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The importance of education in Islam is discussed, including the need for investment and learning to gain political support. The speakers emphasize the importance of educating oneself and finding one's own worth in order to achieve Islam. The importance of authentic narratives and a focus on enhancing one's own learning and personnel is emphasized. The speakers stress the need for reform and a reformative approach to Islam, as well as the importance of learning and spending time in education for a proper understanding of Islamic schools and values.

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Alhamdulillah Hussam Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Hina Ramadan who want to study you know who want to study he want to still feel who want a stone Cyril

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when I will be learning in a short audio and fusina Wamena si t. Lena Mejia de la Hui mobila Woman Yobe lil voluntad de de la Hoon Walia. Murshida wash hadoo Allah era illallah wa, Shari Gala. Isla Hanwha hidden a hidden saw murder. Let me tell him before he Burton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who for one I had watched her do Ananda Jana are we mana Mohammed Abdullah he will also do what Sophie you whom in her up yo Habib Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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Jalla Jalla LwV Mohaka Nikita, Paul Hellyer Stoney Levine, Allah Munna will Levine Allah Allah moon, in

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Gulu Elba, but he says Subhana what Allah say, are they equal, those who know and those who do not know, indeed exclusively.

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Those who have intellect those who have knowledge will know the difference.

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Last week, I talked about the five categories of

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community investment. These are the five categories, I think, as Muslims, we should be spending the majority of our time investing in. And I talked about the five categories being educational, mentorship, outreach, financial centralization, and advocacy. And I'm going to talk about each and every one of them throughout the next number of weeks and try to break them down a little bit and explain maybe why I think that they are very important and what evidence I have to support that, at the same time, maybe what plan we can have moving forward to make sure that we invest properly in them. I'm going to start with the easiest. And in my opinion, by far the most important of all,

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out of the five, I think this one is definitely the most important. I think it's always been the most important, I think it'll always be the most important. I don't think there's any way around it. And I think that as Muslims, what really granted us any form of success in our past was it. And what we are suffering from today is the lack of it. And if we hope to be successful and prosperous yet again, the only gate we can walk through towards success is through it. So I think there's no one way around talking about it. And taking the time to understand what the importance of education of knowledge, there is nothing that comes even remotely close. Wallahi not even remotely close to the

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value of knowledge within Islam. Out of all of the different principles, all the different values, all the things that Prophet alayhi salatu salam talked about explained, knowledge, seeking knowledge and the value of knowledge available. It just outweighs everything. Everything else is a law.

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On drops second or third, to the importance of this one concept of seeking knowledge of education, an ummah that is ignorant will go nowhere. Because ignorance brings no higher at all. There is no good to result from ignorance in any form, you can take ignorance, and you can mix it with anything, and that thing will fail.

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This is dumb, it's amazing. Ignorance is so useful as a tool for the most useful tools in the world. Because nothing works with it. It is it's amazing. It's one of the most amazing things in the world, take anything, anything you want, money, power, status, numbers, faith, even science, and just mix ignorance with it and it'll fail. It'll completely bomb. Just give it time just mix ignorance and walk away, go have a coffee for a couple of 100 years come back, it'll all be gone. Everything will burn to the ground. Because ignorance brings no that's why when Allah subhanaw taala chose to call the period before Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he got Why didn't give it a name. Out of

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all the names he could have given it. I personally would have chosen the Shiraki time. It made more sense to me. They were machete keen, they are worshipping pieces of rock is the time I would he called it Jaya Helia. From Joel from ignorance, it's the one thing in the Quran are one of the few things in the Quran.

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That there's nothing positive to say about it ever. Gel is there's nothing good to say about gel, or gel healing at all. Take the word, follow it throughout the most Huff find one positive thing. It's impossible. It is always looked at negatively. It is actually it's always chastised the fingers and are always pointing at it as the source of evil. He's the source of every evil.

