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Yasmin Mogahed delivers a lecture/talk at the Night Of Destiny conference in Birmingham.

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So I know

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that I will have a similar level of enemies, but you get to it. So I was talking to somebody who was 60 on rewind about a similar study of color coding.

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So before I start, I want to tell you about just one story that happened yesterday. So, as you guys know, I'm on tour, or I was on tour with my sister for the first time in UK. And she just left this morning, unfortunately, she was not able to make it today. So yesterday, she went on, and she was speaking, and I was supposed to go after her. So

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I was I was told that the CEO of the organization would come on after her. And she was still sleeping. So I helped myself, I have at least five minutes to run to the bathroom. So I quickly when we go back, and next week, I know this lady's like, following use the bathroom. She's like, where are you? Where are you? So basically, what happened was my sister's finished, like two seconds. And then the CEO came up and spoke for two minutes. And then they were like, versus me. But the funny thing is, is the fact that I was like, miss a good time to just be on tape. It was what what I thought. So what I was thinking to myself, where is it this week? What am I going to do like is

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gone. And instead of 15? Perhaps she's in the bathroom? He literally thought she called me like to find the forest.

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And it was thinking, how am I going to find her feet in the forest. It's literally what we thought. So we I'm going to die came back and I gave my talk. So I asked her for a favor. As a speaker, there's this thing that I have to do, which is we sort of have to this one way communication was really, okay. I was like one way communication. I like your connection. So I want to be able to feel that we are connected. So I only have one thing from you as an audience because we can actually have a conversation, I'm going to ask you guys to do something called nonverbal communication. And what that means is,

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okay, what does that mean? It means don't do this.

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Because I have no idea that any of you want to just take cases be animated. If you don't agree with something I'm saying be like,

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that's fine. If you agree to be like, Okay.

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Yeah. Okay, here's the thing. I know I'm competing with very low blood sugar. And I understand that that's difficult. So I'm asking you for some help. All right. I'm going to talk quickly today.

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Because I don't want to give it away we working with that. I've also been very important. And Dr. data's Mystique, in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, and enjoying the mountains advises all along. So far, as I said, there was a there was a very successful duct. And that was

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the night of the shower. It is a night where we can set for what is tolerable? I want to talk about the power. But I don't want to talk about the typical type of power, you know, the power that sparrows the tyrants want, I want to talk about some new kinds of power. And the real point of power is the inner power the power internally, because the prophets I sent him told us, he taught us something very, very, very influential. And that is that if we want to see change, how long have you guys want to see change? anyone in this room wants to change? only like two people.

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Everybody wants to see things improved, right? Well, the process and a lot of changes how change happens a lot in a very profound

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Advances in genomics much change the condition of a people. So now we're talking about the condition that certainly didn't change the condition of people until they change what is inside themselves. How can

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we all get a situation that we don't like, as quick as we are right now? We're not happy with the situation we're in as a community. We're not happy with the situation we're in as an oma, how is that going to change? The problem is that you don't understand change. We don't understand how change happens. And because we don't understand how change happens, we will never change, our condition will never change until we realize that change is not about the web to change is not about Israel is like Israel did this

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change happens inside. And you know, this is a constant which we sometimes have trouble with.

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This example, that when you look at the difference between APA and MLA, when you look around, you find this versus

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You find that Alcoholics Anonymous told to stay away from truth. Right? And then it leads us to to God. Right? Yeah. So what happens is it least refuses to bow? And Adam is from the truth? Okay? Well, what is the difference between them afterwards is that instead of taking responsibility, he takes responsibility for his own actions. And for his own change. He says about

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that. And he said that this was important. He says, I want more involved our own selves, we did it to ourselves. He didn't even flinch. Like he didn't even try to say, if he needs to shake off, he do it. He said,

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We loved our own selves, what is

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it, and if you do not have mercy, and forgiveness to be among the losers, so he takes responsibility. And he teaches us what we're supposed to do when we find a situation where we've made a mistake, or we find a situation that we want to change. And what happens is a lot of uses, and then what happens to everyone is that he becomes a prophet, and he gets sent down to the earth as a prophet. What happens to us,

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on the other hand, does not take responsibility. He says, It's your fault, because you have,

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you know, this attitude that we have, that things just happen to us, right. And we like to blame, we want to blame the external factors are our condition. Well, what we do is that we're actually paralyzing ourselves, because we don't realize that we internally have to change if we want to see change.

