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The speakers discuss the importance of belief, choice, actions, and personality in Islam. They stress the need to learn the meaning of the Surah and the importance of protecting life from extreme events. The speakers also emphasize the importance of faith and setting boundaries for one's actions. The speakers emphasize the need to be okay with what is given to them and the importance of avoiding wasting time.

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Rania Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. You may know that today inshallah I will talk about sort of a model. But before I do, I have to do an introduction to this third group of sutras that we will be talking about inshallah over the next couple of days.

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So I broke down just before you into four groups is the final, the final final cluster, it summarizes all of the basic values and concepts within Islam. Very important, very powerful to understand and learn. That's why we teach our kids to memorize it early on in life, hopefully, they learn the meaning of it, then they actually benefit from it. The first group never the Ibis talked about the three pillars of embarking on a religion or taking upon yourself a faith or belief, and what that requires in order for that to work. And then the second group talked about choices, the sanctity of choices, the accountability, the recordings, the consequences, the margin, and the

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opposite, which is passivity, and indifference. And it looked at all this in five sodas. And then the third group are the tools, the Islamic tools that you need in order to actually be able to function as a Muslim. There are certain things in life, or certain ways of thought or ways of behavior that are very religious in nature. They're based on faith. And there are other ways of, of behavior that are just based on common sense of being a human being. And they are different. There are things that Allah subhanaw taala has to tell us about, and things that we can just figure it out on our own, that will just come naturally to us as people and and this group of students are a part

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of calendula last year

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for Jor, el Balad and shrimps, and Elaine so all these seven students, each one offers a tool and Islamic tool, something that only you would only know if ALLAH SubhanA told you about, meaning you wouldn't you wouldn't have the ability as a human being to actually just come up with it on your own, not for lack of intelligence or anything like that. No, no, it's just it's a religious concept that's being taught, for example, in model filmmaker or social words, you know, social terms, to command them out often to deny monka villages. So this is a social activity is a part of religion, but it's a social activity, meaning the definition of Madhavan definition of monka aren't religious.

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On the other hand, the word haram and hell are religious terms, they don't have they don't exist outside of faith, if you take faith away, hello, I'm gonna leave and you're left with legal illegal, or maybe I am or something like that. And these are all fine. These are there any social terms like I am, and then they are

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law based terms, legal terms as legal or illegal. But then there's religious terms like Hello, I'm in Canada, and the seven tools that is under talks about in these groups group of students are thought of until Lail are religious concepts, things that you'd only learn, if you believe in, in a deity, if you believe in Allah, subhanaw taala, then you need to know these things. If you don't believe in Allah, you would never actually come up with them on your own. And they don't really matter to you that much, because you don't believe in God to begin with. So these are the stuff we'll be talking about over the next few days. And Charles, and they're very interesting. And I've

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always found them to be

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not just interesting, but extremely effective. Meaning if you if you learn them and kind of memorize them by heart, the seven that we talked about throughout these Halaqaat and memorize the sutras that they're attached to it, and continuously read them and think about them, you will find that there's a change in the way that you perceive the world and the way that you perceive yourself, and the way that you actually carry yourself throughout life. And we'll start with the first Surah within this group. So a lot of thought. And I'm not talking about the fact that sutras are mature by the need because most of these are unmet, not all of it is mucky, I'll just point out for you. The madonie

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sutras as to what was that were not revealed in Mecca, or the Torah that were revealed very late in Mecca, everything else is an early monkey Surah as far as I'm a ghost, so if you can somehow know Dido and he says What's your body? What kind of body and Nigel

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so he takes an oath subhanaw taala by the skies or the cosmos, and he adds to it workload. Now the word product is a night comer or someone who comes by night and knocks that's what a product means there has to be at night and it has to be someone who's knocking upon. That's the general usage of the word of God. So we aren't supposed to die and he says well that I don't like him a lot if I need you know what a product is. And whenever he says it like that a dog is gonna even tell you and maybe he doesn't maybe the DK won't tell you just the line and how the Quran works. So if he does go darker, you'll find out in a moment or you already know so now I don't like him. I thought what does

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that mean? And he explains the pilot with Dinesen Nigel with the piercing star, the piercing star. And the thumb is when something penetrates something else and removes the matter within its meaning it's no longer matter. It was matter. And then it was pierced and the matter is gone. And now you just have a hole a hole of no matter within it. That's what an original thought that means.

