Surah Summaries – Surat Al-Takwir (81) and Al-Infitar (82)

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AI: Summary © The importance of faith, creating a culture of fear, and being able to make choices is emphasized in Islam. The use of "tank" in the context of culture and the importance of being aware of behavior is discussed. The need for a choice and accountability for one's behavior is emphasized, along with the importance of letting people control their lives. The need for a choice and accountability is emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to make choices based on their own values. The importance of letting people control their lives is also emphasized, and a backlog of upcoming events is offered.
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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in while early he saw me here and you may know that

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Java today we will talk about source of degree and and probably certainly thought after as well. This is the second group of zeros in

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the first group and the first three, number Nazjatar, and others. And they talked about the three pillars of

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a faith meaning in order for you to have faith, you need three things you need to know the one who made the faith or the one who created, what their narrative is, what their requirements are what they say. And that's what Allah subhanaw taala doesn't know, but tells us exactly what the story is. And you need to know what your tools are going to be how are you going to do this. And he actually gives us two and one that tells us not only how we're going to do it, but what's going to prevent us from doing it with his enough's. And then sort of ABA gives us the code of conduct

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the standard to which we hold ourselves in terms of ethics and morals.

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And that literally if you if you just spend like a month just reading those three students understanding these three concepts, you ended up with a very

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profound understanding of what it means to be Muslim or what it means to be someone of faith, believing Allah subhanaw taala because it's talking about the three bate and it doesn't like the beauty of it, it doesn't go into the nitty gritty of behavior of rituals and movements. And it kind of leaves that you can look into that later. But make sure that the basic concepts are clear. The second group

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of sorrows in the AMA is from sort of the queer to circle broj. Now this group

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is going to talk about

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choices, it's going to talk about the fact that you have freedom of choice is going to look at your freedom of choice from a number of different angles, each suit up to a degree from the Department of FEMA, Chicago, and we would all fight each, each one of them, these five students talk about your choice, your ability to make a decision from a different angle, and they're very profound and very important. I find them to be extremely

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Or they have extreme impact on us as Muslims in terms of understanding what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has, has asked us to do what he's offered us just yet.

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So we start with the first photo within this group. So the queer that talks about the sanctity of your freedom of choice. And

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your freedom of choice is sacred is holy, is something that Allah subhanaw taala decreed for you to have. No other creature has it. But you know, you're the only living thing. Human being is the only living thing that has the ability to choose from options that they can use, using a cognitive ability to actually look at different a different choices. Every other creation, every other mammal, every other living thing is just living based on instincts. And really, when you talk about the having different options or choices, it doesn't really exist for them, they don't really have metacognition, you don't have the ability to look up to the sky, and wander and stare and ask

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questions and why that why we are here and what purpose do we serve, and they don't have the ability to do that. That's why the ecosystem worked for, you know, hundreds of 1000s of years and, and you have these amazing

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biological and animal based phenomena that occur every year, I need to Simon run and if you watch these things, they're they're very, they're Subhanallah they're beautiful, how everything just works and like clockwork, everything just works in the exact same way the system continues to go for 1000s of years never changed every model every creation knows exactly what to do, when to do where to go, everything is very clear. And then we come around and we start messing with things because ALLAH SubhanA gave us the ability to actually you know, make make big differences and change things.

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But the important important part of all of that for us Islamically is that it is sacred it is a holy rights it's a holy

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offering from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and so that the Creator I'll explain to you in a moment how it kind of breaks that down and very beautifully. So the story begins with with those verses that most people who memorize the sort of struggle with the first 14 The Shem su who will it

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we then know new Moncada what are the LG values so years

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ago a shower okay that was your house your house with a new Fujitsu? I don't know who the two so either to be either Melkote unit with a sort of unusual way the summer of course, yeah, but well Jehane was very diligent to easily but early madness zoom.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells you when these are not oaths, using when this happens when this happens, and basically Subhanallah

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Got a points out to us a lot of the universal incidents or events that will occur on your piano, he points them out when this when the sun is wrapped up. And when the stars are turned out, turned, turned off, you know, the the actual energy exists within within them is to is taken away. And the and the mountains are moved and the pregnant animals are left unattended, and all of the beasts and all of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala are gathered all together. And when the

