Adnan Rajeh – The Significance of Masajid #08

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a night where a man recites Arabic poetry while on a walk, but the woman refuses to leave him. The man tells her that she wants to leave him, but she refuses. The speaker discusses the importance of art in their culture and how it is used to influence people, and how it is used to influence society. They also touch on the difficulties of learning to write without the art and the success of Islam, including the use of "immerse" to describe its meaning.
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Muhammad Ali he also homeodomain well advised the length of Joomla Lila from Halima tuba, you send goofy Alexandra municipality Allah you know Allah yo rasool Allah on early he also have a human oil and Columbia saga. This is the night of Jamar tableless at night and it's a beautiful night and it's a night that you should increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in all good deeds.

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The order will email nine Buhari you are Muslim FISA. Hey Hema, and now the Allahu Anhu Quran the Hadith tonight is a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim and write to us by Barrera. This is an interesting Hadith isn't it isn't the you know, the Saudi Hain and it's something that Barrera saw happen after the profit out of your Sato son passed away a number of years, maybe maybe five or six years during the healer of armor, blah, blah, blah, blah. And what was happening was that has suddenly been forbid the known poet was sending in the message of the Prophet Alia site to a sermon he had a little bit of a, of a cushion to sit on something like this, maybe a little bit higher than

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this. And he would sit there and he would recite poetry, like he would read read some of his poetry by

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Mara Romero Ida son. Well, who are you understand do fill Masjid Omar makapag walks by while Hassan is sitting and he's reciting poetry when they recited poetry, they did it with the with the rhythm, they sang it, they sung it. So it was it was a song it wasn't, wasn't the way maybe I would read poetry to you boring, they actually, obviously, Arabic poetry is very strict in terms of his rulings, it's very hard to write. And when you do it has a rhythm to it. And that's the only way you can memorize it. You have to know the rhythm. If you don't know the rhythm, you're gonna forget you it's impossible to memorize Arabic poetry is just words. But once you have the rhythm, then you know

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you can actually make even fill in the blanks if you forget a word you can just replace it and still the portrait makes sense. So they would sing it out how to rhythm and they were singing out. So I'm not on the hot dog walks by and I said is making sure to share how to fill Masjid ka ma la de la la la he means he gave him a dirty look. That's what but when he looked at him, I gave him a look and what did what is this way what are you doing? I was ignoring the law and it was a very practical individual who I need. I guess as time progressed, I didn't see the value of certain things for a while but so when he stared in and kind of stared us at her son and gave him a little bit of a look,

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I started paella shed to Shara will miss Chi Minh who hieromonk I used to do this and in the messy was someone better than you? And then he turned terrible, Herrera said it should look Allah, Allah Allah sent me Rasul Allah He said, Allah Allah He was telling me Oh Allah, as you bunny, Allah Houma YouTube,

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he said in terms of what is it I asked you why Allah? Did you not hear the Prophet once? Tell me answer them and Allah who was good strengthen you with Gibreel with the force of Gibreel meaning you just answered them meaning me and give them you say poetry that will that will, that will impress people that will mesmerize people that people will enjoy more than the garbage that they are sending towards us say something that has a better rhythm to it, that's catchy or that people will stay here they'll enjoy more. Oh, say to me, ALLAH SubhanA strengthen you with the force of jobaline the God to Allah Houma Nam Yes, I did. I heard it. Bala from sort of farmer farmer kept on walking. Well,

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the Allahu Anhu didn't say anything. But Allah hottie is like visiting them. In his message. This is 1400 years ago, they used to sit and they recite poetry, I could easily give like a series of lectures on explaining why and what significance that has in our deen. But I only have five minutes before people start moving around and wanting to leave. So just take this from me, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was, he understood the value of art, understood the value of it, what it did, how cultures aren't there, there's no such thing as culture without art in it, like if you remove art, it's like the backbone. There's no culture anymore. And art comes in a lot of forms, and the

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cultural and the art, artistic form of culture that the Arabs had, or the cultural form of art, whatever you want to say,

