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Five is that it from one to five during the days, so we're gonna figure that out and show them in the meantime, if you park here from one to five, you may have to get a like, you have to use the meter, or else they'll give tickets out. I'm not sure I'm just hearing this now. So I don't know the details about all of this, we will share with you more once I get a better understanding. But we will figure it out in show but just none of the ham was not here and neither is hot. And so I don't know who to turn to Him. But just in case you hear between one to five, just watch out for that in case we don't want anyone to get ticketed.

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And then pay something that the they didn't want to. So when to five, you have to actually take use the meter or pay for the ticket and pay for the actual parking. But we will figure that out and show them the near future so that that's not the case, on Fridays after 12 o'clock is free and show us So Friday is not a problem just during the week that I'm understanding but we'll look into it inshallah Tada.

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Y'all will inevitably Hurry up. So here on nse numedica Allahu Anhu. Call the Hadith tonight is clicks a member Her name was Ben Malik. And this is within the theme of outreach and Dawa, that we're going to be covering this week and parts of next week as well.

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And this hadith here is a story that most people know but I've always felt it to, again, represent. I like looking for a hadith that show us give us a glimpse of what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was like, as a person where he kind of brings out that kind of raw emotion and, and what he valued and how he saw certain things. And it was just one was one thing to hear him say Italian salatu salam and that there's a lot of it. But it's another thing. It was someone who observes it and sees it. And I feel just for me just more powerful when I see someone actually

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expressing an emotion that he told us was important because I feel like it's more meaningful. And this hadith and this is what NSF and medical biller when it says Carla, I think Malik under woolum and Yahudi. And can I eliminate the use of Allah, Allah, you are early, he was telling me there was a young there was a young man, the whole time is a word that is used to describe a boy. But that's how we have interpreted because we see maturity to happen much later in life. Like we see maturity happening sometime after 20 When my grandfather got married, he was 13 years old. So it this is just an it's not my great grandfather's my grandpa. So people early

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centuries ago, matured much earlier in life. And you had to be quite tough and quite strong to actually make it beyond childhood anyways. So when you say well done, yes, in the in the teenage years, but teenage years, then was not teenage years, today, teenage years, then so you carried responsibility, you are responsible for your choices and your actions and your behaviors and you would achieve blue,

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physically and mentally. Today, maybe maybe, maybe physically, but everything else is delayed a couple of decades down the road, maybe physically, but down the road until you have all the rest of the stuff. And that's why they're with me here. And we think oh, he's a boy Nah, no, not really not the way you're thinking about it. Not the boy that we're thinking about? No, yeah, he was young, but he was still yet he was competent, and he was capable of he had the capacity of making his own decisions.

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But above it, you saw some common especially towards the end of his life, this is towards the end of his life. After he saw some physically became much more tired, and he found difficulty getting because he was the amount of stress and work that was required of him was something that I don't think most people understand. But he was he was he was working all day on it. You slept with them. He was from one task to the other all day long, aside from his pm all night, so he would get tired out of your slot to essentially they would look for him to find someone who would be willing to kind of be there with him, help him with his will do help them with getting, you know, sometimes shoes on

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or getting just out of service. So Sahaba would do it and sometimes there would be a younger person. This hula was a Jewish kid living in Medina and the Jews living in Medina quite quite commonly as we know, anyone who was worked looking for a summer job they would basically the Sahaba would pay him just to take you to be with the Prophet Allah you saw 200 hours when they were at work, or people weren't around. So this kid would come by and he would do it and one day he got sick on Friday, wouldn't it be useful Allah Allah, you know, Simon said and the Prophet alayhi salam went to visit him at his home because he was sick son, Allah, Allah, he was like you said he would do this all the

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time, no problem. But for DACA for either a boo hoo, or a do an endo ROTC. When he entered the young boy, the guy was lying down, and his father was sitting at his head, and it looked like this person was passing away. Again, a more common thing that happened 1400 years ago than it happens today. People died earlier. The actually the difference the median, the median age that people had back then was was significantly different. We doubled it by the way, like we easily doubled it. It was in the 30s back then, and Arabia was in the 30s. That was that was how long people would that's why the Sahaba when you think about them, when you talk about Satan and Hellblade and, and NSM the novel and