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So now that why is it that he's saying this soprano it's I mean, what could this possibly refer to? Well

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Gela general who is taking our attention or asking us to pay attention to

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A fact that outside of this small atmosphere of a globe that we live in, which is very, very puny and tiny it is

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compared to other planets or other stars or other solar systems or other galaxies, we're pretty, pretty small on any scale. And he thinks a pilot with Donna, I swear to you by the heavens, the cosmos and the piercing star of bottom.

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Now, the Sahaba, their understanding of that was that this is something that can cause harm that was there understand that there's a, there's a star out there that can cause harm. And that's a very, that's the correct understanding of this wording. But really, we have a better ability to comprehend what he's talking about Subhana wa, tada. Just knowing that, that stars have a have a lifecycle, our star is an old star, the Sun, at some point, going to expand and burn everything and then deployed upon itself. Again, don't worry, you have a couple of a couple of million years left, so it's not going to happen anytime soon. But that's that's how this is going to happen. And stars turn into

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supernovas. And there are stars that are that are pulsating, and they put out energy that is so heavy that it is so powerful that it not only can wipe out the irony of life on this planet, it can wipe out the full solar system that we live in.

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And the more we study astronomy, the more we look into space, we find any how small we are and how huge other creations out there are. Oh, he thinks if I know what that is, do you even know what a thought up is? How many of you go to sleep worrying about a paddock, worrying about the piercing star that's going to come in and life on earth within a couple of seconds and just burn everything? Do you worry about that? No, you don't need to do it. But there are so many variables outside this very small environment that we live in, that we cannot control that we do not comprehend that is beyond our ability to even understand that is so much more mighty and powerful than then we are and

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ever will be that our lives are extremely fragile. And that's why the answer to this person like the answer to his oath Subhana wa Tada was somehow authority

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and authority on number 30. In co Lunasin lemma Allah have you included Lunasin lemma Are you ha ha these things. I know what Darla, every soul but every soul that was ever created upon it, or in encompassing it or surrounding it is a protector, a hovel, something that is preserving it, someone that is preserving it.

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Every one that he created subhanho, wa Taala he created to live for a certain period of time, during that period of time you're preserved, your life is preserved, you're going to limit whenever that period of time that he has to pilota runs up or runs out that preservation that level is taken away, and the person moves on to whatever comes next in cool Lunasin every soul limb I have been appointed is a preserver or a protector of these things. If I know what Donna, you heard about a bottle and what it can do. The piercing pulsating star, the star that has enough energy in it to burn the full solar system and merely a snap of a finger a few seconds. Well, why don't you worry then? Well,

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there's a lot of reasons why you don't worry. But he thinks if I don't I don't Well, you can worry about other stuff as well, because that's something that's far away you don't really think about. But what about the daily variables that we go through? What about the possibility of one day someone just getting very ill? What can stop that may Allah either grant all of your Alfian show alone and lonely for Little Mermaid and all those whom you love. But there's nothing that can stop that someone can get ill you can have an accident, something can go wrong. This is how life there are variables that you can't control. Not only can it can you not control them for yourself, but you're

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not can you can't control them for your loved ones either. And they're happening all the time and you and you see them occurring around you all the time. And it almost makes you start worrying a little bit. I know people who do end up becoming quite anxious because of these things, finding hypochondriac or, you know,

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developing compulsive disorders where they can't seem to, you know, to actually relax because we're never sure what the next bad thing is going to happen. And he says subhanaw taala and the surah in Kowloon, Absalom have opened deed, but every soul has something for someone preserving it is being preserved as being protected for the time that Allah subhanaw taala wants to protect it for meaning the moment he doesn't want to protect you, you're going to be affected by whatever's coming your way. So, there is no point of wasting any of your energy in the form of worry.