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was poetry. This is how they express themselves. And today that hasn't changed that much. Song is just poetry. Yes, there's a lot of instrument in the background. So sometimes the lyrics are actually completely worthless. I mean, nothing but still strong lyrics make a difference. Strong words, touch people till this day, strong orders and public speakers will make a difference in their community. That doesn't change by the way. That's how world wars began. That's how world wars ended. That's how countries rose. That's how countries fell. It's the effect of words to the prophet is also understood that so having someone with Hassan, Hassan, if you studied his track record, you'd,

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you'd have a little bit of a question about it. You can ask him, What is What are these things that he is not? It's not but it doesn't matter, because the influence he had the impact he had, basically was an ocean of personnel that some of his mistakes will get easily dissolved in the middle of and doesn't matter anymore because of the impact that he had because he said things that people cook

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People don't get one. Well, I mean, no this like one good piece of art, it will replace the means of homeless millions like I could everything I've ever said in my life and I'll ever say to the day I die could be replaced with just one good song that has a concept in it that I tried to explain, but it'll make it more more people hear it more people will practice it more people will love it and embrace it. And I can I can speak until I'm blue in the face until I drop dead on and no one will be very much as much. Why. Because because art is, is impactful, because it's impactful. So this is a part that we have to have to breathe that in our society, we have to encourage it. People have to be

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comfortable trying and making mistakes and doing things that don't make because you need art, because you need it. And those that poetry that we don't memorize today. mean the things that say that Hassan said that most people hear if I sat down and start to recite them to you, you'd get bored and want to leave. But the things that he said back then meant something, it meant that it allowed them to be who they were, they walked with pride, they tie it to their kids and their kids, kids and they sung it. And it gave them that identity that allowed them to be the Muslim he took it with them everywhere. Just the fact that we don't have that today is a problem. Because you're

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asking someone like me find a way to make Islam interesting to the youth without art. It's your case, what do you think of a magician? It's impossible you need it. It's a part of the culture without artists, I have nothing you're giving me nothing. I have no tools you need it is a part of the beauty. In my opinion, the beauty of Islam is that is built on a book that is extremely profound. If you study the Quran in detail, the depth of the Quran will blow you away. But it's artistic at the highest level. You can't even recite it just you have to sing it. If I stood here, and I just went, if I just recited to you send me an email, if you summarize your mapping optimally,

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you'll pray tonight you won't pray tomorrow. And you'll say something's wrong with this person, I have to sing it. And there are rules to how it's going to be sung. I have to make four counts when it's here and two counts here and six there. And there's a rule there are rules to it. It has artistic rules that that govern it.

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And that's, I don't know when another book in the world that has that. That is extremely artistic and beautiful. If understood, nothing have been used here, one of the machete of the Harlem reciting it you enjoy you just enjoy it the same time. It's the most profound thing you'll ever pick up. That's just a paradigm that's almost like a cannon. It's just an oxymoron. Like if one exists, it's impossible. How do you put them together? But he did subpoena what's Allah and the Prophet said Allah said I'm taught that and he encouraged people to have that artistic you know, part of themselves and to and to use it and we were missing it. I love this hadith because it happened where

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the significance of massager going back to the same theme, it happened in the masjid it didn't have to happen outside it happened inside and when a lot of new hot tub for a moment didn't like it had to be silenced or all the Allahu Anhu who will say you don't know what tells you a lot sooner

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but at that moment when he felt that maybe this is not They told no this is very important and yes that huge generation memorized the words of his son that generation memorize the words of Hassan didn't have authority hola Juan when in sung it for the rest of their lives and that's how we became who we are today. Able to be shared laundry Mustafa Ali he and I be heard ultimately Allah. Mohammed, son well who are you understood? Well who are you and Shara Phil Masjid? bahawa Ed Bacara son like going to share with MSG demon who hieromonk to multivator La eurocon and should look Allah immerse me I tend to be your son Allah Allah you early you're sending them I really urge you but I

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need Allahumma you do beautiful kudos to Allah who sort of

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Allahu Anhu sola sola is Salah Hylia Islam says McMullen handy should have Allah Allah Allah and to still feel good to Blake also Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Allah Allah, which means Welcome Hello, Hayden Baraka welcome tomorrow insha Allah Juma is at 115 We'll see you then inshallah Tada if you have the time. So

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