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Villa Villa Villa dimino salatu salam ala Shafi mousseline so you know Muhammad Ali he was a Marine, a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Oh, praise, worship and thanks being to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Most Merciful, the most kind, initiative Allah Allah, Allah will be witnessed that man has the right to be worshipped besides Allah subhana wa Tada. And we also last panel, except from us all our activity by that will exit from the Hajaj all the acts of worship. Allah have mercy upon this oma, Allah forgive our sins and guidance. May Allah subhanho wa Taala sin our love greetings and salutations to beloved Debbie Mohammed. Similarly, we send them to his pious and pure family to his companions, and all those who follow the student of Levy, Mohammed Salam until the end of time.

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Allah bless us to be upon the student of NaVi Mohammed solo Salaam in this dunya and in this companionship in the meanwhile

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Alhamdulillah Allah subhana wa tada build up to Allah who chooses nucleates and he selects, he creates certain places and he makes them only certain places are holier than other places. He creates certain individuals of the knee braces was no Booyah at certain times of the loss of 100, the other who escalated all of time, and he chooses some of them to be special times. Amongst those very, very special times. We're about to enter. In fact, the most special time of the year. We have four months in the year which are sacred for months in the year which are sacred haram haram side notes, you will know that when the man when the hedges go to market, they go into the Haram and when

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they go into the state of Iran. And when you go in the second ETS is no this book is haraam. What is all this about? What is the link between forbidden and Haram in Makkah and haram it's got to do sacred meaning sanctified, meaning the laws are very strict, that this thing is you cannot you cannot violate its regulations. So you go to Mecca, the land inside that area is sacred the animals the trees, you can't even put a leave of when you in the state of Iran, your only becomes sacred. And therefore when Allah says these four months are Haram, they are holy in the sense that no fighting should happen. And more so than any other times of the year. They should be a way we should

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not commit sin, in particular the sins that harm other people. For months of the losses, there should be no fighting, no war, they should all stop those four months, or Rajab al Qaeda number 11 which were in the ledger, which will start in the month of Hajj and haram the first month of these four months are sacred months. And all of this is frequency three of them are together 1112 and one together, three of these months are together. The most sacred of them, of course is the month of the hijab, which is the month in which Hajj occurs and the most sacred time of the hedger. So amongst you have the year 12 allocated, the 1240 selected is wholly of that full, one is very, very sacred

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in terms of the hijab, and inside that the hijab, they obtain very special days. These are in fact the holiest days on the face of the earth every single year, the most love days where a lot of these 10 days of the hedger and a lot of swears by the law mentions them in the Quran when he says Well, fudger I swear by the budget the morning time, what I add in Azure, and the 10 nights, but the tough series, the 10 days of the hedger I was I swear by these days, these holiness of these days, we are about to enter these 10 days. And naturally, when we look at the last 10 nights of Ramadan, we've had 20 days of fasting, Ramadan mode, the shaitaan is locked up everyone is in the state of Nevada,

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we're all on a on a high. And of course, the something special in the last 10 nights of Ramadan it has led to color which is no equal to that. So it is later two quarters it really makes those teen nights very special, we searching for that.

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But now that we're not in Ramadan, we're not fasting, you know, we are continuing with our lives, it's easy for these 10 days to come and go. And we don't have that same. You know, that same drive as we have in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, when in fact these 10 days or holier knows 10 days of Ramadan. Look at the Hadith and the source of them says Hadith which is in body they are no days in which ibadah righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days, no days in the year, you will get more reward more bonus reward than if you do them in these 10 days that are coming 10 days off the first 10 days of the hedger meaning if you force a nuclear ban and you give charity and you

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make Salah, great reward when you do it in those 10 days it is multiplied like you cannot believe how much how much is it so hard to see. You mean if I do one good deed in those 10 days, it is more than any other good deed out of those 10 days is nothing

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Better than when I was only one exception. The only thing which is better is what? The US even jihad. So the prophecy is only in the case of a man who fights jihad, with his money and his wealth, what is wealth and he's banished himself his person and he comes back with nothing he makes shade. So, context.

