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AI: Summary © The importance of truthfulness in Islam is emphasized, with a focus on speaking the truth with actions. The Prophet Muhammad sallahu Ali has been giving advice on protecting oneself from evil talk and the need for everyone to be truthful. The speakers stress the importance of being truthful and reciting words to increase chances of becoming a attraction to the Prophet system. The use of negative language and lying and deception can lead to negative behavior, and caution is given against using words in public.
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Independet Allah He nama do who want to stay in Ohana Stubblefield. When are we gonna be to doubt him in short order and fusina was the RTR Marlena Mejia de la who Fela mobile Allah Who am a young little fella her the Allah, wa shadow Allah ilaha IL Allah wa the hula Shetty kala was shadow Anna Mohammedan Abu Rasool Yeah, you are Latina Tapachula have gone to a party he was moved on.

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To Muslim on

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a Yohannes otaku como la the Halacha comin FC Wahida wahala coming has with them in Houma region Kathy are one is

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what the hola hola de Luna be he Well, in a la haka, and I'll equal Marathi Eva. Yeah, you have an otaku? Lucha guru kawalan studied useless. Come on Allah come while face Lacan, dono back home. Wanna up la Hawala Shula who forgot the frozen Alima but I do for in stopple Hadith the Kitab Allah He is Zoa John, What are y'all had you had you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi. Wa early, he was salam Warszawa Ohmori my data to her Wakulla data in Bidda. What will be that in lalala. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge and protection in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our own actions.

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Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray and and can guide I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped. None has the right to our ultimate love and devotion except Allah subhanho wa Taala alone who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu Ali who were early, he was alone, is his servant, and His messenger. Or you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and die, not accept, as Muslims as be and is in a state of submission to your Lord, to your Creator, or mankind, be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person and that's Adam. And from him, he created his wife and that was Hawa and he created

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from them, many from them both many men and women, and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kins. Surely Allah is over and all water over you.

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All you who believe keep your duty to Allah fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are the words of Allah. And the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad Sallallahu Ali, he were early he was salam. And the worst thing in the religion are the newly invented matters. For all the newly invented matters in religion are considered to be innovation and a bit and every day is misguidance.

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Allah subhanaw taala speaks to the believers he addresses those who believe in him and he says yeah, you are Latina. Allah How are Gulu a woolen studied or you who believe have Taqwa have fear to a towards Allah. Be mindful of Allah be dutiful to Allah that's what means. What Oh Roland said EDA and speak that which is straight. That which is to the point, I will insert either your slash lecom Amala come Allah will fix your deeds as a consequence. In response to you being in taqwa and in you keeping your tongues and your words in a straight fashion. Allah will fix your deeds and fix your actions useless hola como Carmela calm, while Phil Lakhan, Luba calm and Hayward forgive your sins.

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So Allah subhanaw taala addresses the believers and he recommends and he commands that when it comes to their tongues that they should say that which is traits, the words they say should be straight, should be true, should be to the point and should serve a purpose. Because speaking without a purpose in Islam is called a level on the Arabic language called a level.

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A level means words that have bring about no real benefits. I'm not talking about swearing, not backbiting, not slandering. Not full language. Nothing bad is just neutral language. Whether it is no

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benefit whether in benefit in religion benefit in the in the deen itself or benefit in the dunya. Allah Subhana Allah calls us in the Quran, Allah. And he describes the believers. He says, What either not Ruby love women Rukia Rama, these believers, the ones that Allah loves a bad man, the servants of the Most Merciful when they come across, when they come face to face with a level, empty speech. I do words idle speech that has no benefit in it. There's no point no real point no substance in it. They turn away from it respectfully, they turn away why? Because someone who believes in Allah subhanaw taala wouldn't doesn't have time to waste on something that doesn't serve

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a good purpose. So Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks so many so many times in the Quran about the importance of being straight with our words about speaking the truth. Yeah, you had a lady in Tapachula. We're calling on that aside the teen or you who believe fear Allah or have Taqwa to Allah, and be among the truthful, be among those who are truthful. And we explained previously many times that truthfulness means simple Halley was an old Macaulay means that you are truthful in your efforts, not only in your speech, but in your actions. And everything in your life. You are truthful, you are genuine, you are authentic, and that you speak the truth with your tongue.

