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The importance of learning the Quran and memorizing key concepts is emphasized in the surah group, with the surah emphasizing the importance of understanding and not just counting on words. The "has been" or "has been" concept is discussed, with Subhana and the "has been" concept being recognized as a general understanding of the universe. The importance of avoiding mistakes and self-developing is emphasized, as well as the need for individuals to perform self purification to avoid unnecessary harm and avoid false expectations. The segment also touches on the importance of avoiding harms and staying in a stable home.

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Hello, I'm Emma Hamer hamdulillah help below alanine

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Allahumma Salli, wa Sallim wa Barik, ala Nabina, Muhammad Ali he also having here

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today in sha Allah I will explain or talk about the sutra, Allah Allah.

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second surah and the third group of sewer in just AMA. Why do I think why do I do these tours so that people like you can can learn.

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So you guys know what you're memorizing. So when you recite somebody has not begun, either you have an idea of why it is that you're reading it and what's the point of it, what you're supposed to be learning from it. Or else if you memorize things and doesn't mean anything to you, or you don't have the ability to contemplate and reflect and think and understand, then it just becomes words that you say and doesn't really reach your heart and doesn't change the way you behave doesn't make you a better person, right, which is the whole point of learning the Quran is a measure divided into four groups of sewer. The first group is Nebuchadnezzar Ibis that talks about the fundamentals of or the

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principles of accepting a faith. And then the second group is from a tech lead from a tech leader to a guru, and talks about choices, the sanctity, the accountability, the recordings, the consequences, the importance of making any good choices due to small margins, and the possible problem of passivity, and indifference. If you don't make a choice, you're still making a choice. It's just, that's what you decided to do nothing. The third group of sore from sorts of products, and also sort of Delaine these are your tools, these are your toolkit, this is what you're going to need to live life and be successful as a Muslim, you're gonna need a couple of things in order for you to make it

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inshallah so the product gave us the first tool, which is the concept of telecoil. It's very important. If I spent the rest of Ramadan

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just telling you stories of typical, explaining to you the meaning of typical and giving you examples that I still wouldn't, I wouldn't have done enough for it because this is really what's going to change your life as he grew up. If you know how to perform to work, couldn't you memorize for me, the three basic ideas, you have to do your best at all times, you have to depend upon Allah subhanaw taala in your heart know that he he the one he's the one who makes the decisions of the results, and then be okay with whatever he gives you some kind of data if he gives you what you want to hamdulillah if he doesn't give you what you want,

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then what, then hamdulillah and you try it again. And that's how you live your life. And that's going to be a big part of who you are. The second surah within this third group is surah. Allah and all of these who are in the short answer is Mr. Macky. Suarez in their early ones and it's to Atlanta specifically, is a pretty early surah. It was revealed to the prophet Ali Asad was I'm quite early in his prophecy it has salat wa salam. What tool does it give you? Can you can you guess what two talks about? Yes, based on the first verse, it talks about this be very right off the bat, it tells you exactly what the point of the sutra isn't what it is, you're going to learn from it. And

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this B is a concept. It's a Mugdha. I know that when you say the word, Disturbia, what comes to mind is the counting on the fingers after the prayer, which is good, you should always do it, he'd always do this, we have to prayer and maybe before you go to sleep, when you wake up in the morning, these are good times to do it. But the concept of dyspnea is much broader and much more profound than just counting numbers on your fingers. This via hasn't is a concept, it's something you have to understand you have to comprehend what it means because it's it's one of those key differences between you as a Muslim and everybody else. Literally everyone else on the planet and then you as a

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Muslim, the spear has one of those key differences is just how you view the world is how you understand what's happening around you. It's how is your perspective on life in general. And this is extremely important. And I I struggle with the number of people who don't understand it's and it's very weird to me because it's one of the early in basic, basic fundamentals of the dean. So he began to Subhana wa Tada by saying seven Esma or big Allah Allah.

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So why is a base model because it's a bit of Bucha.

