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they're overly structured. Whenever you plan things out too much that you never end up doing them that are overly structured. Whenever you plan things out too much that you never end up doing them. They never work out like that you want to study something you want to go look, if you do nothing sticks, what sticks with you are the random pieces of information that come to you throughout your life. There's a there's a way of playing soccer.

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It's not my way of playing soccer, it's actually a thing that it's it's way more spread now. But it's starting to go ticky tack ever heard of it. So it's just it's just random paths, just random movements that are just that have a specific idea to them, where we just you know, we extinct communication, but there's really no clear plan for things. And somehow that works out. And the reason is because the human brain likes a challenge. If you structure things for the human brain to clearly it gets bored and it doesn't doesn't stop. You have to give the brain a puzzle. You have to give the brain something to work with, make it make it a bit challenging, just give the brain

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something to wear, it has to figure something out. Don't make it too easy to clean. That's when we go. There's 1234567 memorize these make your brain just no I don't want. Why? Because there's nothing in it for the brain. The brain has no, there's no job for the brain to do. And you're saying what I'm saying here is to structure just to clear everything. And that's how all science works. And that's how we're taught at school. And that's why no one does well at school. No one likes school. No one likes University, we hate it. And the reason is, because everything is so bloody structured, but what do you actually learn? Are those just random moments of knowledge where someone says

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something or you experience something that stays with you forever, but you sat in mathematic class every day for 15 years? And you remember garbage? You can remember anything from that? And why is it it's just this because the brain gets bored. The brain needs something to play with, give the brain something, give it two pieces of the puzzle and ask it don't give it the pieces 123 were just no no, no, no, just give it the random pieces and ask the brain to kind of figure them out. Because you find you find joy, the brain finds joy in in attaching the parts that come in and figuring things out. And that's why the Quran to me is is will always be enjoyable. The Quran is not overly

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structured, to the point where it's boring, no the Quran you have to you have to go figure it out of it. You have to find how what what is trying to say you have to get to connect the dots and the Quran, you have to read this, I read this student and put and put them all together. So it's not it's not spoon feeding you everything so that your brain dulls out and doesn't doesn't want to do anything anymore. And this is we noticed that we this is by the way, if you talk to educators, and principals and people in the field will tell you that this is the problem with modern education has been the problem since they started schools is that we over structure things for students, and it's

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all spoon fed and soon get bored. Because because their brains aren't stimulated, there's nothing. They're not figuring anything out. Right? There's no There's no mystery to anything. They don't feel like they discover things. That's why there's so many different movements today in terms of education, where they don't really come and teach them. You know, I don't know what's called an English

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For example, yeah, so the law, you know, the right angle triangle. So instead of teaching them God, you just give them the triangle and they see if you can figure it out, and just leave them for a while. And just maybe everyone's gonna throw a tool. Because once they figure it out, they'll feel like oh my god, like I'm a genius, you're not really, but you'll never forget that they'll never forget how to do it ever again. And their level of understanding of that law will be much more superior when you teach them the law and teach them everything that comes with it makes perfect sense now, but because they've had to actually push their brains to work towards it, when you spoon

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feed, here's the law, here's how it's applied, very boring, and the brain tunes out. Right? You memorize, you can repeat it many times, but the brains aren't happy with it because it didn't have to work. So the beautiful part of the client, the client doesn't do that the client is very, it the structure is there, you just have to figure it out. So you have to go out you have to look for it. And it's so it's so complex and it's so well put together that multiple recite reciting it and looking at it multiple times, you'll come up with multiple different findings, that will all be correct, they will all have similar understanding as long as you are capable of arguing in a

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structured way yourself. And that's why the Quran is interesting to look into. It's not like it's not written like, like, like a constitution. There's no okay, you know, article number one and one, A, one B and one to you, even though you're all really important, but you don't, the moment you see that you just start running through it quickly, right, you're just trying to look for a link for a punch line, somebody's giving you whatever it's gonna be one one liner, because it's boring, but when it's like this, it's a bit different. So when you look at even the way that the Quran is structured at the beginning of it, the first time those Quran in terms of the sequence of pseudo

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starting from Fatiha coming down the first time he talks about faith, ima and specifically, you would think that would be the first thing in the because the most important thing is ticks to us anyway, it comes to Atlanta, that's when starts talking about it. But the first other sewers have a whole whole different focus, even though you would think that from a structure perspective I'm going to structure it out and we do that all the time talking about ima and first and we go through the articles is one doesn't do that leaves it for later. You

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He kind of puts, it flips things around. It just challenges your understanding. So So within these example, for example, in these clusters that we're reading, when they're talking about submission, it doesn't start by talking about why you're submitting and how you're going to submit. No, no, it starts by talking about the most difficult situations to submitted. And it gives you a bunch of stories that make you feel uncomfortable every time you read them, and you don't think you can actually go through right away, you would think that'd be the last thing to talk about. After you, you've established your understanding. And you understand your stop you established your your

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reasoning, you would go ahead and you would, you know, we would, you would know how to, you know, stand your ground and difficult situation, no, no client does that first. And then talks about, you know, the concept of submission on a communal level, which is something very, very complex. And then there's, there's stories with water, and actually talks about why and who thinks with water? If we were to structure it, the Quran, it would be the first one you would you would have, why? Because you can talk about why you submit to Allah subhanaw taala, how you submit to Allah subhanaw, if that wasn't what that's going to look like, on an individual level, how are you going to function, so it