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So truthfulness is an essential part of Islam. It's it's the core of Islam is to be truthful, to be honest, to be straightforward. So the believers are not supposed to engage even in idle talk, when there is no benefit and there is no point in it. The Muslim cannot waste their time and their efforts in something that does not bring about benefits.

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So what do you think Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and His Prophet sallallahu Sallam say about evil talk, say about evil talk, one of the companions of the Prophet Salam was having a conversation with him. And then the prophets also Allah mentions the tongue,

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that the believers have have to protect themselves from the consequences of their tongue. So that companion us the Prophet Solomon says, Yeah, rasool Allah, Allah in the manner O Messenger of Allah, that was legitimately Allah, when the messenger of Allah are we going to be held accountable for what we say, with our tongues, we're going to be held accountable for what we say, we say so many things. You know, if you if you keep a record of what you say, on a daily basis, you'd be surprised. You'd be surprised you almost write a small book every day with your speech. We see so much but we are unaware of what we say. We don't pay attention to the fact that our tongues are, you know,

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moving throughout the day, and saying words, and how many of these words are good, how many are bad? And how many are pointless, where there is no benefit in them? The issue is that on the Day of Judgment,

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you're gonna find everything in a racket, all these words. Now you'll feel, Oh, well, in law, they have a table at it. There is no word that he says is Allah Samantha says that he pronounces or he utters except that he has angels writing these,

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every word is written, you're going to find it, you're going to find it on the Day of Judgment, if it's good, you're going to reap the fruits of that, if it's bad, you're going to deal with the consequences of this. If it's idle, it's a waste and still you will be held accountable for that.

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So our words are very important are very powerful, what we say could really decide where we end up.

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And it's why the prophet in the companions of the Prophet SAW so let me he said the Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah do not be men who are we going to be held accountable to what we say for what we say when we keep talking and seeing things all the time and awaring Lee, unconsciously we keep talking.

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The prophets of Allah when he was in them said that he let go.

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And this is an A specifically our expression at that time. And it means basically to draw attention so the prophets of salaam wanted to pay attention, high quality attention this moment, he said, what he said, Well, hallelujah, God will NASA. Allah, would you hear him in another Illa? Hassan?

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He says, Johan,

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do you think there's anything else other than consequences of the tongue that drags people on their faces and leads them to the hellfire?

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That's what the President says says it system on his Do you think there's anything else that drags people on their faces to the Hellfire except the consequences of what they say? That's what the professor is saying.

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So the number one cause of people entering entering the Hellfire is what

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consequences of their tank.

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And that's what we pay attention the least to, we pay attention to that the least in our lives. We don't think we're going to be held accountable for what we see, we make a joke about this person and make fun of that person. We make a lie about someone, we slander someone, we backed by someone, and we're doing it for fun.

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And we don't think we think it's just, you know, goes in the air and disappears.

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But the problem is everything you say is going to be recorded, and will be kept in a record and you will have to come face to face with it on the day of judgment. And you have to deal with the consequences. Now, you can't recount it. You can't eat back your words, once you've said them the out. And that's why they say I'll carry metal cobbler and Taboola antimony kahawa You do? Ah, well,

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he is a user took

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a word before you say it, you own it. After you say it, it owns you.

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You become captive to it after you say it. But before you say it, it's your captive. So you have control over it before you say it. But once you say it, you have to deal with the consequences.

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So I'm going to briefly just run over some of the things

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that we might do with our tongues, things that could take us to Paradise, using our tongues and things that could take us to the hellfire. And that's exactly what the Prophet SAW Selim said in the Hadith says in the modular

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layout the kingdom will bill Kenema Minh sobre la here as our gel then we beefy Johanna Marissa in a hurry for that a man or a person speaks a word and it angers ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. This word has a sin has something bad in it.

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It could be swearing word could be backbiting. It could be tail carrying. It could be ridiculing someone making fun of someone. It could be slandering someone it could be

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it just insulting someone.