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Very word for ineffable deed in these 10 days what you get in return is more than any other deed you could do. If you do an Amara, outside these 10 days, and you recite Quran in these 10 days, you get moody award for that in any other deed done outside of a novel. The photo has a different level of Ramadan, fasting secca, the font of sada that is the word on its own. It's a different tier altogether. The only exception is jihad. Only the man who makes Jihad and he dies in Jihad that he would have a Shaheed is more than the man who makes and uses these 10 days, you can get a higher reward if we utilize these 10 days fully. So we're really entering a very special, special time of

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the problem. This also says there is no deed more precious in the sight of Allah nor will always give you a greater reward than a good deeds done during these 10 days of sacrifice these 10 days of the pager and the Sahaba good answer question not even jihad. you telling me out of Sula, a man will give sadaqa he puts money in the towel in these 10 days he's gonna get more reward than a man who makes jihad. He says yes, except event man goes out and he dies he only then will that man get more reward Swan Allah.

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Allah gives these bonus opportunities to balance the scales. Allah subhana wa tada in his mercy, he knows that we send light and they constantly continuously when he gives these bonus opportunities, just catch a little closer and you get a lifetime of reward. Just do a deed in these 10 days something special and it will be magnified so much so that it makes up for the deficit. That is of the the favors Allah gives this special amount you and me so we can't let these days go by with nothing more Hadith on this. The prophet SAW Selim, he commanded the Sahaba so what did should we do? We don't in Ramadan. We of course the base deed you could do in these 10 days is Hajj. And if we

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imagine the man, the woman that is fortunate enough, not only does he get the bonus of these 10 days, he gets the bonus of doing a fault hedge in these days, and you didn't imagine now that you would feel if this is for us, you're making Vicar and Quran simple deeds, and it's more rewarding than even Jihad besides for the child. What about the man who makes Hutch so the hajjaj really they are placed and they are the gifts of a lot. Only a very select few get selected by Allah subhanaw taala but for those of us who are not fortunate enough to be on Hajj this year, may Allah granted all of us can perform Hajj soon, with the prophets of Salaam commanded the Sahaba to recite a lot of

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test be Subhana Allah, intermediate hamdulillah and takbeer Allahu Akbar during this time of the luminometer the son of Satan Norman, Oklahoma will be pleased both of them said they are no de se The Prophet said they are no days greater in the sight of Allah in which righteous deeds are more beloved to him than these 10 days. So during this time, make a lot of La ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar will hamdulillah and soprano make as much as we can as you can, while you sit in the car in traffic while you sit at your desk at work make as much each one's Viola is like mountains of good deeds being added to your skill. Each one is bringing Baraka in this life and in the Acura each one

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is putting a light in the cabinet we're going into one day's vinyl, each one is going to be a form of justification for us today of the day of kiama each one is planting of trees in general. So make as much of cut as we can. That's the easiest thing we can do as much as hard as we can in these these special days.

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What else can we do? So at the very least makeup Cara Subhana Allah hamdulillah as much as you can, what else can you do? These 10 days are very special, in that you can fast and it shouldn't actually be fast, that nine days of the hijab, the nine days of course, you can't force the 10th of the hijab, the 10th is right the 10th day is the day of law inside Nokia. It is even believed that the 10th day of eating at ha is the holiest day of the year.

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The holiest day of the year is

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and to symbolize how Holy hajis scholars have even you know usually we link Edo fitted with Ramadan. And yes it is. But if you look at is the beginning of the Hajj season in the past when you could when you have to travel like a year to get to Mecca. The walk of hedge began from Eden fitter, the first of show one and ends with

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a nice finish. So people would enjoy so it's as if though the two ends is a starting and ending point for actually

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The pilgrimage of Hutch that's to show you how how big hug is in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there's no day that Allah forgives Muslims than the day of the day of arafah. That day, more people are forgiven on the face of the earth than any other day of the year. And this is not only for the hedges, this is only for the hedges, not all of them to be forgiven, but as as well. So these 10 days or these nine days the best we can do if you're not an overall hedge is too fast, too fast. And I speak to myself was very difficult to force panel How difficult is it to force outside of Ramadan but to force these nine days if you can force all nine one hamdulillah what exactly would

