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Imam Buddhahood few Sunni Hebrew centers in Hassan. And have you heard a lot about the Allahu Anhu? Call Colin de vos Salalah. Holly, are you still married tonight collection Buddhahood. And it's as unreasonable chain of narration in terms of authenticity and

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rate was variable Hurayrah. It's a very short Hadith. So it's actually worth kind of remembering or memorizing, within the theme of talking about the significance of massages, then it's a theme that will build up slowly with time because I want to point out a lot of different aspects of,

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of how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam viewed the masjid and how the Sahaba dealt with it, I think it's something that we should all take time to learn and comprehend and understand and maybe even reconsider the way that we're viewing and dealing with them associate ourselves on both levels for those who attended those, those who kind of operate and run. This is what he said earlier. So it is very simple as that MSG deli che info. That's it. I tell MSG the cliche in Bahasa, however, if you come to the masjid, for whatever reason, or with with with whichever intention, whoever comes to the masjid with an intention of any sort, that's what they'll get out of it.

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If you come to the masjid with an intention, with it for a reason, you have a goal, whatever it is you came for, that is what Allah subhanaw taala is going to give you. That's what you're going to walk away with, in this is reminding us as Muslims that when we come into the session, we have to think why we're going even when going to a masjid, you have to take a moment and actually renew or perfect or direct your intention like why is it that you're going? What are you hoping to get out of this encounter? If you go into the message? What are you hoping to walk away with? What are you hoping to get out of it. So whatever it is that you intend to get from going to the masjid is what

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Allah subhanaw taala will will give you that's what you're going to walk away with whatever it is you went for. So massage it in that sense. The reason that I'm pointing this out, it's not because not that complicated, is that the profit out of your southern saying there's different reasons for you to go to the masjid, there's more than one thing you can go for. So whatever it is you're going for, is what you're going to walk away with, obviously, some of those things will be beneficial, and sometimes it may not. And sometimes there'll be complex and multiple benefits, and sometimes they won't. But regardless, you have to make sure you take a moment when you're on your way to go to the

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bait House of Allah switch, remind yourself, what are you hoping to do, I'm going because I want to stand in GEMA with my with my Muslim brothers and sisters and and pray and worship Allah subhanaw taala I want to hear something that will remind me of Allah subhanaw taala I can draw myself closer, I want to read the Quran for a little bit so I can. So you think about why. And whatever it is that you come up with, that's what you're going to that's what Allah Subhana Allah is going to record for you. So this is reminding you that you have to take a moment and think even when it comes to going to a masjid, even a company has a simple kind of reflex move for a lot of us, we just go to the

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masjid No, think for a moment while you're going. Because whatever it is that drove you to go, whatever intention you had, when you were going is what you're going to get on the way out. And if you go for some other reason,

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then that is that other reason. If you're going looking for something in dunya, then that is all you'll get out of it. And if you're going for reasons for asking Allah, or reasons for personal benefit, and that is what Allah subhanaw is going to give you. And that's why we have to remind yourself that massage should have always been multifunctional areas that have a lot of different a lot of things happen here. So when you're coming reminders of what it is, why am I why am I leaving my house and going there so that in sha Allah you can get the full reward for why you left in the first place. And that's what I think is worthy of maybe thinking about that. Your email and Wi Fi

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tsunami, he said I didn't listen, and I've heard a lot about the Allahu Anhu Paul Coronavirus Allah Allah Allah you early you send them man I tell MSG the Elisha in Hua Sadaqa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam so Makalali Hendriksen hola hola. And to still feel good to break also Allahu wa salam ala Kalanidhi you know, have you been on Mohammed Omar looks like he's right.