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The transcript describes the history and use of the title Islam, including the use of tools and idols as evidence of one's success, the use of "verily nothing" to prove false charges against the creator, and the use of "naught for you" to encourage people to eat vegetables and plants. The use of "naught for you" means that he is the one who makes everything possible, and the history of the title Islam is linked to a negative sentiment that people may experience. The use of "naught for you" is linked to a negative sentiment, and the title Islam is linked to a negative sentiment.

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Allahu Allah. So Allah Allah, my doctor who sat out and today God has an either shaped salah. We're continuing on with the story of Musa alayhis salam. And the dialogue of Musa alayhis salam and Hassan Ali said I'm with your own. Allah subhanaw taala says quoting this dialogue and we stopped off at where if your own began to speak God FM or Bukoba Musa, he said who happens to be your Lord Oh Musa alayhis salam not about bukhoma who happens to be your and heroines Lord. Okay. So as soon as he starts his end of the dialogue, his end of the conversation you'll notice that immediately he's expressing and alluding to his disbelief in everything that Musa alayhis salam had said, Musa

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alayhis salam had told him and also held on a Sarama told him to submit to the fact that they happen to be messengers and to let go of Benoit Surah Al who used to the Israelites who used to chastise and punish and so on and so forth. And that if he were to not do this, then what would happen in Naka, goofier, Elena, and Elijah La Mancha. Whatever Allah, we have been given the way we have been given the revelation that adopt the punishment will be upon the person who belies denies and also turns away as well. So now he does exactly what they told him not to do. So then obviously the punishment will be coming in his direction, right? He starts off by saying firmer Rob buku my if I'm

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not your Lord, because he used to say, and out of Bocconi, I am your greater Lord. That's what he used to say.

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So now, what did he say instead of referring to Lord to Allah to the Supreme Being he referred to, instead of referring to him as Allah, without any reference to who's Allah who happens to be or whose Lord He happens to be? He does it this way. He says, who's your Lord old Musa? And Harun II he's not my Lord. He simply yours not mine. Right. And that's that's looting to disbelief right there. From Ottawa book Uma. Yeah. Musa Oh Musa Qala buena. Now, Musa alayhis salam is speaking on behalf of our own as well are they set up? He says called out of Buena, our Lord and in addition to that, he wants to flip the script on him as well and say that he's actually your Lord as well.

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Whether you like it or not, you're calling him but I'm bucola Your Lord Musa and how don't I'm going to say hola buena, because he's all of our Lords. He says Allah boon, Allah, the artha Kula che in Halacha, who and that's the type of resolve that a believer should have, even if people tried to try to allude to disbelieve or try to, you know, cast words that allude to disbelieve a believer should always speak like a believer right? In writing and speaking and speech and so on and so forth. So Musa alayhis salam is speaking in front of this tyrant who wants to make this speak speech, either abstract or in reference to Musa Rob bukhoma Your Lord, he brings it like this. Rabona is all of our

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Lord, right? I led the attack with Russia in Malta who the one who gave every single person his his existence Holika who

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Through Maha and then he also guided as well. So Allah subhanaw taala gave every person their shape, every single thing actually their shape as well Bakula che in so when your fingers, you look at them they're designed by Allah subhanaw taala your face if you look at it, it's designed by Allah, Allah Azza wa Jalla your eyes if you look at them, they are designed by Allah azza wa jal Imagine if the eyes happened to be on the toes, right? Then you won't be able to see a lot of things that you need to see. Secondly, you might end up you know, knocking into many different things that, that otherwise it may damage your eyes. And last but not least, you're going to be wearing shoes, so

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you're not going to be able to see as well, right? So Allah subhanaw taala placed the eyes in the most prime real estate, so you so to say, so that you can see the best. And so that you have the most ability to view right you have the largest area to see. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala placed the feet and the toes in the right place in the hands and he made the fingers, you know, movable so that you can actually hold things imagine fingers that were just like this, you won't be able to hold things right. So Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, Allah Kula che in Hulka, who Musa alayhis salam, he says, Allah quote, that the one my Lord and your Lord happens to be the one who gave every

