The Challenge of our time Atheism vs Moral Deism

Hatem al-Haj


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I remember I, I was presenting a summary of Secretary manzara bozos paper yesterday and I said that I don't truly personally believe that atheism would be

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such a big deal.

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I, I think that more of deism is going to be a bigger problem. I believe that atheism has many problems at many levels.

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On a more intellectual level, it is very hard to convince people that this universe this existence, has no maker also known as first cause on an emotional as well as intellectual level, it is very hard to convince people that this universe has no tell us purpose meaning, also known as the final cause very hard. Therefore, there would be bouts throughout the history of atheism becoming more popular.

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It is basically like, you know, Portlanders throw in a tantrum. So humanity, you know, throws a tantrum every once in a while. And that's when you see atheism becoming a little bit more popular, a little bit more influential. You get the French Revolution and

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the Soviet experience you get atheism in particular reasons, particular localities at particular times when people throw a tantrum. But at the end of the day, these are like fads that go away very quickly. But more of the ISM is going to be a problem agnosticism more of these

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negative theology, negative theology is going to be a problem more of the ISM is, I was here during the SOFIA service presentation, and I heard him describe it as therapeutic therapeutic, it provides an explanation. And it gives you this comfort that there is a supreme being. So it gives you like that It comforts you it gives you an explanation that you could be content with. Yeah, someone made this.

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But again, at the same time, it is a God that has been excluded from our day to day life, from basically

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managing our affairs, he is a God who has been silenced. He is the God that prefer the God of the philosophers, a God that is remote and detached, a God that can never be an object of adoration or worship, although it not he it may be an object of wonderment. So this is basically a God that

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modern secularists or secular humanism would prefer to have

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just like, a nice conception there, to basically give you an explanation of where this came from. But it does not have any requests to make of you, does not demand anything after all, nothing can be demanded of a God,

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of which nothing could be predicated about which nothing can be told. And that is the essence of negative theology.