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And because of that,

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our Ummah was built on the concept of a club. That's what it was built upon. That was the foundation, that's the fundamental principle of Islam, it's ikura read, it doesn't necessarily mean to read the written text that is tilava Read is a word that is much more profound. And much more broad than just reciting the written text read is your ability to analyze, to observe, to gather information, to benefit from the experience of those before you to take all of that and to process it in a way that allows you to move forward in a positive manner. That's what it means.

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If you use that if you if you follow the word in Arabic, you find that they will use it towards situations.

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Circumstances meaning they will say read the circumstance, the circumstance, well, how do I read it was not written, because that's not what read meant to begin with.

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But read meant was for you to analyze it. Our lives are a very rich book for us to be reading, aside from the fact that we're writing them. Aside from the fact that we're writing that book reading it is more important, because the only way you can make sure that your next step will be better than your last step is by reading what happened before by analyzing it by looking in depth. If we don't have that critical thinking skills that then we're not going to go anywhere, we're going to stay exactly where we are. I know No, that's that's that's false, we will continue to regress backwards, year after year after year, out of the signs of the Day of Judgment. This is why this topic is so

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easy to talk about within Islam because you have so much material.

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One of the signs of the Day of Judgment that we can actually do something about there's a lot of sight of the day judgment we can't change. I can't do anything about the sun coming out from the west. I have no I have no control over that. I can make a difference with us, oh my god, I can't get to touch these things. But there are a few things that the Prophet Allah saw those and pointed out for us that the Quran pointed out for us regarding the Day of Judgment.

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Bringing it near is just

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as you say on Islam YotaPhone in

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the old of the llama

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knowledge will be removed by removing scholars.

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Scholars are not going to live forever. We he knew that out of his salatu salam he wasn't telling us something that he but he's talking about scholars that no one sought their knowledge and no one had that was carrying it after them to a scholar that passed away left no one. No one after this person is capable of talking about these topics at the same level of proficiency as that scholar before him was able to that's that's how the DA judgment comes closer.

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So we actually have a tool of pushing your milk ever farther down the road, which is what we're supposed to be doing is the day of Allah subhanaw taala as wrath is the day where we lose our ability to repent. The SEC there's no chesses anymore. It's done. So how do you put

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that down, you continue to spread knowledge that you could do to you continue to educate.

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And this is what we need to focus on.

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This is what we have to do, we have to learn Islam all of us, doesn't matter how old you are, as a matter of male or female, it doesn't matter whether you speak Arabic or not. None of that matters. Everyone, each and every Muslim obligatory upon them to learn and to educate themselves from an Islamic perspective.

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I gave a similar I gave similar buzz about this topic in other parts of the world, where I had to spend a lot of time emphasizing the importance of staying in school

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of learning. Everything when we talk about learn, it's no talk about education. I'm actually talking about all forms of education. I'm talking about learning everything. I'm not just talking about learning Islamic law, I'm not just talking about learning the Quran and the Sunnah. And I know, I'm talking about learning everything, but because as a community here in the west, to be frank, we do very well. On the front of of 90 academic education. Most people stay in school, most people go to college or university pick up a reasonable secondary education. Most people have higher education. Most people do. It, they don't they make sure their kids do. That's something that I see is very

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widespread. I came from a part of the world. That wasn't the case, it was a struggle to keep kids in school after grade nine was a struggle, meaning we only had a 15% Understand that 15% of the children of the Shabaab in my village stayed in school, I didn't have a statistic on the girls.

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I didn't even it was way less than they didn't even have a stick on the ground, the boys were able to do it, the school would offer it to us 15%. That's pathetic. Try to keep kids in school. So they learn to they go and they they become doctors or engineers, or teachers or accountants or whatever it is, whatever and education, whatever it is they want to do, but they learn. That's not the problem here. The problem here is actually a different type. It's learning Islam. It's learning the Deans actually taking time to understand your faith, understand what it is that you believe in, understand what that book is actually explaining to know what that means to you to know how that's

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supposed to reflect upon you.

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This piece is what's missing here today.

