somebody witnesses a dream

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that makes him a bit fearful of let's say the punishment of the grave, or of standing in front of Allah. This is a good dream because it makes him a better Muslim. It doesn't terrify him in a bad way. It terrifies him of his own sins and this could be from Allah also.

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Secondly, a dream from Allah it remains in your memory unlike the first category of dreams which you forget about. So a dream from a lot remains in your memory, you wake up and you see something and you remember very clearly that you saw such a dream.

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The dreams of all the prophets are from Allah. prophets never dream, the first type of dream or the second type of dream. prophets never dream dreams from their own imagination, nor does shaytaan have the capacity to inflict upon them his whisperings. Therefore, whatever a prophet sees is a true dream means it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Hence, remember the dream of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, he saw himself in a dream sacrificing is married. And when he saw this in a dream, he fully realized that this is from Allah, and it must be implemented. Now if another person sees such a dream. This cannot be from Allah, because the dreams of man are one of three categories. And Allah

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does not give way to people, even though he gives true dreams to them. But true dreams are not meant to be acted upon in a legal sense. Rather, they are indications from Allah subhanho wa Taala, that have some type of symbolic purpose and as we said, the dreams of the prophets all of them are from Allah. In one Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Nothing is left of prophethood except newb, except a good dreams and good dreams, he said, or one over 46th part of profit, if profit is 46 categories, 46 parts. One part is that of a true dream. Now somebody will say, Where did this strange fraction come from? One over 46 is a very strange fraction. The response is, if we look at

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the life of the Prophet system himself, how many years was he inspired? 23, exactly. From the age of 40 until 63, this is 23 before the inspiration began, and the inspiration began in Ramadan of the first year of the Dharma, before the inspiration began, Isaiah tells us for six months, every night the profitsystem would see a dream that would tell him what's happening the next day, one incident you would see one encounter one something he would see, that would tell him what is happening in the next day, and that would become true. So for six months, an indication was given to him that something is about to happen. And that thing was a revelation of the Quran. And the Quran was real

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for 23 years, put six months over 23 that's 0.5 half a year over 23 and you get the fraction one over 46. So true dreams are from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they are meant to be thought about and pondered and interpreted and then acted upon, if we are certain it is from Allah and as we said, the dreams of all the prophets are from Allah, we need to take a short break inshallah Tada, when we come back, we will continue talking about the dream of use of it he said on stage with us learn

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Welcome back. So we were saying that Yusuf Ali his Salaam told his father of this dream that he had seen, and we said that the dreams of all the prophets are real. What was this dream? He said? Yeah, Betty Oh, my dear father, in Nero 82. I had Ashoka. I saw 11 stars was Shams said will come up and the sun and the moon are at home Lisa g Dean. I saw these 11 stars and the sun and the moon prostrating to me. Now iacobelli his solemn his father knew the interpretation of this dream. And use of Elisa Lam did not know it at this age, he was still too young. Allah azza wa jal taught him the interpretation later on. And it came true. At the end of the story of pseudo use of what was the

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interpretation? The interpretation is that these 11 stars symbolize his brothers, and the sun and the moon symbolized his parents. Now here there are a number of minor issues here. Firstly, according to many of the scholars that history historians used to finding his name, his mother had already passed away. user's mother had passed away she had died. And she had given Yahoo alehissalaam two sons now remember that in those days, and in those days as well? Yeah, yeah. The A man can have more than one wife. So Yahoo had more than one wife and so one

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of his wives had given birth to two children. And those two children were useless and his full brother and the other 10. siblings were from other mothers. So, if his mother had died, how can he see his mother prostrating to him, scholars of the field have said that even if his mother died, then his aunt was alive. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said his meaning his mother's sister, the prophet system said, the mother sister is just like the mother, the mother sister takes the status of a mother. So those scholars who said that the, the mother had passed away, they say what the interpretation is, is that his aunt would then prostrate to him. And a group of scholars say, well,