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makes sense for it to be the first one, but it's not. And that's how, that's how the Quran works all the time. You just, it gives you a challenge, it gives you a bit to work with makes you kind of think, and that's why it's enjoyable to read. That's why the more you read it, the more you take from it, because it's just a bunch of puzzle pieces, that funnily Funny enough, will fit together multiple different ways. So you can every time you read it, you can come up with a picture that's a bit more unique, that has a bit more details that the first one didn't, instead of giving it to you as number one, number two, number three, just seeing their brain dead, just putting one beside two

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besides V getting bored out of your mind, and then completely losing interest in what you're learning. So I think I think this is a point to kind of note, when you're looking at the Quran at the loss of balance, I'd put it that way out of the knowledge, or through the knowledge of him knowing our nature of what we what we enjoy, and what stimulates us as human beings we need, we need some mystery and how we're going to be taught we need it. And when you find someone who does that for you, or you're taught in a way like that, you find it way more stimulating, and you actually hold on to the to the information, but structured learning. I mean, do I need to convince you that

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structured learning doesn't work? You've all been through school in university, what do you remember from any of that?

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See, it's just what you nothing, you hated it, you'd go sleeping in the morning and you'd sleep through half of it. And then you just because it's so structured is boring. It's not it's not it doesn't stimulate the brain. Right? Because it's just so spoon fed everything. There's nothing for you to figure out. There's no personal

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fingerprint, you could put on this. You can't add anything. There's nothing, you can't figure something out at certain point and say I it's all there. Everything is there. So what's the point? What's the point of me participating? Like, it's all there, you just want me to memorize this and then regurgitate it on a paper at some point. So they can give me a certificate that says that I sat through your boring lecture and didn't kill myself. That's basically what this certificate says. But does it actually say that you understand things that you gained a level of appreciation and of comprehension of this topic that allows you too, to use drop parallels on date on your date in your

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daily life? And draw conclusions? And that is?

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Not really not really. And you know, how many people I graduate with a bachelor's degree? And they're like, I know, nothing. I don't know, what did i What did I do, like I'm $50,000 in debt. And I have, I just have a piece of paper that I can go and get a job on. But you don't really know what you're doing. And these are problems. And why I'm bringing this up. Because a client is very different. The client is not spoon feed, anything the client gives you gives you all the information in a random way. Not fully random, but to a certain extent, and it asks you you have to go figure it out, go look through it all, connect the dots come up with your own understanding figure things out.

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Isn't it interesting that 1400 years later, people are still figuring things out in the Quran? People are still reading something like like, did you notice that you like no, oh my God, no one noticed that, like out of 1400 years of scholars, and scientists have the Quran and you'll figure something out that no one actually even looked at, you'll go into quite a bit of see of the books, you'll read all of them and not one person even even thought of it. Right is that that's cool that there's a potential for that. And every day, there's a potential of you looking at something and figuring something out. That's that people will need a piece of information that will benefit you

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and your life and benefit others as well. Imagine if it was dead boring. It was just a bunch of well, it was done before right? Most artists I was given the commandments and just 10 laws that didn't work very well. Many people engaged in that but the point is very different. The way that it comes to things is very different, I find to be very beautiful and very engaging. So so it's vaulted is the third sutra and this cluster of sutras. But it's but it from a from a structural perspective as students should have been number one not should have been but we feel like that would be number one sooner why? Because they didn't tell you. Okay, submission I talked about that. Yeah, the

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concept of it. That's what Islam actually means. But why would we submit to Allah Subhanallah I never brought that up. I kind of left it because I knew it was gonna come here. Why would you do it? I tell you what you'd never submit to another human being right. Never submit to any

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One, only Allah subhanaw taala. But we never really talked about why is it only Allah why even him? Why give up your freewill to anyone? Right? We talked about the you don't give up your field, this is the most precious thing that you own is your freewill, your ability to make decisions that no one's controlling, or can force you to do anything, that's the most precious thing that you own. Everything else is garbage, it'll come and go. One day, you'll have a lot one day you won't have much, but you always have your free will. And that's you. And you, that is the most precious possession that you own. So you don't give that up to anyone. No one gets to dictate that part. They

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can dictate a lot of other stuff, but not that, except for Allah subhanaw taala you give up your free will to His will. That's a big deal. That's a big decision. He appreciates that when you do it. I mean, he that's what he called the same assignment submission you submitting to him. And if you do it, it means a lot to him. That's why you're gonna get extremely rewarded at the end because it's a big deal that you could do it. But the question is why you do it even for him? Subhana wa Tada.

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Isn't that why even for him? Why? Well, you know, why not just, you know, sanctify and qualify that concept and not give you free will to up to anyone, not even God. Well, here's here's going to argue with you why you should do it for him. He's going to tell you okay, this is why you should do it for me, do it for me because because of a bunch of other things. And then he'll tell you how they'll tell you what happens if you do and what happens if you don't, there's all sorts of authors very simply very simple. It's very beautiful. And he's extremely, extremely deep every every I just is worthy of any of love a lot of explanation and I'll do my best to to bring to shed as much light as

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I can on it. So that's basically the idea. So as far as of course I met you sooner.

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If you go through the sooner that were going, we were embarking on reading ZURB Saba falta BSc in Slough, sod and zoomer all, you know, out of these seven, six, the last six or Allamakee only ZURB is Madani. So even in time sequence, that's absolutely the last, but it was there first. I say that it's put there first, right there's staring in the face, making it very difficult for you at the beginning and then kind of threading things out differently. And that's just how the Quran does thing is it's always there to kind of put a little bit of shock into things make you think make you feel challenged, make you feel scared, make you feel uncomfortable, it's fine. The whole point of

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it. If it doesn't do that, then you're not really you're not grasping, grasping it properly. So we'll start with what's faltering the shallow resuscitation and we'll explain as much as we can we'll be learning in a che on your body

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Bismillah your watchmen your wahi

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Al Hamdulillah Haifa police

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jangling mela eager to fool

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row Sulan only a journey heading my way through last

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year Z do feel the pain Yasha

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in law had a cliche in body

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who in Simi walk man

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so pay attention to the customer on the hot sauce man to Hilo in further Moon seeker

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when you seek more sila who mean the

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disease will hacky.

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So right at the beginning the sort of begins

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selling the the idea to you so I started telling you okay, here's who he is. Subhana wa Tada in case you're, you're wondering or in case you're not fully sure whether this is something worthy of doing or not, whether submitting your will to him subhanaw taala accepting Allah subhanaw taala as your as your one and only God and listening and obeying everything he says whether it you know, if you're still on the on the ropes on that one, you're still thinking about should I should I not? Is this right? Is this wrong? Is it worth doing? So he starts by telling Alright, here's my resume, right and see if this is this works for you. If you have a better candidate, then go ahead by all means,

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submit to them or if you don't think this is worthy, then maybe you don't need to do and so what hamdulillah and starts by the praise of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And as I said, only a few students in the class start with at hand, right? What are the students out with the hands always nice to know them? The first one is what facts you always provide and the second one and then right so kind of you see the I just talked about it a second anyway. So and then after that, yeah, which we decided together and

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Then these two guys, right so seven photons that we recited only only five. So we'll start with the brazen hamdulillah hinders, and there's a, there's a link that's drawn between the Michelle that we face with Sparta, I'll try we read I think all of them except an arm, which kind of makes it not too helpful to but I'll draw the link anyway just for the front of it. And so in hamdulillah All Praise be to Allah felt lady SML. So the name of this sort of alto came from the word being here in the in this work, what is felt would mean someone who's not fasting Ramadan, right, which is true, which is the same word, exactly the same word. And it just what was interesting is studying the route so far,

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or of Torah or Fedora, which comes from falsehood, and Moto is basically breaking something, or putting a dent into something or changing something in its

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in the way that it actually works. Giving it a beginning and beginning that light will come by either an opening being put into it, or something being put onto it. So I bust as I never understood what Felter meant, until I saw two guys two bedwin men to out up fighting over a well, one of them telling the other unathletic to her, I'm the one who you know, hit the first

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the first shovel into the into the ground, you know, digging it down, I thought, well, I'm the first one I mean, and what it means is the earth was you know, it was like this, it was a it was an equilibrium it was all flat, and then you put a dent into it, starting something new, you make it you make a change, you put something different so when you're when when you do a thought, basically your stomach is empty, and then you put something into it, meaning you make a difference, you do something, you change something into it, change something about it. And that's what the word filter comes from. So far three, some Alhaji will

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sometimes say the originator of the cosmos and the earth, but certainly the originator is the is the one who who gave it the first burst. The one who started it, the one subhanaw taala, who gave it who actually took went from nothing to something, something came out. So that's what the Father told me there was nothing. And then with with with, with a certain will

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or a certain method, something came, right. So it changed the nature of what you were looking at the nature, it was nothing and then then something came in. So again, the stomach is empty for now something's there, the Earth was all flat, and then now there's a dent in it. So something it's always it's an it's a sudden change of the nature of something that you're looking at. So felt very similar to what it was nothingness. And then suddenly something something came to be was the creation. So creation is a much more general word. So the word cult is way more general, the word creation is used is used for I just like it's a very, very general word, and then some and basalt

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and all the different

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smaller meanings that are more specific. So hello, creation is just a very general word. It can mean to create something from nothing to something or it can mean to change that something's nature, or it could mean to actually offer it life it can have all those meanings. That's why you know, comfortable 20 Oh, magic can help them embody. So appreciate you time after time. Well, how many creations could you have used the word creation has more than one meaning to it's a very general word, and then you have bad but A is a specific word solwara a specific word and photogra a specific word, Fatah always means that you know that the Big Bang, that that blast that first moment when

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things come come to be right where things fully change in nature. So it hamdulillah it felt very similar it without. That's why you should submit the first reason is all prayers to the one who started all this. There was nothing. How could you submit to anyone else? If there was no there's nothing before. And his will supplement I love brought that it changed that state of nothingness to something and everything that you see is from that moment of public where Allah subhana began at all. So who else are you going to submit your will to? It makes no sense. Who are you looking at? Who are you interested in? Everything you're looking at? are just the the results of that moment

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where he felt lost out of where he where he began everything where he originated at all with whatever it meant that he did Subhanallah what data

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so that's the first one second point yeah at ICA to Sudha is the one who made the angels messengers. Know the angels

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within the Abrahamic faiths and other faiths as well, well we serve different purposes.

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But the purpose, the general purpose that Allah subhanaw taala takes in the Quran in different parts is understood that they are messengers, messengers from him supposed to Allah to human beings, whether they are messengers in the form of what God is and I'm used to do you would bring to the Prophet satellite send them to Quran he spoke to him the first time are messengers and different messengers of punishment as a tube angels came and punished.

