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Post Isha Khaterah

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The speaker discusses the importance of Islam and how it is a culture that needs to be existed. They also talk about the use of the "has been praying for" in the context of the culture and how it is a practice that is not just a routine thing. The speaker also mentions a recent award for a woman who came to the facility for a simple act of prayer.

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yada yada yada. Well the Allahu Anhu call calling the views of Allah Allah Salam

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that Ethan a collection of both haughty and Muslim and rate was bad prayer. And this is within the theme that I started yesterday the significance and importance of of masjid and I'm going to try and shed light on certain aspects that maybe

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we should we should be more attentive to in terms of how we run, massage and how we view them how we treat them, whether as,

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as attendees, people just come to it, or people run it and actually take care of it. On both sides. There's a culture that needs to exist, then I think we can do better at Charlotte that and hopefully we're hearing the profit out of your slot too. As I'm talking about these things. We'll we'll come to that realization that as Muslims, there's really no way that a Muslim young man should go through a 24 hour period without entering a masjid unless they definitely cannot for some reason, like there must be a really good reason for that person not to do it. Any like maybe COVID or something that aside from that maybe they should show up at least once to a masjid because there's a meet there's

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it's very meaningful on so many levels. And it goes similar to Muslim women as well. Maybe not on daily basis, but whenever they can, because this place here serves more than one function. And he says on the assaults down the Hadith tonight he says, eager to to suddenly, Honeycomb, Madame femal Salah who led the salah fee Malamute this, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah who are humble. The first part of this hadith he says, the angels continue to perform salah upon upon you and you know the word in your Salah Allahu Allah. When we talk about the profile of your soul to a cemetery son Allahu alayhi salam o in Allah home Anna, it could be any hula do solemnly alikhan For example, in the Quran, so

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the concept of Salah comes from connection that's the meaning of the word sunnah. And Allah subhana performs his connection with people different than we can actually be performed with him. We perform it through this ritual that we just finished. Allah subhana performs that differently through me showing compassion or mercy or forgiveness or love. And that's understood obviously. So the melodica they do it in different ways. They do it through making dua for you, that's how they perform their Salah towards you by making dua for you. So melodica will continue to perform salah upon a person once they prayed and they stay in the spot in the message where they prayed

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Malamute later as long as they didn't ruin their will do.

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So you come to me and you pray, but at the time that you're sitting there for whatever time that may be, you're listening to me babble away on something. So the time that you're sitting there as long as you have it last year we'll do it go standing there saying Allahu Allahu Allah hamara humble, like are saying they're making Oh ALLAH forgive this person, oh Allah grant of compassion and mercy to this person. And that's obviously an extremely important thing that we should all you know, take a moment and think about.

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Well, I don't insert Wi

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Fi Salatin, my net your Salah to be su ly um now who onion polybags de la li la sala. And a person is considered in the masjid within prayer me they're getting the job under the award of Salah Amma Frodo, which is obviously the highest Angel you can get. As long as they are only in the masjid because of Salah that they came. They had no other intention. He didn't come to try and finish a deal. They didn't come looking for something that they lost. They came for Sona. And as long as they're stuck in the masjid and the reason that they came was for Salah. They continue to get the pleasure for Salah as long as they're in the masjid. The only thing that's holding them back from

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going home and relaxing is the fact that they came for prayer and whatever comes after it. So if you come to the masjid in Ukraine, as you sit after Salah just for a few moments, maybe doing a little speaker decode or even just sitting there doing nothing, then it goes standing behind you and they are making dua for you. And as long as you're sitting there with no other intention, besides the fact that you came to the masjid for prayer, you are getting the award of a full prayer for as long as you sit here. For as long as you stay here you get the agenda for as if you're praying as if you're standing in performing an obligatory act of prayer, because you came here for no other

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reason. And that's why when I told you yesterday about the Hadith the Prophet of

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Allah Hema says that the place he loves the most and massages because of that, because when you come and your intention is only to serve God only to connect with Allah subhanaw taala to remind yourself of where you should be, then everything around you is synchronizing to benefit you whether it's through dua or through the reward that continues to be accumulated and calculate it for you as you sit there but that is the beauty of sitting if sitting in a masjid and staying a little bit and with no other intention for no other reason. You want to be che hon FEMA taka Li and I'd be Murata Radi Allahu Anhu call Bala Nabil Salah Haile you earlier CIBJO Salam, and eager to to suddenly a

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honeycomb Madame fi Musala hula de sala de la Mujer div Allah whom MacGuffin Allahu Allah whom are hum whom, while I as a hydrocone

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via Salatin makine at your Salah to be su who I am now who onion kaliba Isla de la sala sadakazu Allah He said Allah Allah you are you CIBJO Salam Subhanallah lo and behold dicussion Allah Allah. So if you go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in earlier so I was reading the sha Allah tomorrow, July is at 115 sharp insha Allah and it's the first come first serve. We'll see you there inshallah Tada Jomo Mubarak and shoulders