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Most of us make sure that if we didn't do it, that our children do it, they go to school and they learn Hamdulillah. That's America. Maybe there's a problem going on that I'm not aware of. But I'm not seeing that. What I'm seeing is the lack of Bala belly of actual Islamic education seeking.

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And the first hope with this story. You see, Abu Hanifa the name the known scholar, when he was in his early early 20s or late 19 teens, he worked as a merchant. He was very successful.

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And he tells us the story of when he started seeking knowledge I love this story because I think it shows you an importance of of the concept he's walking by. The Imam is shabby. Abdullah Huang Rahim Allah Wa in from the great tambien he walks by him so he calls upon him he doesn't either meant that if

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there's a question in Arabic, the wording can mean different things. And where do you spend your time? Where do you go and deal with things? So he was thinking of buying and selling shop, he had a different thought that if we had a soup, he said, I told him I go to the to this market. That's why you buy like Les signholder. Look, I'm not asking you about Elon and doctorly formula.

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Who is it that you go to and you spend time with among scholars? I mean, who were the scholars that you go and learn from

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plus 30 formula had a minimum. I don't I don't go to any of them for quite a shabby while you have to be careful.

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In the IRR fika Jacoba 10 Wahaca. Either you can talk to Lisa Isla Loma, I see you to be someone who has some as intellect. You need to go and you need to learn from scholars. And then I walked away. So why don't you visit and those words stuck with me. It's only then that I start to go when I start to search. Okay, how is it that I want to learn? Who is it that I'm going to learn from what is it that I'm going to learn is a long story that he tells of how it took him a while to find the scholars and to find the discipline that he was going to learn. And then he spent the next 20 or plus years learning.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam tells us that the prophets of God, the messengers of God, they did not leave any form of inheritance. There's nothing to inherit from a prophet can inherit a house or a boat, or money or a piece of land.

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All they left all they left their legacy. Their inheritance is knowledge. When Nemo walked in, that's what he said. And they left us the inheritance of knowledge from an elder who Oh, that'd be helpful in worth it. Those of us wonder

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stands the value, the value of the knowledge that was left, the left behind them are those who take the greatest share of all, the greatest share of all, in the same Hadith It is thought to Assam tells us that the advantage of an alert person of a scholar of someone who has knowledge over someone who worships without knowledge is like the advantage of, of the moon over all the other stars in the sky in terms of its beauty in our eyes,

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that everything, the millennia can disguise and the whales in the ocean, continue to make dua and make us still fodder for the person who goes out seeking knowledge. Why? Because they know what's valuable, is he those creatures who will have an understanding of Allah subhanaw taala, sometimes a little bit better than us, who have an understanding of the world, and existence a little bit more profound than we do. They know what's worth and what's not. They know what's valuable and what doesn't matter at all. They know that possessions are just an illusion. Because whatever you own today, someone owned before you and someone's going to own after you. So all the stuff that you

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enjoy owning all of your possessions that you think are amazing, they're not really yours, you're going to leave them behind you and someone else is going to is going to pick them up. I know it's a very hard concept for human beings to wrap their heads around, but it's very real. Nothing you have is yours. I want you to go home today and stand in front of your house and enjoy how your house looks and say this is my house. And Ava is not someone lived there before. If you built it, I guarantee you someone will live there after you're gone. And they'll come home and say in my house. And then you'll be like No,

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no, I think it was mine. It was I said that too. And it was it's not mine. It's not it's not anybody's see this whole thing is owned by God Himself. We don't really own anything, the only value the only value that will stay with you is knowledge. What am I teachers used to say that what he looks forward to in Ghana, if Allah subhana grande says the blessing of be there. See, I mean, insha Allah is knowledge is the access that he'll have to the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa taala. To learn, for there not to be any things that you don't understand anything that you would like to know, you can know, any event that occurred, you want to understand you can understand any element

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of creation, that doesn't make sense to you, you can make sense of because you have access to the knowledge and always thought that was interesting. That is actually because there is no high that is more beautiful for the human soul than learning it It trumps all other highs that you can enjoy food. That No no, it's knowledge, it's learning, it's coming to a realization of something that you did not understand before a profound acknowledgement, that is what brings happiness to the soul. Nothing, nothing comes nearly even remotely close to it. And that's why I think, as a community, we have to invest in our education. I'm gonna give five points in Sharla a couple of points after in

