Husn Al-Dhan Vs Cancel Culture

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of "harmed" people on society, citing examples such as the cancellation culture and "harmed people" as examples. They emphasize that "harmed people" do not mean anything to the point of causing harm. The speaker also mentions the " o'clock culture" and the " o'clock culture" concept, which is not something the speaker thinks is extreme.
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Chris Nolan literally means to think well of your brother and sister, you know, the Companions used to say,

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make up at least 70 excuses for your brother. And if you cannot come up with 70, then tell yourself, there's an excuse that I don't know except the brother. He knows what that excuses. And that will be your reason to just remain quiet. Think about it. This is a problem. When people have faults, this is a problem, that as a Muslim culture, we are still figuring out how to understand and deal with that. Because we live in a time and age. Have you heard of these terms? The cancel culture. One mistake you're out, say one thing it's done, that culture is around it. And literally 99% of that culture is completely against our *tier. There are some minor exceptions in between. And that's

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something we don't need to talk about because they are extreme. If somebody is dangerous and are harming people, they're taking money illegally. Those are extreme situations. We're not talking about that. We're just talking about our daily interactions.