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He did not hold himself, he did not take responsibility and extended blame,

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to try.

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So at least, first forever, he did not want to document. Now, what does this have to do with us?

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We are facing trials, we are facing hard times? How is that going to change? Believe me, it's not going to change by anyone else changing it for us, it's not going to change because the media lies to us, it's not going to change. If we become more militarily strong or financially, you know, independent, those are not the places where change comes from. Ultimately, those are just means they're tools, like the actual change inside

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of nav is only a normal anyway.

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So we need to change that a lot of talk about this, how does that happen? How can we begin to change?

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There are different kinds of power that I want to discuss. Number one, I want to tell you otherwise, you will find myself about the power of the heart. The prophets, I send them said in adventure city will fly.

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Indeed, in the Bible is a wonderful place. And it is set right to be inspired going into that right.

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When anything is corrupted the entire body.

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The entire body is corrupted. And

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indeed it is the heart.

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Interestingly enough, when we sit and we talk about political issues, when we discuss political change, we want to find political solutions. And while that's a relevant discussion, we do need to talk about those things. But ultimately, what is the deep source of change, it has to be internal. You and I need to change. There's a very powerful quote, it's a polo. And it says that I used to be beside burger. So I tried to change the world. And then I became wise to like, change myself.

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And the idea here is that you went on and wants to change. Let's begin with ourselves. We don't like oppression, right? If any one of us to microaggression. Raise your hand if you like oppression. Strangely enough, no one does. We're going to admit to it right? We don't like to question overseas. What have we eliminated? Oh, gosh, there are holes. Have we only been in your question that we inflict our families with? Do we have eliminated the old question in our sentence? You're not talking about? We don't have like retiring self esteem is what we have some monitors that are essential.

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You don't I mean, if you just stay there forever, and they never go just for 15 years. I don't want to hear what I'm saying. It's like so the idea is that we talk about

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these concepts.

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You don't talk about being religious right? And it's funny because when a person becomes religious, you know, he comes back to the States. And the first thing you see is that they get a big beard. That's cool.

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As long as they're

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here, and if they have surpassed, and all of a sudden, that was their religious style, right? And if it's a woman you know, you're gonna see and the way she dresses and and maybe they enjoyed the Halloween

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I don't know Birmingham. So

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so once you join in that means that you're religious right? And now the four horsemen can be called shut off then the more religious you are. But there's a follow up with this because for me to find the the religiosity of a person very different than

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for example,

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the best that you are looking for the best is their families. So now all of a sudden, the definition is very different because we think that these religious people and now our families, because of the way that they're, you know, they're not eating this right, or they're not doing this right.

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religiosity might have many things, you can yell at you about it being the girl. Right? You're being introduced to something I love that. Okay.

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Boy, yeah, let me see, I'm gonna Geocities is about being charged even harder, with text is not correct, because went a long way, so hard to become softer, you should not become harder. Almost often like these are softer, but not harder, not for sure, if you're making a car service, and that's a bad sign.

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If we want things to change outside of ourselves, we have to change ourselves. And that change begins at home, it begins with the

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cliche Be the change you want to see in the world is very true.

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So first of all, the power of the heart, when the heart changes, then all of the actions change. When a heart changes, all of the actions change. And when your actions changed, your family will change, your circumstances will change, your community will change and the world will change. That's how change happens. But if you are changing yourself, don't lean on someone else to make the change, you need to change.

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You need to change.

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I want to talk to you about the power of focus. Remember that whatever you focus on growth,

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see, we are facing problems, we are facing darkness. And I'm suggesting brothers and sisters, if we focus on those problems, and if we focus on that darkness, it will grow. And it surrounds us. And then we run with it means relevant and different clinical trials. But see the difference between a person who is successful and a person who is not is what they focus on.