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the second clip, but the kind of better detail than but this point, the goal of this first piece was just to really explained that this is what the Allah subhanaw taala meant for us to be. This is what the Prophet SAW to some left us in terms of his legacy. He left us knowledge. This is how the OMA was successful before it was through him. It was a it was an amount of, of scholars, people who knew everything, people who studied astronomy and botany, just like they studied film and Hadith and understood these things in depth and they made sure that their children did too. And that Ummah became an OMA that, that ruled the world for a millennium.

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Where we are right now is the direct effect of losing that we've lost our knowledge. We don't seek it anymore. We don't care for it anymore. We're not spending the time to learn it and we're not making sure that we we're not doing that until we do we're going to continue to

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basically struggle in the mud. You heard I was talking hola hola. We're looking for stuff you know we have a Camilla Fosun mustafina stockfeed Omar.

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hamdu Lillahi wa, wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah may Allah be about the early he also had the human who who had Kuan Yew allottee Alinea had the flu and a logo turned out to be your telogen mera tele HIPAA Atilla Kalami AMEA to the enemy. Well, Paula bill in Islam Muslim out of the way of a Miyata heard Omar, Salah and Sofia Pahlavi, I'm lamea Sofia, Paula, l Muslim Hola, Robbie. Huge ricotta mammal is rock Levy. Oh, Bina Isla Halina Leone coma, who for sure will generally be Nana when the lady in a hobby

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A Yama Nabhi it has salatu salam Have you been Muslim? kinda lame? Well, let me say you do not you know Kadima till umami who will LM wala sabe

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without GEMA GEMA what? Hashem Kula indica dunya let me let you have to have likely heard the hero mateesah keen on wha well Anita you're on fee Holly Hi che Anwar it

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will be available in

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early he for LM token moto Alleman and for her

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and your cool Lumina Allama. Well, how about Um hi dr. Mohan Lisa. Bill Ali heard ultimo from a good Muslim Allah Yanni Allah Maha Illa Talimena FSI he what led me to Rio de when Marisa Timo la de la him in who the alumina alumina aluminum Coney my machete it Ahmed Anwar had had admired for a Muslim woman instead of Martha Boehner Elmina Bertie we're in Milwaukee Martha Rocco

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in New York Shala mean a birdie hit.

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The Kulu forgot Olivia out of Allah well out of a sunny Allah he will be brought to Allah He Subhan Allah subhanahu wa ala Muhammad Allah the Allahu bein a de m because he will mean committee chairman will join in by editing your horrible minutes we heard in omen woolum In Rakhi Lee, I tell you tell you not to be allowed in Mamdouh teen Ilma I tell you to meet Abu Jordan cool for Allah and Allah. Allah. Allah Jack. When I tell him I learn your Kuno Emmeline Why should feed early karma in the coming Merlin well walked in with Jordan feasts had been early herder who was to Thermotoga people stuck by the Almighty Mohamed Salah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah you earlier Salam, here

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are the points I want to share with you. Education. I this, the point of this place for me is education, I needed a place to teach, where I could sit and I can teach every day to different groups and different ages and different demographics, because that's what's missing. What's missing is the knowledge. People don't understand their Deen properly. And because they don't, they get uptight about things that they shouldn't. And they basically neglect things that are extremely important. And we fight over things that don't mean anything. And we don't spend time focusing on actions that we shouldn't, because we don't know what's important, what's not, because there's lack

00:22:29--> 00:23:01

of knowledge, there's lack of priorities. And that's what we can change. Invest in one in one generation, and that changes. And suddenly the OMA stops fighting over trivial stuff, we stopped wasting energy on differences on things that don't matter. And we actually start focusing on what does and people are much more comfortable with, they're dealing with themselves and with their community. And they're able to actually build plans and make change because they understand knowledge. There's no shortage of knowledge, there's nothing wrong, there's nothing bad that comes with with it.