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single thing its shape, to Mahadasha. And then he guided people to be able to use these things in the right way. A baby has all the tools that an adult has, yes, a lot weaker in terms of his existence and body and so forth, and strength and ability to stand or sit and so forth. Right. But all the same tools. on his own, the baby figures out that I have to move like this, and this is what's going to happen. And if I move like that, this is what's going to happen if I walk like this, this is what's gonna happen all these tools that Allah subhanaw taala has given the baby figures it out on his own. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada system Maha he gave the tools. And then he gave us the

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ability to figure out how to use those tools as well. He gave us fire, he taught us how to use the fire, he gave us rides and mountain so on and so forth. He taught us how to use those mounts as well. So Allah gave us all the tools. Allah perfected those tools, Allah shaped those tools. And then Allah gave us the ability to use them as well, and taught us how best this particular object can be used for not dilute peroneal Gula. Now,

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if you're on continuous call, he says thermolon Curonian Allah he says that,

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then what about all of the previous generations you say that this Lord that you speak of is actually your Lord? That's what you say, right? You say that this Lord that you speak of, he's the one who gave us all of this that we have. And he's my lord, he's your Lord, all of our Lord's. But there were people in previous generations as well that who used to worship idols, and so on and so forth. They were the people of whom they were the people of several other messengers, as well. What about all of them? What were they doing, they were worshipping idols, and they were worshipping human beings, and they were worshipping all of these different things. So Musa alayhis salam doesn't want

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the conversation to go down down that direction. But he says, Look at this God, he says, and that's a very, very important point to have as well. Sometimes what happens is when you're trying to give Dawa to someone, you're calling someone to Allah subhanaw taala, they end up trying to change the, the mode of the discussion, or they end up trying to change the conversation to whatever they think is going to be helping their case, a believer is the one who directs the conversation because he's so confident about what he's saying. So Musa alayhis salam, he addresses him very slightly, but he brings it to something else. Right? He addresses them very briefly. What about all those generations

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that came before? Now he could sit there and say, no, no, hang on. You're mistaken either Malay Salam was a Muslim, and he used to submit to Allah subhanaw taala. Anwar Ali Salaam and the generations that came in middle in the middle there were many generations who happened to be Muslims, but remember, know how they Salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala sent down the punishment upon them and the evidence of this is ABCDEFG he didn't allow him room to steer the conversation in a different direction. He said at Mohinder, a beefy Kitab all of those nations the knowledge of them happens to be by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada fie Kitab in a book, Allah has already written everything

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down. Lie Allura be one iron Sir, what's more important is let's talk about Allah subhanaw taala Leia will be well I answer, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not get lost, or Allah Subhanallah all of these things don't end up becoming hidden from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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When I insert and nor does Allah subhana wa Taala forget as well right? So when I answer Allah does not forget, you know, some people, they are ignorant, so they ended up establishing for Allah subhanaw taala the attribute of forgetfulness. Because Allah says in the Quran nathula fantasy home they forgot all

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So Allah now in English they might end up translating this as Allah forgot them but that's not what it necessarily means. This is basically Mashallah. It's a Arabic rhetorical instrument to use the same verb and really mean something else. Okay? And the proof for that is Allah Subhana Allah is messenger saying La la la, la Viola and Allah does not get a law does not subhanaw taala get misguided or things don't end up losing away from Allah subhanho wa Taala or being hidden away from Allah while I in certain orders. Allah subhanho wa Taala forget Womack and Buka See ya nor is your Lord. Forgetful Allah does not forget

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Allah the Jha Allah Allah como herba Madden. So now Allah's Messenger Musa alayhis salam is talking about what Allah azza wa jal, he wanted to steer the conversation in another direction happens still today, right? Sometimes you're talking to someone about Islam, they will talk to you about hijab, when you're done with the hijab, they'll take you take you to another thing, they'll take you, Islam as a religion of terrorism, right? When you're done with that, and they'll and you give all the evidences and all proofs and everything else, then they'll take you to a third thing, and then a fourth thing and a fifth thing. And then when they're done with all of those things, they'll come