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the oceans are on fire, like water burns on your milk, or water is burning, when all the human race is brought together, and when the sleeps are distributed, and when the sky is scraped, and when Jahannam is kindled. And when the Jana is open, this is what he's talking about Subhana wa Tada. And the description of what's happening that day is breathtaking. And it's overwhelming, it's very scary, because you know why? Because we don't have a say in it, we have no choice about it. So I'm fine with that. And the creator is going to point out to us, all of these events, all these things that we have no choice and building up to that last verse in the sutra, to tell you, you know, the

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piece of information that we need to carry with us for the rest of our lives.

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But all of these events that are occurring as the sun and the stars and the mountains, and the sky itself and the Beasts and Where everything is happening, we have no way to stop it, we have no effect on it, we have no choice and regarding whether it happens or not, we can't really do anything about it besides just observe. And then when we were commanded to move, we move you lose, we lose our choice. I mean, right now you have the ability to affect the environment with your you know, the choices you make and the behaviors that you decide to, you know, do adopt within your life. But your milk dama the environmental changes that occur are way beyond your ability to have an impact on you

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just happen. And

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a lot of what the Quran talks about is a reminder that look, you have a choice now you have impact now use it because soon you won't. Soon you'll it hurts when it happens. I mean, it's painful for us when we realize that we're actually we don't have impact. We don't have the ability to affect anything anymore. That's been taken away from us. And I only met enough some I left one out, I'm not sure if you noticed that he left one out. I'll come back to in a moment. I only met enough some everything else. Every soul knows what it's bringing that day. What it packed in was going to bring with it on the Day of Judgment. You continue to subpoena with data from upwardly mobile honus in

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Java Lucanus evil Layli either I was sober he either

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is very supine, which by the running stars. As they fill the sky, he takes an oath so pilots either by the night as it slowly goes away and as the morning comes and takes a breath. It's a very descriptive any oath that he's taking subhanaw taala with a beautiful, was extreme beauty. He says in a hula hole, we're assuming Kareem in the hole watching under the ROC Makini MOBA in some I mean, I'm also a Hebrew imagine what will overflow movie in mama Hua Allah Allah ye baby Bonnin

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who will be hopefully show you on your module. So he takes his oath subhanaw taala of the stars filled the sky and that are running circulating the galaxy. The night as it slowly goes away I started to just slowly kind of disappears and and that more that first morning breath slowly appears. He says indeed it the words that the Prophet audio Salatu Salam is conveying to you are the words of a great messenger not talking about him. So Allah how you send them who knows was being talked about here.

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Anybody that listens to them.

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Jibreel is the Rasul in Korean that's being talked about here in these verses indeed with the Prophet Allah, your thoughts on the saying or the teachings of Djibouti? This Noble Messenger, the Oba who has strength and the will out of the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala, the king of the throne? McKean, he has, he has status as well MOBA and he is obeyed them. I mean, it's not dumb, MOBA in some meaning in his realm where he is he is obeyed. I mean, he is trustworthy.

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Well, most people couldn't be more general so Haibo meaning you're the man that speaking to the prophets of Allah, Islam, he is not insane.

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He is not he is not mad, what happens? Who will fulfill Moby and indeed he saw him in that very clear horizon. He's talking about that first day when the Prophet audience was I'm so sorry, your beloved Hara? Mama who Allah ye baby bunny and the Prophet alayhi salam does not withhold any of the vibe does not lie and hold back anything that Allah subhanaw taala gave him from that which you do not know. Well, man who will be fully shaytani R rajim. What you're reading is not the word of a devil.

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Why does he tell

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walkabout Djibouti Radha is still on here. So Subhanallah Donna.