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we don't know for sure, she might not have passed away at this stage. And so it was his actual blood mother. Another interesting facet, many of the scholars thought that the sun represents the mother, and the moon represents the Father. And many were the other way around that the sun is the father and the moon is the mother. But this is interesting, because even though the rights of a man generally speaking are more than that of a woman, the rights of a mother are more than that of the Father. We all know the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in which he said, a man comes to him and says, Who is the one who has the most right of my good companionship of spending my time

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and money and efforts for the profits of them said your mother. He said, Who's next? He said again, your mother, who's next your mother, and then your father. so strangely enough, even though the man has a status above women in a legal sense in our religion, still, when it comes to motherhood, the mothers have a status above that of the fathers. So some scholars said the sun here doesn't symbolize the father symbolizes the mother she is the brighter she is the more powerful because the mother has that status. And others said, No, the son is the father and the moon is the mother. Another interesting facet here is that this opens up the whole concept of dreams in Islam. As we

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said, a dream is one of three types. One of them is from Allah, the One that is from Allah, this type of dream, sometimes you see exactly what's going to happen, no symbolism. So you see literally what's going to happen. For example, Ibrahim Alayhi, Salam saw himself sacrificing his marriage. So he knew this is what Allah wants him to do. But most dreams are not taken at face value. Dreams, generally speaking, are taken as symbolic. So dreams are taken as being some type of symbols. Every item you see in a dream represents something else, it is a message that is not clearly given generally. And that is why interpreting dreams is a science. interpreting dreams is a type of

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knowledge. However, this type of knowledge is not book knowledge. You cannot just open up a book and read what the book says and then learn dream interpretation. dream interpretation is a science that comes directly from Allah, Allah blesses people with it. And this is based upon their Eman and taqwa. Okay. Almost all the sciences of our religion, or academic sciences, they can be taught, you can go to university take a class in Tafseer, in Hadith, in fifth, take a class in memorizing Quran reciting Quran all of these are academic sciences, but you cannot take a class and authentic class of dream interpretation. Why? Because dream interpretation is a pure blessing that Allah gives to

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whomever he pleases of his servants. of the people he gave this to is the Prophet use of Allah His son of the Prophet Yusuf Islam was able to interpret dreams very fully and accurately. And this was of the greatest blessings that the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam was given. So used to valleys the lamp sees the 11 stars which symbolize his brothers and the sun and the moon. He sees them prostrating to himself. So what does the father say? Or the Yamuna? Yeah, he said, Oh, my dear son, la taco sauce will yakka acquatic don't narrate your dream to your brother's fire key do laka Qaeda, if you do so, they will plot against you. They will plan against you in the shade line and insanity I do will move

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in very shape on is a clear enemy to mankind.

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Now, one would think that when the father hears this, he would jump for joy, he would say and hamdulillah What a beautiful dream you saw. But the first thing that jacoba salaam says, Oh my dear son, keep this dream to yourself. Don't tell your brothers. And from this we learn and our dear prophet system has told us don't tell dreams to those who might be jealous of you. He said only tell dreams to your full friends to your relatives whom you can trust. Don't tell dreams to somebody who might think evil of you or read into them what is not meant to be or feel jealous of you. Good dreams from Allah should not be announced in public. They should only be told to those whom you can

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confide in and who really and truly respect you.

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Love you otherwise don't tell them. Why? Because they might get jealous. And this was exactly what Yahoo said I was afraid of. If you tell your brothers this dream, they will get jealous of you that why are they prostrating to you, and not the other way around? And this shows us, this shows us many things. Firstly, the evils of jealousy. And this is a recurring theme throughout the surah. Never, ever be jealous of another person. Never be jealous. Jealousy means, why was he given it? I deserved it, I should have gotten it. Why was he given it by Allah? This type of jealousy is in fact, a type of threat to Allah is knowledge. It is as if you are saying, Oh Allah, you didn't act wisely. Allah,

