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I said I want to come up until Labor Council has blessed me with origins now I've never Heyman handed in La hillbrow I mean what are one in LA by no mean? What are people to limit Safina Allahumma salli wa sallam, evatik advocate of silica Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and early he was likely to sell him to semen kathira. First of all, I apologize for the break that we took him to dinner, My throat is better now. So I appreciate all of your drives.

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It's all tied up for the story of Ibrahim is not the life of Ibrahim it set up. Initially, the intention was to do it over three sessions, where we do three Tuesdays. But instead I decided to just make it one long webinar and Chatelet silent on the life and legacy of Ibrahim it is that I'm to really prepare everyone for what is to come to feel that attachments of all humanity. So especially this year, in the absence of hydrogen, and you know, in the absence of so many things, it's important for us to feel that connection all the time. And that will prep everyone hopefully inshallah our hearts for what's going to be the largest series this year, the the first 10 days of

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the pedja will have a series inshallah Tada. So there'll be more information on that at this webinar. So I'm going to, we're going to go ahead and do this in Charlotte on Saturday night. So this Saturday, and you can sign up at the link below and Charlotte's on this Saturday, at 8pm. Eastern Charlottetown, we'll do a seminar on the life and legacy of Ibrahim is when I was speaking about his virtues, it'll it'll be a different look at his life. I think that many of us have heard the story of Ibrahim is not but there are two things number one, what's so unique about this prophet and messenger of Allah. Number two,

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why him you know, what is it that connects us to him, and then obviously, the history of Ibrahim Islam, you've got all these snapshots. So tying it in, so that we understand his story, chronologically, in Charlottetown, I think is very, you know, is very powerful for us to connect this to this great prophet of Allah, the father of the prophets of Hakim at Eastern time, so that's going to be the Saturday inshallah, and you can go ahead and register at the link below. And so instead, next week, I'll just do another nightly reminder on Tuesday night. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, we'll have short reminders, inshallah Tada. And then the week after will be the

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head jet, and we'll get into the hedges series. There's a lot that you can do right now, for the hedge, you can make sure that you catch up with last year's series where actually went through the virtues of the hedge,

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you know, over 10 episodes, some of the meanings of how to make the most of the 10 days of that hedge, there's a full action plan.

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You can you can read some of the articles that we have on the subject and inshallah China will be having much more to benefit you with and nahi Tada. Now, tonight, I wanted to reflect on the second I have this sort of sort of Ibrahim,

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just the very first part of it allow Venus to hambone and hire to do

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those who have chosen the life of this world and preference to the hereafter they love the world. More than they love the hereafter. They love the world more than they love the hereafter. And you might notice that the word is yes to have bone, yes to have bone is stronger than you had born. It. It obviously speaks to a rule in the Arabic language about Catholics and Madani to deliver on the poet's and not only that the more letters that are added, the stronger the meaning becomes. So it's a stronger meaning that we have on top of that, though, is a discussion about what happens when we have an unhealthy love. And an attachment

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often gets quoted as a Hadeeth, it's not actually authentically narrated as a happy home with Danielle not so cuddly, cuddly, and that the love is the root cause is that the root cause of every single sin. However, it is something that we find in our books of teskey on our books of spirituality, and it does have strong meaning and it does have a lot of truth for us to analyze. The love of this world is at the root of every sin every sinful habits, every negative quality. There's too much of the love of this world that is involved in it. And some of you may have taken the course where I talked about muscleman has a class theme this the book by Kodama himolla, and we talked

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about this idea of love of this world the unhealthy love of this world being at the root cause so I want to I want us to think about this for a moment, inshallah Tada, and how this plays out. Now what's going to follow in this ayah is that it plays out even in the even in the in the deviation in regards to religion, the changing of religion to suit desires, that that's how extreme the love of this world can become. But to talk about the love of this world from a few different perspectives, one of them is that the

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Love of this world is what fuels an extraordinary sense of shallow desire. Now Allah has told us that our desires are natural, we just have to make them conform by not letting those desires take us outside of what is permissible.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us what at 10 seven, we'll see but come in and dounia Don't forget yourself in this world, we are not asked to harm ourselves in this world or to do anything that would that would suggest that asceticism, that Zoo it is the abandonment of this world in the sense that we put ourselves in poverty, or we put ourselves in a hard situation. In fact, moderation, moderation in how we deal with this world is what allows us to have a healthy attachment to the Hereafter, because you'll find that the scholars of Tesco will talk about this idea of slots into fleets, which is extreme denial or excess. If a person denies their natural desires to an extreme,

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then they're likely to end up acting upon them in an extreme fashion. So the counter of that what's going, what's going to happen is that if you suppress desire in a way that's unnatural, you're eventually going to act upon them, in a way that's unnatural. And so that's why the cinema teaches us to channel our desires in a way that is permissible, and in some ways rewardable right. To pursue this world, in the sense of seeking to be in a in a healthy financial situation, that's a healthy thing, not so that a person could could, you know, be extravagant, but so that a person could use what they have earned of this world for noble pursuits, and so that they could be sufficed with the

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permissible and not end up resorting to the prohibited so that a person maintains dignity. And the other earlier Haytham and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the upper hand is better than the lower hand, the upper hand is the giving hand. And the lower hand is the receiving hand. So you should seek to have the upper hand you should seek to be in a healthy situation, do not beg to do not find yourself in a situation where you're in need of others find independence if you can, so it's healthy. The problem is when you allow your heart to become attached to those things. And so wealth is no longer in your hand, it is in your heart, you no longer possess things, things possess

