Hesham Al-Awadi – Khawlah bint Azwar and her Brother

Hesham Al-Awadi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who lost her brother because of a Roman connection. She describes a fight with Iran and eventually wins, leading to her desire to marry her Roman partner. She describes how they go on a horse and tell her that she wants to live in the great Palace. She also mentions wanting to have her freedom restored.
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How leppington is a great personality. She did not see our solar cell. But she saw the rest of the companions. How 11 tell us what never got married. But her relationship with her brother there are was so powerful. She loved him a lot.

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And when a woman loves she loves

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Robbie, I loved Allah and this is what happens when a woman loves Allah.

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I shall loved her husband, Mohammed Shah, Selim, this is what happens when a woman loves her husband,

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Abu hanifa love these mother, so much so that when his mother just passes in a circle, and he's teaching in that circle, he would say Come on, you go home or students study, the circle is canceled. My mother needs me who would do this when he is on his mobile. And a mother calls you from the kitchen. You would say to your mother, wait, Mother, I'm on the phone. This is what happens when someone loves his mother. And when a mother loves her son. How long is a story of what a woman would do when she is in love with her brother.

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Now there are is a great brave warrior Mujahid he did not fear anyone.

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It's amazing. But there are tooth, his sister how to fight the skill of using the sword. She knows it. The skill of using the spears, she knows it. Martial Arts, she knows it through her brother, her relationship with her brother is so intimate.

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So what happens therefore if something bad happens to Lila? She will become that and that actually what has happened?

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In one of the battles called agenda Diem. There are was captured and taken as a hostage

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and how they became that.

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For one she was not aware whether he is dead or alive.

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And of course if he is dead, she would become mad.

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But on her suspicion that he might be alive. She decided to rescue him. Have you seen the rock? Have you seen any American movie which is about rescuing hostages, there are a lot aren't they? Okay, this is not a movie. This is a real story of a woman trying to rescue her brother from the territories of the Romans. And the Romans are excellent and you know this fighters. They are not on donkeys with swords. No, they are excellent fighters. Powerful fighters.

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What does she do? She wears her armor.

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And now when she was her armor, no one knows that she is a woman.

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And she goes and fights. I would like you to visualize. And imagine now that you are watching this movie, you are watching someone coming from a distance wearing his armored clothes, you would assume that he is a man or a male and you would see him approaching the enemy. The enemy is armed as well.

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And on the other side, the Muslim army composed

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wholly and solely of men.

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And you see this woman or man zooming into the enemy

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and engaging in a fight with 2030 this is not an indian movie. This is a real movie engaging with 2030 people and being able to fight them and to defeat them.

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At that time, the Muslim army was led by Khalid admin well it when you say Khalid its military skills.

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The Muslim people in the army that are watching this army person fighting

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said that this is hard. This is hard.

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This can be no one except Khalid.

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And suddenly, they saw harlot coming from the right hand of the army.

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And they were shocked if that is not valid. Then who is he?

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And one of the Muslims in the army

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called Rafa even omega went to Hawaii said

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holiday Khalid I thought that was you.

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He said no that's not me. But I am wondering like you who is he?

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He said this is the first time I see

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see someone fighting in this power and this strength and this energy to impress harlot that means you are something special. When you impress a great person that means you are equally or

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more great.

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You are more great or equally at a monopolist otherwise the great will not be impressed by unless a great, isn't that right? Khalid sees this man fighting and killing and fighting. And the Roman army is retreating. Of course, now other people are fighting, but you can see it, it's like in football, there is a certain player that making an impact he has the other plays with him. But you can see this is making an impact. So he can see this mobile fighter fighting here and they're fighting here and and if you are like watching the gladiator, you would zoom you will come along to one fighter in the entire army, because he is the one that is creating an impact. When it runs after this soldier,

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and with his horse revolves around him, and says, show me your face. Tell me your name. By Allah, show me your face by Allah, you felt like a great, great fighter. And the person is not answering. And Khalid felt a little bit suspicious. And then please tell me your name. And one person said to him, come on, speak to them even more meaning in the battle, Khalid is asking you, what's your name?

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And then a feminine voice comes out of the armor. And she says, One law here I mean, I mean, it's not out of rudeness that I am not answering your question, but I am a woman.

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I am not a man. I am not Khalid.

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And Khalid said Who are you? She said, I am hola bentyl as well. And then he said to her, um, why did you do what you did? She said, because I lost my brother. And I'm not sure if he's dead or alive. So I thought to fight them. In case he is a hostage and then I can rescue him.