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So a person speaks a word and this word angers Allah subhanaw taala. It throws him down deep into the Hellfire by a distance of 70 years.

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We're in a module later later. Kilimo will Kelly methemoglobin Allah midrib Allah, Tala Talofa Warfield Jannetty metodologia. And a person speaks a word that pleases Allah, a goodly word could be a nice word, a word of kindness to someone, it could be an advice, sincere advice. And it could be a word of forgiveness. It could be a word of help to someone who needs some information, you give them that information. It could be a word of conflict, you give someone who's in distress. It could be a word from the Quran, you recite it. It could be a word of the Crusades Subhanallah and it came from your heart. It could be that one day you just thought about your mistakes. And you said a stuffed

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And that's that's the word, one word. And the problem says it raises that person in Paradise and the rocks in paradise 100 degrees higher one word. So that shows you the enormity of the tongue of what we say

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is a very powerful tool. And it could leave you either to paradise or to the hellfire. So we're going to start with the good things, the things that we can do with our tongues. First and foremost La ilaha IL Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, this testimony of Tawheed when you say a shadow Allah Allah, Allah, what a shadow a Nemo Hamadan, rasool Allah, this is the key to paradise. This is the key to Paradise, you say it from your heart, you enter Paradise, no one is going to enter paradise. Without this without this word. Without this key, no one can enter paradise.

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So that's the number one thing that you can do with your tongue. And you can enter paradise with that. And the prophets of Solomon says in the Hadith, conducted by even imagined that says, of God with decree La Ilaha, Illa, Allah the best have the courage to say Allah, Allah, Allah, that's the best of remembrance the best of the good. What else can you do with your tongue? reciting the Quran reciting the words of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and the Prophet SAW Selim said that the person of the Quran that will be sent to him on the day of judgment, a collar worker wallet will come a contact or a telephone duniya for intimate Zilla taka and carry it into kava recite as you used to

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recite in the dunya

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and your level in Paradise will be according to the the last area that you recite How many is that? You know you're going to with each hour you're going to be raised one level more up in paradise. So the Quran

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vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala after you pray your daily prayers, there's the vicar that you do SubhanAllah 33 times and Hamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 33 times in a in Allah where they will actually kill hamdulillah condition Cadet stuff for a lot of stuff for a lot of stuff a lot a lot of men to Salam o Minka Salam Tabarrok de Janeiro with a club. A lot of us say it unconsciously we don't think it's it's powerful. Its enormous with Allah subhanaw taala this could be the word that would make you into paradise.

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So something you say with your tongue could really raise your hi in paradise, vicar after salah, vicar of the morning and the evening of cattle Sabha he will Messiah

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random vicar throughout the day Subhan Allah Subhana Allah hamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah, Estelle fear Allah, all these types of videos that you can make the card of the Prophet sallallahu you send them when you do this, you're getting reward with your tongue, enormous reward. And Allah Subhana Allah says woman, woman s and O will Amenda in Allah wa amela Saudi and who's better than someone who's better in speech that someone who calls people to Allah, when you call to Allah when you advise people, when you show them guidance, and enlighten them about Allah subhanaw taala about his religion, what is better than this? Any kind of advice any kind of that way any kind of teaching

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education that you are doing? You are getting reward from Allah subhanaw taala for that.

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What else can you do with your tongue?

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Say good, we're all

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we're all in nationa Allah, Samantha says, and say to people that which is best, the sweetest of speech. That's why Allah Subhana Allah commands us to say to people, when you share a kind word with someone, you see them in distress, you see them in hardship, or you just you bump into them, you just say a nice word. How are you today? How's everything you're looking great? Is there anything I can do to help you simple words like these, these could enter you into Paradise because you're using your tongue to get you closer to Allah and inshallah to secure your place in paradise. So there is so much that you can do. There's so much that you can do in Belka him by him Allah Allah he says, a

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person couldn't be physically almost idle do nothing. Yet with their tongue they could reach the highest levels in Paradise because look at the greatest reward in Islam. A lot of it where does it come from? It comes from what you say you vicar and this is why the companion who came to the Prophet Solomon he said there was what Allah Indonesia Iran Islamic authority

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you know the legislations of Islam there's so many things for me to learn. So I'm it's hard for me to keep up for doolally I'm going atomistic will be hegemon. So show me something one thing that is so central, so pivotal, that when I hold on to it, it covers a great deal of Islam. The Prophet SAW Selim says liaison with the Sanlucar Autobahn in decree Allah keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah.

