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Hey Mina shale Paul and uwajima Hey hunter Hey hon taneema two are

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in here

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tonight don't

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wanna hear a woman

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scene in one in June if

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he can

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be more meaning all

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sorani Bhima kazembe boon all

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pony Lin be one the mean that Tomas soy how to be healthy vegetarian now. The

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fiber a little pole meal. He

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may not handle it Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam ala hora de who are an early he was happy he woman while mother excellent Marlene Kumara. to LA he was about a cartoon. So but there's an sisters as we continue with suta filomeno. And we are at verse number 36. So after all these promises were made from prophets and messengers that were sent to their nations. Eventually, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and they respond. And he gives us an insight of how these people that these prophets were sent to how they responded. So they would say, hey, you had to hat Hey, hat is like saying Come on. Are you serious? Lima two are doing from what they were being

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promised. So they're looking at these profits and be like, come on, man. Are you guys serious? We're gonna be resurrected, we have to worship one creator, we have to leave off all of our cultural norms and traditions. Come on Hi, hat, j hat in here in La Jolla tune adonia Nemo to wanna hear what man we've ever seen. They continue, they continue and they say, look, this is our life in this world. We die we live and why men, no be member routine, and none of us are going to be resurrected. This is an argument that continues till this day there are certain you know, so called religious groups and people around the globe that completely denounced the existence of resurrection and the Day of

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Judgment, or an accurate or life. So this was happening since the beginning of time. So it's nothing new. What man we've ever seen in Hawaii louder, Julie, Tara, these these people continued and they said about this prophet that was sent to them. He's just a man, Roger, he's just a man. If thought or Allah He ketubah he's just lying about Allah. He just thought Ah, as we mentioned in all previous sources, if there was a very common word throughout the Quran, they're just making up stuff and this guy is just lying to you lying over and over you know, sometimes I see interviews with even like, you know, prominent figures politicians and so on. Whenever their question about Muslims or Islam

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here in the west or the growth or the population of Muslims and so on. I've actually heard even people in leadership say like, you know, politicians and people in government say, Oh, these Muslims they just live a lie. Oh, there they say they want to integrate in our society there they want they're part of our culture and tradition, but it's just the lie they're making this up really. This was actually the claim that was happening again since the beginning of time. Well man, new love will be meaning and we will never be true believers will never accept what they're saying and what they're talking about. Call a lot of Bill sordoni be Mac had the boon. So this prophet, he says

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again, and he turns to Allah color have been Sony. All la eight, me, B Mac has the boon. From what they're lying against me the things that they're saying against me. You know, in the previous episode, we mentioned that this area is an area for all of us in this day and age, because of Islamophobia, all the propaganda, the hate speech, the lies the misrepresentation on Muslims and Islam, call a lot of Bill Sony be mad at the devil. This is a dog that you and I should be making all the time, that we're asking Allah subhanho wa Taala, who ultimately at the end is the only one that can eat all of us. You know, we can look at the community we can look at fellow Muslims and our

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surrounding friends and neighbors for assistance, for help for understanding. But at the end of the day, a true believer, their focus, their primary source of aid and help will always be with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's something that you can't lose sight of. You can't lose sight of and it might sound like common sense, but let me tell you this often when

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you're confronted with hate and Islamophobia and discrimination because of your religion, so on and so forth. It's very easily easy to lose encouragement. So you become discouraged very quickly. Because all of that propaganda and hate that's being perpetuated on you or your community, it can be overwhelming. And there's only so much you can take. There's only so much patience you have, there's only so much fight you have, at some point, a lot of Muslims who are just not geared towards confronting this level of propaganda and hate against their religion give up. They say, you know what, you're probably right. Maybe Islam isn't is not the religion. Because if God said that he was

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going to preserve Islam, where's this happening? You know, we're on the media every single day all over social media, so much hate and propaganda against us. How is this a reflection of the aid and help of the Creator I'm trying to worship? So some people are just not prepared for that. And so even prophets had to turn to Allah and continue to turn to Allah for their ultimate aid and help Paul and not buddy in in Laos behind Nana, do you mean? He said, the same messenger I'm. So he says, I'm not bloodied. If there was just a little more time that I'm there is men, if they were just given a little more time, Lagos behind Nana, do you mean they would have become people that would

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have lived in total regret. In other words, if time just went on, if time just went on, and these people were allowed to live and continue their lives, they would have regretted it. Because why the ultimate truth will come, Justice will come. The Day of Judgment is on its way at Tia as sort of Baja mentions. In Sara, Tia.

