Ramadan Series Day 22 – The Month of Purity

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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i Swati salatu salam taught us the following Hadith and he said it's in your planner. He said, Allah who shot on him and purity is half of the man. What hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Zan and saying Al Hamdulillah we'll make the scale heavy also Pamela, were Alhamdulillah saying shorepower la and single handler All Praise to Allah glorifies Allah will fill the space between the heavens and the earth or solar to nor prayer. So now is a light or sort of motto behind charity is a proof of several the injurious and patient is illumination. We're on the lookout for just an Alec and Orion will be for you or against you. coolness every human being

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Yadu leaving them morning for about your nafsa he is going to be working and doing things right from our Chico ha ha ha either what he will be doing insane during the day will be every will lead to freeing this person from the Hellfire or putting that person and the Hellfire well I have to be one of the names of Ramadan. Day 22 is the month of purity, purity. What's purity? Something is clean. Something is shiny, has no it's not blemished and purity in it, Stan

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islamically is actually

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one of it is wobbu Sahaja. I'm in a state of bahara meaning I'm a state of Haldol. I am not in a state of impurity. So Apollo shuttle Ian over Swati salatu wa sallam said,

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purity in general, and let's take purity. What do I do in my day, that's half of my day. Half of my emails, I've practiced it, stay away from sins. And that's what my wife teaches me. Or my wife teaches me not only stay away from sins, but if I can stay away from halaal food and drink and marital relationship for 10 or 14 hours because that's what he told me.

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I can stay away from sins. And that's the main goal of Ramadan Laila contact. So you are you are you will reach state of taqwa at the end. That's the whole idea. So of the whole shop all in on being in a state of purity physically inward, and spiritually away from center stay away from since half of my email, we learned yesterday that the perfect perfection of email is to stay good. Now powerful half of my email is to be in a state of purity. So every time I want to say something, or do something and I say that's not pleasing to Allah, I am not going to be doing it. That's pleasing. That's half of my email. And every time I go and make, especially these days the last night and I'm

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going to stand up in Salah for a long time in the night, and I am making mobile that's part of my theme and a lot of our Swati salatu salam said ma'am and Muslim when you have Bahar no Muslim, think this in the night

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go for the

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future Mokpo perfect the warble illa kuchibhotla or I'm sorry, he perfect the war that Allah prescribed, then start then you'll suddenly then perform the five Salawat every Salah that that human being that Muslim did with perfect or and perfect and perfect performs for every sin in between will be removed. Subhan Allah

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once of purity, how I will be purified physically, I will be purified by water. I'm in a state of flow. This is the the beauty of Ramadan. Part of purity is when I'm spiritually pure. Meaning I'm close to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we learned yesterday words that I can say bring me close to Allah pantalla or the other way around, and what words I say Subhan Allah, what hamdulillah Subhana Allah 100 and that's what the Hadith is says Subhan Allah semblable Nisa Subhan Allah tala Nisa What does that mean?

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Subhan Allah, meaning all glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala and you say so Pamela, you see, you see something beautiful You don't say oh, well, since Pamela habits, that's good. That's a beautiful word. And I say Alhamdulillah How are you doing? Instead of saying good, I think hamdulillah What about if it's not a good day, I say Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah Hi. All Praise to Allah, on for everything. This

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Two words to temblor, Ernie. The

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handle the law by itself Tim that we meet on makes my scale very heavy. You know when we always worried what is in my scale how heavy What did I do? I say Alhamdulillah so connected with day 21 and day 22

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good words, remembering our last pantalla purity, I am pure, spiritually is when my tongue is pure 100 Allah Subhana Allah, when my hands are pure purity, what is it charity, when all my body is doing something pure of Salah. That's why the 100 was so natural, more, the more I prayed last 10 days or form a bond stand up in the night, Lord, pray longer read longer, nor light. And charity is a proof of my purity because I'm giving what is aka sockeyes impurities to purify. Why was sabol the up the moron, I am in a state of fashio patient as we said, Sahaba I am patient. I'm not eating and drinking. I'm patient. I'm not saying something that not pleased to Allah unpatient I'm standing too

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long, I'm tired, I want to go to bed. But I am standing. I'm practicing patient, I'm reading more or I don't understand, but I'm struggling. I'm patient, a suburbia illuminate. I read core and these are all shuffle. For her. It's all purifying reading Quran. This is the month of the Quran we talked about that. When I read Quran it will be for me if I read it in the way the more I read, the more I struggled to understand and what I struggled to read it will be for me. And every morning.

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Eight days left when I wake up and I go to my work. Or even if I'm in a decaf or I'm doing my usual thing, there is two choices. Either what I am seeing and doing and practicing for me, what is going to be against me

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mamajuana teaches me to be pure to teach me to do more acts of worship that normally outside Ramadan is difficult for me, the more acts of worship I do, the purer I am and that's why sometimes we say there is no there's life on their face from what and actually from obeying Allah and as some of the righteous people used to say the Knights Allah bring the light on the face of some of that person. So it's the month of purity. The one that teaches me I am a human being Quran navini Adam, I was not created just to eat and drink and enjoy I was created for a better thing. I was created to be a steward of this earth as we also discussed, I was created to please a lot pantalla to take care of

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this earth to bring higher and goodness so it's the month of purity let us practice purity, whether the hood itself will do itself or every other action that will notify us you're left behind nyame Allah l him neffs and it was a key and the humans aka your Allah give us taqwa and purify us and purify our foods and you are the best one who does that said Ahmadi Kumara Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh