Who are the Kattani Family & Receiving Ijazah in Weak Hadith

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AI: Summary © The Hadith family was separated from their mother and had a romantic family. They had a successful career but faced criticism and issues with their father. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning from people and being careful with one's approach, while also acknowledging the need for people to be clear in their efforts. The speaker also discusses the importance of the rainbow in shaping culture and the need for people to be clear in their efforts.
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Salam aleikum.

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So chef yesterday we were at the Caetani house and many of us don't really know their background in Hadith. And you also mentioned Almighty, I believe are the almighty family, we'll be getting a Jezza from them. So if you can talk a little bit about the service or scholarship of the family in terms of Hadith, and also their relationship or connection to the soul off.

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And you mentioned, one of the purposes of gaining jazz, even if we don't understand is because of the baraka of the connection to the prophets, Allah Azza wa Salam

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is that better coastal derivatives that are Hadith were getting adjusted and are weak and can you comment on the weakness of the or the status of the Hadith we were listening to yesterday, if that Baraka still stands, even if the authenticity is questionable. Yeah. Very important question. Firstly, the Caetani family in the definitely I should have directly related to the prophets, Allah Allah Selim to the family, at least from the Sunnah of the Prophet, Qatari people, you know, from both Brangelina Muhammad and Jabra catani and Abdullah Haman, la cabeza, catani, the two major branches, both of them, the you know, the the meeting, and they are Ashraf and you know, under

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hustling and Allah, we may Allah have mercy upon the family or the prophets, Allah Allah cinema on are the convenience and all the believers. So, the family has been known for the nadi for a long long time in history, really in the in Morocco, they have been, you know, responsible to teach Hey Buhari and all the books of the Hadith. And also they have so far that that's all faculty can see in Islam in Islamic world after fourth fifth century, they become very very popular to most all of my there used to be Sufi as well, but the SE to vary from one people to other it depends on how knowledgeable the person is somebody that you know had data and fatigue and all the data self will

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be more you know, very mild and more to deal based on Quran and Sunnah and nothing else. Some people who don't have so much knowledge, you know, to data so will be some you know, that as a weakness and problems. So same Caetani family the Titanic and popular balama like muffins, Africa cattani and Abdullah Caetani some people like that they can see a relatively they are much better you know, the than many other people related to Hadith and understanding of

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the Hadith personalizada. Similarly, Omar Yin, you know, hamari family became more famous because of, you know, romantic family is related to Mohammed Mr. Diva Omari Mohammed is satirical Mayra mulata had many many children. The most important of them were Ahmed Musa Diggle, Omari Muhammad, Muhammad Abdul Mohammed Elissa Deville, Omari

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Muhammad, the other brothers as well, like Hassan Mohammed, Nicola Murray, Angela ZZ Mohammed, Omari Abdullah Muhammad Yunus developer Mari Ibrahim Mohammed Reza hamari. From Omari family, I got a Giada from two people, two brothers, Hassan, who was stopped a year and moved to building a very old manufactory of Maliki mother, Mufti and the and also, you know, Ibrahim, I got a call from Ibrahim here to these two brothers, I met do Abdulaziz in, in Omaha, Mr. Ziegler Omari, I wrote a letter to him, but it never happened that you know, he didn't I didn't receive any reply from him. Anyway, among all these birders, the most knowledgeable person Mohammed Ahmed, Mohammed even a Muhammad in A

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satirical Kumari, a really big man and he's called a Hatfield expert of the Hadith and in very many ways very critically no he really know the ritual and all those things. But sometimes he is also in some extremism in him, too. Sometimes you can see a he if he's against someone, it will become on the extreme to opposing and criticizing. So I don't want to bet by Dolma not right thing to do for me, but just be aware, too, sometimes you can find really rivalry between Omari and catani family. So, you know, it all happened. But sometimes also there are people who were clear, you know, meeting each other. And Muhammad said they got Omari he had been very critical critic of the help attorney

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to Bucha to help attorney and ministerial Omari this probably existed I could be 100 Woman's to develop Amari can used to consider attorney as a liar. So it will so far is you cannot imagine and I've read out the rights of these people

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do I don't think I know the Caetani liar. But certainly what happens is maybe in some things is not as careful as 100 Dinamani developer Marie it could be possible.

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So the family no doubt both families both families they combine between Hadith and cassava post al Maliki mother the dirty there. And sometimes when it comes to people are not so critical, the Hadith Dodoma Hadith, but what happened? They will accept certain Hadith because they support their position. You know people don't expect people to be like buhari, buhari is it man who did not do this thing? He will basically Hadees to him has nothing to do with his opinion, his opinion or whatever the hidden something, it nothing to do with that. But very few people are like that. Most people really you can see when there must have

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even weaker the support their mother, they will, they will you know refer to that Hadees the stronger they oppose them. They will ignore that hadith to yesterday when a hadith were read in the virtues of the failure of the prophets, Allah, Allah some certainly, you know, actually most of the Hadith, they are not so sound authentic, you know, some of them will look, I didn't realize it, but I could see really some of the more mannakkara You know, I didn't really didn't agree but anyway, because when people collect something like that, that will happen.

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But the four are really easy not to follow them like that. You get each other you got some asanas and each other you can get from anybody you could even learn from she and all those people, but then it becomes your responsibility, don't do those things, receive the knowledge receive the Java, but they do research think properly so you got all these 40 Hadith about the father of the alibi towards Allah Allah Salam, you got a synod but don't you know teach like that, you know, do research understand what what do you have these are and then you know, the critical so when you receive the knowledge or or advice received from everybody, but when you teach it then the critic then

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critically properly think like Buhari here is it all the Hadith fabricated, be communiquer it helped them it's a material all of that. But when he wrote the books, there is reacting from that, to receiving the knowledge very good receive from everybody, all the materials, to now you are in this

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stage, when you meeting the Olimar getting data from everybody learned whatever letter you have write it to the read from whoever right vulnerable, I must have agreed more than 800 teachers that you know each other and also I can even more than that I don't remember even now because my name has been in many minutes. And some people have signed, but I've written my book, or more than most yoga. I did not agree, wrote by myself everyone know, I only mentioned multiple people who I select. So who I think they are worth to be in the booker round. It was more than 300 people, I think when by the time I you know, finished the book, maybe around 500 People not more than that might have got

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actually many, many more shoe, but I'm selecting those people who I think and also those aspects which I think is really helpful. And also I'm willing to criticize them as well to the to the people who really who they are, you know that everything properly proper balance. So, you know, when you receive the knowledge, don't be selective, or I must say is too much. Number two, they should really receive from everybody, but with open eyes open minded, know that not all materials are same, but when you teach, you know when you suit your body, then you should be very, very careful because you are responsible for that. To that keep in mind about the self no doubt certainly people have done a

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position you know, I know like my teacher was also in that but I normally I'm not really you know, in that matters so much against this over if people really become pious you know and follow Quran and Sunnah you know we are we love the people like that. The problem only is when any affiliation any belonging basically stops you from from following the Quran sunnah, that the problem. But if your affiliation and belonging encourages appear to support you to become more fun, have fun Asuna that's fine. You know the ball perfectly was policy I will allow a suit over lunch messenger. If people obey Allah is the messenger into that what we need. Is it clear