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Calm loop, or whatever, it is always what they what they serve to do is just conveying messages. The messages can

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be verbal, or it could be physical it can be, it could be basically anything, but they only do what Allah subhanaw taala specifically tells them to do with really no margin of error, and with really no innovation from themselves. On the other hand, we're different in those aspects. And we will follow him supine on which it will listen, but there's always going to be a personal or unique personal addition or, or way of doing it that's specific to you. But Monica, no, man, I could don't go back and are evaluated based on what they do, because they don't really have the choice or the ability not to do things the way Allah subhanaw taala created them or asked him or commanded them to

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specifically do it.

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Which, of course,

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is important understand that he's that they are different than us in that in that manner. We're not they're not the same. You can't, you can't draw parallels between how we function, how Medaka function, they're just different. They're different types of creations with different purposes of being created, and with different ways of existing altogether. But what the is saying is, He created them to be Jani messengers, only Virginia, and is the only place where the plan talks about it. We actually mean, the owners of wings are not they have wings, or that they possess wings. And then it says method number three, Dr. Obi 213 and four, and then after that is Edith will help him Ayesha.

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And he will increase in his creation, what he will subhanaw taala, what he wants, what He desires, he will increase in his creation. So what's the point of saying that, but the point of saying this is to return the prophets that likes him and the sahaba. To the moment, Ali Sosa met Gibreel. The first time he sees how many times the Prophet said MC Gibreel in the way Allah created him twice, right. So once on the day of the beginning of when it all started. And since he's talking about falsehood, he started talking about beginnings, that he's going to take us back to another beginning, which is the beginning of Islam to be good

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as a parallel there to kind of think about, and then he saw him on the day of an outage. But when he saw that David methodology was a different thing, because Gibreel had shrunk in humility, because he was right beside said, Look, we want to have the highest place that any preachers ever arrived at. So he was close to Allah Subhan. He's completely complete humility, but on the Knights of Columbus middle back when he came to him, and the Prophet, the Prophet, so I sent him when he described him, as you'll find him Saudi Muslim and other guy new books. When he described himself Nevada to Elijah Bree, I looked it up in either Allah who said, but I mean agenda, and he had 700 600 700 wings. It's

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another on Hulu, it just pearls in and joy, you're flying from it. You're so good. Okay, close the horizon in front of me. It was just Gibreel. That's all I could see. There's no sky anymore. He was so huge Ollie.

00:22:35--> 00:22:37

Of course, the whole point of that was

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maybe the word intimidation is not the best usage. But it was it was to make it a strict beginning, or a forceful beginning for the Prophet satellites. And to understand that there's not a joke that we're not playing around. This is a big deal. Here's the messenger to you. So, of course, Djibouti is I'm coming with that force. With that, you know, this is how big he wasn't this, unfortunately, what do you do with them? Right? So it was a hug, it would affirm hug, but was still hug, a hug is a hug, regardless of anything until a hug, right? So there was there was a lot of tenderness in it. But it was also very, very strict. So Allah subhanaw taala, is reminding the Prophet ourselves that

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he created the melodica, with maybe 234 wings, he can increase whatever he wants his creation, that in terms of of size and strength, he can create whatever he wants to pounce on in comparison to us, we're very, we're very simple. We are dead simple, by the way, like, we're not that complicated in terms of creations. I mean, there's really not much going on. I know medicine is 90. But that's a lot of there's a lot of politics and medicine to

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it, a lot of things that hold it back. But as human beings are pretty simple.

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Obviously, Allah creations are much bigger, is looking through a telescope, you see how huge it all is. And if we're the smartest thing that's running around in this universe, will it be puny for smart things? And we're pretty small. Maybe our brains are good. Maybe our imagination is huge, but physically, we're not that we're not Yeah, we're very quite vulnerable. And all you have to do is just take yourself out of this little atmosphere, just go six kilometers upwards, into the sky, and then your eyes will pop out of your brain, and you will cease to exist almost immediately. The fact that the fact of the matter is quite simple. So Allah talks about the beginning of creation, and the

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beginning where the prophet saw them at such a bleed in his in his all his glory. He has difficulty Marisha increases the panel data within creation, whatever He wills, He can make even bigger and even stronger in the La vida coalition in Kaduna, and indeed, Allah subhanaw taala is capable of all of everything, anything he wants to do subhanaw taala it's up to it's his choice. He does whatever he wants. And we are only within that we look at this huge equation. We're very, very simple specs. Our solar system is just a speck of dust within this huge universe around us. So you're bait we're barely or basically any undetectable. So very difficult. So

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Well, Yet Allah subhanaw taala because it's not about size, because for him, it's not it's not about size, obviously, he gave you a machine, he gave you a purpose. And he was requiring you hoping

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that you that you, you take it serious when you walk with it. And then things will change for you after that you will evolve from the simple form of, of life that you're in, will evolve into something bigger, and something much more amazing. So where you where you learn and see and, and appreciate and experience something that's different, just a matter of are you capable of capable of making some sound decisions for the 60 7080 years that you have ahead of you. It's just, you know, ad spins around the sun. If you're here for a ride, you're just here for a ride, you know, spin around the sun a couple of times, and then we're going to perish. And everyone around here you know,

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tops if you're lucky go for 100 spins. First. 20 don't count last 20 Definitely don't count. Right. So your best best case scenario is spinning around for 6060 spins. If you take your kid to Disneyland 60 is not enough for him. On any ride he goes on, you're here for 60 spins, count them from this count from now. Right a certain point from the sun next year, it'll be at the same point. That's the spin Go ahead. Do it again. Count 16 It'll be over and then I'll just be okay let's see. Let's see what you did. See how it worked out.