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outside of Ramadan is a hadith mentions one sooner they are fasting is 70 years distance Allah Allah what is 70 years of light years, whatever it might be from Jana, you are a barrier is put between you and janam, the length of 70 years, let's assume that they forced you let's just any other day of fasting. These days, we said are so much more powerful and special. If you can fast online, if you can't add fast, maybe the Monday the Thursday. And if you can't even do that, then at least each and every one of us must fast on the day of alpha, we must fast on the day of alpha, because in that day, the first thing for the non Haji project don't force in this day for is it's not the time for

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you to force if you but for us. We fast and you get two years of forgiveness. Allah forgives every single sin of 2017 or every single set of 2018 every single set of 2019 SubhanAllah. One day of fasting, there is no equivalent to that. There is no day other than the days of Ramadan, that is greater in terms of power of fasting, the day of arafah yes now comes in this controversial question. When are these nine days and when is the day of arafah Allah and we leave that for you to decide. We know that for example, in Saudi Arabia, they saw the moon and Today's the first day. As for you and me today is the last day of the gather from tomorrow from a South African calendar

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perspective. The first will come in and Allah Allah, Allah knows best Allah judges sincerity. This is one of those very difficult things which goes back to the beginning of when we had calendars and Moon sightings and Moon fightings. Forced as much as you can, some will false when the judge and I personally feel that's the correct opinion, I will force when the judge if Allah allows me to when I see the judge on alpha, I will force to coincide with them. This will be next week, Saturday, I believe next week, Saturday is the developer.

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And for those who feel they want to fast, and then they're going to continue with the South African calendar, they will force on Sunday as well, Saturday and Sunday, a lot of them so we'll keep it on Sunday. So we'll keep it on Monday what happened and I will say this is not the issue. This is not the issue, but these times a year and a lot of whose rewards the intention and the effort.

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What else can we do? As we said, fasting is the best thing and we know all the rewards of fasting as Allah says, the fasting itself you all know the hadith of fasting, Allah says every single deed has a specific reward. So when Allah says this knows a Hadith, which you all know where Allah says himself. Now besides even saying this, Allah is saying this, that every deed the son of Adam does is for himself, except fasting, which is for me, meaning what? It's one of those deeds fasting, which doesn't have a specific reward, there's no limit to it. If you give charity, the sort of a maximum that Allah will give you multiplies it. But for fasting, there is no upper limit to that. Fasting is

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an open ended reward over gives you because it's a personal one between you and Allah. But if it's health that you need, if it's forgiveness that you need, if it's Baraka, you need Allah subhana wa tada will bless you with that in terms of fasting, this and especially would in the accurate meaning, just like you kept your ibadah secret no one can see us fasting or not. Allah says that he will the secret that I give you on pm. And of course Allah subhanaw taala will give you what you want the most.

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The prophets of Salaam was reported to have fostered we see the nine days of the hijab. And the day of Ashura, Fujiwara when we get the end the three days each month, meaning 14 1314 and 15 of every month used to force them and he would force Mondays and Thursdays as part of life we can do these days. Really, this is really really this is an emulation of the student of Nabil Mohammed. So we can't do every every many of us we don't force Mondays and Thursdays most of us. And if you can't do Mondays and Thursdays we try at least three months of the of the three days of the month. The Odd day is the middle days, if we can't do that, at least the days of alpha and assura we have to do it

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because in that you capture years of forgiveness years of forgiveness.

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as we said the judge will stand on

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on Saturday. Next week in sha Allah Allah granted the rich the safe and sound, they'll be no calamities, no issues, and we all have them as they stand on the plains of Africa. inshallah. Next week, we'll talk about what's happening on Hajj because

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In reality next week Friday the project will be going to mean really begins to hedge and we'll talk so that we can feel part of it we can feel part of it. It's amazing, but it's behind a lot to something for you to think about as well. You and I are not on hatch, but we will enjoy an eat

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Ramadan we usually all falls together and we will get to eat together. But this heads This is for the pilgrims really it's for the judge but the whole man will get the benefit meaning that he would we can be part of the Hajj in some regard. We can go to our fires we can make the lava inside but we can put burn and we can force and we can of course magnify Allah subhana wa tada and we can make that beer. So let's eat is also for us. And therefore the rewards the judge gets part of it is for us. That's why the Hadith is we said when the recent says there is no day in which Allah fees more people from the fire of Jana than the day of alpha. This is not just for the judge. This is for all

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of us. So that day of alpha as the Hajaj for those of you who have not been on Hajj.

