Islamic Core Value – Incorruptibility Istiqamah #5

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Imagine with no merger for you soon any Hebrew sent out the answer here Hey Nana Thorburn all the Allahu Anhu kala Kala and abuse of Allah Allah Allah will send the Hadith tonight it collects in merger in his sunnah and its rate just by tau burn his mouth, the molar of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam loved me, gentlemen. Whereas a number of the Hadith that are, you know, he put them all together, they actually really beautiful and they're worthy of memorizing Yoli he's really good at picking picking up certain things wrong with the Allahu Anhu. And the theme of anti corruption or incorruptibility or integrity or what we call an Islam is jicama is something that I'm continuing

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with for a few more days, at least, if not a week or so.

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And here is awesome, says the phone call it is still team willing to sue while I'm on the hierarchy, legal Musala when you have a lot to do, we'll do a law movement. Well, Robert Bharani and Agha Khan is takim who won him in his takom tomb. Raha Malika masala so he said Allah He sought to Islam here is a studying we give the command of

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straightening out, not literally but figuratively for what that word means.

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He was not trying to say out of your soul, it's time to stand up straight or when you walk to walk straight, even though both those things aren't a bad idea. But what he's trying to explain is the theme is that make sure that your character carries integrity, where you don't cut corners, and you don't take shortcuts, and you don't manipulate certain situations to get something that's beneficial for you, where you try to get your self interest through a way that's not necessarily haram, or unnecessarily illegal. You just you figured out a way to get it without knowing it's wrong, knowing this is not the right way to do it, that you just manipulated certain things you played around a

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bit, try something for yourself, that's corruption that's being corrupt. And it starts at a young young age by, you know,

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cheating or just glancing here. They're just using an aid that you shouldn't have used within an exam or something. And it turns into full blown political or financial corruption when you're older. And it ruins the world and it causes people's their lives and their will and their livelihoods. their well being corruption is corruption and doesn't it doesn't really follow a scale of this is low and this is high. It's all corruption structure. Stiff Pharma is you just not accepting that and it being someone who refuses corruption in any form or manner, and you carry yourself with that integrity. So the Prophet alayhi salam said, it's the people meaning straightened out and, and

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refuse, refuse any form of corruption wouldn't do so and you won't be able to count, you won't be able to count the amount of data that will come your way, there's a piece that's missing in the Hadith, it's not missing is just is removed, it's understood from the context when I'm taught so you won't be able to count meaning you won't be able to keep track of all of the good that that will achieve for your for you in your life. And all the good that will bring yourself and your community if you do so, up front corruption is difficult corruption. Sorry, it's your karma is difficult is to karma upfront is very hard to do. It pays off later, it pays off a bit farther down the road

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upfront, it's easier to be corrupt because you get what you want. Children learn that at a young age, they learn that they lie, they don't get in trouble. Right trouble, sucks, no wants to be in trouble. So they learned that if they lie, they don't say what happened and they don't get in trouble. They don't have to feel bad about themselves up front. So it's easier to be corrupt up front. It's better in the long term not to if you become if you have this to karma up front, and you've got to deal with the fact that you made some mistakes and you're accountable for them in the long term. At the end, at the end, you'll be someone much more valuable and you'll have much more to

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offer and you'll be someone who are successful. So it's your karma is something that pays off it just pays off a little bit later when unfortunately you will be able to count the amount of blessings and good things that come your way if you do it, it doesn't happen upfront and then know that the best of your rituals is solid. Within that while I'm going to highlight American masala

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whether you have your eyelid will do in a moment and only a true believer will hold on to their will do meaning why because a two minute someone is either really put on or doing invocation to speak or praying suddenly. So holding on to your will do is a is a good it's a good thing to do. And as a hobby all of the scholars that I know would hold on to their will do whenever they gave me meaning whenever they went to the bathroom they would make will do before they left which is what it means basically doesn't mean that you shouldn't go to the bathroom it just means that you're quick to renew your will do is to make sure that you're ready and available to do something of a good deed

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that requires that requires that that physical purity. I also and another Hadith he says is Timo when he I met in Stockholm to

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straighten out and walk the straight path. And that's a beautiful thing to me. It's a beautiful thing if you do so. It's an amazing thing if you can do it when your minds when yeah mama. It's a beautiful thing if we're capable of doing it and it's really what we're here to achieve as Muslims in our lives. You have to be an imam or even Omar Jaffe certainly he was telling us so he and I'm Filburn are the Allah who I know Pilar calendario son Allahu Allah Who early your Salam is stuck even when on top so Allah mu and higher law legal masala to whether you have to do elopement what our October Ronnie you want. Oba Taka is the team who won him in his takom tomb. Ohio Anna

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renewable solar solar power supply some Allahu Alia Muslim central McElroy foundation Allah Allah Allah and I still feel good to go so Allah was sending her back maybe Muhammad Allah here