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it is as if you are saying, Why did he give it I was deserving of it? As if you are more knowledgeable than Allah? Do you control the blessings of Allah? Are you the one who is aware of who is deserving of what? Of what? don't presume that you know better than Allah to presume This is basically blasphemy and disbelief. Allah knows best. And he has given every person what is best for that particular person. Another thing that this shows us is that the father was very well aware of the mentality of all of his children. He loved all of his children, but he knew that some of them were not like others use of it his setup, if he told his dream to these brothers, they would

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mistreat him, they would harm him. And that is exactly what happened. of the blessings of this verse and the benefits of this verse. Notice, even though he says, The brothers will plot against you, what does he then say? He says, shavon is a clear enemy, not the brothers, because shavon uses small problems to make them bigger. Suppose a person has a small envy, a small jealousy, a small type of hatred, she thought will come and make it much bigger, and may cause them to act upon it, and tell them to do something to harm the other person. So he blames evil on shape on and he doesn't blame evil upon the brothers. He described shape on as being I do want to be in a clear and open enemy.

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It's not as if it's hidden, even shaytan is your worst enemy. And he has announced the fact that he is your enemy. shavon has announced as Allah says in the Quran, that I swear by your by your honor there, Exotica shaitaan says, No, we have no edge marine of a shorty, I will cause all of them to go astray in the coming human macula scene, except those whom you choose of your service the rest of them, it is my job shaytaan announces to make them all go astray. So how does shape on do this shape and does not force us shaytan does not is not like a puppet that he controls us. All shaytaan does, he whispers he entices he makes these small faults much bigger. And so these whisperings from

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shaitaan come into our heads until we want to act upon them. Not anybody nobody forces us she thought does not force us but shaitan makes the evil appear good to us. So jacoba his setup does not blame the brothers. rather he blames shaytaan. Allah then says what can you do to be called a Booker where you will come into reading a hadith and this is how Allah subhana wa tada will prefer you will raise your ranks and He will teach you the interpretation of dreams when you Timonium better who alayka while earlier and he will perfect his blessings upon you and upon the children of your code. Just like he perfected it upon your two fathers before Ibrahim and his half meaning your

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grandfather's verily your Lord is all knowing and all wise. In this verse, Allah tells us that the purpose of this dream was to show the status of use of what can be called a book. This is how your Lord will prefer you will raise your ranks. How? By teaching you the interpretation of dreams. When Allah wants to bless somebody with a rank and status, he gives him knowledge. Knowledge is what separates a person whom Allah has blessed from a person who is derived that blessing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, whenever Allah wants good for somebody, he gives him a knowledge of the religion. If Allah was good for you, you get knowledge of this religion. So Allah says we wanted to

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prefer you wanted to raise your ranks, how? By teaching you something you didn't know, by giving you knowledge of the interpretation of dreams. And Allah says and he wanted to perfect his blessings upon you and upon all of the children of Yahoo. Just like he perfected his blessings upon your two fathers before his help and Ibrahim, so Allah is saying, Oh use of you are continuing in the ranks of very noble people, your father Yaqoob and his father is how can you bring him Allah gave them all blessings and perfected his blessings upon them. So Allah is perfecting his blessing.

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upon you as well by showing you this dream and by raising your ranks and status. And Allah concludes this verse by saying the very least your Lord is ideal. And Hakeem yodas Allium, he knows best who receives what your Lord is Eileen, he is aware of all things. Your Lord is ideal. He knows what Ibrahim was given and it's half an hour ago and what you will be given and your Lord is, Hakeem, your Lord is all wise. He only does something with a wisdom. Whatever Allah does, there is a divine purpose and wisdom or use if you're going to face trials, you're going to face tribulations. Allah is Hakeem. Allah knows why this is happening. There is a wisdom in everything that happens to you,

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even if you don't see it, or Muslim. If you believe in Allah, put your trust in it. And Hakeem, put your trust in the one who knows everything and who has a divine wisdom, even if you don't understand, Allah knows why everything is happening to you. This brings us to the conclusion of today's episode, inshallah Tada. In our next episode, we will continue talking about the story of the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam. I hope to see you then until next time, Assalamu alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu lafonda, ganas de la