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Mina has a ritual jamara mcheza ritual of anti muslim rituals every place but the most important they are of no rituals, no drama, no talk, no side, even Salah is made. Sure. So when you do an artifact, it is purely Do you just sit in a corner from the rental model talking to Allah and ask Him for His forgiveness. Now we can't be an alpha, but we can sit maybe on that Saturday. And inshallah maybe next week we'll try and have a program to talk about having a program in the masjid so that we can really make use of this day. We can really this shouldn't be another Saturday that goes like any other Saturday, we should take the time to make dua as in a manner which we

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footsoldiers majesty and what doesn't need to ascend to decent and this is a manual to facilitate majesty. But in just in terms of this is not, this is an acronym to the judge who we know Allah draws near to them as if he comes to the lowest summer

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looking forgive them while being in the highest amount above the summer doesn't make a difference. This is supplied to Allah, but for the judge, knowing that Allah has little near to them, and extinction closer to us as well. This is an ad Allah is sort of coming closer to say, mystified I'm here to give you that forgiveness, megabyte so I can reward you ask of my teacher so I can give you so it's not late that Saturday go without fasting without extra emphasis in Nevada.

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The results Allah advised the judge so again, simple thing. What can I decide during these 10 days? What can I decide during the walk of

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the height of the law and how often should I decide on and so then a visa is the biggest victory you can make? So there is difference between doula and Vicar to are you asking? Yeah, Allah give me grace me Forgive me. Money, wealth, wife, husband, whatever it might be. That's when this Vicar which is praising Allah thanking Allah magnifying Allah and you always begin with the kid first. And then you ask for me, me, me, you are you praise for las panatela Soraka have examples a good example will begin by praising Allah thanking him when we say Allah give me guidance. So I should ask what is the best thing we can say on alpha? So for the hedges, and I'm sure that your friends one hedge

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they should know this, they would know this. The best Victor you can make an alpha is La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika. Makoto hamdulillah coalition Cody. The law in the law is none worthy of worship, but Allah alone, la sharika. He has no partners that will move Him To Him belongs everything, all affiliations, what would happen to every praise and thanks to him.

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And he has power over everything veto power besides his power. So this is

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if you don't know it by heart in Arabic, good chance to learn it. And so while you sit in traffic while you sit at your desk at work on Saturday, john out of just repeat this over and over there in La Liga.

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coalition in Canada, in Nova Scotia, Nicola, Nicola Hamdulillah, coalition Cody, repeat this over and over the profits of salami Sing to the hedges on alpha. This is the best you can say. This thing that you can say has the most power, the most powerful phrases you can send out of these. So we also know the hadith of few other Hadith and maybe Musa Musashi, Allah Spano. Dada, teach me because unlike any other because teach me some words, powerful special words that you've never told anyone else. And so all the talking La ilaha illAllah.

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This is so generic. Everyone says this. But then these things are these words, this phrase, that's the thing that gets you to gender. This is the thing that forgives all your sins. This is the thing that he was on the scale, nothing is greater than that. So we see these words hoping that we die with a kalama on our lips. I mean

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so make these off car

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Of course the next best deed you can do this decode you can do is forcing you can do this too or you can do on the day of modifying every other day. The base deed as well something special for this time is called upon to sacrifice. This is one of the rituals of Hajj that we as non Jews can also participate in. Allah has allowed us to get the reward of quarter band without being in Mena Qurbani. So the parts of the rituals of Hajj when the Haji wants to exit the harem, one of the things he has to do is he has to sacrifice. We need to ask what's the symbolism of sacrifice, Allah says in the Quran, the blood and the meat does not reach Allah, and I was not fit but of course

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Allah does not need to meet. But this is symbolic of you freeing yourself from jiangnan life for life. And of course, in that that meet goes and feeds for people who don't have, we know the story of an obese man, he was meant to be slaughtered by Allah, Allah told me by him, sacrifice this value for me Give it up for me and then also don't slow to him rather slaughter a sheep. Now this is symbolic of everything of hypersexual symbolism. It is to give up a bad life it is to remove yourself from one bad state to another. And that's why also when the when the child is born, the only other time we really slaughter these a few times in the shadows, so to number one on Hajj, you