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If You Are you worthy of of an evolutionary step that's beyond your wildest imagination are you gonna stay stay where you are. So the second is still still a selling point my after I left who didn't Nassima single Primatene for that moves you can have any door of mercy that Allah subhanaw taala will open to people that no one no one is capable of holding it shut or withholding it or holding it back you have to allow in nothing but what I mean opens the door of mercy where mercy is going towards people whatever form of Mercy whether it's to provision whether it's ease whether it's happiness, whatever it is word Rama is a very very general word. It could mean anything anything

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that is that is positive to you that something that you would like to have so Allah subhanaw taala if you opened the door of Mercy for Animals Tsikata the no one can withhold it no one can take it back if you send something towards you send if you send something or waste a pound out of goodness then it will make it it will find its way to you no one can hold it back well I'm not you I'm sick and what he holds back the pine hotel from his own mercy from you but mostly to the human body no one can can make sure it comes to you and and do we have a hadith that similar to this

00:27:23--> 00:27:44

of course yeah, yeah, I did that everyone you're taught at school when you're a kid they're gonna bust the Prophet so I said let me sign his donkey and he sees my birthday coming up and I budget system beside him behind him so if you haven't I burst in the oil pneumococcal imagine I'm going to teach you a few words memorizing them and I bet he's 10 So he doesn't okay say you have a sort of Allah and of course you know at this point they're not but his mind is like you okay so because he's learning from the prophets I said them

00:27:45--> 00:28:14

and have only learned how to deal with the jack going on to the Hadith and then the last part I did what I learned, I know and then no matter nobody's done that I invoke the che in limine for okay let me see if I can remember hula hula can know that if the whole nation the whole world, all people on it and every creature on it wants it to come and benefit you with something they cannot benefit you except with something Allah subhanaw taala has already sent your way to Bennett be benefited from they can't benefit you with something Allah subhanaw That did not give the permission for you to get and know that the same people if they wanted to harm you, they can only harm you with something

00:28:14--> 00:28:49

Allah subhanaw taala just predestined for you to get harmed with raffia it was just fun to sort of after those words you have an adverse depends have been put away and the ink is dry. That's it. That's it, nothing else you need to know. But where do you get this from? The Prophet says Hadith comes from the Quran. I mean, it's the same concept of the Quran being taught to his own words. So I sent him a different so my after I left who didn't nicey Obama vitamins, Chica, if he gives mercy, no one can withhold it. And if he holds it, I'm I'm sick, what if he holds it, but I'm gonna see that the human body, no one can send it after him. If you live like that, you live much happier.

00:28:50--> 00:29:30

You're much more calm. You're much more accepting it and you don't find it as hard to make the next take the next step in life. Because when you're knocked down, you're not when you're at your lowest point in life. That's when you have this has to kick in. If it doesn't kick in, then you're I'm sorry, you're in a very difficult situation. And this concept does not kick in at that moment. When you're at the worst you're at the lowest you're going to be there everyone is you cannot live through life shield shielded from from those lows. Life is just a combination of highs and lows. And I thought low moments you have to remember that this is what he destined for me. So this is my test.

00:29:30--> 00:29:59

This is my trial. This is what I was given. This is my destiny. There's one point to deal with. And I deal with it openly and I move forward with it. And I don't have to like it. I don't have to enjoy. It doesn't have to be my cup of tea, but I know that but if you wanted me to have something I would have hated right now. But he didn't. So I need to deal with what I have right now. Instead of complaining about it, get depressed about it. company I need to become hateful and resent it and fill my heart with with resentment and hatred and and no, it doesn't help you. You're just you're just gonna be

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

Very sad person. You see them all the time, by the way, like, you just have to look around you see these type of people everywhere. They're everywhere. You may be one of them. Be very careful. Sometimes we sometimes watch and we see oh, look at that you look, they forgot they look in the mirror, maybe to a certain extent, in certain ways you're the same. Maybe there's certain things that you resent about your life that you're you continuously live a resentment of, you know, you hate that this happened. You've never forgiven it, you've never dealt with it, you've never been okay with it. And you've never taken as a lesson to improve things. You just you just keep on hating

00:30:34--> 00:30:40

it, or hating the person who was a part of it, and you couldn't get you couldn't let go. You're walking around preaching.