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So what is the whole point of Soto plateau? When I gave this I wanted to explain the first few verses just to understand sort of the product is the first time the concept of telecoil was explained without using the word without actually saying the word the concept was clearly explained to the Sahaba is an early Surah before the whole named after he after he says I know Da

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Hello briefly in similar to museum mill early on, Rob will magically will normally be

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who, who Akela. And that was left, it was just left as a word in the sahaba. That's unclear to them in terms of what that means. Again, this is early on the they're just barely grasping some of these basic concepts of Islam. So the word do Akela. And our code was unclear when total call came in, it's hard to explain things start to explain the basic elements of what it means to have token. If you learn telecoil, and you're able to practice it, then you've taken the majority of what Islam is. And if you lose telecoil, really what is left of the deal is very, very little was left on Islam out, I would have to work good without having it is very little, very little. And if you have to

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work with and you have most of what you need to understand what it means you understand how to practice it, and it's a part of your of your perspective, and your mindset is extremely important. So he's trying to explain to us this first concept, he's giving us tools, this group of surahs, from paddock to lane, just a number of Islamic tools, here are tools you're going to need use your toolkit, you need to have things in it in order for you to actually function as a Muslim. These tools you wouldn't find out unless God if God subhanaw taala himself didn't explain them to you. Are there things you can pick up on your own but certain things there has to be faith to tell you about

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them. And terracotta is one of them. The first one and in this cluster in this group of zeros. And he begins by telling you I swear to you by this cosmos in the piercing star that can end everything within seconds. Don't worry, Inquilinos Zilla Mahalia have every every soul has yet yet a provider and a preserver and a protector

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and then he says Subhana wa Tada young vooral Insano Mima Holika holy call me man in the family Raju mean bein your soul will be what Dora EBO in know who Allah or God he la Cordillera Yo Ma to Bella Sera, from Allah Holmium wedding wala now Sera, he says about I made the human being look at his beginnings

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not very

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highly ranked Is it from a gushing water that is produced between the backbone and the and the loins. Now, that's where you come from. Nothing classy. There's no inauguration the idea

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festival for your for your presidents coming to this world it's a very simple beginning coming from an origin that is actually quite

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even less than humble but younger in Santa Monica hola You really made from Think of your beginning you don't you don't do that very often. We don't want to believe or we don't know we don't want to believe it. We just don't seem to understand that this is really where I began. I was very something very simple. I needed the loins of both my both my parents something very simple nothing nothing classy about it. But Allah subhanaw taala brought them together. Yeah Hello Julian Bane is soon to be with Tara. And then you grew up and you became the person that you are today with all of your glory and your mind and all your power and your abilities and all of your intelligence and

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cognitive. I need powers all of this is who you are with your status and with your wealth and with your ability to walk the earth and say what you want and and voice an opinion and gather people around you and move things forward and make an impact and make a difference. He says subhanaw taala indeed and know who I know je la causa and just like you started very simplistically and you were brought forward you were started very humbly and then brought forward to be this great creation. He will also return you again after you leave after you die you will bring it back the same way yo mama to better Salah and and on that day, tabula is different than to patella total as for something to

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be tested, Toba is for something to be exposed,

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to be shown to be less Salah in some SLR areas, everything that is hidden, you know that we think about feel contemplate but never actually share it verbally because it's either embarrassing, or it's very personal or it's something that maybe we should not have been contemplating or thinking about on that day all that will be exposed you know, Matoba seller, when everything that you want to hide, you can't even hide what you want to hide from Allah will mean poor working well or Nelson and on that day, the human being does not have the ability does not have power and does not have nostra does not have anyone to to protect them or to strengthen them or to stand by them. Referring to the

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fact that before I'm done, yeah, they did.

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See that they they don't but in doing Yeah, you have some power. And you had some some, some Nosler you want someone to stand by you, someone who strengthened you, someone who granted you something that allowed you to be to feel powerful in life. And that's how you live your life. But on the day of judgment when you come back, that's not going to be the case anymore. You're going to come back but there's going to be no call. And there's going to be no NASA as a pilot as referring to this transition for us. Within sort of the thought of after he reminded us that life is very fragile. It can end like that. But you are preserved so you shouldn't be spending time worrying. However, remind

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yourself that you started with a very humble beginning that gave you extreme strength. And then you're going to go back again to a humble beginning but this time with no strength. So use what you have right now. You

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is the fact that you have some pool where you have some some nostril before the day comes or you have neither or both is taken away from you And even the ideas that you would prefer to keep hidden you can't you don't even control those anymore. You can't even control ideas which mean right now you do you think of something I have no way to know what you're thinking. I have no way you this is something you control fully. You're welcome and not even that you can even control your thought process. What you feel on the inside is going to be exposed to lots of how you're going to bring it forward here.

