The Strangers Episode #17 Resorting to Worship in Times of Strangeness

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Smilla who will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was supposed to be here Jemaine and now back.

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Welcome back to another episode of the stranger. We move on in this episode to another very, very important piece of advice, and that is the importance of resorting to worship to Elijah. In these times of strangeness, and so Allah subhanahu wa Tada created us for no other purpose than to worship him. Well, now Haluk to Regina will insert Allah Yahoo. Allah says that I have not created the jinn the spirits, nor mankind, for any purpose any reason except to worship me

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except to worship.

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However, the worship of Allah subhanahu wata Hana is all encompassing. It's not like how some people think that it means 24 hours of the day, seven days of the week, you're in the masjid, you're praying, or you're fasting, or you're doing another one of the well known acts of worship.

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There's a difference between these particular acts of worship, and the meaning of this verse, which is more general. And so the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala means anything, any statement, any action, which pleases Allah subhana, who were to hire done for the sake of Allah, whether it be inner, or outward, regardless of what kind of act it is, if it is for the pleasure of Allah, it is an act of worship. And so all of our daily lives, everything we do in our daily activity,

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they are acts of worship, as long as we're doing them for the sake of Allah subhana, who want to hide. And so to worship Allah as understood from this verse, means to make your entire life for the sake of Allah subhana, who wants to Allah, to get up in the morning with the intention that you're doing it for the sake of Allah, to sleep at night, with the intention that you're doing it for the sake of Allah, to go out to work with the intention, that you're doing it for the sake of Allah, to feed your family with the intention, that you're doing it for the sake of Allah, and so on, and so forth. All of these day to day activities, turn into acts of worship, when you have the right

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intention. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala created us for this purpose, to worship Him alone, not because he is in need of our worship, know, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the self sufficient, and honey, he's not in need of His creation. He created us to worship Him alone, but not because he's in need of our worship, know, he is self sufficient. Even if he did not create a single one of us, he would be perfect as he is subhanho wa taala. And so the reality is,

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that it is we human beings, who are in need of the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala, not the opposite. And so Allah subhanahu wa taala commanded us to worship Him. And He has given us certain acts of worship, which are known such as praying, fasting, and so on. If we were to do these, the benefit comes back to us. It doesn't go to Allah subhanahu without he does not benefit from our worship in any way whatsoever. Rather, the benefit is for our own good, why? Because Allah is our Creator, He created us, and He knows best. What is better for His creation, just like someone who creates something, he manufacture something, he knows what's good for that product that he created

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and manufactured more than anyone else. And so Allah subhanahu wa taala knew that these acts of worship that he has given to us to perform, that they are in our own best interests. And so we come to the point of resorting to worship, the worship of Allah in times of fitting in the world

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A world in which we're living in today, where there is much corruption. There is the strangeness of Islam. And both the Phaeton of Shewhart of don'ts and the fitting of a shallow act of lustful desires are widespread, and people have been afflicted with both of these fit him. In such times, there is no better solution, and nothing better for the slave of Allah, the righteous servant of Allah and the stranger, there is nothing better for him to do than to resort to the worship of Allah subhanho wa. And that is why one of the great scholars of Islam enamel Karoubi, he said in this regard, he said, the Phaeton and grain difficulty will take place until the religion will become

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insignificant, and no one will give it any consideration. And this is what we see today, that there are so many Fitton that people have been distracted by, that they don't care about religion anymore. religion doesn't matter for them, it is insignificant for them. And this I'm talking about the Muslims themselves, they have taken the religion as a custom, as a tradition, not as a way of life. He goes on to say, so no one will give any consideration to anything except to worldly matters, to matters of the dunya matters, that concern them in their day to day lives. And then he says, and due to this, due to this fact, worship, Elijah becomes something extremely special and valuable, in days

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of fitting. And so in such days of fitting, on a bad day, the worship of Allah becomes something really, really precious, and something very, very significant and important, why? Because such an individual who resorts to the worship of Allah.

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He is taking himself away from what has distracted everyone else, they have resorted to those fitten they have involved themselves in those fitten. Why? Because they became heedless, they became negligent, they became distracted by the dunya. And as a result, they forgot about their purpose in this life to worship Allah and they forgot about Allah subhanho wa taala, about their duty to Allah and about the akhira and what comes after this dunya. So this stranger, this individual who resorts to the worship of Allah, He is showing us that he wants to be different than these heedless and negligent beings. So he resorts to the worship of Allah in times when there are so many

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distractions. And so this is something that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam alluded to, when he said, la vida, Phil, how orange Cal Hegira LA, the Iboga worship in days of chaos and how Raj as he explained it.

