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AI: Summary © The hosts of Formula One race are discussing the outcome of a car race. They mention a driver named Shane who is losing his place in the race and ask viewers to vote on whether he will survive. They also discuss the potential danger of the driver's health and encourage viewers to read a book about the hellfire in a specific location.
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still making moves to try and gain places

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do you think he's gonna survive this or not? He miles an hour.

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I'm doing racing long enough. There is no good outcome.

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He's not coming out

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Assalamu alaykum greetings of peace How you guys doing Welcome Welcome, welcome to the channel. Go ahead and subscribe if you haven't already hit that notification bell. Now for the Formula One fans the racecar driver fans, you probably know this name Romain grow Shane and you probably know the outcome. But for those who have not who are not up on this Formula One driving the racecar driving and don't know this name, or this incident that happened. This will have you at the edge of your seats. So go ahead and pay attention will he survive will he not survive being in the fire? Let's go ahead and check this out. And then at the end I want your reaction as

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I'll give you mine

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Welcome to stopping by wealthy parents coming up on the inside and the Stafford is now in second place. It was a good check if you just want to keep this

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corrosion has already gained two plates is coming out and

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trying to keep up with Sergio Perez disease feeds into the distance ahead.

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Crazy on still making moves to try and gain places.

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I want you guys in the comments right now. Go ahead and cheat put in the comments. Do you think he's gonna survive this or not? He miles an hour.

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Red Flag red flag is a big coincident red flag.

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Slow down

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once you guys have imagined being yourself being in his predicament, just imagine put yourself

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on it yet

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Is he okay?

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Come into the pit lane.

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Tell him he's okay. Please tell me is okay.

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Go ahead before it's over, put in the comments now. Do you think he's gonna make it or not?

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I'm doing racing long enough. There is no good outcome.

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He's not coming out.

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When I saw the fire board I couldn't believe that this could happen in modern Formula One cars. Do you think he's gonna survive? Yes or no put in the comments right.

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Not only as he survived going through a barrier

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160 miles an hour with within a ball of fire that the the heat must have been so extreme that it was a miracle. It was absolutely a miracle.

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How did he jump out

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That's that's an act of God

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brah those words really stuck out with me a miracle and an act of God. Now How's he doing? Hello everyone

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just wanted to say I am okay he went from being in a ball of fire to thinking what part of my body is going to burn next? which parts gonna burn first said the food. The hands is going to be painful to having death in front of his face D stand death for me was was here. So tell me what were you guys feeling where you got the edge of your seats? What do you think? Go ahead, leave it in the comments below. Did you think he was gonna survive? Now again, for the Formula One fans, you already knew the outcome. I just kept thinking like wow, Subhan Allah look at the fire of this is not a sign for him, that'd be a sign for us. Because we know that Hellfire is 70 times to 100 times hotter than

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that any fire in this life. So we want to make sure that we go ahead and we strive to distance ourselves far from the hellfire. Now if you are planning to go on a trip, and you know that you're going to be at this destination for a very long time. What about the trip? from here? Yes, after here, we're going to end up in a destination, we're going to end up in a place that now there's no coming back to this place. And those are two places either the Hellfire or the paradise. And now wouldn't you want to read the book, the book that actually is a sign from the creator the heavens on Earth, it's full of signs. It's a living miracle. And in this book at has detailed explanations of

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the journey to paradise, a description of paradise. And in this case, what we're talking about the Hellfire, a detailed description of the Hellfire, wouldn't you want to know Shouldn't you know, put it to the test, pick up the Quran, read it, it's a book for all. So put it to the test. And one more thing I want you to do go ahead in the comments below. Let me know what were you thinking? Was he going to make it not make it and what lessons what did this have you thinking about? contemplate looking at that fire and then imagining the real Hellfire? So go ahead. May God Almighty Allah protect us from the Hellfire and grant us Jenna

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