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So what's the point on your store on a normal piano? Yes procedure that you're not very it'll be exposed to him at least and exposed maybe to yourself.

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And he says subhanaw taala was either your Roger Well, early that you solder in now who la Paulo Postel one who are Bill Hazel

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these verses are yet again by the sky that brings on the rain that Elijah filled with rain bringing down the rain and he's very surprised Oh Tada by the earth as it clean as it cleaves open so that so that green, green life can come up from it, which is the cycle of existence. The only reason we're alive is that rain comes from the sky and green comes from the earth and that's how things keep on moving and the moment that stops everything dies go take a look at a desert Why do you think a desert is a desert

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it's just lack of rain for long enough long enough time with no rain everything dies nothing nothing is alive anymore. This cycle of life in no he swearing by the soprano it's out of this cycle that was continuously going on because he wills it to some high notes on it because he's preserving it. This is what His will in no will accord on docile what you just heard. What you just heard is

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the wording of code that is possible meaning there is no debating this. This is the ultimate truth.

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This is the only truth that exists like oh no also this is one man who will hustle This is not a joke. There is no battle in this there is no exaggeration in it

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there's no exaggeration yet he began this by saying was summer your pod swearing by analogy with the by a piercing star that none of us will have ever ever heard of before none of them saw a piercing star before I even haven't most of us haven't. You don't even know what it is we just understand that there are there are powers outside

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there are stars that are so large so huge on a scale that where our whole solar system can fit in a corner of it

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that if it was to explode and somehow that energy be directed towards our towards us that we would disintegrate in in in mere minutes. But we don't worry about that because in Kowloon FC lemme Aloha, because every neffs has a time that is going to be preserved for and protected for so he's telling you no Lakota and fossil this is this is the ultimate truth. Well, Mr. Hua Bill has there's no joke in this understanding clearly why

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in the home because here's why. In the home yaki do when a key the key, okay, because every living thing, everyone that your work dealing with an in profit or something like that. I'm an example is the caffine is the disbelievers. Yeah, can you do in a Qaeda, they are coming up with a plot, they're plotting, they're planning things. What a key do Qaeda and Allah says doesn't I also have a plan? And I also have a plot. So what do we do as people continue to plan and to plot and come up with whatever they want to do? And you're trying to get through your life, somehow you're trying to succeed, you're trying to move yourself forward, you're trying to be as successful as possible. So

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here's what he says Subhana wa, tada PhRMA Heliocare, feeding Hill, Homer wader. There.

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We started on Monday, a couple of days ago, I want you to think if you don't just I'm gonna by heart think from sort of the number up till this moment, how many commands were given?

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How many verbs that are commands were given? Think about when was the last command that you heard? Is there a commandment sort of never use it? I feel a certain number.

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Now there's one. That's why I would I would have just said it's the first if there's one. Is there a nice yacht?

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that we're looking for. There's one in motor 15. But it's a very general one. It's not specific. It's not a specific command. He said a few there Lika Valley, Atlanta for cinematography, so but it's a very generic one. It's not a specific outcome. From the beginning of the product, there are no commands. It's just explanations. It's just constants being explained. And then in sort of the product, he gives two commands to the property. So obviously, everything he's commanded to do sort of translates immediately over to us understand it, he's told to do two things are different. thermal heating, caffeine Mahalalel caffeine, tell them convey the message of God which is telling

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them that Allah is giving you time. And mohila you have some time to figure things out, you're not Allah says Allah is not going to punish you with your the No, he didn't go for me to convey the message which is

