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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Prophet Allah's poetry in shaping people to change the way they act and the value of their writing. They also mention the use of the word Islam in a range of language and the potential for it to be a source of harm. The speaker emphasizes the importance of the Prophet's teachings in shaping people to change their behavior.
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Not only Allahu Anhu been following the abuse of Allah highly abusive and Hadith in a collection in both Bukhari and Muslim ranges where this is within the theme of mindfulness of the tongue, I'll probably do it tonight. Tomorrow the day after, and then I'll move on to Hajj in sha Allah does have a few more Hadith I want to share with you within this theme, and it's very sad Ali it's also quite an image in paella SHA telling modular lead Kulu che in my Hola Hola, belsito. Well, aka the Omega to even be salty and you slim. So he said la salatu salam, he said the most truthful and honest word that a poet has ever said is what lobbied Robbie, I said and let me remember, Robbie is a known

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poet. He's one of the Habima alacarte meaning the Arabs they treasure their poetry so much that some pieces of poetry were actually written with the water of gold and hence hung inside the Kaaba, as evidence of its of their worth. And Libby was one of those few or seven people who had his piece of poetry actually hanging in the Kaaba and accepted Islam late, but he did eventually accept Islam and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the reason I'm bringing this up is showing you a little bit the the Prophet of Islam was knowledgeable of poetry. He is someone who enjoyed it, he tasted poetry, he saw the value of it. And the reason I'm talking about that is that this is an act, not just an aspect of

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art, but that it's also the importance of proper articulation. You know, when we see mouthfuls of the tongue, the first maybe 10, a hadith generated for you were scary about the fact that you know, this can take you into places you don't want to go. But also also the tongue can take you in good directions, we can do great things for you. If you see sometimes you can say things that are extremely meaningful and it can leave a lasting impact for for 1000s of years, if not longer. And the Prophet Allah usado says that the best thing or the most honest verse of poetry that any poet has said is what lead him Robbie I said when he said Allah Kulu che in mahalo Allah, how about we do

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indeed everything that does not have Allah within it is bottle is falsehood or just has no value to it. And again, this is poetry, anything that is not from Allah, for Allah, based on the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala a teaching for Allah, anything that's not somehow going to get you closer to Allah is about that. It's just false. And that's true. And he said, This is the most indeed or may result one of the non Muslim poets that came before his time out of your slot to somewhere he actually lived within his time as well said he almost accepted Islam on his own. He almost found God by himself. He almost found Islam to hate on his own. He didn't but he almost did. Do echo that

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y'all really memorable hurry, and Abby Harada and another Yasser Allah Azza wa sallam Carla in a hola como la la Kulu Rafa, he said, Indeed you have a brother who does not say it often does not say falsehood or are useless things and he was referring to Abdullah in Rwanda and they said yes or no Allah What do you mean by Allah your whole and then he said he then he recited to them these three Paulo fina Rasulullah he yet Lupita who either Manchaca ma rufen middle surgery so I'll throw around alHuda Allana Takotsubo NaVi new cleaner to call our Joby to Jaffe Jambo who unflashy The scholars will caffeine and mobile audio. And this is a piece of poetry that Abdullah Maduro has said and what

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it said it made it even he said was and amongst us is the is the messenger of Allah who recites his book.

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Every time the beauty the beautiful light of the funnel comes up, he's referring to certain things inside the treasure. He showed us guidance after arrows of blindness, and because of that our hearts are absurd certainty of all that he tells us will occur. He finds it difficult to sleep at night on his bed because he wants to get up to pray as the disbelievers find themselves heavy upon their beds. And this is the wording of his poetry. So the Prophet alayhi Assad was not only did he that he applauded and commend what beloved Roy has said he actually said this person doesn't say office doesn't say just anything, doesn't say poetry. This means he says things that have value to them and

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he actually memorized Allah He lives in the words of the poetry and again this is just to show that that there's value in these things. There's a lot of value in this stuff if it said you what your words can have great impact and are great value if you say the right thing for the right reason in the right manner, your tongue as as dangerous as your tongue can be to yourself in your in your outcome as helpful it will be in taking you to where you hope to go. And that artistic piece is something he appreciated and saw a lot of value in out of his love to us and I'm I won't take much they were almost 11 o'clock. I'll leave it at that. Yahweh Lima Amani al Bukhari you are Muslim ko

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ne Hey Anna being relatively Allahu Anhu but another your Salah Allahu Allah you early you are sending us Doku Kelly emetine Powell Asha kalimat will lead Allah Colucci in hola hola. How about Lulu? Well, hard code that will make you to not be salty and you're slim. So the closer Allah is Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah has taught me to be let go. So Allah wa salam, O Allah, Allah can only be known Muhammad Yunus. I wish me luck.

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