00:30:41--> 00:31:20

Allah, if He sends and you get in, if you don't, but you're doing the same thing, just on your own little, if you own a story, you have your own little thing that you're holding on to that you're not letting go of. Yeah. All right. I got a question. Yeah, I was talking about this. Somebody else recently. And they had a good point. And for an example, as if a woman goes through a miscarriage, yeah, it's very difficult. So there's that time for healing at the beginning. But then sometimes people come in from the outside and say, and they push this concept on them very early on. And it's like, oh, you know, Allah, this and that. But then they develop a resentment towards Allah, because

00:31:21--> 00:31:25

that was what they were told me very soon out. Sure. Well, the thing is,

00:31:28--> 00:32:04

it's a classical problem of taking what in the Quran so that the other guy can do it. Right? Like, I'm learning this, I can tell you what to do. No, you learn your normal sentence. So you can do it. Your job is not when you're especially when you're when you're counseling someone or your See, we sometimes we misunderstand our roles in life. If you are to someone that you are a spiritual or religious leader, then yes, you should remind them of that, because they'll listen to you. Because that's what you are to them. But if you're not, if you're just a friend, then why are you playing the role of religious leader to them coming in console that make them feel better about things, say

00:32:04--> 00:32:36

something kind, say something nice, make them feel, don't don't, don't preach? If you're not, if you're not viewed by the person in front of you, as a preacher, then don't preach? It's very simple. I don't preach to my dad. I don't preach to my dad, I guess sit down and talk to hundreds of people and I won't preach to my dad. That's dumb, because I'm not a preacher. To him. I'm just, you know, the kid used to, you know, pull himself and you have to pick it all up. And I was I was a guy who took his car and drove it in the middle of the night, you got to go find me in a ditch somewhere. That's what I am. I'm always be like that. That's fine. Accepting that is important for me. I'm not

00:32:36--> 00:33:06

gonna be a preacher to my father. So if he's in pain, I'm not going to tell him well, this is what Allah subhanaw taala said, You should be better you should listen, you should except That's dumb. I come and I stand by him. I just support being so those who come and say to someone who's in agony, remind them of you know, the fact that even though it's a true fact that yes, this is what allows my judgment upon you. Are you the right person to say this to them? Is that your job? Or are you there just to support them, just to make them feel better, just to you know, raise their morale a bit, and let let the fixture do the preaching, let those whom they listen to, to that part, but we always mix

00:33:06--> 00:33:10

up our roles. We don't know what our role is, oh, just listening to a

00:33:12--> 00:33:17

video that came up and made me laugh out loud. I showed it to my mom. So it's, I think it's an Indian.

00:33:18--> 00:33:48

I think he's a Hindu leader. I don't know he was he was being interviewed somewhere. So he said, he gave an example, it was really funny. I don't know what you're talking about. He's like, if you go to India, you'll find there's maybe 50,000 tea shops, you go into one of those tea shops, the guy there. If you ask them about the parliament, they'll tell you exactly who the Prime Minister is, what he's doing wrong, how he can fix it, the ministry, Minister of Education, what they're doing wrong, if you ask them about cricket, they'll tell you exactly how the batting technique needs to disguise What about properly, the only problem is is not to make a good cup of tea. Right? Which is

00:33:48--> 00:34:05

his only job. If you need to understand what your role is in a certain position and do your job. Just do what you need to do. What is your job here? Identify your job very clearly. What am I to you? And what am I to that other person, I have to know what my roles are, and I have to fulfill my role. I can't I can't fulfill a different one. I can't try and come and do something different.

00:34:11--> 00:34:20

Support and console to make them feel better. Let the other guy who was doing that actually do it. Again, an example of this, I will Hanifa not it'll be Allah who I knew.

00:34:21--> 00:34:41

He was the Imam of his time, not the amount of the city or he was the amount of his time people in rows would stand in front of his of his masjid, hoping to get a glimpse of him not to speak to him and he wasn't arrogant. It was just he was one guy. And I thought them hundreds of 1000s of people wanted a moment of his time and it was hard for him to do it.

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

And everyone wanted to know what the patois is they weren't interested in his students and what they have to say they wanted and even himself thought and regarding every aspect of the deen and everyone was like that except one person. His mother. His mother was not interested in his all his mother. Listen to a man

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

a different man who went by the name of Hamid.

00:35:05--> 00:35:45

I can't remember the last name, he was a, he was a knitter. So he was 100 oz. So he was just an old guy who had a shop who needed clothing. And he had some knowledge and for her that was the teacher that she would learn from. So if I Neva himself came because mama say to me, this is haram said no, go ask him. He he's the one who tells me what's wrong. So I never would say that I would have to go to him and tell him, Can you please tell me this so that we can get this done. So he would go tell his mother and mother be okay with it. And it just is a classical example of that his role wasn't, he was the amount of the world at the time, but not to his mom, you have to play the role he needed

00:35:45--> 00:35:52

to play. And you're saying what I'm trying to say it's just we're defined where you fall, and then do what you need to do. And you will find that you are very

00:35:54--> 00:36:23

versatile, elastic band are created for every versatile weight, make you play a lot of rules. You're a brother, sometimes, and you're a son, sometimes in your father other times in your friend, and you're in your mentor in Europe, and you're a student and you play all these rules, play them properly. If you mix things up, then you have no idea what you're doing, and you're gonna fall into a lot of problems. So I think that's maybe the point that needs to be made there that, yes, this you and I have to hit a hole in nursing morality. Yes. A specific reason you missed a spouse part.

00:36:25--> 00:36:32

No, you're right. No, no, not at all. I just I'm not thinking you're actually right, of course, being as close. Another example of that is the prophet. So I sent him himself.