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First of all, to severe Is this a? Was this a religious term to begin with? If you remember I said yesterday, all of the tools are religious concepts that before Islam before religion, didn't really have a religious understanding. telecoil didn't that word didn't exist really in the Arabic language until Islam came and said, Here's something you need to do to tackle the spear in the Arabic language prior to Islam just meant for you to do something a lot. It came from the concept of swimming Seba. If you know if you know the that's the root of it. So this would be a heads when you say something you said I wish eight meanings you just walking around talking about it everywhere and

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we still use it in the Arabic language if you if you've heard it, in slang, they use it quite a bit. So that was before Islam and when Islam came to speak, it became something different is to exalt Allah subhanaw taala from having any flaw or making mistakes, or being incomplete in any form or manner. That's what this means. It's exalting Allah denying that Allah subhanaw taala has a flaw or makes a mistake.

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or is at fault or is to be blamed. That's what this means. So he doesn't say set up Becca, because that doesn't make any sense. There's What do you mean what how are you going to exalt Allah Allah subhana is exalted whether you do it or not makes no difference. Whether I believe that Allah subhanaw taala is a Cebu, and l produce the exalted one or not, doesn't change the fact that he is subhanaw taala. He doesn't subhanaw taala doesn't benefit from any act of worship that we do. Any act of worship that we perform, whether it's prayer or sea, animal sadaqa he doesn't benefit from that gentle agenda. We are the ones who benefit from all acts of worship. So suddenly, haram Bukka

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if he put it that way, which there are verses in the Quran, that may mean that but this initial one is very accurate. It's teaching you the basic concept. It says it's almost saying, Well, you need to exalt him so he can be exempt. No, He is exalted. Subhana wa taala. He is flawless, he is perfect. Doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. Whether we say it and we it doesn't make a difference. That's that's the reality. That's the That's the truth of the universe is Allah subhanaw taala is the exalt as one is Cebu is Allah Allah. But when he says have Bhisma, exalt the Name of your Lord, the most, the highest of all, are the one that's held in the highest of regards, or the tower and

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the one that towers over all Allah, Allah, Allah is the high one. And Allah is the highest of all subhanaw taala in the proper context of the word, obviously, some Bhisma exalt his name, what does that mean? They exalt his name in the way you understand it, because you you can't really affect God in any form or manner. The reason that you're doing this to be is for you, you're doing it so that his name in your heart and in your mind is exalted. That's why you're doing it. This is being done for me. I'm doing it for me, so that I understand God so that I know Allah subhana wa Tada he is in Cebu, he doesn't make a difference. But for me, I need to know that I need to comprehend that. So

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how am I going to do it? I'm going to continue to exalt his name. I exalt his name I used to speak his name. I remind myself he is flawless. subhanaw taala he makes no mistakes, he does not. He is not to be blamed for anything he is he is he is his perfect jelajah Allahu there is no imperfection in anything that he does

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some business model because Allah, the rest of the surah will explain how to do it. It will give us four or five depending on how you want to categorize them different concepts that you need to understand different angles you need to look at in order for this to be to be complete and full in your heart in the way that you see it. And I'll explain them in Sharla as we as we move along.

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So the first one he continues subhanaw taala in the verses that you memorized, so somebody is Moravec Allah, Allah and then continue Allah the Holocaust. So we're, we're Leddy, but Dara Hedda? Well, lady, Raja Mara Fajr, Allah who was an

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subhanaw taala says,

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a lady, the one caller who created for so well balanced, well, lady, but they're the one that proportioned for HUD and guided.

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So the one who created and balanced and proportioned and guided everything in this world, Allah subhanaw taala did these four things, four, he created them, he balanced them so that they had a purpose in their in their existence, there was something that they were doing, they're a part of a bigger system. As a human being, we are kind of outside that little ecosystem. And we know it's there to kind of help us do our thing. But everything else fits, they have a piece of the puzzle, it fits very nicely into this bigger mosaic of an existence.

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He's the one who proportioned everything, there's just enough of everything for this system to continue to work properly. For her that was guidance, so it knows what it's doing. Every every creature knows exactly how to move within this world. It does not require extensive teaching, really, it's only the human being that takes a long time, and you're 10 years old, and you still don't know how to get things done. But a 10 year old dog would be towards the end of his life, dying, it's finished. It says live just for life. It took care of things, it takes up maybe a couple of days. And then it figures out how to walk and run and eat and drink and but we take much longer.

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It's just for five now it's taking 30 years in 40 years for us to kind of figure out these basic stuff.

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But this what he thinks upon

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exalts your Lord, one of the highest ranks, the first way you're going to do it, I told you, it'd be four to five ways depending on how you want to categorize the Sutra of how you're going to understand this to be because this is the difference and at the end of the surah I'll tell you why this is the difference between us and non Muslims, or just any any any any faith, they're not the same. We understand that differently. This is a key concept.

