Explain The Concept Of Slavery In Islam And Its Abolishment

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Slavery is a concept that existed several decades ago. What did Islam say about slavery

How was it during the time of the Prophet (PBUH) What about the rest of the world

Did slavery exist in other parts of the world

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick answers.

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Can you explain the concept of slavery in Islam, and its abolishment?

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slavery is a worldwide institution, which unfortunately, has been existing amongst human beings. From the beginning of time, we have to recognize there were slaves in China, there were slaves in India, Africa, the Americas Europe, the word slave comes from Slav, because the Romans had enslaved the Slavic people like Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. And so slave is not just something to deal with African, all nations. It was the relationship of master to slave that made serfdom in Europe. And it also developed client societies throughout the world. The Arabs also were involved in this as any other nations, Africans were involved in this as all the other nations of the world. When Islam

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came, Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom brought the concept of the slavery to Allah subhanaw taala and not to human beings. And so right from the beginning of Islam, the slaves were being freed the court and was also freeing the slaves, and it is reported that the Muslims basically freed their slaves, and did not involve themselves in any slave raiding during the time of the Prophet Muhammad so solemn and and his great successes, the great qualifier Rashidi, we have to recognize, however, that with Islam, abolishing the capturing of people, the torturing of people taking away their freedom, there was an institution, which is basically prisoners of war, when the war is over, what do you do with

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the prisoners, and so that was maintained that there would be prisoners of war, but that's not slavery, they could be considered bonded servants. It was a contract, and the person was not supposed to be harmed. They ate the same food as the one who control them. They wore the same clothing, and they were allowed to menu mitt themselves to come out of the slavery as soon as possible. So basically, Islam was phasing out slavery, and there's no need in the modern world to go back to slavery.