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So if you understood where the this male is going where this group of sewer sewer is undergoing talking about the freedom of choice and suited tech, we're talking about the sanctity of it. The first 14 verses talked about all that we can't control things are going to happen that we have no choice in at all, just counting them one after the other. And he talks about your greed, what is the thing that we know about Gibreel? He is the most revered creature in the realm of Allah subhanaw taala, which we do not understand. But what do we know about him? Regarding that topic? Does he have choice? No, he doesn't. He doesn't UBI system is not Mahathir. He does not have options to choose

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from in terms of obeying Allah subhanaw taala, the highest most revered, most powerful, most with the highest status, the most obeyed the most trustworthy creature. That's what these verses are explaining and describing him as does not actually have choice, he doesn't choose. So Allah subhanaw taala is pointing out another creature that doesn't does not choose Gibreel Alayhis Salam, and then he points to the prophet at a slight twist to them, and he talks about him and then he describes him

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regarding something that he's not civilized and then that also he wouldn't have a choice and if he had

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a liar, that's a choice. A wizard that's a choice. A poet that's the choice all these are choices, madness or insanity. It's not a choice. I don't get I don't choose if I'm insane or I'm saying that's not something I can choose. It's a it's a condition that you may have or you don't want masala heybrook Woman Bhima Junoon and stop calling him something that he is not and stop trying to act as if he has no choice in what he's doing. So Allah is and that he doesn't have a choice he is he is conveying the message and that is willfully he is convenient, convenient willfully that says choice of Allah is obeying Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Surah ends when it says For EAN, it doesn't have Wooten so where are you going to go? Where are you running away? From? Where are you going to go? I just explained to you what's going to happen your milk gamma, can you run away from the sun being wrapped into nothing and the star is being turned off and the sky being scraped and and the mountains being moved and the oceans burning? Can you run away from this? You have the ability? Are you strong enough? Do you think you have a choice you have? No you can't you can't go Where are you gonna go for a balloon in Hawaii in the cold aisle. I mean, what you're being presented with is just merely a reminder for all of humanity, Manisha. I

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mean, come on. Yes, definitely. And for those of you who have the will, or have the intention to walk the straight path. And then Subhana wa Tada gives a monumental verse at the end of sort of the career after just talking about one aspect of existence after the other, that we don't have control over that we don't have choice regarding at all. But then he points out subhanaw taala, at the end, the sanctity of what you own right now, where he says Rama, Tisha Guna, in Yasha, Allahu Allah, me unfortunately, unfortunately, this idea has always been misunderstood, and misused to actually sometimes defend the opposite of what I'm going to explain to you in a moment where it's looked at,

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oh, you only will if Allah subhanaw taala wills. That means I don't know. That's not what the AI is saying at all. What the AI is saying is that the only reason that you will that you have a will that you have a choice that you have the ability to make decisions is because Allah Subhana Allah willed for you to do that he will for you to have a will. That is His will.

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He wants he intended for you to have choices, he decided that you will have the ability to make decisions, that's his decision. subhanaw taala that you will be able to decide. So you take your ability to make decisions, to have choices. You take that ability directly from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, there is no middleman. There are no median. This is a gift that you are taking directly from God. Here. You get to choose. You get to look at an abundance of options. You get to do whatever you want. You get to hear someone tell you God Allah hookah Allah, Allah commands this are commands that and you get to choose whether you're going to say yes. Are you going to say no, no other creature

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can? That's why a lot of them don't understand us. A lot of them and a lot of the creatures of Allah subhanaw taala. You're welcome. I wonder, what is what is this? What is with this? Human?

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Eye neighbor? Okay, let's talk about why. I thought he eats your provision, and then he goes into worships someone else. What is this creature that seems to have the audacity to actually need disobey God, no other no other creature can do it. But that's what that's the special gift that you and I were offered. It's this. It's sacred. It's wholly the fact that you can choose, you can make choices you can make decisions. This is this is taken directly from God Himself. suppliant

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Potala here go ahead make a choice Well, Manisha una in your sha Allah horrible alanine something the Lord of of everything as will do to have your own independent free will and you have it

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but after he showed you a full Surah of events that aren't going to happen now I love Dota part of those events I'm gonna go back to now

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that are important.