00:23:03--> 00:23:45

We need to offer authentic narratives for modern issues, authentic narratives, narratives, meaning narratives, or worldviews, when something's happening in front of you that's contemporary, that's, that maybe didn't happen before. Or maybe it did happen before. But it's coming in a different jacket, or it's dressed a little bit differently as different hat on. So it doesn't look the same as it did maybe 1000 years ago, we need to have very authentic and clear and appropriate narratives so that Muslims have an opinion that is uniform, or is majority agreed upon in the majority in a major way or majorities perspective, that they're not struggling with what they're seeing. When you go

00:23:45--> 00:24:16

through the world. And you're faced with things that you don't have within your culture, it's not a part of your faith, it's not a part of your community, you need to have a perspective, that perspective comes through a narrative, meaning a way to understand it, dissect it, and an opinion about it and how to deal with it. That's what we need. We are faced with a lot of things that are outside of the realm of what Allah subhanaw taala has told us, we should or should not do, and people are practicing it. Well, how do I deal with it? Well, you need to have an opinion on it, you need to have an understanding of it. And then you need to be able to actually articulate that. And

00:24:16--> 00:24:45

then you need to know what to do regarding regarding it around you and how it's affecting you. That is what a narrative is, we don't have those. We don't have those. We don't We haven't developed them yet. That's partially our fault. That's partially my fault and people who are in my position, it's very difficult to do that. Very difficult, because there's lack of knowledge in the community. Because when there's lack of knowledge, funny enough, offering knowledge that means something doesn't always work, because you need the recipient to also have a level of knowledge to understand what you're saying.

00:24:47--> 00:24:59

You need the people in front of you to have a level of knowledge, a basic level to actually comprehend what it is that you're trying to explain to them or else you end up saying things and no one's comprehending and people just no one benefits from it.

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

So you actually have before you can offer narratives, that means something, you have to increase the basic level of knowledge within the community so that when you offer a narrative people can actually benefit from it. The second piece, there has to be a focus within the educational investment that we do on two things, honesty, aroma, which is ethics, which is learning not to be corrupt, which is knowing what corruption means and how ethics can be corrupted, and how to make sure that we don't allow for that, because No, he's not, that does not lead into a strong ethical compass is not knowledge that is beneficial. It has to be focused on a flop animal stuffing has to be focused on us

00:25:40--> 00:26:16

being able to walk a path of righteousness, a path of incorruptibility of Islam, and it has to be based on learning Iman, you have to learn Eman is something that you learn. It's not something that you declared, not something that you're born with, you have to learn it like everything else, you have to learn to understand Allah to know who Allah is what he's asked of you where you fit in this big puzzle. And what it is you're going to do. That's what Iman is, people who don't understand Eman or enjoy it, or those who fall off, fall off the Islamic spectrum, they fall off, because he never enjoyed it. Vendors never understood it. They just memorize a few stores of Quran and they learned

00:26:16--> 00:26:53

how to pray, but they never ever, unfortunately embrace the concept of iman into their hearts. And that's a missing piece that we have to make sure we bring forward point after that. There has to be an emphasis on Tez Kia, there has to be an emphasis on on taking care of yourself, and understanding yourself understanding your whims and your desires and the diseases of the heart and how to actually worship Allah internally. Because externally, all it takes is one or two sessions and you learn how to stand towards the fibula make well do you know how to make the computer and mistakes with the 30. It's not that hard to learn to pray appropriately doesn't take that much even though we definitely

00:26:53--> 00:27:29

have to invest in learning how to do it. But that's easy. What's difficult is making sure that some colluded with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that there's some focus in your prayer that you have some degree of assure that you are actually ridding yourself of vanity and arrogance and, and envy and ostentatious. And if you're not doing that, then your prayer is not going to help you. So we have to emphasize the importance of this gear. People spend times sometimes spend 2030 years learning and stem and this has never talked about, and they don't know what's happening on the inside. And she finds he finds it's a it's a ball. It's a ball field for him, you can do whatever he wants, the

00:27:29--> 00:27:38

person that they're inside the head has no idea, no idea that maybe the motivations behind what they're doing are not pure, that maybe the thoughts that they're thinking are not appropriate.