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also slowly if you make a mistake, he makes a mistake. So it is a means of

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forgiveness. It's a get out of jail free card I flew to the ship so Allah saves me from Jana. It's not the cheap that is it's me that gets taken out of janam. That's what happens. Then. The other form of course is in Africa, which we'll talk about inshallah, when a new child is born is a form of sugar and Iran similar prediction. Like a vaccination, Allah gives the child through an Akiko, so when we could bond we get this kind of Baraka blessings, there's no specific IDs I could find him. Maybe someone can find for me specifically word for put upon on the day of aid. I couldn't find the Hadith on that. But it is we know it is a confirmed Sunnah to do it even if you're not a hygiene

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factor, like the Hanafi madhhab have said it's YG at anyone who can afford to corbon mosquito ban, but the majority of scholars have said it should never occur. It is a great reward to put a ban on the day of eat, to quote a ban on the day of eat. And Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah T one Suki Amaya Amati lillahi Rabbil alameen Valley Allah to you is my PSA. My sacrifice my good man

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my life and my days is for a lot alone everything is for you. Yeah, Allah. Allah says in our clinical COVID for suddenly the rock become 100 so make sada and suitor for Allah and make make corbon for LASIK for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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so the Prophet peace be upon him, encourage us to ban so if you want to put a ban outside of Ramadan outside of Atlanta, you'll get the word sheep and distribute the meat that's a charity sock and feeding people fantastic. Wonderful. If you do it in on the day of aid, you get a special great reward. This is of the sooner of corbon How do we do this you have to do it on the day of eat after the eat swallow after the water feed. And if you intend to do that and I see Al Hamdulillah This is something which wasn't very commonly and before but people are picking up this that you know that you follow the hijab in that if you intend to korban you can cut your nails and your hair you can

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remove your hair and your nails your skin during the first nine and up until your animal is slaughtered until your animal is slaughtered you're like kind of in a mini ROM in kind of a mini ROM so if you didn't know that you tend to go down when today's your last day to be the captain shavano never you'll be a bit with her on the sheriff always but any other areas you should shave your nails you hate today's the last day before market so the barbers you know they see some business today

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of course even Marcus cannon an

00:23:57--> 00:24:10

alum leave that moon fighting for another time. But nonetheless you're not supposed to come and shave like the hedges they don't do they're not allowed within the state of Iran when they mistake the Vietnam so

00:24:12--> 00:24:18

let's talk a little bit about this. Some people have asked me a few questions and before I I want to elaborate on this

00:24:19--> 00:24:27

if you shave his head on his or her arm it's macro the majority view is macro but

00:24:28--> 00:24:59

he did mention it in terms of do not do it if you want to put a ban but don't cut your hair or your nails until the animal until the animal is is slaughtered right so but it's my crew the majority of the majority of the Shafi mother in particular seasons makuu disliked doesn't invalidate my quota ban that's my could ban get nullified now no doesn't affect to put bandit or there is no who pay a double Cubana de de da double coupon for us. No no no dumb but perhaps make you safer and tober for that

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Here's an interesting one. I want to quote ban I pay Majid varano Islam which they are doing to show to my sheep for me to I have to does not have to cut his nails because he's the guy slaughtering me. Who's the one that Muslim cut the nails? The one who intended the Quran, right? The person who intended the Quran. So if you are binding on behalf of your mom, even though you're paying the money, but it's her needs for her when she is the one that shouldn't cut the nails. And also quick, interesting question I want to ban it must be done on the day of eat. But now my sheep has been banned in Mali. So I want to give it for the people there. But it is a different day here and the

00:25:40--> 00:26:20

window I could run basically the cheapest we could run when he keeps it on his eat day. So the question so if it's eating South Africa, then the sheep will be slaughtered that day. If it's eating maca, then even though the person paying for the carbon hasn't reached it, no problem. The sheet must be could have been on it on his way for that GPS understand. So interesting questions. Other questions with regards to corbon? Can I have multiple people getting ready? What are the corbon? Can I near this on behalf of myself, my family and you know the mustard seed? Can I do this? Yes, because no visa slam did that when he floated and just a few months before he passed away he

00:26:20--> 00:26:39

performed Hajj he slaughtered he said and abyssal Salaam actually said this. I intend to show to the sheep on behalf of Mohammed himself. So Salaam, my family and my whole oma and we hope that includes us even after that we came after the fact the oma gets the reward of the slaughter of NaVi Mohamed Salah.