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his jobs that Allah has led them to do to convey their message and tell them the uptime. That's the first one. The second one Well, I'm here loom and you Yeah, Mohamed Salah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, give them time, meaning be patient with them. Um, he'll home provider, be very slow, be very patient, don't be in a hurry, don't be in a hurry for people to be punished. Don't be in a hurry for people to listen and do exactly what you want them to do, people aren't gonna respond to you on your time, they're gonna respond to you on their time, people are gonna accept what you have to say not based on what when you want them to accept what you have to say, they'll accept what you have to

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say, on the time that they have. It's their show, it's not yours, your job is just to convey the message, they will, they will respond whenever they want to respond. And sometimes they won't. Sometimes they won't respond, but I'm here whom are waiting, let's give them time, give them time, they may never respond to you, meaning you may fail, this may not work, you may go after them. Even if you show them and you may fail, you may go after womanhood, if you may go after your own uncle.

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You may go after multiple uncles, and you'll fail, they won't listen. And that's just how it is. I mean, longer, wider, God is giving them time, and you have to give them time as well. So the thought of encompasses all of the basic, all the three, all three elements of telecoil, within it explained without it being named, is explained without being named without being called out because it was called out before but the concept is being explained. And if you understand it, you're gonna understand it, then you can understand Islam because so the word code is just a it's just a series of balances, almost paradoxes sometimes when you're thinking about it, what are the three elements

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that we take from this to to understand, number one, the first element of Thermocool is that you have to depend upon Allah subhanaw taala. Deep inside inside your heart, there has to be a general dependence inside of you mean you have to understand inside the way it works, you're you comprehend the fact that all everything is in Allah subhanaw taala his hands that really nothing is controlled by us. In terms of outcomes, we can control our choices, we can control our efforts, we can control how we perform sadly, what we do, but outcomes, and how the world actually works on a larger scale is something that is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. So deep inside, you know that and you

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depend on him subhanaw taala, and you don't depend on anything that you're doing to actually find the result that you're looking for.

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In kulula, Scylla, Malaika, Hatoum, no matter how many variables no matter how extreme, no matter how horrific, some of these variables are outside, that couldn't literally destroy us in a moment,

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you depend on him subhanaw taala. So you're not wasting time worrying about that which you cannot change. And that which you cannot control, you're not wasting time doing that. Because you know, that subhanho wa Taala takes care of that for you. And whenever he time is up, well, time is up, and then you move on. And you we are okay with that, because that's how it is. That's the first element of understanding of the concept of the second one. doing your job is exhausting all of your resources. And using all of your efforts, and trying your best. If you take that element out of telecoil is no longer to work on anymore. You can give it different names, you can call it whatever

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you want to call it. Wishful thinking maybe is a nice way to go to buy but it's not really token. The moment you stop doing your job the moment you don't put your effort into this moment, you're not understanding that for Jamboree, instead, you're not looking at what you have to look at. You don't understand where you came from what your job is, you don't understand that when de tubular Sarah, everything is going to be exposed so you better bring something that's worth being exposed. So you're not standing there embarrassed of it. So you're not ashamed of everything that you did.

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The moment you don't do the moment you don't do your job, your milk, yeah, muddy, what's inside will be exposed, and you'll see subhanaw taala see, let's see really what you did. Let's see really what your intentions were, what your thought process was, what your understanding of the world around you was

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someone who studies really really well for an exam

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to the point they know everything, they they've aced the curriculum, they know it really well.

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That is the person who can perform full circle

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and the question I usually get is well what's the point of doing tobacco at that point or you know it see there you go. If you're gonna understand why you need to do the work at this moment, then you understand Islam the number of variables that can cause you not still not to do well on the exam is are infinite. The number of things that can go wrong are literally infinite. There's so many things and God there's like an infinite different number of scenarios of how you not You're not gonna do well tomorrow. So to work on is the fact that you did your job to the best of your you know your stuff. And deep inside you know that if I'm going to pass it's going to be Allah subhanaw taala

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decision. If I don't then then that's his decision as well. Someone who studies nothing all year, nothing at all, and then crams it all in 12 hours before the exam and then in the morning says to a Cal to Allah Allah forgive me for

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Give me the pop that little bubble of yours. Now that is not typical. That isn't that's not how it works. That is wishful thinking. And that is actually going to take you down a very dangerous road of one day losing your faith. Because you're building it on something that is wrong, you know what's wrong, you know that this is not how tobacco is done. So you're expecting Allah subhanaw taala to break all the huge laws of the universe just for altruistic. Somehow we're, I'm important enough that Allah subhanaw does not break every law and change every every norm in the universe just so I can pass an exam that I was too lazy to study for. That is so arrogant. That thought process is

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extremely arrogant and does not a Muslim is thought process. We are built to be humble beings, not arrogant ones.