00:27:39--> 00:28:09

And then we allow for corruption. The point after that we need a reformative approach, or a formative approach Islam that does not come with the intention of bringing reform to any society is Islam that is not really Islam seeks the oppressors all across the world tyrants. They okay with the scholars in Islam, as long as the quiet as long as they won't cause any issues. As long as they won't go against anything that's happening, as long as they'll just focus on, I don't know, small

00:28:10--> 00:28:41

celebrations and some nasheed and, you know, maybe learning basics little, little nice little stuff that are that are mystic in nature. But then we'll talk about what needs to change. Don't talk about what needs to actually occur in order for this society. Don't talk about oppression, don't talk about ignorance. For example, don't talk about corruption, don't talk about these things. As long as you don't talk about these things. They love you. They love you. By the way, by the way, different Muslim sects are rock Hostelworld, they differ on everything. But when it comes to this, they don't differ. Many of them will just whatever, whatever, whatever the whatever the person with the with

00:28:41--> 00:28:43

the biggest gun says, Well, that's what we'll do.

00:28:44--> 00:28:57

We don't have that problem here. There is no reason for us not to have a formative approach to Islam, where we look at our own society, your own community and the larger society and say, this should change. How do we make these changes? How do we

00:28:58--> 00:29:32

but that requires a proper amount of education. But that's how Islam has to be learned. Islam was a social movement, it came in and made a difference. The Prophet, what are your thoughts? Okay, I used some came to the Muslim Arab. They were one way, by the time he passed away Ali assault, and they were a completely different group of people with different principles and different values and different practices, because he brought reform out of your stilettos and he taught. And we have to do the same point after that parallel learning. This is what I believe and this is how I learned Islam. I learned Islam through parallel learning. I learned to all my life from maybe six years old

00:29:32--> 00:29:59

till today, you learn as you go through life, you don't need to take a year or two or three off. That concept to me is foreign. None of my teachers were like that. Yeah. The other day I talked about one of my teachers who passed away she had a baby was 80 to 8788 years old. He passed away in DMS. I forgot to say he was a pharmacist. He was a pharmacist and he had a pharmacy. He retired obviously, 25 years ago, but he was a pharmacist. All of my teachers were people who had for

00:30:00--> 00:30:29

Patients, either accountants, doctors, lawyers, or engineers, all of them. And if they weren't, if they didn't have a profession that was based in an academic, they had a craft that they had inherited from their forefathers, one of them worked with copper. His last thing was in the house which is someone who deals with copper, that's what he did. He had this huge place and he imported copper and made things on a copper he is when he came for Salah he was all covered in copper you put the border on after will look but the Mm hmm. He went from the guy who sold copper to the Imam of the masjid very quickly.

00:30:31--> 00:30:45

It's parallel learning, you have time, you have time, you have time to go through life, whether as a student in in you in high school, or university, or a young professional or a young parent and learn you don't believe me, ask your iPhone.

00:30:46--> 00:31:09

Just ask your iPhone, it will tell you if you have time or not. Just ask your iPhone, how much time do I spend a day staring at you. And it'll tell you. And I can tell you, I just want a fraction of that time. I don't want the whole time. Just give me an hour, not even a day, not even a day. Well, like not even a day, you can learn this time, if you just invest maybe a couple of hours a week, consistently over a long period of time you'll learn

00:31:10--> 00:31:38

the bursts of knowledge don't help. Allah says he doesn't like it. He likes the consistency you do parallel learning, which is what the amount of Development Academy that we have in this center actually helps with you can take courses. The i By the way, the registration for the destiny for the younger brothers and sisters here. Everyone's welcome older or younger, especially those who are in high school and university, young professionals, the the registration link is still open, we're open till May 31. We off there's a lot of different courses being offered every semester, there's new courses being offered, some of them are in person, some of them online, learn, attend and learn and