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it's on its way, the hour, it's already on the journey. It's going to be here, and it's going to be here soon. So this particular Prophet says And again, we don't know what his name is. And he says they're going to eventually regret it. Because when that time comes, and they start to see more and more of the truth that Muslims and Islam believed in and try to teach and encourage the world to at least pay attention to. Eventually the ultimate regret and remorse will come

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for the Tomas saya to Bill help. So what is the regret here? Allah says that they will be captured with a loud sound sight, a loud sound, a loud scream. sight is the kind of sound that when you hear it, it's like banging in your ears. And you're just like, oh my god, this is unbearable. That's called sight. Hi, Bill, help. Oh, it's the truth. This isn't a movie. This isn't a documentary. This is real. For john know who

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they will become like the foam on the ocean. You know, our Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us that Muslims will eventually at some point will become the foam on the ocean. Kela who says he tells us in an authentic hadith that we will be large in number, but we won't have as much effect on worldly affairs. So we will literally he compares the large population of Muslims globally to that of the foam that's swinging and moving around with the oceans and water says you'll be there you'll be large in number but you'll be totally useless. Now the table gets reversed as we inch closer to the Day of Judgment. And unless penalty Arliss says now they will be fatahna homosassa they will be the

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phone for bar the Lil COVID volley mean for border. You know this word border is a really tough word to explain. Boredom is like the term you used to say Get away from me. Or I'm done with you. Away from me in Old English away from you get lost. Just Just go You're done. It's finished. I have nothing else to say I've nothing else to do with you. That's called border. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says Bora de Lille omo Valley means so get lost this nation nation that was involved in all the wrongdoing that transgressed in the sight of Allah from shutting them in bury him cool. And

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala says And then again, we sent after him, many more messengers hold on and are holding too many more nations afterwards. So this is a cycle it just kept happening over and over. And so Muslims doesn't just continue until this day, more and more like the prophets and all the messengers, but not just that the scholars, the teachers, more and more knowledge

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Knowledge is disseminating into society into the world. And what's usually the response, the same thing. Ah, you know, they're they don't know what they're talking about. There's such a primitive old fashion group. And the religion itself is so outdated, just kind of let them do what they want to do quietly in a corner. You ever watch a lot of time when there's documentaries about Muslims or Islam?

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You know, the the narrative will describe that, look at this, look at these group of Muslims. Look at how they act to note on madonn. And they perform several layers of worship and prayer. They go through in several different types of prayers. And they do this for four or five hours every day. Just take a look at them. Strange but true. And they come in the millions. You know, it's almost as if you're watching like an animal documentary on the Discovery Channel. They look at that, look at the koala bear look at the kangaroos as they hop around in the forest quietly to themselves. And then they just stand there. Beautiful. That's unfortunately how a lot of the perception and the and

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the perspective that's given and pumped out in the media, on social media on TV, and channels all across the globe. And Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala just told us or the truth will come out, you'll see what we are told to do. In the meantime, hold on and don't let go.

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Man, test people man, oh man in Nigella how one man is a hero and there has never been an oma before you or after you with respect to their destiny. It's never changed, it's always been the same. So all the previous generations and all those to come, it's going to be the exact same thing. So the corporation are given a lesson here that what makes you think that it's going to be any different for you. It was the same for all those who came before you. It's going to be the same as you move forward. So the same idea of constantly being accused of lies, the propaganda, the hate Islamophobia, it's going to continue for some time for my older son now to saloon etc. And then we

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also sent messengers tetra, tetra, in succession, one after the other after the other after a lack of doing this cool image, all metal rasuluh hackers double every time and a messenger was sent to them all metal Rasulullah every time a messenger was sent to them, get the Boo.

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They just lied against him.