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back to the first one again, right? So they'll go in these circles, to try to prove really nothing because they're not planning on believing a believer knows how to steer the conversation on his own. He quickly answered him very slightly, and then he goes to Allah subhanaw taala because that is the more important discussion over here. I let the gyro Laocoon Obama than the one who made for you the earth, a a bed, but before we even get into this verse, let's go back to the previous one as well again, when Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah, you will handle a beefy Kitab Allah subhanaw taala. Quoting Musa Ali cerami tells us that the Prophet Musa said, the knowledge of the question that

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you're asking the nations that you're asking about Allah subhanaw taala already has that knowledge recorded in a book right?

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Now what that means is that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah knows the evil ones, and Allah subhanaw taala knows the good ones. Allah subhanaw taala knows the pious ones Allah subhanaw taala knows who did evil deeds as well. All of them are known to Allah azza wa jal, and all of them happen to be in a book. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't have to place this information in a book. This is known to Allah subhanho wa Taala in his infinite knowledge, which is without bounds, but Allah placed it in a book to allude to a fact and to teach us a lesson.

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Before I even get to that lesson, let's go to another lesson that Allah subhanaw taala gave us Allah created the heavens and the earth in seven days right? Now did Allah subhana wa Taala need to take the seven days no, because we have in the Quran Allah says goon fire Khun B and it will be so as soon as Allah says V everything else everything becomes so Allah subhana wa Tada couldn't set B and everything would have been right but ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada created in that way so we understand how to persevere and how to be patient, and how everything for in order for us to bring it to fruition, it takes some time. Okay, so sometimes Allah does things in a certain way to teach us not that he is

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in need of it. Similarly, over here, there is no need for a book because it will always be saved in Allah has infinite knowledge. But Allah places the book to teach us that in order for us to record information, Allah Subhana Allah subhanho wa Taala taught us a lesson to write it down right and that's why someone came to Pattaya and they said, Should we rock right down knowledge? He said, Of course you of course you should. And then he quoted this verse over here, beefy Kitab look Allah subhanaw taala is placing it in a book as well so that it may be recorded and the record may be preserved and saved as well. Allah continues in the next person says Allah de jure Allah, Allah

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Quran, Allah then Musa Ali Salam is now expanding on the powers of Allah, the abilities of Allah not being driven by the conversation of Throne, Darla Coleman Obama had been the one who made for you the earth, a man had a plane a bed, and so on and so forth. Now it's very, very chronological the thought process of of Musa rallies around the way he puts this it's a very very orderly fashion that he's quote, he's mentioning the different blessings of Allah Most likely the person who's who is

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going to be reading this is going to be within their house as well right? Most likely as they're having the conversation Musa and you're out there in a place which happens to be a plane which happens to be a bed which happens to be something upon which people can be resting Emad, which literally means a bed but it means the resting place, a play in place, right.

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So Allah's Messenger, Musa starts off with the plane, firstly, that Allah has made within the earth planes for you to be in.

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And basically right now we're in a plane. We're in Flatland. Similarly, right now, as you're listening, likely, you're on flatland as well. Right?

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Right, unless you're listening to it listening to this in a car, then perhaps you're going to be in the next one. Allah's Messenger continues and he says why Salah kala configure sabula And Allah paved for you within this earth, streets as well. And paths, paths as well pathways as well, and roads and so forth. So as soon as you think about this verse, you are essentially in a man, you're essentially in a bed, you're essentially in a plane, you're essentially in Flatland. And from that flat land, you will go out of your door you will go out of your house and now you will be on the road was Ella Kela comfy has Sudha and Allah subhanho wa Taala made for you these streets as well

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within this within this world, okay. Now one may say, Oh, the streets are paved by us. No, that may be the case but Allah allowed for the land to be paved. That's one thing. Number two, there are also naturally paved pathways by Allah subhanaw taala, even within mountains as well, what Enza lamina sama EMA and ACARA Janabi he as Raj and Mina birth instructor, and Allah then wants now that he's already spoken about flatland and plains and streets and it could all be mountainous the whole world when Allah subhanaw taala spoke about all these things, right? Or Musa alayhis salam spoke about all these things. Then he goes to another thing. He says what nzlr mean Asana, email, and any route sent