00:31:38--> 00:32:10

you have access to the people who are teaching. So you're not learning from someone who's far away who can't actually go speak to you have access to people who are teaching so you can learn more, you can ask questions. It's important to do these things. It's important that we have a plan a proper education. Parallel learning is how I learned, I spent most of my life doing both learning. I went to medical school and I went to Sharia law school. Not a problem. Yes, it was busy. But you can do it. If you want to. If you prioritize LM in your life, then it's not going to be an issue for you to do so. And all great stores have a standard that as well. The final point when it comes to schools,

00:32:10--> 00:32:48

when it comes to academies, when it comes to programs, this is where we have to make sure that we're spending most of our effort, time, money and energy. As a Muslim community, we have to put a lot of time into that and education for different backgrounds, different demographics, and different groups, or investment should be in that we have not till this day had proper discussions on higher levels regarding Islamic schools, you only have two in the city. They even if they are amazing, and they can only take maybe 3% of the Muslim youth we are a very youthful community very youthful, go to the Vic emerge for the children and look at the percentage of broken hands and legs that are

00:32:48--> 00:33:26

Muslims. We have a lot of youth, two schools and three and four won't work, we may need more. But we're going to need a better approach to the academic nature of this society, of the educational boards and what they're teaching and where we fall into that and how we are going to be supported how our, our vision and our values are going to also be taught we need after school programs that we can bring kids to so they can learn Islam parallel to learning everything else. This is where we have to spend our time and money. And this is what you as a Muslim community member need to push the organizations and institutions to do that is what your message has to be. Teach us. Bring us people

00:33:26--> 00:34:00

who can teach bring us teachers, people who know how to explain things people understand things appropriately have a narrative that is healthy, not a narrative that is again, a problematic a healthy narrative. A healthy understanding of his feminine is willing to invest their time in teaching, and that and when you do that, one generation, they learn and then it just perpetuates. So you don't need to import anything you don't need to because you already have you have a basis. That's what he did on it. He passed away after 23 years, but he left scholars behind him people who made sure we know Islam today. The way that he did are the Allahu Anhu Ah man I hope that was

00:34:00--> 00:34:33

benefit for you. We have a lost and found thing outside on your way out if you've lost anything in the message we have a lot of things that were lost and just left here so if you've lost something you know someone has just take a look at the last event please on your way out to please just take if something is yours. Why don't one hola Hi I'm Emily and I'll be even for call in hola hola Mila you gotta who use Aluna Alan B Yeah, you're living in LA he was selling water sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed the muscle later Allah Ibrahim on early evil on him. What about more from Medina wider early Muhammad gmail dot McDonough you belong here. You belong here and flyer Lemina in

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Nikka Homido Majeed what are the law who money orbital hula for that Ilhan Omar a lot of man I leave what the law who minds oh god he Omaha meaning one early hippo up in a poor hearing. Why don't Sahaba T Hill we're in Miami one it'll be in alimentaria homie via CERN in Isla Yama Dean, one of my tkr Hammer was a mean Allah who was getting any Muslim you know when a Muslim well meaning me not Allah Yeah, amen whom well am wa

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Hola Hola My favorite moment in Muhammad Amin when I finished school when my crew being walked by the man in another movie and luckily Dana, I didn't mention you Nene What if I wouldn't mind over looming what I'm worth and what I'm worth and Mussolini and Grace medica Yahama rocky Nene, Allahu Montessori, Hawaiian and we're all guilty and if we miss de la casa Allahumma, Nakata Calacatta Baca and know early enough even I've seen what odo Elena allows you to do. But I mean, what Jemaine Aiko Dini got done Jamila what a hola Quwata illa biLlah Ali you know the, the Allah in Allah Yamamoto will deliver yesterday when he

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went hand in fascia evil Moon carry well dolly you're a little Comilla Allah come to the guru nothing to Salah