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you, you allow for the love of this world to cause you to, to pursue things in a prohibited way to act out in a prohibited way. And then even to oppress right and to harm how many forms of oppression take place because of materialism, right? materialism is at the root of so many of the evils in our in our world today. Right? It's it inherently leads people to try to dominate one another for the sake of increasing their wealth, increasing what they have, because they have an unhealthy attachment to it, how many people have had a lot you know, brothers, sisters, siblings, best friends quarrel over a business over a few dollars over land, and it completely destroys and wrecks a

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family. So there's the obvious material fashion of this, how many people end up and how many people that are otherwise noble end up you know, in selling prohibited things, opening up liquor stores and, and engaging in usury and engaging in all sorts of shady financial practices because they have an unhealthy attachment to this world and it leads them to all sorts of things. There are other ways that a person becomes attached to this world that are that are not necessarily financial right. So the unrestricted

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to act out in unhealthy ways. When it comes to anger, and our ego, right the love of this world and the sense of the love of prominence, the love of ostentation, all of these things, you know, one of the one of the scholars that that I was listening to I forget which one it was he was talking about.

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Blah, blah, he was he was really, you know, extrapolating some some beautiful lessons from the chapter on anger. And he talks about this idea that, you know, What, are you getting angry over? Right, we talked about anger. And we talked about anger from the perspective of you know, how to calm ourselves down and not to let our tempers flare up. But what are you getting angry over is something that you have to ask at a very deep level right? You've got to dig deep and ask okay what why am I so angry what's making me so angry? Is it that I feel like something that is of this world right is is being taken away is why do I have such a such an ego? Why do I have such an unhealthy

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attachment to being validated by other people, right? So why are you so angry? Right? What do you get angry over what makes you so angry?

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The pursuit of fame, the pursuit of prominence, all of these different types of pursuits. If you look at them, there is a quantity in which they become unnatural and the excess of those things leads a person to use any means to achieve those, those those unhealthy amounts of dunya. Even if that means using prohibited means, and even if that means doing things that are unethical, and even if that means breaking relationships, and at the top of those relationships is breaking your own relationship with a lot breaking your relationship with God. Okay, it actually there's a verse in the Bible, that's the love of this world is enmity of God. And it speaks to this a similar sentiment

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right? So disconnects you first and foremost from a loss of habitat and then it disconnects you from people because you start correlating even with your closest family members and your brothers and your sisters and your best friend over what. And you have to ask yourself that constantly over what. So just as there's a healthy pursuit, and that you pursue things within permissible means, and for the sake of noble ends. This also means that you don't tolerate oppression of yourself. This isn't to let people oppress you because it's just the world anyway. This is to say that your pursuit of your hearts, that your aim that your goals revolve around the hereafter. So when the prophets lie,

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send them says, Do not let the dunya become about a hamina what a mud lover elemina Don't let it become our greatest pursuit. Don't let it become the majority what dominates our thoughts and our knowledge and what we seek to acquire, but let the ask you to let the hereafter become our greater pursuits. And when you're pursuing the Hereafter, you're pursuing the pleasure of Allah because that's the treasure of the hereafter that's success in the Hereafter, the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so a person remains focused and oriented. So every time a lot of talks about the love of the world, it's it's in the context of not letting the love of the world lead you to do things

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that will ruin your faith in the hereafter that will disconnect you from Allah dude from the loving from Allah subhana wa tada that will disconnect you from the people that you love the people that are important in your life. And this is why in this ayah Allah Dini has to have bone and how to do it after those who prefer they love the world too much to the detriment of their pursuit of the Hereafter, they love the world too much to the detriment of their pursuit of the Hereafter, right? So when Allah subhana wa tada says,

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but a theologian, and hyena to dunya, ask it Alright, that these people prefer the dunya to the earth, they prefer this world to the hereafter. This is really what it's talking about. And so again, Hope it dounia a lot so quickly, hopefully, that the love of this world and unhealthy attachment to this world is at the root cause of every oppression at the root cause of every unrestricted pursuit of desire at the root cause of every vanity at the root cause of anger and pride and arrogance at the root cause of it all. Because a person either desires an unhealthy level of prominence or an unhealthy level of prosperity in this world, and is willing to do anything and

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burn any relationship in order to achieve those things. And in the process, they end up ruining their hereafter after and destroying their fate in the hereafter. We pray that Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst those people that attain the best of this life and the best of the Hereafter, and that are protected from the punishments are going to add enough dunya Hassan Hassan Latina de nada reverse, where last contact teaches us to say, grant us the best of this life and the best of the year.

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And this is, you know, really interesting that you'll find here by the way, that Imam Hassan busty Rahim Allah He said, after dunya Hassan give us the best of this life means anyone now if he was complaining about what I'm going on, what's up humbler? It means beneficial knowledge, pure sustenance and except deeds. That's what it means. That's what it means when we say has enough give us the best of this life, beneficial knowledge accepted, beneficial knowledge, pure sustenance and accepted deeds. We pray the last penance I grant us the best of this life and the best of the hereafter and punish us and protect us from the punishment of a knob Ilana I mean does that mean lol

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hate them? Well, Sutherland was about to kind of you know hammered wine early. He was lucky as marine said Mr equal not to low heat water counseling.