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Post Isha Khaterah

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Coca Cola in the video Salalah Holly, are you still in the resonate looks Muslim, right to us by Abu Hurayrah. And the theme that I want to start tonight for maybe not very long one will be a couple, maybe a week or so. I want to I want to

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take a hadith the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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used to talk about the significance of massage and the houses of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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try and shed light on maybe the aspects of the massage during the Prophet Allah your salt was lunchtime actually, what happened there, what it was like, what the environment was,

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like, what how people found themselves but who was who was there who maybe looking at it a little bit from an angle that's maybe not just the pure

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bounty or the pure holiness or sanctity of the place, but rather also what services these places actually offered, and how they were viewed in the eyes of the Muslims in the eyes of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. And I think there's benefit for that, I think even for us who come to massage quite often to remind ourselves of the, of the significance of these places, and the value that they carry and the importance that they have in the in the heart of the OMA so that we not only come ourselves, but we also encourage others to do that. And this is something that

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I can't imagine as Muslims living in the West as minorities, not being an extra, extra important,

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communal obligation that we carry, like if you're living in the Middle East, or living in countries where the majority of Muslims, and there's enough Islamic culture happening around you that if you're not pushing people too hard to do it, I can understand it. But if you're living in the West, where where the Muslims are only a very small minority. We're a small minority I know. Coming to MSU quite often you forget that. When it comes to Mr. Daley, I can start forgetting that because you look around and all you see are Muslim all the all day. So if you're at work all day, and you see non Muslim, but you come for the second half of your day to a mess, UCLA and Muslim you kind of

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forget that for a moment. So you can all you can lose perspective for a second, which is, which is why I want to talk about this. Because we are a minority and most of them young Muslim, Muslim youth are growing up here are minorities and, and that's why it's important for these places, to have that significance and that importance of take their place, their actual figures that are at their fingertips place in the in the minds and the hearts of Muslims that they grew up, this should be a place they should come every there should be there shouldn't be a reason for a Muslim male specifically, especially if specifically men, specifically men need not that this is not open for

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everyone and actually going to focus even the Hadith on their aid will focus on the fact that masajid aren't only for men, they're actually everyone existed, but specifically for men, for there should be at least a Salah day, you have to be very, you have to have a really good excuse for not to show up at a masjid once a day. Like in my opinion, you have to have a very good excuse not to make it at least once a day. A really good one where you are extremely busy or you're working. You have no time at all, you have no time whatsoever to park your car for him and go pray Maghrib or pray also pray once a day. It doesn't make sense. I don't see especially here again, if you're

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living somewhere in the middle east I can I can fathom it. I don't agree with it. But I can understand I can understand because the majority of people are Muslims and still your culture is carried. But here you're here, you're a minority your identities been stripped away day by day has been clawed off you every moment every time you walk down the street, every time you turn on the radio turn on the TV, we speak to someone someone's trying to take away who you are. So coming here is all you've got really, it's all we've got. We haven't where else are you going to go? Like what what other? Tell me honestly, if you don't come to me, telling me what how do you do it explained to

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me because I can't imagine how you could hold on to your faith not coming to a masjid at least once a day. But if you're capable of doing it, I need you to come give us a lecture explain to us explain to me how it is you're able to do it because I don't think it's possible. I just don't I just can't see it. This is the place that you come back to. And it grounds you, it humbles you, it reminds you of your of your basics of your values of your ethics of the Ummah that you belong to, and it puts you back on track again. And you need that living as a minority in this country, you need that to happen on a daily basis. And I just think it's a very important thing that not only should we

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perform ourselves as Muslim men, but we have to encourage our younger Muslim brothers and sisters to do the same.

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I just I just don't see it. And I'm going to try and encourage that the whole point of this team tried to encourage as much as possible for all of us to do that and shall and if you're doing it already hamdulillah but hopefully I can encourage you to maybe take a step and encourage others to do the same and maybe bring those who don't necessarily come here on come to massage in any Masjid Well, I'm not talking about this one. And you must do it this wants to fool don't don't bring them here to attend them to massage that you know that don't maybe don't have that same traction so that they can they can deal with how you can be alive. So here's what he said that he has sought to learn

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not to take this too long. echolalia is awesome Hadith collection Imam Muslim by Maria Raka. And it's very short. It's very simple. And this is just to kind of cover

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kick this off our hub will be learning eat Allah He messaggi to her adorable Villa de la ilaha swagga he said the most beloved places to Allah on the planet spaces places corners

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physical space to be in the most beloved places to Allah are the message he loves those the most. Why? Because people will this is the question you have to answer why? Why does he love it the most why? I can tell you some massage he probably doesn't love very much and it's not me making this up. He talks about himself Dr. Comfy here but he said nah comfy here. We're Latina Thomas didn't we rora were Kufa for what the free toiletries you'll see the message there's a message on the front desk, that is that is described as a message of harm and mercy the co founder and Mrs. message that will that will divide him.

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So there are places that can be

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portrayed as necessity, but they don't serve the purpose. They don't serve the purpose of the session. But if they do serve the purpose of massage and then they are the most beloved spots on Earth to Allah, and then the spots he doesn't like the you liked the least subhanho wa Taala or Marcus and the reason for that is not because the only people are buying and selling stuff is because that's where unfortunately a lot of people feel a little bit more open with their ethical compass. There's a lot of people and a lot of people are around and everyone's being selfish trying to figure out what they want. That's where shaytaan finds a lot of room to work and the neffs can it

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can stare at what it's not supposed to stare at it can say things that shouldn't see me behave in ways it shouldn't behave and maybe be open doors that it should stay closed for them and maybe even an even attempt to do something that is haram whether that be morally or be financially or be anything not that obviously markets are needed. Obviously markets are needed you this is not a hadith and you say close all No, you have to stay open, but he just reminding us to partner with Tyler. There's a lot of bad things that happen here. So stop them these are Hadith have purposes that's what he says the money you saw doesn't a lot of bad things happen here. Stop doing them. And

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a lot of beautiful things happen here. Keep them going. And that's the peace. What are the beautiful things that happen here that we should keep going? What are the what the question has to be answered? You can just tell me it's subtle words and I'll say okay, is that it? That's all it is. That message that was talked about in the Quran that was cool fun. Iran were cool fun. They had the five prayers by the way. We had all five just just as a kind of a quote Yahweh mo Muslim to say hey and it'd be right out of the Allahu Anhu called Barnaby your son Allahu Allah you early will tell them I have will be ready in Allah He messaged you do her oberhalb will be the Eid Allah He as well.

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So Takatsu Allah He said Allah Allah Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah and

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Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Yunus I was mean because I can Aloha you Hola.