00:26:40--> 00:26:41

So you can see

00:26:43--> 00:27:22

that he would can be shaved. But here's the interesting thing here is the difference between an obligation, the near and the reward. Once she per person, that she can only belong to one person, but that person can share the reward. So maybe let's make it specific on the day of unhatched you have to you are required you as part of the Haji he must put ban. You can't say well we as a family are going to put up on one sheet together will Nia on behalf of all of us know the needs for one person, but that he wore the shade. You understand this kind of makes sense that he was issued. So if you're going to put a bond it must be for someone specific for you or the mom or someone is

00:27:22--> 00:27:57

deceased. So Pamela very good thing, someone that has passed away to get rewards in the cupboard. Now remember, carbon is symbolic of being set free, but it's not going to die. Is it free symbolic? Have you made a Senegalese agenda? So now the cheap is the ransom for you? The Akiko is also ransom we don't know mom, dad, grandma grandfather, which state they are in the public. Could they be off? It's a freedom for them from whatever the Mullah grant, all those are fastway genital Filipinos. I mean, it was so yes, you can put ban on behalf of a lot of people, but it should be specific in in that

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the province of Salem, you know the NEA. We said yeah, he said for my home. Now we talked a little bit Akiko like and again, I'm responding to a number of questions that came in what is better for me? What is the difference between corbon would hear them a pika? What is this? So what types of one of those means sleuth a sheep we got a chicken doesn't count sheep or a goat. Or you can see seven people can see a camel, a Oxo a cow. So they Yes, it counts for seven sheep, one camel counts for seven GB you can cheat.

00:28:31--> 00:29:04

You could burn generic term for multiple slots, you can slaughter for a number of things. As I said, you can slow down if you've made a mistake, like a certain sin, then it's a way of forgiving yourself. But that's a compulsory one you have to do it, you can put here which is what we're going to do now it's an act of divider to draw near to Allah. And in an od here, when you study when you put a band because of a sin, you can't chain that meet that meet must go to charity. But when you when you do a good band for the sake of worship, then you can keep a third of the meat for yourself and the prophecy, a prophet himself. Then you can choose one third your relatives, your neighbors,

00:29:04--> 00:29:44

the people you can choose basically, you know which people should get people close to you. And one third should go generally to charity. Maybe you give it to soup kitchen or you give it to any poor person. That's good here Kobani what you're going to do a pika we say this for the child that is born and it follows the same rules as could have been the Akiko, you can you also will keep a third distribute the third with loved ones and one third will go to charity. What is a kicker? He says that every child when Allah gives you the child, the sort of a deposit that you have to clear a ransom you have to pay like you know someone can bail you have to give and the bail for that child

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is in Africa to for the boy one for the girl to sheep for the boy, one for the girl. Now many of us may be our parents didn't do the applica What do I do? Know what is if it didn't happen, no issue. It is sooner to perform in a pika within seven days when your child is born.

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

As soon as you can, if your parents have not accounted for you, you don't really for yourself. It's an obligation of your dad or your mom to do to Antarctica. But if you have a child, and you went to Africa, Phineas, you Akiko for them, and you can near that as a coupon for them as well, but now the ship is full for Ayesha for her like she was born Mashallah, so she gets an Akita and you're near a Cuba, so it has, oh, you can make it here. It's up to you, you can decide. So you can do both. You can join the Akiko with an old hair with a coupon. Now on it, if you want to, you can do that and I'm sure the forms will ask you for that.

00:30:39--> 00:31:07

So the more correct view is that you can do it together you can do the A pika and could band together and with one Nia so Subhanallah there is flexibility in this. And the meat. As we said with a kicker, you can either give all of it in just in charity, or you can keep one third and two thirds goes goes in charity. Allah subhana wa tada offers us these opportunities to purchase our agenda and to purchase an easy ticket away from Jana.