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And you've might think is just a word. No words are profound.

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Words are profound in human nature, words are profound. There are nations that raised based on words there are there are nations that decline and collapsed because of words. There are lives that are taken because of a word. And there's a life that is saved because of a word words are very powerful. Words are very powerful, and they are connected to the other of Allah. As was narrated correctly from

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three of the companions I'll even be a toilet

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and I'm not on the clock Bob. Dylan was only Allah who I know they said l Bella Omar, what cologne Bill Mantid l Bella, who hardship calamity trials.

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They are contingent on words, words could bring calamities to people to nations. So words are very powerful. Don't underestimate their power.

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So our words are powerful when we use them for the sake of Allah to do something good to say something good, say the truth. Never tell a lie. Say that which is true. And preserve your tongue from seeing something that doesn't benefit you in this dunya or in the DNA itself on matters of religion. By this you guarantee that your tongue will take you closer to Allah. By so by by huge amounts or with huge amounts of reward. You never expect.

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Just simple words, because your tongue is the guide for your heart. And it's a very powerful tool. So these are just general ways for us to become better Muslims to get closer to paradise and closer to Allah subhanaw taala by using this powerful tool called the tongue, Apolo Holyhead, our stock family will consist of

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hamdulillah here

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began Amin was Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad while early was like me, I remain. Now we move on to talk about things that we could use our tongues in. And these could take us to the hellfire and destroy everything in our lives.

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There is so much first of all, lying and deception.

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When we lie, and the prophets are sort of warned against lying, he said, Well, I guess Allah Raju yaki they were to help. Well, Kevin, had you October in the law, he could say that a person lies and they keep telling lies until they are written in the records with Allah as a liar as a liar. And he said prior to that, in the same Hadith, Jaco will care for in Al Qaeda by the ill Fujio.

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Beware of lying because lying leads you to engage in acts of voodoo lewdness, and evil people. As I said, People underestimate the power of the word. Sometimes we make what we say why lies, and we justify for ourselves that I can make this slide it's, it's an innocent light, and what happens with lying and lying that leads you to lead your character to deteriorate, and you will start finding it easy to do more evil.

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That's how it works. The tongue is very powerful. It could corrupt your character. So lying and deception, and untruthfulness is going to destroy you and will lead you to the hellfire.

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Backbiting. Well, I talked about the combat Allah or your hipbone had to come a year ago, he he made an for character move and never backed by one another. Never backstab one another.

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Does any of you like to eat the flesh of his brother when he is dead?

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That's what Backbiting is you eating the flesh of someone else? This is how despicable it is. But when we engage in it, we don't feel it. We actually enjoy the conversation, right? We enjoyed the conversation talking about someone

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when he's not there, even if it's true, because the prosecutor he warned against backbiting the companion said about 18 Can a female code. If that brother that I'm talking about or that person I'm talking about in his absence? I'm talking, I'm talking about this in truth. He has these traits. He has these issues. He has these faults. The Prophet SAW Selim says in Cana fi, he forgot the Windermere confy, he forgot that. If it's true, what you're saying about that person, in his absence is true, then you are backbiting if it's untrue, you're slandering him.

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So Backbiting is true. But you're not supposed to say it. You're not supposed to say it. What else

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using words of lewdness and indecent words in general, full language.

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A Muslim is not supposed to engage in this. The prophets of salaam says, Listen, Muslim, mobile Fashi will be a believer or a Muslim is not someone who uses bad language, full language, in decent words, he doesn't use that heed. He doesn't use he doesn't call people names. I believe it doesn't engage in this. That's how the prophets of salaam describes the believer. We don't do this.

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What else you can do with your tongue is

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engage in something that is covered. That's a disbelief to say something about Allah which is not true. Say something about Islam, which is not true.

