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February 2, 2019- Part 3

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But if he thinks of doing that, we'll lose all respect in all of Arabia will, will revolt against this, we can't do it. So the problem is, is it it's like, okay, so we go do we make it

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one of three things are gonna happen. Either they let me do a run, and all of Arabia sees that US inflation buddies now we're doing Onra no one's signing anymore. And that way I get what I want. Arabia won't be scared anymore they'll listen to me. So if you let me go know what I would write, if already says no homework for you go back.

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It'll be a scandal I will spread the word amongst all of Arabian, everyone will know that couristan People were claiming to do it on their back. And all of Arabia will sympathize with me, and they'll listen to me. So why wouldn't you send me that? Or they say let's sit down and make a treaty don't come into my cup because they don't want me in my gut, and they'll sign a treaty with me. If they sign a team with me that means we're we're not fighting anymore. That needs to be other tribes Listen to me. So I wouldn't do so it's a win win win, no matter what happens if they let me in. They send me when I when they write a treaty with me that I went there's no losing the only way he can

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lose is what?

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Yeah, if they fight, if they fight, they lose. So how are you going to make sure that's not going to happen? And there's a few things you have to think about to make sure that if a war starts, it ruins everything. So I have to make sure that I make it to Jamaica without funding because they can't find me in so he chose to go for Allah during the short Hello. During the sacred months. Is it okay to fight during the sacred month? No, even the Mushrikeen know that. So he decided to make our during the sacred month number one. Number two, he took with him and heavy,

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heavy our sheep because he hadn't used slaughter machine when you give meat to the poor. So if he's marching in Arabia with sheep everyone who's seeing him walking know that he's going for a walk. He's not going for a walk because he we see the puppets I said I'm 1400 men marching down to Mecca. What are you thinking? Oh, it's happening? Oh, they're gonna fight again. No, but he's going with with the teddy. He's walking with idea. They weren't carrying heavy, heavy armor or heavy, heavy artillery. They were just everyone just had a sword. It was all concealed. Because they didn't want people to think that they were because he went he wasn't going to fight. That wasn't his goal. The

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goal was not to start a war zone fight. So he took with him in heavy number three he took with him to the surprise of many he took with him non Muslims

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and others he took with him they were shooting in living in Medina. He told them come with me please. We're going to we're going to make the dog for temeka Amara we're going Muslims and non Muslims are all going to go together so it's not just a Muslim

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the non Muslims or that we should again living in Medina were asked specifically to come with them why so what I had no excuse we have the sheep we're not just the Muslims coming we're not Muslims have never fought you before as well. is the sacred month we're not here for a fight. Is Christ care? No. Thank you Take care carry out the moment departments I said Todd Medina towards Bucha they sent an army immediately

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immediately how did you leave what were they the head of an army

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yes, we're doing background clothes while they're going on the way yeah so they were most of them are wearing it off but usually what you do from a certain point outside of Mecca so you can leave Medina in from technically you have to do it where the belief or wherever the the meat box is but yes they were ready for the had the actual clothing on the front with them but you couldn't leave Medina like that. Technically this doesn't work so there was so the moment that Rob is like that leaves with the 1400 men Muslim non Muslim and sheep and everything ready for ombre they're not carrying heavy armor and or heavy heavy heavy weaponry caught is already out with 2000 Men charging

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into the north because because what the with the police there is no way

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these people entering back into a normal no way Not over my dead body. It has to be automated by no one who is not injured. So how to go and and find them some somewhere outside of Mecca. So we will see like, is this another one? It'll just seemed like another word. You know, Sunday meant somewhere outside that people can but you know, and they thought it was another word. So the problem is I'm gonna figure that out how Of course he has to move forward. It has caught up in surveillance. He didn't I didn't even thought they were doing for it or mapping out the areas and they also launched already left. He's on his way.

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Not only that, there was some Allah we have some information about Greyston when they say oak symbol, and that led him

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to the minimum they have sworn that you will not enter granola until everyone in Mecca is dead first being it's gonna be a complete war.

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So the prophets I sent him sent something here. It's very interesting this this paragraph very, very interesting.

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It shows you his intentions clearly it

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If you didn't believe me that he's going to use please listen to what he said by the way operation What is wrong with Polish law collected on will help the love of war has eaten their brains is growing they're starting to they're becoming the people who just want more and more and more and what was wrong with them just running after wars

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mother or even a baby nurse what would it harm them if you just let me speak with people on what is that what is going to harm them? Just let me talk about this now I'm not gonna force anyone I'm not going to take

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a store tables hesitantly talk about the deal. Fair enough our loony cannon that he went on to explain the logic he said look if they let me speak to people then a couple of these couple of options are you know there's a few options here if people hit me and kill me that's what they wanted. They wanted to kill me anyway. So other people did it for them so they got what they wanted let me speak to people if they feel that they only got what they wanted, think about who he cut into the waiting

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room for this guy and he will come work for you.

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And if I am

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victorious, then they will enter Is that is that they will enter Islam and therefore he remind people to enter with strength or enter with dignity what ended up winning they don't want to enter his bar to tell him that at least they have allies that are strong because I'll be a strong ally at that point if they just stop fighting me that it's a win win for them just let me speak to people there's no way you can lose that's what he's trying to say so let me speak to people your age there's no way for you to lose but egos and

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Allah He level jazz yeah

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I don't know the back any Allah we had thank God Allah

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but sadly they're not going to listen and I will continue to do my thing. I'll continue to push my idea and to push my message until I am victorious All right now

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and will continue to show this I am not here next week. So next week, the holidays off the week after inshallah we're back. So next week is the week after next