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He took her

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and they went to the military basis. And during the day she was crying and crying and crying virar Where are you? Where are you? And she began to say poetry and I have the poetry there. Are you alive? or dead? Where are you guys crying for you?

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It felt sorry for her. So he brought off

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the one that I told you about who was the second man in the army. He said Rafa,

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look at this poor sister. Can you check if he's dead or alive for her? He said, Okay, I'll try to check. He had the hostage or Roman hostage. This Roman hostage confessed at the end. And he said to him, Look, are you aware of someone that you captured as hostage called Iran? He said there are there are there are? Oh, yes, I know him. He fought like command and he fought like a lion. And he killed 40 Romans and he killed our military leader. Yes, yes. He said Where is he? He said he is hostage in homes in Damascus. So he's alive. Yes, he is alive. He's a hostage. Rafa Ebner. Myra goes to tell Khalid Khalid I mean in momineen He is alive Khalid goes and tells cola cola good news. Your

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brother is alive. Or if you want he is alive Mashallah good news, but he's a hostage. But don't worry, we will rescue him. He asked Rafa Khalid Ostrava, he said, Rafa, I want you to rescue him, do anything that you can to rescue. He said, How many soldiers do you need? And if I said I need 100 soldiers, but I'm going to select them. They need to be top of the range. They need to be excellent fighters. So I'm going to choose them and he chose 1234 100 men, and then he said Salah to college, I'm going to go to homes, how they bill as well said where are you going to? They said we are going to leave? We are going to rescue there are she said okay Salam aleikum, go And may Allah be with

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you? No, no, no, no, no. She said, I'm coming with you.

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I'm coming with you. Ruff. I said no, but this is a male mission. You can't come with us said no. I'm coming with you.

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Yes, but we are hungry. top of the range. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don't know. We are all of our muscular people's taking steroids day or night.

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She said I don't care. I'm coming with you.

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Rafa goes to harlot and says she wants to come. harlot says you saw how she fought, didn't you? So she's not going to be a burden Take her with you. And they took her with them. And the historians tell us and I can visualize it, that 100 people were on their horses going to homes and a distance that

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Since and one soldier at the back following because of not to mingle and mix with the Can you see it? 100 space space space space space, a woman medevac

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but not a woman to yell and to No, no, be careful, no, no, she's coming to fight with the 100.

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They went, and she went with them, and they fought and they rescued. They love.

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The story ends. But there is another occasion there is another situation hola continue to fight wars and battles so as not to get the impression that she's just fighting for the sake of our brother. But whenever there is a battle she fights, she's not treating the injured and bringing water she's actually fighting.

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In one battle. She and a group of women were taking hostages by the Romans again.

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The leader of the Roman army, fell in love with her. He said to his army members, no one gets closer to her. No one mistreats her.

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After we defeat the Muslims, I'm going to marry her. She's aware of that. But she doesn't care less.

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In the night, they were put together. And I think they were shackled. But somewhere in the middle of this because this is in a battlefield. So how late in the middle of the night began to speak to the rest of the woman? Are you going to accept this humiliation? Are you going to accept this capture unit means to be captured by those roles? Those pagans are going to accept that.

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Some of them woman said to her but yes, but we don't have any horses. We don't have any swords. Look at a woman now that thinks about alternatives. She said yes. But we have the pigs. So she said yes. But we have these. And we're like sisters and brothers. She took this thing from the tense. And she shouted, have you seen

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some of them and you've seen Gladiator some of you were when they fight with the animals. And when he says to them, let's keep together Let's close and be in a circle together. Don't keep apart from each other. This is exactly what how lemenager said. He said, Look, if we wanted to find those roles, we have to stick together. We should not depart from each other, and everyone holding a stick. And whenever she sees a Roman straight away on the top of his head, and they did exactly that five frohman scheme. And this is maybe like an indian movie now five Romans came they were killed. 10 Romans came they were killed.

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The one who is in love with her from the Romans. I think this should be turned into a movie, the one who was in love with that said to her Hola, what are you doing?

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Are you going to kill me? After this has ended, I will marry you and we will live in the greatest Palace in Damascus.

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She said we're lucky to get married to the worst person in the Muslim community is far more better than to get married to you. Then she actually continues to fight and continues to fight. And he says to her well, I can kill you but I don't want to kill you. I love you. She says kill me if you're a man. And he approaches and she approaches and approaches. And at that moment the Muslim army comes headed by Khalid Abdullah Walid Rafa. Myra saying Allahu Akbar, and all the Romans run away. And all these hostages become cut and loose, and they come and Iran is one of them. And she jumps on the horse and say to the rest of the woman, look, this is how we can gain our freedom again and they

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went back home

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