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It is like migrating to me, meaning migrating from Mecca to Medina, or from anywhere else to Medina, at a time when he dropped migration was compulsory. And we know of the great reward for those who made hijra in those days. And so Allah subhanahu wa Tada told us that there's no comparison between those who accepted Islam in Makkah, and then made Hedra with the prophets or some compared to those who accepted Islam in Medina and did not go through the difficulties of NACA, the strangeness of NACA, so Allah says lyase that we've income, an unfair communicable In fact, he will cartel, hula, Ramadan Raja Tim Mina and Medina, and for whom embed will tell you, Allah says regarding those who

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accepted Islam after the conquest of Mecca, he says they are not equal those who gave in charity before the conquest of Mecca, and those who fought before compared to those who came afterwards.

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And Allah said that those who came before and fought with their wealth and their lives, they are greater in status with Allah and then Allah said what cooler word Allah has the However, Allah has promised both parties a great reward. And in the other verse, Allah says funded either hydro whoa curry dooming dare him wudu FISA de li work on total work with you know, Kofi run and see it him well Odyssee Lana Hoon Jana integrity and integrity, hell and how the word the mean, dilla Wallah who, who, whose muster up? So Allah says, As for those who migrated and we're

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are driven out of their homes meaning that well how'd you do Rebecca? And they were harmed because of me in my path, and they fought and they were killed. No Kofi Ron NanHu sejati him the first reward is I will erase all of their sins compensate them for their sins. The second reward well oh the key then known genetic potential human tactile and how I will give them Jannat not one paradise, but guardians that they will enter they will be admitted to under which there are rivers flowing. So wow, I mean, are you a reward from Allah subhanho wa, Donna, Allahu ENDA, who

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will take a short break and be right back as Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh?

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for the public by selling guns at teams at 13 is blindness did not stop his unquenchable thirst for knowledge for knowledge, propagated virtually prevented vice with decisions and challenged in years, Chef Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Barnes, former Grand Mufti of Saudi

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truth is hidden, misleading petitions create confusion,

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where truth is hidden, lack of knowledge and wisdom cause upheaval and commotion.

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Tutors headed man flip scripture and trusted facts in

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this reading hidden truth creates false propaganda with chaos, disorder and turmoil in our lives and the world order.

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But is there anyone with courage and wisdom?

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What is the truth and whoever can restrict

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the god it's the right to

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watch truth prevail and lies PERISH IN TRUTH exposed by Dr. Zakir Naik next on Peace TV.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back. Before the break, we were speaking about how worship in times of chaos, in times of Phaeton is something very precious and valuable. And that's because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah iba worship during times of hemorrhage

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is like migrating to me meaning migrating to Medina in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we mentioned that the reward of those who migrated compared to those who did not,

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is far greater, although both both parties the muhajir rule and the unsolved. They have their reward with Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah has mentioned in the Quran. With the point is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam here mentioned a great reward. And that is migrating

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to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the one who worships a lot in difficult times, in terms of how Raj as he said, is like the one who gets a reward of migrating to me, in Medina. And so the meaning of how Raj here the Prophet SAW, Selim said that I bother in how Raj is like migrating to me, which basically refers to times of fit and great tribulation, when there is a lot of killing, when there is a lot of chaos, and so on, and so forth. And so the times that we live in today are very, very similar to that. And so, wherever you go, people are getting killed. You are wars in so many different countries. And there are so many fit in fit in a Shoe Goo hat and fit and have a

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shower, we see that a reward is great for those who resort to the worship of Allah. They performed acts of worship, they do good deeds for the sake of a walk in difficult times when it's extremely difficult to do those deeds, such as in today's world, in these times are strangers. And so there is no better piece of advice that I could give to every Muslim stranger out there today than for him to resort to the worship of Allah. And there are so many different acts of worship that we should be concerned about, and we should resort to that will help us to remain steadfast in these difficult times. The greatest of those acts is a Salah

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to establish our Salawat to have concern for our prayers and especially

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The five obligatory Swan a lot, if we preserve these, and then after that pre extra, then there's no doubt that this will be one of the greatest means in helping us to remain steadfast in these difficult and turbulent times. And we see that this was the case in our role model, our US were the prophets and Allahu Allah, he was sent. And so whenever a difficult time would come, whenever he would be in stress, what would he do? He wouldn't complain. He wouldn't do anything but resort to Astana. And so he would go and pray to ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He would find comfort and tranquility and peace, in asada. But what kind of Salah is that? It is the salah, in which there is perfectly

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tranquillity, concentration, where a person stands humiliated before his Lord subhanho wa Taala understanding the greatness of Allah, not distracted by anything of the dunya so that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would find his heart at peace, when he would resort to a Salah. And that's why, he would say to be loud robiola, who and who was his Word in your beloved arratia, the Salah, who will come bring us comfort, peace, tranquility, through a solid meaning, albeit I'll give the event because this will cause us to pray to Allah, this will cause us to go to Salah, which, what does it do? It brings tranquility and peace to our hearts. Not only that, but the Salah