00:36:33--> 00:36:41

If you want to, if you want to go a bit deeper, one more step into it in terms of looking at his life on yourself to him. He was he was also the

00:36:42--> 00:37:18

most important human being ever to walk the earth, but to his wife, he was a husband. And she would get angry with him. And he shall get upset. And she will, you know, she would maybe have you know, flip out and walk out. And the President says, No, we have to go and you have to fix the relationship. Now, of course, this makes no sense to other people in the world. Right? And what are you talking about? You're missing? Are you insane? This is Rasulullah What are you talking about? So once he hears about it harder and harder, but Rasul Allah, that Aisha Yanni she had done something, something really bad she, she spilled food that was sent back from another way. So it's a long

00:37:18--> 00:37:36

story. But there are people in this house, and one of the other wives want to be a bit more. So she sent food, right. And it wasn't proper, because she has to make the food and put it in it looks makes her look bad at the no food. So she got really annoyed. So she pushed so big, she tripped, the person carrying the food and the food went all on the ground, right all in front of the men who were sitting inside and everyone saw it.

00:37:38--> 00:37:39

So the problem is

00:37:41--> 00:37:56

your mother, I mean, all the while I was at the profit, so many Mothers of the Believers, whom your mother felt a bit jealous. And he sat down and he picked up all the stuff. Some of the guys in there, of course, were to get any help. They weren't until.

00:37:57--> 00:38:18

So it comes. And he's and he's upset. And the problem is, I'm just picking up all the broken pieces and he's, he's talking to it. Why would you do this? And elbow comes in and he says you did this for the people. He wants to hit her. So the person stands in between me and Asia. He sends them out and the other person looks at Irish, or at Gifford fr Twonky. You see how I just

00:38:19--> 00:38:21

I defended you UCLA defended you?

00:38:23--> 00:38:50

It's a long story, but the idea is the prophets I said to themselves was a husband and he would tell a hatchet and a lot of Lucky man very lucky. I know when you're happy with me and you're upset with me. For clients case me honestly, well, how do you know? They're going to LDS and Auntie polti One of the Mahan Mohammed when you're happy with me, and you want to emphasize something you'll swear not swear you take an oath, by that you'll say by the Lord of Muhammad, and when you're not happy with me with all the reports, you will not be able to say by the Lord of Ibrahim, and you know, I'm

00:38:51--> 00:39:13

a schmuck. I only only leave your name when I'm up so anyways, it was again his role as a husband he couldn't he couldn't play a profit with his with his wife. It just doesn't work. And he didn't that's the that's the interesting part. He didn't he was a husband at home so let's just take every other husband clean the house fight with his wife make up

00:39:14--> 00:39:49

go on just just go through life normally no big deal. And I'm gonna have Bob and I'm not going to they couldn't accept it. When they would hear about this I'm gonna have of course a whole different level he would come into the house. Yeah, and if I it does it well I'll tell you for two reasons. First of all, her father is better than yours. And second of all, she's better than you. So if he does that, that's fine. But if you will do it I will do this and this deal in the province I'm gonna come and say you're about to leave it will come up so don't don't listen to them it's because they would do stuff like that but again, he's a father he's and he can understand that you don't see it

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

also the laws I send the way I see him No, because I'm wiping he's my husband and your is your a different it's a different it's a different dynamic altogether. Now, however, to the profit. Somebody's gonna take

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00:40:02--> 00:40:33

of that, like, what do you feel offended that Sean Hudson almost didn't necessarily treat him and speak in the same way. Maybe it was like no, no, no. Of course not these just like his daughter would always speak to him and just like the his grandchildren just like it's different because he understood that he had different roles to play. And he played those different roles with elegance and with respect, understanding that I'm not the same person to everyone. You know, I'm not and neither you and neither mine, it's okay. It's really no no problem Yanni. It's actually what the words Khalifa means I'm sorry, this is completely off the

00:40:34--> 00:40:58

completely. I don't even know what where we are anymore. This ranch has taken us so far off, I have no idea where we are. The concept of Khalifa meaning being your stewardship, and being the one who is responsible in the name of Allah on earth, the meaning that one of the meanings of Khalifa is is that you have more than one role that you play, you do more than one thing, meaning and that's why the idea that talked about a cooler camera and

00:40:59--> 00:41:33

student at all of you are stewards, and all you will ask about what they were entrusted with. The example is a man in his home, a wife in her home, in her home, and a king with it with his kingdom, I mean, all these all these different people playing different roles, it's not always going to be the same thing. It's depends on where you are, what handled you dealt, look at your hand, these are the roles I was given. And this is what I will play, you can always you can always upgrade yourself. The harder you work the more you go, you're you can get more roles, you can add to your hand and become better you can you can you can reach out farther, you could do more but you'll always have a

00:41:33--> 00:42:06

bunch of basic rules that will never go away you always get son always be a sibling, always be a father or a mother Inshallah, I suppose obviously and, and a teacher and an employee and, and a friend, right and friends, that's where we may I think that's where the biggest mistake is made. When when we fail to function as friends, functioning as a friend, friends, meaning what's a friend is someone who is there to support you to be there for you not necessarily to preach to you to teach you to point out your mistakes. No, most of the time you're not you're not necessarily looking forward to that right now. You just want someone who can listen and that's a really big that's a

00:42:06--> 00:42:20

really critical and crucial role to play sometimes understanding it and then if you want this person to be helped you can come to look for someone else who they may be maybe a bit more susceptible to accepting help from in comparison to yourself anyways

00:42:23--> 00:42:53

so the concept of Khalifa itself has the has the idea within it means within the meaning of the word is the versatility of the roles that they play. The Khalifa is doing more than one thing it's not just one thing it's not just one role is actually having more than one role doing more than one job at the same time and understanding that you do it that's why the example the ultimate example of Khalifa and the Quran I talked about this before his dough that he said that wood is the is the prophet whom Allah subhanaw taala called Khalifa I'm gonna talk about that sort of solid so Assad has that it was the first time you ever heard the word, we're ready for the first time ever revealed

