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The speaker discusses the importance of Jesus' rule of blessing and bouncing, acknowledging his power and importance in life. They emphasize the importance of finding a partner to make things happen and finding one's own happiness. The speaker also discusses the importance of religion and learning to accept and appreciate Allah's actions and abilities, as it is crucial to achieve success. The discussion is ongoing and the use of words like "brden" and " dominion" in Arabic language indicate the presence of the body.

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Let us now officially begin our Tafseer of surah till molk. And inshallah as our normal routine will be, we'll just recite some of the pseudo sorry some of the verses that we'll discuss this evening. And if we get through all of them and Hamdulillah, but if not, we will just continue the recitation in our future sessions. So having said that, we will try to get at least approximately seven or eight, yet, tonight, there are only lajitas Allah.

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So we ask Allah azza wa jal, always and forever whenever we begin, especially to discuss and to study his words and to study his book, we always ask Allah azza wa jal to give us the loss and the sincerity in all of our acts of worship, but especially when it leads directly to the Quran. And we have that special relationship with the poor on itself. We ask Allah azza wa jal to accept our efforts and also to give us the tow vehicle to finish this entire sort of having said that,

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smell l narrow the Luma comb. Fi OSS hub is very fair i total fool be then be him fencer bunny OS has been sorry. So in short lo taravella. After that recitation, we will pause for a moment and continue with the Tafseer.

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So we continue in sha Allah huhtala with the Tafseer of Surah 12 model and after going through approximately 11 verses, we will begin with the first verse. It's really interesting how this sort of begins but there are a number of issues to discuss in sha Allah when it comes to this particular Surah

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tarboro can lezzy big hill mulk war who are adequately Shay in Kajiura Allah azza wa jal starts off and he says he is the great one are great Is he in whose hand is the dominion and he is over all things.

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competent. So Allah azza wa jal is in control of all things and this all will happen and will function and will stay in order under his dominion and control. Now, the first thing that we want to look at is this word tabarrok. Very few suitors in the poor and start off this way. Tabata can also it comes originally from the word Baraka, and it's a word that we use on a lot which means blessing. But if you say tabarrok, what you're saying is that something that's happening on a consistent basis, Tabata comes from the scale or the Arabic scale of turfan. This means that it's something that's happening constantly all the time and there's no ending in it. So here, the sutra begins this

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way with turbohd. Okay, now what is it talking about? When Allah azza wa jal says that he is it's great in his in he in whose hand is the Dominion? What this means is that Allah azza wa jal is saying that everything that is under his control, there's always going to be something good in it. Anything that has Allah azza wa jal relationship attached to it. Anything that has a lot as savages, connection to that will always be something great will always be something that is praised worthy. And Allah azza wa jal will constantly place its Baraka and his blessing into that particular thing. This here the way the sort of starts, it automatically sets the foundation of one principle is a you

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need a law in your life to accomplish anything in your life. You need Allah azza wa jal to always be a part of every pursuit that you have an order that Allah will put blessing and Baraka in that tabarrok Allah the big hill mole, so Baraka is within the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala I just want to read to you a few lines of a particular tafsir that I looked at, which also explains some of these concepts very beautifully. In some translations, you will find that about okay is often translated as Blessed is He, but this is, this is actually a very dry way of translating this particular word. And many even of the early scholars as well, they didn't accept this way of

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translating this particular word. Even in the meme of poverty and others, they have deemed that the word about Okay, it means greatness or highness, and some of the words that we used as well. Now here Allah azza wa jal so here's the second point now. So the first point is, everything that you do in your life, you need a laws blessing and you need a laws bottlecap in it. An example of this is that if you look at sort of Yusuf Alayhi, salam, you know, when he's being seduced by this woman, guys, remember that part when he's being seduced by the woman throws them, the woman throws herself at him. The first thing that he does is parlor, maravilla, he calls upon a lot to overcome that

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problem. So it shows here that even that slightest sin or the slightest issues, you always need to keep calling Allah azza wa jal, and you always need allies soldier to make things happen. Those of those individuals that are looking to get married and want to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, or those individuals who do find that they do find Mr. or Mrs. Right, and they get married to them. But then marriage becomes very dry. It loses its love and its brilliance in the marriage. A lot of people ask what happened, like I mean, just that romance and that love has died down in the marriage, what do I do, and they try to put through every little thing, all the efforts that they can to make something

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happen in that marriage, they found that Mr. person that they want to get married to and that person looks just right for them. But all of a sudden things break and it cracks and nobody knows what happened. And the relationship just dies out. This all goes back to the same concept that you need. Allah azza wa jal is Baraka and blessing to make things happen. That's why in another soda Allah azza wa jal, he says in soda, nor a certain soda to Rome, or Jalla, baina como de and urashima. I'm the one that places this love and mercy between you. So it's not going to be based on your own efforts. I'm the one that's going to put that there for you. Now the question arises, how do you get

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it? How do you get a los bottlecap in your life? How do you get those blessings in your life? It's all mentioned in the same verse here as well. Allah azza wa jal number one, actually, it's number three. Third point Allah azza wa jal is glorifying himself. He's praising himself tabarrok kalevi be a demon. So

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This is a praise that Allah azza wa jal puts upon himself that his magnificence is endless and timeless. That's the first way to get bottle kit in your life is you got to acknowledge the fact that Allah azza wa jal is always in control. And everything that happens in your life is always going to be better for you. That's the that's the thing that you know a lot of people they asked this question of why do you need a creator? Why do you need religion in your life? This is one of the reasons why you need religion. One of the reasons is that you just don't have all the answers to all of the problems and questions out there. All of the dilemmas that happen all the hardships, you