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It says what you will be held with so Jarrett, what are the new Fuzu widget he says the pineapple Atala inserts it in the middle, something that doesn't really fit with everything else that's happening or everything else around are huge movements of creations, all the beasts and all the human beings being gathered in the sky and the avenger Haim and Jana things that are huge are beyond our ability to actually but then he inserts in the middle of and he says what either that too so ealerts the A ye then being put in it if you grew up

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listening to Abdullah bustle Yanni reciting it and just building up to that verse and stopping at it, you know that there always had like a sentimental meaning for someone who loves the Sunnah. Hearing him stop there at the end moda is the infant female child that was buried alive in infancy, and Muda. For a

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while all of this is happening, what why the sun is being destroyed, and the stars are being turned off and the sky is being scraped, and the oceans are burning and Jehoiakim is being kindled and gender is being opened, and we're all being gathered, and we're given our slates, all these huge events are happening somewhere in the middle of all that, there's going to be this question that's going to be asked.

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The older all of those infant children that were buried alive, all these female infant, little girls that were killed, they'll be called upon your multi ama will be asked to be a them in Codility. How, based on what were you? What sin did you did you commit to be to be to be murdered so ruthlessly? What sin did you commit? What mistake did you make?

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And of course, it's a rhetorical question, because it's an infant, it made no mistake. It made no mistake, I didn't do anything wrong, but it was killed anyway.

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So the question isn't for the child, I don't think because the child is an infant, and they don't even have the ability to answer probably what they do is, they were only alive for a few minutes. So it's going to be just a very direct nothing. And that's the end of it. There's really no nothing else. But maybe the question wasn't for that creature, that infant that had no choice in the matter. Maybe the question was for those who did have a choice in the matter. Maybe the question was for those who watched and were there and committed this or allowed this to happen. Maybe this is not just referring to the horrible Jonnie, pre Islamic jalahalli practice of people burying their

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children or burying their daughters because of a fear of poverty. Maybe it's also referring to what we allow happened today when when dictatorships and 90 Bomb homes and bury children under the rubble of their own houses. Maybe Maybe that's a part of this as well, maybe it's the same thing, maybe not much has changed. It's just a different, you know, flavor and different form. We love to, you know, blame others for the mistakes that happened long time ago. Yeah, they were barbarians, they bury their own children really, really think that they killed more children than than our generation did. Statistically, you think that they killed more children than our generation allowed to die, not even

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close, they can't hold a candle to us. They can't hold a candle to the number of children we've allowed

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to be buried under the rubble of their own homes and to be killed brutally, brutally and ruthlessly by through wars and through and through careless, neglectful Jonnie warfare and,

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and regimes that just don't have any respect to human life whatsoever, and hatred and racism. You think they killed more? They didn't use the hammer, the question will stand. And all those children that were killed, were killed with no sin of their own, they made no choice that that would cause them to be treated this way. But we asked why were you killed? And there will be no answer from them because they didn't do anything. But the answer will have to be from us. Why were they killed? But what choice did they make that allowed them to be treated that way? Or maybe the question is, what choice did you make that allowed that to happen? Or either no oh, that too. So either to be a them

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Melkote unit that you continue to you know, sort of wonder? Like, just insert in the middle, just something to think about?

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So Allah subhanaw taala gives us to to create all these things, I have no choice.

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The events of Yom Okayama the murder of these infant children and Gibreel Easter and all of his glory and all of his all of His grace, I think he said he has no choice at all, but then you do, no matter who wins. In Yasha Allahu Akbar, Allah me no one can take away your freedom of choice. No one can. No one has the ability to take that away from you. No one has the right because it's sacred because it's holy, because it was granted to you by God Himself.

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This is something that you carry with you, regardless of how poor you are or how difficult your life was or where you are in your what status you carry. Doesn't matter. Remember that you are granted something by Allah Subhanallah himself. You are gifted here. Here's the Amana in Amana data somehow what do you what do you what do you burn, you don't know other crucial one and this no other teacher wanted the the option of having a choice because the option of having a choice means you may make the wrong one, which means you disobeyed God Himself, which is a problem, or at least that's how you should see it. That's a big problem because it's ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. But you're given that that

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choice, he sees it as holy, He sees it as sacred. And we need to see it that way as well. Every choice that you make, you're exercising your holy right, your sacred opportunity, and offering from God to do what you want. No one else can do that, but you respect what you are given. Treat that which we are given with respect, sorted and futile right after it.