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When you focus on the light, it rolls a lot of

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stuff onto that as if you are grateful, if you are thankful I want to increase you. You know, the focus is on what they have. What they have increases. And of course, this is always on what they don't have, what they don't have increases. There's this is me and my family. Maybe we have to talk it's a picture of the little boy who's holding a slice of cake and a slice of cake. And he's just exhilarated. He's just so he's beaming. So happy. And then at the bottom, there's another little boy who's looking at an entire cake. Let's see what's close. And he's back.

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Do you know why? Because we actually have less

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annoying habits. And a boy

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has more what he's focused on what he doesn't have, when you want to focus on

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if we are going to be able to focus on the problems focused on all the drama tech stuff and escaping this without us a physical therapy agenda is to at least that's what we're going to focus on, then what's going to happen if we only paralyze ourselves to it right now. Tired of suddenly like electricity goes off and it becomes dark.

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I can't hear and I can and I can talk to you about oh my god. So Josh, and I are going to say hello to them in the darkness or I can do something about getting sunlight. I will try to

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do something to bring the light. We can complain about the problems we have. We just didn't complain about some of those.

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Yeah, but it is the best change just because we're complaining about it. It's gonna change when I change. And when I do something positive, to contribute like to that dark room, instead of sitting and focusing on the darkness, I have to focus on what why am I bringing us to that? And our community, we can stay positive, and we can continue to focus on what positive things can we contribute? Can you contribute, every single person in this room can contribute something, and we all have our role I created you specifically chose you to be on this earth for the purpose he chose, you did not It wasn't an accident. It was for a purpose. And each person has a very, very unique

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role to play, focus on that unique role and play that role and do it in the best way in your chat, whatever it happens to be, if your goal is to be a mother of renewables to get a blogger, or a teacher, or writer or speaker, whatever it is, do it into a mouth. But give back give light to never talk, sit and talk and complain. And just focus on the negativity. I warn you against the news, folks, I will warn you, I would like to say that what I do is this.

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What I've seen is people who inject too much juice, it's like it just has too much poison.

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You gotta take it, you know, and you're gonna have to take choices, take it and move it.

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Just know what's going on. But realize that the news has a very specific agenda. And don't think that phobia as it is today, is not only targeting moms,

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don't just focus on the target, because it definitely is targeting you and me and is trying to to demoralize us. There is an agenda Not always.

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They want to make us self hating. So be careful to do too much with that voice. Do you understand what I'm saying?

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All right. So we have to be careful that we don't allow that poisonous that toxicity into our bloodstream until it affects us. And then all of a sudden, we want to apologize for being useless. I'm so sorry. I'm just forgive me. I'm just like you. I really

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like you.

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That's cool.

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Apologize for who he was. He didn't apologize for being said he was proud. So just be careful that they don't make you so

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be careful. And you focus on the lightest, whatever you focus on grows.

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There's power in power.

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there is power and oh,

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there is power in whole. I want to end with this. When we look at the stories of our grades come our way predecessors, our prophets, peace be upon the wall, we find that no matter what they face, they never last.

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When Messiah is going up to the front of the red speakeasy rule school, he knew along with him and we knew our judgments true.

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In every other piece it indeed was up and you will get through this guy's come back to America.

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A lot with us. Yeah, we need to stop being so afraid of.

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But anyways, we need to sign so free.

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Because an office allows

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and until a charge and allow will continue to be discharged. We need to focus on who's really in power. Who really owns the power

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and what's happening down in depth there is no change in status and there is no power strength except it isn't boosted officers in power and that is not where change comes from. So be careful about that. Coming despairing every time when people are against you. Be careful

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because at the end of the day is telling us not to have we say it indeed wire Morris with me and He will guide me through.

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Remember what I said before

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and in terms of the agenda, whatever

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I got to

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the same

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thing when

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I was used

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to hardship and adversity and it was shaped it

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to luck people still shave with unsuitable messengers and the people when the question is asked when will the health of the law come?

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And then Allah tells us, tells us that and tells all people all the time and I've noticed a lot your body in G the health of a lot is near a political you have

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some kind of a shadow

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