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just don't have all the answers to life in general. So what do you do? One of the ways to get that blessing to get that bottlecap is to glorify Allah azza wa jal to constantly be praising him something good happens Allahu Akbar Al Hamdulillah if something terrible happens subpanel Allah Hello, lol quwata illa Billah. In other words, you're always attaching everything that you do back to Allah and soldier. That's the first thing that the verse teaches us and how to get that bottle cut from him. Once you acknowledge Allah as savages greatness, then it leads you to the next stage or the next step to have Alice bottle care in you in your life. And that is, as a result, you are

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obliged, or you would feel an obligation in you to humble yourself before him in servitude and submission. So what's the second thing you have to do to get a lust after you've got knowledge of who Allah azza wa jal is and you praise Him and you glorify Him, then the next thing is you got to start putting things into action. You got to start practicing things, you got to you know, seminar, now what are now you know, you hear it, so you obey and you fulfill it, all of these things now start to fall into place, you're starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together, then it continues. experiencing this is to also liberate oneself from the enslavement of the worldliness and

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all of the person's desires. That leads you to the third thing that helps you get the bulk of Allah azza wa jal in your life. And that is, you never really attach yourself to this world. You always feel that at the end of the day, everything is going to be temporary. At some point, you you discipline that in your heart, and you make sure that you understand that in your heart, let me give you an example. You know, a very dear sister to come to us and to my family, you know, just recently, her mother went to the hospital just to get some tests done.

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And it was just like a routine procedure. And a few days ago, out of nowhere, she's diagnosed with cancer.

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And the doctors told her only a few days. Now, obviously, our Islamic perspective behind that is we don't we don't really care how many days it is, Allah azza wa jal is in charge of that. So you might tell me, it's a few days, but like I told you the story of you know, a person that we used to know, in Medina, the doctor told him that he was gonna die in a couple of weeks, because he was also diagnosed with cancer. And the doctor told him, bring all of your family, bring all of your friends and let them see you one last time. Three days later, the doctor dies before the patient. So the doctor got a heart attack or whatever, and he dies first. And then eventually, that men, he overcame

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that cancer, that that sickness, and he's still alive until today, you know, and Allah azza wa jal gave him children and everything.

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And I can I can even give you another story that I was involved in where the you know, how when you have a patient in the on life support, and the doctors asking you do you need to pull the plug or not? Now a lot of people ask, what's the Islamic position in this? Are you permitted to pull the plug in this situation or not? Now, earlier, man, they divided into two categories for this. But the point is majority of scholars, even contemporary scholars today, do not advise that you pull a plug on a patient. And the reason why is none of us have the right to do that. None of us have the right to say, well, you don't look like you're going to live much longer. So you know, last and final

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words and you pull that plug, you don't have the right to make that decision for that individual. So what do you do? You do what Allah commands you to do? And that is a lie. So it'll command you to stay alive and take care of your health as best as you can for as long as possible. Now, this patient here was in that predicament. So the family is calling me and asked me you know, what should we do that, uh, you know, we will need to pull the plug and I told him Don't pull the plug. The problem was is that

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This patient also did not want the plug to be pulled on him because he wanted to have a death that was accepted by Allah. So he wants to be as natural as possible. This was all happening in the beginning of the week, like a Monday or Tuesday. So they're all debating and fighting whether we should pull the plug out or not. On Yeoman Juma, they eventually came to the consensus, they came to an agreement that they're not going to pull the plug, they're just going to allow things to just go out on their own, on Yeoman Jumeirah at the time of Juma itself in that person's community. So it's when everybody actually went for Salatu. Juma, he died a natural death. So it just shows you that

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and this is the process I sent him mentioned, this is one of the signs of a personal holla Tim, this is one of the signs of a good ending. One of the signs of a good ending is somebody who dies on Yama Juma. Now can you imagine if you die on Yama, Yama, and you die at the time of the Juma itself. So you know, Subhana Allah, this is Baraka and blessing from Allah azza wa jal. This is the result of when you just tried to stick to the basic principles of your deen. So that's, that's the third thing that this teaches us. So to acknowledge who Allah azza wa jal is, then to follow that up with good deeds, and then to at least, stay away from worldly affairs, or at least always have the detachment

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in your heart for this world as much as possible. And as Rob says, Southern mentions in a hadith narrated in the Muslim of Imam Ahmed, that the dunya is sigil minhwa, genital cafard, right. So it is the jail or the imprisonment of a believer, and it is the agenda of the disbeliever. Now, the word turbohd or keleti, is mentioned approximately or a total of four times in the Quran. And three of these times is mentioned in one surah in Surah. Al for Pon. Now, big hill, mulk. big hill Malka, as we mentioned is literally meaning in the hands of Allah or in under Allah azza wa jal is control. So be Eddie hilman means the dominion and his and his general in scope. And this becomes very

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comprehensive. And this basically what this includes, just to give you a general synopsis of this word. What this includes is that under a laws Moloch, or his dominion, or his control, is everything such as the heavens and the earth. This is something that Amanda's show Candyman will probably, you know, even Kathy or all of the scholars of Tafseer they agree upon what this entails is everything in the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them is under this Dominion ship of Allah isagen because Allah says, in whose hand is the dominion, and not the Dominion in his hand. So you see the difference in whose hand the dominion is and not the Dominion in his hand. And in the Arabic

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language obviously, whenever the object precedes the subject, this indicates that the subject is in this case the dominion and it applies exclusively to the object of the sentence the hand. So it goes into a very deep detailed discussion of some of the attributes on the effect of Allah azza wa jal so we will pause here for a moment and we will continue inshallah