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So every sort is going to be talking about an element of this freedom that we have this freewill that we that we possess and our ability to make these choices so that the Creator just tells you it is yours. It is sacred it is holy it is granted to you by God Himself know that nothing else does it your milk piano you'll know you'll learn your milk me you'll see there's no choice anymore. It hurts by the way when your funeral your freedom was the worst punishment when you're famous taken away. That's why we made up jails because it hurts when you don't have freedom when you can't make your choices you can't live your life the way you want to live it it hurts it's a pain that is

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psychological that is moral that it basically stabbing the soul may be stuck with the moment your your freedom is taken away you struggle with it because because that's all you've got. That's really all you know you treasure in this world that you can still get do whatever you want to do. And the reason Allah subhanaw taala chose the for the final message all these other nations were given profits and it could have come down any nation really the reason he chose him at the time they were free. At the time were they were free. And they were a person who didn't care he had his horse he had a sword you didn't carry you wherever you wanted. He didn't know nothing you couldn't hold him

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down there was no laws that controlled him he was not nothing dictated. If you really tried to control then okay so dual he gets on his worst case scenario he drives into the desert and you can go do what you want. And that freedom that that sanctity of freedom, they had it so you understood, he understood what ALLAH SubhanA was offering here. This is yours. This is something that I've chosen for you to have I will do to have this I will do to have free will certainly with our talks about the fact that there's accountability to it because we need to have the elements of free will so Okay, fine. I can choose whatever I want. Yep, I understand that you gave me an infinite number

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of options that I can choose from great, but what does that mean? So now we started to explain some high level data in some detail each student will explain an element of what that means. The first one either summer, women felt a lot what they'll cover keep in touch what either will be helpful for Gianna twiddle Kubo roba theory elements and Epsom Goddamnit well

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when the when the sky shatters, and when the stars are scattered, and when the oceans explode, and when the greys are turned over and everyone inside comes out again again stuff you don't choose this is all going to happen is a matter of just you know when you witness them on that day every knifes every soul knows what it brought forward but it didn't push it forward. What pushed it backwards what it did what it didn't do. And then there's a calling Yeah, you had an incident Oh, human being telling me my ohana microbiological, Karine, what deceived you regarding your most generous, most noble lord. What is it that deceived you? Why did you Why are you coming home and stand with all of

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this? Why are you coming with all of this disobedience and all of these Muslim? All of these horrible choices that were made? What was it that deceived you that made you think it was okay to do this? What is the question Some scholars say? You're just you're with your with your generosity. Yadda yadda and Allah I love the Halacha so work for either laka au Surah T Masha, Allah CABAC, the One who created you, the one who shaped you, the one who gave you who balanced you out, you could have created via your soul or you could have created you in any form and shape. The way the fact that you look the way that you look and you're balanced out is his choice of I know what are you

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gonna come out looking very different. But this is how you were you were shaped and given purpose and it's all set up for you.

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It's not it's not it's not an issue of being deceived. No.

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sort of explains it's not an issue of you being deceived. Kedah know, when there was the issue, Bell took the ball whenever deemed the actual problem is that you disbelieve you refuse to believe even though it seems even though that you have good reason to believe it. You're refusing to believe badeen What is Dean mean here? It's not religion.

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In Arabic come out to do today and correct. The way you hold people accountable, you'll be held accountable. The word Deen means accountability and its essence yes sense of the word itself.

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If it is later used to describe a religion, or Allah describes Allah because laws help hold people accountable and describe their religion because their religion are a number, a set of rules that you hold yourself accountable to. That's why that's the origin of the word Deen, Dinah, who is it, he convicted this person, meaning this person going to be held accountable. And that's the meaning of the word Dean, the actual root of the linguist, the linguistic root of it. So he thinks I know what's out. I know, the problem wasn't that you were deceived in the in the generosity and nobility of your Lord, or that you were too busy to doing something else so that you were eluded by

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something? No, no, the problem is to get the ball. Whenever Dean you refuse, you don't want to believe in accountability. You just don't want to believe it's hard. No one wants to

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who wants to be held accountable for anything? For anything? Forget about yourself, Am I being held accountable for your life, who wants to be held accountable for anything at all? No one likes that no one likes going to school in university because there is accountability at the end, if you fail, you're going to be held accountable by the by the body that's testing you and your parents. It's a problem. You go to work, if you don't do your job, you're held accountable. No one likes being held accountable. We seek out situations and environments and scenarios where we don't have to be accountable to anybody we try as human beings, we continue to search for ways not to be held