00:42:53--> 00:43:24

and sort of sod never before and it was about dealt with at least and why because if you take that without he's gonna break him down for a moment, though it was a king. He was a judge. He was a prophet. He was a husband. He was a father and he was a spouse. He was a son. He was an artist, he was an athlete, he was a war commander. He was a warrior. He was a scientist, he was all he was it was an adventure. He did all these things, he played all those roles. And because he was that versatile in the, in his nature of his life, he was called Halifa just for us to learn the liquid he was able to do and the client talks about the different things that he did, and and how he was able

00:43:24--> 00:43:25

to achieve all these different things within one lifetime.

00:43:27--> 00:44:05

Anyways, but that's the point that that is worthy, I think have helped me Okay, the final word here, and I will when I came and indeed he is the and he is the unfathomable. Aziz Hakim, the always, as he just always a word I've talked about this before, it's one of the names of Allah subhanaw taala. Whenever you hear it, you always associate it with the fact that with a couple of things, one of them the best, the one, the best translation for me is that he is the unfathomable somehow that you can never fully and truly understand everything about him supine all the time, there's always going to be a point about Allah subhanaw taala that you can't figure out and that's okay. Even when you're

00:44:05--> 00:44:42

in Jannah, you will see him subhanaw taala speak to him. But you will not be able to understand everything about him God because He is God. Because there's certain things about his, his the nature of what he is and who he is that you just can't grasp certain parts a lot, you can learn certain things or just one step too far. That's why he's Allah Subhan. So as ease means you can't understand everything. You will say a lot of things, you will be extremely knowledgeable if you set out on a journey to do so. But certain parts of who God is, is just that's why he's gone. If you could figure him out, then he will be called anymore. Very simply. If you could figure out how he's going to do

00:44:42--> 00:44:43

everything, then there's no you can just make another one.

00:44:47--> 00:44:59

Yeah, exactly. So is one point you can't figure everything out. Unless you can figure something else to its details is no longer. You're not surprised by it anymore. It doesn't mean anything to you. But like let's see if you can duplicate

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

Let's see if you can predict it, right? Like once you figure everything out. So Allah if you can't figure everything, that's where he lies, he is one of the most important powerful, and

00:45:10--> 00:45:27

names he has the power as he is that he is he's unfathomable. He's unbeatable. He is beyond everything you can imagine. And you cannot understand the essence of what God means and what it is. But you can understand a lot of this stuff if you like, and you can you can deal with them easily. I came and he's

00:45:28--> 00:45:44

like, What is? So it's the same thing, really? And is that is that tiny? Is that level of highness? That level is, which is what we're going to talk about in it. So if you go to a just so you understand, I'm not I'm not blowing off your question. Go to a number 5010. Go number 10. What's the what's the word, man? Kenny? Will you do?

00:45:46--> 00:46:13

Right, so as John is coming, just be patient, that point is coming in the sewer, and then it will come again, at the end of the sewer. I mean, the concept of so we're going to talk about in detail, just use give it a bit of time. So it's coming. And that's one of the connections at the beginning of the surah his name and diseases right there so that we can bring that up. And then it'll be talked about in a few more verses in a bit more detail and use the old ways. Why is they coming together where they come together? Because you may think like is unfathomable I can I can never figure him out. Well, that means no one can hold them accountable for anything. He could be just

00:46:13--> 00:46:33

messing around and playing around with things. And it just means nothing. No, he's always what He tells you to do. And what he puts you out is full of wisdom. And you're not you're not you're not being yanked around for nothing. He's why it's supposed to mean that every command he gives you every plan that is there, there is wisdom within it, and you will see it. If not no, maybe at a future time. What time is it? No.

00:46:35--> 00:46:40

Is it nine? Okay, so we got two verses in perfect mesh?

00:46:41--> 00:46:44

That's fine. All right, that's fine. Actually, that was that's gonna. So

00:46:45--> 00:46:48

I would advise everyone to be this very rich, sorta

00:46:50--> 00:47:24

extreme, extremely rich, it's almost almost no versus that will not everything will take take time here. Read it and recite it on your own and try and connect with it. It's a very, very deep sutra. Again, the two verses we read just the Last Supper, just an opening, saying this is why you should submit his why? Because he's not You're not done every, every couple of chapters, you'll do it again. It'll give you another example. This is why he just didn't admit to him because he is faultless. And it was because when we initiated everything, it was nothing before this. He created the angels with all the Delta glory, you can increase in the magnitude of their creation, whatever

00:47:24--> 00:47:56

he wants subhanaw taala he's capable of all if you give something No luck and withholding if you withhold something no one can give it and he has gotten family and he has given away subhanaw taala and then the first command right after it. So if you look at the if it's yeah, you hiddenness right, it's not gonna be not. Not all those who believe no, it's how you handle this. It's all those to humanity. So it's a very smoky circus, talk to all human beings and talk to the believers specifically, and it gives out, we're gonna have two commands within the AI that will within this way that we'll talk about and show the next time. We'll continue with our next week. So the timing

00:47:56--> 00:47:59

is alright, seven aphasia. We're going to talk a

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little bit personalize it ma'am money on early you

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know here's to the ladies can be a bit more closer if they if they

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