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Fasting, there is nothing like it

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Abu Bakr Zoud

Channel: Abu Bakr Zoud

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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I will remember when he comes to Los Altos, I said and he says to Nelson, Allah, tell me something that I learned from you tell me a good deed

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from the besides me, sister, with no hesitation, are they going so fast? Now listen to the commentary, it says for him, no.

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There is nothing that is equal to it. There is nothing like it. What does that mean? There is nothing like it that will cleanse your heart. There is nothing like it that will cleanse your soul. There is nothing like it that will bring you closer to Allah. There is nothing like it that will help you in overcoming the show born in the temptations, there is nothing like it that will bring in only the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala for him No,

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no. So how long? Can you look at the virtue, the merit behind it, it makes me forget the hardships and the difficulty of fasting and hold on to it for life until we meet to loss of data and hoping from this hustler that Alonzo admits him and for those that aren't