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accountable. And we fail, obviously, because it's almost impossible. It's always gonna be accountability. So we don't want it. So when you're told no, no, no, it's not just about you're gonna be accountability to your peers, or accountability to your family, or accountability to a body of education or, or the job that you work at. It's accountability to everything that you ever did. Every choice you ever made. Every choice regardless of where you made it. Or when you made it, or how you made it, every choice is going to be brought back and there's going to be accountability for it. And to be honest, why? Why? Because it's because if you just understood, what I talked about was

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what the clear is the sacred offering, it's a holy, right. No other creation can do it, do you the problem, this is why I think this group of suicides is just under so important. Because I feel we have we have lessened, we have we have decreased amongst ourselves in our own hearts, the importance of making decisions or the sanctity of making decisions, we are a generation at least I am, maybe maybe you had a different experience, at least I'm a part of a generation that was told that you don't really have control over anything. And just, you know, go with the flow, do what people are doing, just you know, keep your head down, don't make don't don't make any noise, don't cause any

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trouble. Just get through life. Really, your parents may choose everything for you. And then choose your profession. Choose your your spouse, they choose your how they choose. So you just you grew up feeling oh, well, you know, whatever, whatever I was given. But that's not the case. I remember giving

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once and I remember this was done mmm, maybe like four years ago or something it was doing in English, I did an Arabic in a different setting by giving an English and I was saying talking about the importance of freedom of choice. And Allah father took his son and left. So I saw it. I didn't say anything. And I waited until the Halacha afterwards and asking him was something he said, No, I didn't want my kid to hear all this. So you're saying, like, I don't want him to hear that fact that no, no your choice and freedom of choice and you have to choose.

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We still we still believe that we still believe deep down inside that we have to control as many people around us as possible, we have to control the narrative control behavior. Now you don't know You don't you don't get the right to do that. You're not supposed to raise your kids and influence and inspire and teach and education, and aid and support. All these words are great, but you don't get to control because they have a sacred rights to make choices as they go through lives. Your job is to make sure that they're doing it with the greatest amount of support and education and an aid that they need. So they can make the right choices. But it's their choice.

00:28:57--> 00:29:29

Who's going to be held accountable for this choice? They are, you're going to be held accountable for your choices. And if you choose to control someone that God said they can choose on their own. I don't know exactly what you're doing. If Allah subhanaw taala said they can choose freely, you're saying no, no, no, they're gonna do exactly what I say. What are you? What are you doing? That doesn't that doesn't make any sense. That's actually a very, very dangerous thing to be saying a dangerous thought to have. And I think it's hard to let go it's hard to say yes, let people it's hard. It's difficult when you want to hold on you want to control but the moment you learn that

00:29:29--> 00:29:49

you're not here to control you're here to make choices for yourself to save yourself because you're gonna be held accountable you'll not be and help others do the same. And it makes a big difference when not a Kamala Hatfield Lena que la Mancha TV and Ayala muda matter if everything is is known what you're doing is being recorded which will be talked about in a moment and sorted into 15

00:29:50--> 00:30:00

I don't like on my own with Dean, what do you know about the day of accountability so mad You're like, Am I on with Dean and I asked you again what do you know of the day of accountability when you're when you're at

00:30:00--> 00:30:33

held accountable for every choice that you mean. Yo Mara Teamliquid of Salinas in che. On that Day no one owns anything no one controls anything and Mulcair D'Amico means control, not not ownership. He's always owned everything. I thought that, that they no one controls anything. When I'm Maruyama, it will land on that day everything is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala it all comes back to him every aspect of it the freedom of choice that you had that you'll take away from us you're welcome and will hurt when you can we can't choose anymore you can't do good deeds and then have the backup No, it's all gone. So that hurts. And then what hurts even more is that we're going to be held

00:30:33--> 00:30:42

accountable for all of it. I'll end with that and we'll continue to show it tomorrow backlog Hendrickson Hola Hola. Hola. And to stop people to wait on Allahu wa salam O Allah like Allah and every you know Mohammed you know Allah