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is success in our lives, no matter which type of success it is. Hi, Jana SWANA. Here, Ireland. And so in the US and we hear every day, Allah calls us to Salah and he calls us to AlFalah success, and that success is success in this dunya with regards to all of our affairs, and the greatest success of all in the era. Not only that, but Asana in difficult times, it saves us and protects us from all the dangers that are out there, from the Phaeton that are out there. Once again, the condition is that you pray, the correct Salah, the Salah, that is full of hope, sure, full of tranquillity and humbleness and humility and the salah. That is according to how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam prayed not only that, but this Allah is a light for the stranger in this dunya that is full of darkness. And it is also a life for him, after he has departed from this world, and gone to his grave, full of darkness. And finally, this salah is a rope between you and your Lord SubhanaHu wa, if it is cut, if it is severed, and you are not praying, or you are not praying properly, then that link between you and Allah is no longer there. And so there are so many benefits of our salah, especially in times of fitting, and in strange times when Islam is looked at as being something strange. But besides Allah, we have other acts of worship, there is fasting. And so there are many

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benefits of fasting, aside from fasting, the month of Ramadan. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advised the young ones, the youth, the teenagers, he said to them, try your best to get married young, while you have a lot of energy, and you are attracted to the women.

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He said, however, if you're not able to, then there is a solution. If you're not able to, and that is the majority of young people, especially in our times, and they're being tested, with the Phaeton with the fitna of women to fit in, have a shower. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave them a solution, if you cannot afford to get married at this time, then what did he say? He did not say, to look for another solution to go and look at women and then relieve yourself of your desires in whatever way you want know. He said that fast? He said fast. And then he gave the reason for why he should fast he said because it protects your private part from doing something haram and

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it causes you to lower your games. And that is the reality for anyone who has tried it. Try it fast, as much as you can on Mondays and Thursdays, three days of the month as was the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu

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He was sending them. Try to fast as much as you can and you will find that if you do so, it will help you to be distracted from the feet and have a shower. Besides that we have other acts of worship such as the Dhikr of Allah subhanahu, wata harder. And so there are different kinds of vicar. The remembrance of Allah, there is the remembrance of the heart. And then there is the remembrance of the tongue.

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And so in difficult times, in times of fitting in times when Islam is looked at as being something strange, the stranger, he needs to remember Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times, with his heart and his tongue, if he does so, he will remain steadfast upon the path. And so there are various kinds of Earth car that we could say with our tongues. There are the earth car that we do on a daily basis. When we get up in the morning, there is something to say, a dhikr. When we perform who there is a vicar after although there is something to say, after we pray, there are a car in the morning there are certain car to say to protect us. And in the evening there are a car to protect us. All of these

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have car will protect us by the permission of Allah. And that's why Allah subhanahu wa Tada. He commanded us not to become distracted by the dunya and by our women and our children. Yeah, you Halina Hammond, la Tulika, Anwar Luca, what are illogical, Hunziker Allah, all you believe do not become distracted by your wealth, and by your children, meaning the fitten of the dunya do not let that to distract you from the vicar of Allah from the remembrance of Allah when he is either die Lika full acre who will hospital whoever does that he is a loser. And in the Hadith Narrated by Abu Huraira Radi Allahu Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says, I am with my servant, as long as he remembers Me, and so long as his lips move out of my remembrance, so Allah will be with you, in difficult times, in times when Islam is looked at being something strange, Allah will be with you, and protect you from slipping off the path as long as as long as you remember him Subhanahu wa Taala with your heart and your tongue. And in another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I am just like my sleeve thinks I am. And I am with him. As long as he remembers Me, if he remembers Me within himself, then I remember him in me as well. And if he remembers Me, in a group of people, he reminds

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others of Allah, He causes others to remember Allah, then I will remember him, I will mention him among a group that is better than him. And they are basically the melodica angels. And so we could see the importance of vicar when it comes to Allah protecting the servant, protecting him from all types of dangers in life from all types of fit, and whether they be the Phaeton of a Shewhart, who the fitting of a shall act. And finally, we see that Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded the believers, when they face off against the enemy on the battlefield, even then, they should remember Allah. Yeah, you heard that either. I'm either lucky to be, first of all to or you will believe when

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you face off against your enemy on the battlefield, remain forever steadfast against them. And then what does Allah say was the Quran Allah cathedra Allah, Allah come to freehold and remember Allah much in order for you to succeed, even on the battlefield in order to achieve success. Remember Allah keep your hearts attached to Allah, and Allah subhanahu wa taala will grant you victory. And so my dear brothers and sisters, in times of fitting in times when Islam is looked at as being something strange, it is important for the Muslim stranger to resort to the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. Look for that act of worship that suits you best, whether it be so long, whether

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it be fasting, whether it be vicar whether it be giving a charity, whatever it be, and stick to it, and you will find the fruits of that be in Allah He.

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We conclude with that and in sha Allah Who Tada we will see you all in another episode of the strangers until then Subhanak Allah who will be handed a shadow Allah Illa Allah and

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So funeral care were to elect

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in New Jersey named me