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sci fi demon was and most of them are made and they all died in their 20s This was not uncommon. The prophet is also his father died in his in

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In his 20s, his mother died in her 30s This was not something that was uncommon, because it was a much more, we didn't have a lot of medicine and people just of course, the the environment of the desert is very unforgiving. So people if you know any small mistake can cause you to lose your life. So this child this young person was was was passing away. And the Prophet Allah is entrusted to do it. He already sees that he sees the Father sitting there. The property is solid sounds reflexes kick in, and he sees him passing away and he says, Yeah, hola. Illa Illa Allah, c'est la isla de la ba.

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novel in the circuit. The gay man looks at his father because his father sitting right there. doesn't say anything.

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The Prophet Alia psychosom. Can't help but again, yeah, well I'm Paula Illa, Illa Allah say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah for Socrata whenever in a be he was quiet and looked at his father again. The father was being a little bit uncomfortable, because the Prophet Allah is always telling him say something and doesn't know what to do.

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When he ultimately will cause him

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do what will cause him to sell Allah Allah is trying to sell him out to our customers and whatever customers saying to Carl hula moolah, Allah my follow through. And then the young man said law in Ohio law he passed away a halogen never use of Allah Allah you are seldom walked out there

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with tears running down his face your quarrel hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Hilda the Raja who will be Muna no Alhamdulillah Allah the father who will be in Praise be to Allah that He used me to save him from the Hellfire Hamdulillah that Allah used me to save him from the hellfire and I got him to say it before he passed away. But Allah, Allah Islam use of them. That's how he felt about this stuff. That's how he felt about it. And if I can just say one more person, we don't know where people are going even him either you saw to some when people die, we don't know where they're going. But as far as we can tell, if you die without a stem, then the odds are, you're not going to the right place.

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For him either. You still have to assume to be able to just to get him to say before he passes away, then he got him to go to the right place. And hopefully, the odds now are on his favor, then he has the criteria that should allow him to make a genetic name. That's all he cared for. Only his thought was just get one more person, just one more person across the finishing line, just one more person farther away from something that we all dread. And that's how he felt about it. That's what he did. And you can see like he's walking into the room, maybe I need to respect it is they have a lot of faith in God. No, I couldn't do it. In a sailor you know and Allah say it because the value of it,

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the weight of it, the beauty of it. You know what my teacher used to tell me he said, he used to say when he when he married this hadith, he said because this young man carried the shoes of Mohamed Salah Salem and held the widow of Muhammad so as a limb Allah subhanaw taala refused to allow him to go anywhere. But isn't that the name? Yeah, to say that. And he he served Rasul Allah alayhi salatu salam he served Him, He carried his shoes for him and put his will do for him. Of course, he's going to be be given the gift, it's a gift to gift. It's a lot less a gift, you're gifted that it was something that was wrapped up for you and give it as a gift. See if you can wrap it up and give it

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as a gift to someone else. That's all this is. There's nothing more to this whole story aside from these two concepts was gifted and wrapped up and given to you and you got it and you opened it up and it's the most valuable thing in the world. I hope you feel it.

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I hope you feel that that's what it is. And then if you can wrap it up and gift it to someone and they can feel the same way about it. And that's all you it's all this there's nothing else there's no complexity to the story outside of those of those two concepts. You already email me Buhari you feel sorry for him. And honestly the Malika the Allahu Anhu and William and Yahudi and can be your son Allahu Allah who earlier Salama Marie Browder, who rasool Allah He said Allah Allah you it was like you said them for Roger the above who just listen and see he Raka and I would pull in a Ilala per second Telugu lamb over Navara Illa de rather than the use of Allah Allah He was a landmark

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Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah for Secretary for Navarra de vaca abou outwear about Casimir Guney for Karla Bula Bula Illa Illa follow through because NWSL Allah hi to you early he will Mr. Lemon nd here hamdulillah Allah the Raja who will be in another hamdulillah and that the father who will be Nina Nora Salah Rasul Allah is Allah Allah, Allah Hyundai Sonata