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Post Isha Khaterah

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fie Sunni, he

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or Yama diva, after the fall of 109 and Abdullah he also the Allahu Anhu that is the main collection they have been merger

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as a authentic chain of narration we said it

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is also narrated by Muhammad has different wording a little bit same meaning I'm going to use the narration of email even manager then the theme of significance of massage is still pretty much the same. We're going to go on this for a while.

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And this is something this is one of the kind of clear cut ones because the prof audio Sato Sam says something very clearly and then it's a nice kind of

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Hadith to build on. I believe number. So Lina, not Allah Sudha Allah He said Allah Allah you early he was salam.

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Ala jam and Raja raka Berman hakab. So we prayed with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Maghrib. And then some of us went home and some of us stayed in the masjid.

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Patricia is another maybe our So, in the masjid and recited

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by the Quran, Allah you know rasool Allah He said Allah Allah He was seldom mystery. But heifers who nervous or cut Hazara broke Betty.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam as we were doing that he comes out towards us like he prays mostly because it comes out and comes out running his own affairs, meaning he is almost out of breath. Like he's seems like he's coming in, there's a really important thing he wants to tell us and his Heisenberg but a meaning his

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pants that he's wearing are up to his knees. It's as if he was worth doing something or fixing something and he was kind of has his hands up. And he comes running. And he hasn't really put his pants down. And you know, he from his knees down. And he's he's breathing a bit heavier than we're used to. But I'm sure it'll be great, great news.

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I got up boom, by the factor hubbub and Ebola is you bear he become ill melodica. Your Lord right now he's one of the doors of heaven open. And he is showing you off to his angels. Yeah, who will overrule anybody? Although for the last 10 Well, whom yen totally ruined, Oh Ha, my servants have prayed their obligatory prayer and they're in domestic still, we were gonna, they're waiting there for the next. If they're in domestic, they haven't gone home, they decide to sit there and wait for the next obligatory

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prayer. And this applies for prayers that are close by together at times where you're not supposed to be at your job. If you're going to do that and get fired, then that's not really going to apply to you. But in examples and in the beauty of this headin is that the example that hadith actually contains is that what salah, did they say that they pray with the mighty slotless and that it was most of them, right? So that's the actual Hadith. And that's why I chose the narration of imagined because it specifies it, they prayed Muslim, and they sat and said, You know what, and the reason I'm bringing this hadith up is to kind of maybe add to what I said yesterday, is that they treated

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the masjid as this is where this was their center. This was the community center was the hub that was where they stayed. They found value in being in the masjid, sometimes just, you know what we're gonna pray a shot might as well just sit here then and recite Quran and maybe listen to something helpful and then pray a shot instead of going and then maybe not coming back later because I'm too lazy or I got tired or I took off my clothes and I'm sitting on the couch and I'm not going to get up anymore. So I'll just sit and recite there's value there's value in in being in Hadith that I want to narrate to you he would use the word robot Allah salatu salam, you're sitting waiting from

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one Salah to the other in the masjid is similar to someone who performed the revolt, someone who's actually on the frontlines defending Muslims. And I'll claim that hadith when it comes to but the concept is still there, it's the same thing. This is this is the Muslim community center, once these places don't have value anymore, but also we've lost like the it's already been lost, everything's been lost, doesn't matter anymore. The manifestations of that loss is just a matter of time, it will occur all across the ripple effect will will come to the house of every Muslim and the Muslim ummah will start to completely crumble. The moment that these places aren't community centers. It's not

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where people find themselves comfortable. They don't you don't, the moment that you don't find an easy reason to stay in it when you don't have any anywhere else to be or any when you're not necessarily needed elsewhere, when this is not the place that you think of going to first when it's not the place that you actually make time to go and spend in it. And you make a point of being there and you make a point of being a part of it and you continue to push that for the rest of your life. That is when the OMA falls to pieces. There has been a devaluation of massage it

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right after it was like it was right after COVID And I think I think the best example of it was just

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During COVID than afterwards, it took a long time after COVID people to actually come back and pray Joma Joma Joma you grew up hearing the Hadith that if you miss three in a row, you have to miss Allah Allah has a big heart is being stamped basically to Allah subhanaw taala will not guide you. It's a horrific thing. And yet people just you know, especially young men, they just miss Juma. I didn't really think much of it. And they had no good reason for it. And they could easily ask for half an hour and go pray in a nearby Masjid. So we have to bring this back. And I think this is not only it's not just my job, it's actually yours as someone who comes to a masjid, by continuing to do

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that by raising the importance, the priority of coming to massage it for yourself, and then raising it for your children and for people in your life and making sure that they grow up understanding that this is where you go. And no matter where you're dropped, wherever you're parachuted in the world and your life, you go you find a masjid, and you go pray in it. You don't have to like the people there. You don't have to like the way it looks or the way it smells or how the people behave and it doesn't matter. This is the community of Muslims and Muslim community center and we are all responsible for it. And it's not owned by anyone even though there may be a board and a few it

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doesn't matter they don't own the house of God. No one owns the house of Allah subhanaw taala it's owned by Allah we're just servants of it and that has to be reminded remembered all the time that that's what this is. And that's how we're supposed to value it and that's the point of me giving these how often I'm sorry I'll go read again yesterday man wouldn't imagine if you've seen any he'd be sending Well, I

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would love to live ninja and Abdullah hit me I'm Amina also the Allahu Anhu call. So Lena Allahu Allah is Allah Allah Allah Who early he was selling them and Maghrib for Raja Raja October mid October verhaal Raja Alina Rasulullah he said Allah Allah early was no mystery. But her father who never smoked Hassan book but at the con Michiru haidara bukem But further hubbub, I'm in Abu Dhabi summer Yuba, he be coming in Milan Iike. Your code on guru Eva the Ocado Free button for whom yen totally Runa hora sadakazu Allah is Allah Allah Allah. Allah. Allah Allah Allah untestable he'll go to Google so Allah who was telling him about kind of you know Muhammad in early he was like me his

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reign, because I can Allah here on the baraka love even Forgiveness Project.