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They made a one lie after another after another. Think about all the things that you hear about. That is said about the Prophet Mohammed Ali is salatu salam. Think about all the garbage that's online about him or he was this kind of men. This is how he was to women. This is how he treated his society. This is what his intentions were. All this mumbo jumbo garbage against himself. The lahardee was sent him colonna jell o whom Rasulullah akula magia Matata Rasulullah every time a nation was sent a prophet or a messenger get the they just continued lying against him over and over burn barrel the barrel bar. Some of them followed some from amongst them well Jana whom are Hadeeth

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and they made them like, you know, front line, you know, Headline News ahaadeeth from Hadith here linguistically, this is like breaking news. You know, this prophet is here, and we actually believe that he actually has a following now these Muslims are following Mohammed Salah lahardee was breaking news and they just kind of over sensationalize that whole thing for that little formula you mean own. So get lost those people who never believed who had no truth and honesty in them. Allah says for a board same word from our son Nam musawah who held on to be a year Tina was so Bonnie moonbeam. Then we send mozzarella he said him and his brother have wound it he said m ba Tina with

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our a whistle binding will be in an authoritative speech that was clear and explicit. If you want to know what that speech is, you go to sort of Baja sort of

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gives you in detail what that entire speech was in the conversation right? And those of you who are not aware of that you can definitely go to our series we've completed Soto baja and it's on my YouTube channel so you can check that out inshallah elf Fiona omega e fasttech. bowtell. A sent Moosa and how when I leave him was Sam to fit around and melody II. Remember we learnt and heard this word three times. Now in the sutra telecoil mela omean told me he lesbian mellow mellow mellow

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Their leaders, his advisors is that administration. So the administration and the leaders that were amongst fit around fasttech bowtell. They all had this sense of pride a stick about, they stood up and started laughing at musen. Hold on, like, really? You guys?

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You guys come from the same nation of the slaves that are working for us. They listen to us. You know, they're enslaved with us. And now you're telling me that you we have to listen to you. Now we have to follow you. That's a stick about a sense of pride and arrogance. Well, can COVID-19 and they were a nation. That was Eileen, you know, the word I had, is like, You expect me to lower myself now to you? You know, students, everybody listening to this, remember this word? We're gonna write it down. So you can see it in Arabic.

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I'll explain it in English. So take a look at that.

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Alright, Elif lab. All right. Remember this word? You know why?

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Because every single one of us confront this word. All the time, whether it be at home, you know, you take a course in Salah.

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And you learn a lot of the mistakes that you were making growing up at home. Or you see mom and dad doing. And so you come back and you say, you know mom, dad, actually the hands have to be here. They don't actually have to be up here or all the way down or they're on to our side. I learned about this. Oh, actually, mom. Yeah, we have to really practice sawtell Fatiha.

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Because I learned today the prophets I said and told us there's no Salah without Fatiha. So we have to really practice because we're not reading or write. Or else Oh, Silla won't be accepted. Here's how you can further add really child, you're you're gonna tell me now how to pray. I taught you how to pray. I gave you everything that you have. Now you're going to now we have to follow you, you want to be our email.

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That's odd. Sometimes you go to a Masjid, you give a hotel or a talk or a class. But everybody in the community knows you as the person who grew up there, you know, that's fine. You know, that's fine. You grew up within the community, they remember you when you were in your shorts, and you were running around and playing. And then you went off and you studied, you went on for you know, five, six years you studied Islamic theology, you learnt about your teeth, you come back, you want to teach. And you know, sometimes the messages will be okay, you know what he he grew up here, just give him give him a small room somewhere upstairs by the attic, he'll have four or five students and

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just let him do his thing. Just let him have be happy. We'll pay him five bucks a week. That's called ad. So ad encompasses arrogance, pride, and the loss of value and care to nurture someone you know, has been gifted with things you haven't been. But you don't want to admit that. You don't want to recognize that. So what do you do? belittle them as much as you can? So panela belittle them.

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Now, every time there's feedback of what he or she says, Whatever lectures, whatever classes they've taught, the feedback has to be like, straight up in your face. Oh, yeah, you said this, but you know, something, you're still learning. You're still learning, you know, you don't worry, you'll get better one day, before I die, maybe I don't know, maybe you still got a lot of practice. And here you are. really genuinely. And I'm not saying that we shouldn't take criticism, and we shouldn't take feedback. I'm not saying that. And once it's constructive. And the aim of that criticism or that feedback, is to actually uplift and help you become better than you should and must listen to

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it. I'm specifically focused on the people that do it. And they do it in such a way to be little and put you down to make you feel worthless. That is called an ad. And every one of us experiences our ad in our own way. You don't have to stand in front of an audience to experience could be happening writing your own house could be happening with among siblings, so

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I alone is a really really powerful term in the Quran.

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For all I do and merely by showing

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so they said you don't fit around in his mela and his leadership. He said you know we're gonna Are you expect us to believe the best shot on these two ends

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vigiles musen hold on early him Sarah myth Lina. They're just like us, we'll call them and their followers, their people Lana be doing exactly what I mentioned earlier. And their people are actually enslaved to us there I'd be doing I'd be doing here is referring linguistically they're enslaved to us. So we're supposed to now follow these two. So

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what does this look like, looks like

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takes on and brings along mini fairgrounds, and people like fairgrounds into your life.