00:31:09--> 00:31:46

People ask, Is it better for us to Akiko locally or corbon locally or internationally? Again, it's up to you if you feel that swana law is a certain country which is in need no problem. If you feel that the need is here, no problem you can decide whether you do it Yes, of course, it is better for you if you do it with your own hand. It is certainly you can do it with your debit and a visa Salim is loaded 100 100 on how much you should 100 achieve 100 coupons only need to do one either 163 he did with his own hands. And some mentioned because he left for 63 years, one for each year of his life, the other 37 he told say, Daddy, please finish the job. You should so no problem someone can

00:31:46--> 00:32:27

slow down for you. But of course with your own hand if you can, without hurting the animal Of course, without hurting the animal. You can do that. And yes, of course, it is better as we know to do it with love. you're sacrificing something you love like nobody's naito supposed to be sacrifice. It is something you do, but we it is the greatest need. Some people ask Can non Muslims get the good bonhomie? Yes, of course, non Muslims can get this good binary only in the case of Zakah only any charity, by default, you can give charity to any Muslim non Muslim. Now what is only Sokka is very strict soccer to fit the soccer soccer who can get the some strictness in that but any charity you

00:32:27--> 00:33:03

give Muslim non Muslim a lot doesn't look a lot looks at the poverty and the near the facility that you're going to give. So don't feel bad to put on here and share with the people in this land or corbon in Syria and the places that are difficult, and Allah grant that that meter reaches them. So you can put by as I said the machine is offering a service as well. But there are many many opportunities out there so don't miss out. If for example, you know, codeine is a bit expensive and you want to do another country a few 100 dentists do that no problem what hamdulillah do that lastly the some strange concepts I've heard two strange things I don't know this this comes from one that

00:33:03--> 00:33:47

the Khubani sheep the meat must be beating over the bones was repeated specifically, there's no studies like that generally bones should be disposed of in a in a respectable manner. We know it's the food of the gene, but to be specifically the bones of the Khubani sheep, a special kind of video is no Genesis or anything special with the sheep that is called banned. Also, some people strange they castrate the sheep before. And if they remove the male organ from the sheep before could ban This is wrong, actually harming the animals Haram. haram Haram. The only reason why someone's asked we do these beliefs come from this restriction in the Sharia. You should not put a ban a deficient

00:33:47--> 00:34:21

animal, an animal that's blind, you can't put don't give that to Allah, an animal with a broken leg. Don't give it to Allah. But now some animals have a deficiency in the sexual organ, you know, the male organ doesn't work properly with castrated the sheep. Can this animal be caught banned? So this is the recent quarter banned animals that were castrated, meaning this is not regarded as a deficiency, it doesn't mean that we have to castrate all the male animals first, right? That's a belief and of course, how bad is the ship before he gets good value castrate him don't do the spine a lot of these core values you can obviously skin Him and do all that but so just something for us

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

to note and to be gentle and loving with the sheep to be gentle and loving. How do we give no draw near to Allah by army by army occasional ma The first thing that I've mentioned when you spoken in we'll talk about this inshallah. Maybe next week, the first thing you spoke about, was about the sanctity of life and blood, all of the sexual tension. What is the point of idolizing virtualising, Acaba and ihraam and all these things, when you have no respect for insan and for the creations of Allah, that's, these are the symbols of Allah. So Allah bless us in this walk, and the only time when we get the full benefits of it. Insha Allah for those who would like to put a ban

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

You can choose we have a bunch of slots set Sunday or Monday whichever day you'd like to choose. morning, afternoon, evening you can choose the food ban will be done for you. You can you can participate you can do it, it will be distributed with whatever you want to do if you want to we also have our soup kitchen if you want to look for a place to give the meat soup kitchen is there as well so you can speak to the toilet in the back inshallah or you can take down the number and further Hajj course for those of you who would like to know what happens on Hajj you want to be part of it. At least listen to the Hajj course the USBs available. Any questions concerns, comments

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whispers you might have come Sakura hate Islam Allah como la vida barakato