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Entertaining, bad things doubts about the truth, like spreading doubts about Islam, for example, saying something that's untrue about Allah subhanaw taala or about the world of the unseen, something we must undertake as a leader, you cannot talk about something that which is to the contrary of what Islam entails.

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And that's a great that's a great type of evil. And what follows from this is to speak about Islam without knowledge. Speak about Islam without knowledge. Allah subhanaw taala says what a top performer Lee seller can be here in in some our masala well for kulula, Iike, Khanna and Hamas order and do not engage in something you have no knowledge about. Do not engage in something you have no knowledge about. Because you're hearing your sight and your ability to comprehend your heart and your mind. All of these will be questioned.

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They will be screened on the Day of Judgment they will be scrutinized and you will be judged about everything you said made or even things you thought about in an active manner.

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So you have to be careful about what you say

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A lot of us Allah Subhan Allah says what I truly matters, to Komal Kariba Khaled waha the Haram only to follow Allah Allah him. Allah Subhana Allah says don't describe don't say about things halal and haram and thus making lies against Allah saying something untrue about Allah.

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You cannot say about something halal or haram if you do not have proper knowledge about it, proper knowledge about it, if you do not come from a position of knowledge, you cannot talk about the religion of Allah. And even like remember the heavy he considered talking about any matter in religion without complete and proper knowledge. He considered this to be one of the major sins one of the cupboard and he quoted the verse what Allah Subhana Allah says he never had will not be alpha Hashem alcohol I mean one button well if my Well basically I believe will help well initially Comilla him Allah Muna will be here so we're gonna we're Interpol Allah Allah He may Allah Tala moon

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that were Allah made has what Allah made Haram is the fo a hash every act of lewdness and indecency.

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The apparent ones and the subtle hidden ones,

00:26:12--> 00:26:19

and transgression and evil in general that you oppress others you transgress the limits of others.

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And that you associate partners with Allah in worship, and that you say about Allah, that which you have no knowledge about. And when the meaning of you say about Allah, something you have no knowledge about is that you say either about Allah Himself, or about the Command of Allah, about the religion of Allah. This is halal and this haram, sometimes we think it's being religious, to name as many things as possible to make them haram.

00:26:46--> 00:26:52

That's being religious. That's exactly and this way she could have something to me and he says

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to Hareem will halali I should do her method methylene haram.

00:26:59--> 00:27:32

She had something here he says making something taking something halal and making it haram is worse than make it taking something haram and making it halal. He said both are evil. Both are evil and a violation against Allah subhanaw taala. But you cannot say about something when you do not have proper knowledge above. You cannot say this is Helen this Hello. And that's not for everyone. This is only for the people of knowledge. Otherwise, you will be transgressing the limits of Allah subhanaw taala. So this is a bad thing that we do with our tongues, we do with our tongues and we we don't even realize we're doing something.

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the last thing I want to warn about which we call a level which is idle talk, you just have conversation with the conversations with there's no benefits, no benefit in religion, no benefit to your heart, no benefit to your soul, no benefit to your practice of Islam or no benefit to your family, to the welfare of your family, to your work and your business. Just passing time killing time by just having a conversation talking about things that do not concern you or not concern anyone.

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This is a waste of time. And the problem is that we will be questioned about our time on the day of judgment and the time that you waste on idle talk. That is pointless. You can use it to benefit yourself otherwise Aloma Flaminia Muslim you know when Muslim I live here in normal and what Allah muffling I don't know when I was rough and it ended with a bit of them and I won't stop now lol oh me Catherine Allahu McAleenan mastaba fina Minella mommy and if equally makan Allah marketing Dima en la muslin ad all the home alone my Fulani him Dean on what email and on Allah MacWilliams Lemina if equally makan Allah MacWilliams Domina Fucoidan makan Allah Azza Bibliotek that agility when it

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Karim Allah on my photojournalism see me and I saw a lot on my footage on your Muslim you never saw along my footage and mostly me and saw Allah who made me no matter where I do either yelled at me and be like medicate

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me somehow not because obesity is a phone. My cell phone I'm on Alamo city now