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doing their job is so important. This is what he talks about Allah He said, um, this is what he did. That's what he that's when we talked about aims at Jahad. Allah He had a God, he struggled for the sake of Allah, to the, to the amount that Allah was was pleased with him, to the amount that Allah subhanaw taala himself deserves. No one can say that about themselves. We can't say that I can never say that about myself. No one can say that anyone except about himself, Allah, he seldom, he left. No way. He tried everything he sought to sow. And he did not waste a moment, trying to just struggle for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala trying to serve the Muslims trying to serve the OMA trying to

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do it and trying to spread the message.

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The moment you don't do it to look good, it doesn't really apply anymore, you can still make dua and hope for the best, but the concept of the worker is still not being practiced, which is a huge, huge part of being a Muslim huge part. As he explains in the store, the last piece, the last piece not done because there's a third piece of token that's very important from a halal caffeine in home or wider, you have to be okay with things not going your way. He's told that I started to set them in two separate commands at the end of sort of the thought of

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at least one of them is getting impatient towards the middle time of Mecca. He's getting impatient because no one's listening. And there's no good reason for them not to, and he's doing everything right. And they should at this point, except what he's saying is that Allah audience likes them, but they're not. So Allah subhanaw taala tells them no, no, I gave them time, and you need to give them time as well. And this may not work out the way you want. And you have to be okay with that. Or the law, you have to be okay with things not working out the way you want. If you're not okay with things not working out the way you want, then you haven't performed chemical yet. Torquil it means

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is by definition, that I did my job, I know that results in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and whatever he dishes out for me, I'm going to be okay, I accept if I fall flat on my face, I get up, I brush off and I try again and I move forward. And if it works out that it hamdulillah but I never give up. I never ever object to something that Allah Subhana Allah gives me because I am with the work and I know that my matters are in his hand in coluna of sin. This is the this is the this is the beauty of this disburse in Kowloon of salam ala Hatfield, he's protecting you from forces in the universe that are beyond your ability to imagine. They're so strong and huge that the skills don't

00:27:56--> 00:28:18

work anymore. Like I don't I don't know how to describe a star that is bigger than a galaxy. I don't even know how to imagine that. I don't I can't. I can't I can't even estimate how big this room is to actually estimate what it means for there to be a star out there that exploded and can take out the whole bloody galaxy. How is that possible? We can't We can't control these things. But Allah subhanaw taala is preserving you.

00:28:19--> 00:28:53

And when you know that you're fine, okay, I'm here for as long as he wills me to be here. So I'm here. So I do my job well, and I'm okay with whatever he gives me some kind of a dialer. And I'll move forward with like, with whatever that may be. And this is key and understanding your deen as a Muslim, if you can live like that. It's going to be someone who will continuously do their job, no deep inside that is whatever Allah subhanho wills, you'll make do out for what you want, but he will give you whatever he wants. And you'll be okay with whatever it is he gave you, even if it's not your first choice, even if you really wanted something. But he said no, that's not going to be for

00:28:53--> 00:29:26

you. And that's it. That's understanding sort of plateau, this first tool. So now you're just I'm open your toolkit, and we'll insert seven tools that you'll carry as a Muslim and you're like you carry them you'll be fine. The first tool or indicator, what could you understand what it means you're going to practice it properly. And that's going to change the way you live. Allah has a huge difference between Muslim and non Muslim regardless of what faith they carry is the fact that they're able to perform typical you understand it very clearly. It's a paradox to others, but it's very clear to us, we have no problem with it. We know that it's all in his hands. I have to do my

00:29:26--> 00:29:41

job and be okay with the teacher okay with the result and if you do that, then things will work out I hope that is a benefit. So Michael, how are you handling Shinola? ilaha illa and I still feel good to break for some Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi manga doc McLaughlin robotic Allah Hafiz