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Because a lot brings up the word loon when he's talking about who, when he's quoting, fit around himself. So the people who possess and carry this quality of air in them

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are actually reflections and mini versions of fit around himself.

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I don't want to add and I hope none of us ever have that.

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If you ever find someone like could remember, when I was in Medina,

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one of the first persons I've ever read pour into You see, I memorize and by myself, which was good and bad, it was great because you know, I did it alone, right? I was here in Toronto, and I memorized the entire Quran in my bedroom.

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But the bats the flip side of that is you memorize a ton of mistakes and you carry on that mistake. So now the only way to sift out all the errors in pronounciation and so on, is you need to sit with a teacher and physically recite and have them correct you you know who my first one of my first first teachers and I call him a teacher because I really actually like I actually learnt recitation A lot of it from from this person was actually an eight year old Afghanis student in Medina. He was reciting in a small Masjid and some of you who've gone for him or had you know, Mr. de l'homme Amma, which is the masjid where the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam would perform read. And it's that same

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spot there. It's right next to his Masjid. And there was a spot open area, and a cloud used to come by there and shade him. Hello amendment is the dark cloud that cheats you. So they built a Masjid there and it's called Mr. de l'homme Amma. Anyhow, in there I used to have or n classes and I remember there was this cute little kid, eight years old sitting had a scarf on. And he's just reciting his beautiful, beautiful voice. So one day, I sat beside him and I just said, you know,

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can I read to you?

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And he looks at me, he's like,

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you just gotta go ahead.

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Because I'm still learning and he had finished and he was present, his recitation was perfect. So I start reciting. And if Lam mean that he can keep that boo louder, and he just started correcting me cleaning up my recitation. My point is this. I think I was about 25.

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When this is happening,

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I was about 25 years old or 24.

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That's how you get rid of Humble yourself. When you confront knowledge, humble yourself. You don't care where the knowledge came from.

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Right? It's irrelevant, who's speaking, it's irrelevant their age. And if you concentrate on the knowledge itself, Allah will continue to teach you get rid of iron.

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Humble yourself that whoever it is in front of you, that regardless who he or she, he who he or she is, it's the knowledge that you're most concerned about, when you come with that kind of focus, that kind of heart that kind of intention alone will teach you.

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Lest I forget the boohooman

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they lied against both of them. *in will mean Elmo lucky

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and fit around and all of his farmers were amongst the more lucky you know, Moloch. Haddock is when somebody is destroyed. halleck You know, they jump into an ocean, and they they're trying trying to survive until they drowned. halleck

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herrlich they're crossing a street it's red lights time for them to cross and a car runs the red light hits them and they die herrlich

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mobilock plural mohalla kin. So mobilock is when somebody jumps into the ocean and you force their head down onto the bottom of the ocean, you push them down. It's more HELOC, more HELOC.

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Somebody is crossing the road. You see a car coming and you push that individual in front of the car. That's called Moloch. So, Allah subhanho wa Taala says we made them become destroyed. We caused it when the ocean split we caused the ocean to crash upon them. And they came to their death no matter what they did that ocean, literally suck them in and drown them. That's called Moana. *in Amina mohila Keane, do you see how rich Arabic is? When you know Arabic? Do you see how you can extract imagery that you normally would never ever discover? Had you translated more liking in any other language? That's what happens when you when when Arabic is there, it literally brings just a

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common word found it throughout the Quran and it really brings it to life. So that's the imagery that Allah leaves us with. Tomorrow inshallah we'll continue

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with mozzarella, he's sillim mozzarella he Salaam there's some more that's going to be discussed about him. So we'll continue Bismillah hytera Allah as we journey through this beautiful sorta sorta to them won't be known. So with that being said, brothers and sisters, we'll pause here for today. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us safe, keep us healthy. May Allah subhanho wa Taala love and protect all of us wherever we are. May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward and bless and honor each and every one of you wherever you are alone. I mean, so those of you who have missed any previous episodes or some of the previous series that we've done, it's all on my YouTube channel people so

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take your time and you can have it all in sha Allah huhtala there such as Kamala Hydra and I will see you all tomorrow with sin mRNA Komara to LA he will borrow cattle