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down for you from the heavens water for a Krajina be as wild and Minda bath in chapter now Allah subhanaw taala changes the tone of the conversation changes the rhetoric of the conversation, and this is what they call is the fact when you go from one tense to another tense, when you go from the third person to the second person

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or the first person right. So over here essentially it was the Allah subhanaw taala was being spoken of by Musa alayhis salam in the third person and then suddenly the conversation took another course Allah subhana wa Tada sort of jumped into the conversation and spoke on his own right this is called as defect. This particular fact always has some sort of rhetorical benefit within it some sort of eloquent beautiful benefit within it. Allah subhanaw taala when it came to the one blessing without which people cannot live Allah subhanaw taala did what Allah subhanaw taala use the first tense the royal we because whenever we talk about the the fruits and vegetables and and nutrition and so on

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and so forth, that is very personal to people, right? Without Nadal without plants you can't live. So the other thing and that's something directly related to you, right? The other things you may say well no, no the roads well, though the earth did other planets as well and this and that and the other. Let's say Allah subhana wa Tada stopped sending down rain, there's droughts, people will die, animals will die, everyone will die. Okay, there won't be plants. If there's no plants, there won't be animals because they have nothing to graze on. If there are no animals nor nor plants, people don't have food to eat anymore, right? So Allah subhanaw taala changes the tense of this because the

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because the blessing within this particular factor is directly related to our day to day life, perhaps right after this, you're gonna go and have some food or you're gonna go make a thought or so on and so forth. And there will be some vegetation there. There'll be some animals that that grazed as well. So Allah subhanaw taala, changes the tense and shows you that this royalty, Allah azza wa jal, he's the one who grants all of these vegetables he's the one who grants all of these fruits for a Krajina be as large and Mina that injector so we use this water to allow the land to grow as large and many types of what of vegetables and fruits and Nebat and plants and so on and so forth shutter

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which means a variety right Kulu or an arm a comb. So now Allah subhanaw taala is also encouraging for us to eat vegetables and plants. Kudo and Hannah calm, go ahead and eat a lot of Anoma corn and also graze your animals as well. Right. And in reality, though,

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some people today they believe somehow that

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that eating

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animals is part and parcel of our Without this we can't really exist right? Some people have this idea. And on the other hand, another group of people have the idea that vegetables is the only thing Allah subhana wa Taala has made both of them have done for me and Allah has encouraged both of these in the Quran as well right. But the only thing Allah subhanaw taala has discouraged is that we do is set off guru worship Raba whether to suitable to sniffle eat and drink and do not become very very exhaustive and do not become very very extravagant right? So what Allah subhana wa Taala has forbidden for

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Um Is extravagance and eating and drinking. But Allah subhanho wa Taala has allowed us to eat from, from Halal animals as well as all the cattle and so on and so forth, and other animals as well. Similarly, Allah subhanaw taala has allowed us to eat vegetables as well. And it was, in fact it is in fact a fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't regularly consume meats. And it is also a fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in some a hadith he taught us that, that the red meat can have actually some damaging effects, especially if it's taken in a large, large quantity as well. So when we're talking about food, we can eat anything that Allah subhanaw taala

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has made. And the reason why I'm pointing this out, is because nowadays there's a lot of gossip and discussion about whether we have to all become vegetarians or whether that's the sunnah or whether we all have to stop, you know, eating,

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whether we just have to continue eating meat because that's the Sunnah because there's a bit of HA and there's a pizza and all of these other celebrations and festivals and occasions in which we slaughter animals, right. So which one is it? Is this the Sunnah? Or that the Sunnah. In reality, the prophets I seldom used to eat from both it's even found within some traditions that the prophets SLM would you'd use would eat something that the fire hadn't touched. What that means is that he would pretty much eat raw vegetables or so on and so forth at the time of his at the time in which he would break his fast if he didn't find the, the dates, the moist dates, the dry dates, the water,

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then you would go for something that happens to be raw, that is found with within the Sunnah, even though the Hadith happens to be weak nonetheless, what we have established from the Sunnah is the prophet SLM would eat everything and that he wouldn't fill his stomach up with meat. Definitely not. And that it wasn't definitely a regular thing that was available to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And what we have within the Quran is that we can eat everything so long as we're not extravagant and this particular Ira definitely is encouraging the eating of, of vegetables because Allah subhanaw taala says for hoorah, Janabi heat as well. And Mina bath insha Allah has created

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from this water Allah has taken out from this water as watch and peers from many, many different types of plants, right? Goo Anoma, consume eat from that and also graze your animals they're in as well. And one of the benefits of this by the way, is that plants is actually a source from which you can get a lot more minerals than animals because minerals are found within the ground and plants sort of take those minerals and that can it's easier for the minerals to transfer into the body as opposed to animals grazing, then taking those minerals and then you eating the meat which decreases the possibility of

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of you receiving the ample amount of minerals needed for your existence. I mean, half Allah Kanakam was he Han or Ido come? Woman handle Julio come Tara 10 Haha. From the Earth have we created you?

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What's the Hon or II to come and within the earth? Shall we return you back? What Ming Ha, no collegial come down rotten okra and from the earth will we return? Women I know Khadija comes out and baccarat and from the earth will we take you out? Yet again. Okay, this particular idea, there is a Hadith found in the authentic traditions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on the authority of Al Azim that when the angel of death comes and takes the soul out, the soul is then taken and it's ascended with, the angel ascends with the soul to the heavens. So when he gets to the first heaven,

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or as he's passing, if he sees an assembly of angels, the angels they look at the soul if it's a beautiful soul, and then they say that what happens to be that due to who is that beautiful soul or whose soul is that beautiful and great soul of that pure soul of? So the angel of death now this is of course, if the soul happens to be beautiful, I ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us pure and beautiful souls, I mean, your anatomy. So the assembly of the angels they say that whose beautiful and pure soul is that Maha the Hebrew? By Eva, what is this beautiful soul?

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So the Angel of Death who's carrying a soul, he says, this is the soul of Fulani been full on such and such individual. And at that moment, he mentioned the best of the names of this specific person, okay? Because remember, in the dunya sometimes people have several names. Some of those names are beautiful and people very, very enjoyable names and some names people themselves do not like to be called by but some people, you know, to annoy other people. They use those names of them as well. Angels will not do that. They will use the best of

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names for the people who believe in Allah, as they're ascending with their souls to Allah subhanaw taala. So then they go to the first heavens, and then they're allowed and permitted to continue, then they go to the second, and they're allowed to permitted to continue and so on and so forth, until they get to the seventh heaven.

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in the seventh heaven,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will command these angels, to take the soul and write the name of the soul in a book in a letter, which will be a record of all of those souls which happened to be the most elite and the best of souls, those who happen to be from elite again, those who happen to be a miss the people who, who can be rewarded this title of being among the religion, the ones that are the elite and the best and the most supreme amongst mankind. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us a missed dose, and adapt moment after they're written into the Elysian those who happen to be the utmost best, basically, okay? And Allah Yin, is a plural word, which simply means those who those

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who are placed in a station which is high and even above that, and even above that, meaning that it has no ends to its height, it has no end to its height, that's what that means. All right. So these are literally the highest people within the creation of Allah subhanaw taala their names are placed within the lien. There are some said that in the Yin or the Yoon is actually referring to the seventh heaven itself. And others they said that it is referring to a it is referring to the leg of the arch of Allah azza wa jal, the Throne of Allah azza wa jal the right leg of it the right carrier of it if you so please, right. So Allah subhanho wa Taala will have that particular name placed by

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that area of the earth. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us a miss those people whose name names are placed in such a high station, then Allah subhana wa Allah said in this particular Hadith as well which is authentic, as I said, that

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I have created them from it, return him back to the earth or verily I have created them from it and I will return them back to it and I will take them out resurrect them on the Day of Judgment from it as well I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us a Mr. leegin and the people whose names are placed in the scroll of the URL again I'm in trouble Alameen JazakAllah head and for listening are SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ajmeri