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The first way is by looking at the universe, you're going to achieve the spear by not looking at the Quran itself only, but by looking at the universe around you seeing life seeing what he did, see how he created subhanaw taala that he halacha so called Java

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brought from Earth the green pasture by Giotto who will find out how and the cycle of life it turns into a dead Yeah, Neva darkened planet.

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that goes back as fertilizer into the earth, and then it comes out again and keeps on going into this endless cycle.

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Really, the more you understand the world, the more you want, the more you look into a microscope into the cells. And the farther you look into the heavens into the cosmos and the concept of just be, it becomes clear to you that the one who put this in motion, the one that created this is knowledgeable beyond our ability to comprehend the need, the accuracy, the precision, the complexity that goes into everything that exists, is mind blowing, we can barely understand anything, you just understanding the how DNA works, that the fact that literally all of life's history, from the first, you know, unicellular organism, until today is coded into these into these helixes that are that

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there exists inside each and every living cell is insane, that literally ALLAH SubhanA coded you. We only learned coding maybe a couple of decades ago. And now everyone goes into software engineering, that's what everyone's doing. Because it's a big deal, right? It's amazing to code. Literally every cell inside of your body has a code that tells the story of life from day one until today. Missing nothing. We are related to every level living thing to trees, every living really it's everything. It's in our DNA. So when you see that that's one way to start learning to Say Subhan Allah and understanding what that means that he is the flawless subhanaw taala He is beyond. He is beyond

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anything I can comprehend. He is the Exalted One jelajah I do not blame them for anything. That's the first one he continues the second so nobody who can follow attendance in sha Allah in know who Yeah, Allah will Jehovah one.

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Well, if if something goes wrong, and who is to blame, who is the flawed one, if it's not God, if when things go wrong, it's not Allah subhanaw taala who needs to be blamed for it? That who is who is flood, and right in the Surah he points out Subhana wa Tada. So no playbook are going to teach you so that you don't forget, because that is who you are. Because that is the nature of who you are. You're a forgetful being. You forget things all the time you make mistakes all the time. In law, masha Allah accept some of the mistakes that you're going to make. Even if we even if you try hard not to forget them, you're still going to make these mistakes, in know your animal, Jehovah, he

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knows all that is apparent and all that is hidden. The second way of learning to do this via is the acknowledgement and the understanding of the fact that we are extremely flawed. And we make mistakes all the time. It comes with the package of being a human being. And not acknowledging that or not accepting that or coming or putting yourself into into a position or a situation, or a mental state where you do not see yourself to be fluid, or do not accept the fact that you're making mistakes all the time. And that's just the nature of who you are, that when things go wrong. Most likely, there was something that you could have done better that you didn't, or something that you did wrong that

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you shouldn't have done is the main problem of this whole story. Let me cut to the chase quickly, because I'll say it again, again. Let's say something goes horribly horrific ly wrong in your life. May Allah subhanaw taala protect all of you from all difficulties, Allahumma Amin, but let's say something goes really wrong. And you didn't, you didn't ask for it. And you didn't do anything to deserve it.

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I remember I had to break news to some to a 55 year old gentleman who had lung cancer that was already spread. And this person, not only did they not smoke, this guy ran an anti smoking campaign all his life, this guy woke up every day at five and random. Now he ran five, six kilometers every day. He lives completely. And then he got the one thing that he actually lived towards not trying to get going and breaking news to someone like that. It's very difficult because I'm not sure how is he going to. The only way that someone can accept something like that is if they're Muslim, and they understand this is the only way to accept it. There's no other way. Because the moment you hear your

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Will you as a human being the first thing you want to do your urge is to blame someone. You want to blame someone for this, who is to be blamed.

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That's where the neffs comes in. And the shape line comes in. And so yeah, you know who to blame. Right? And that's where your eyes go upwards, you start thinking that's who's to blame as a Muslim, that's not an option. As a Muslim, we don't blame God for anything. We're not interested in looking for any mistakes that ALLAH SubhanA gonna make. We don't believe that he does. And we don't accept that he ever did or ever will. And we exalt Him subhanho wa Taala from being flawed. And that's why and that's who we are. If you're a Muslim, that's what you are. That's what you've accepted. That's who you claim to be. And I do to speak, I will never ever turn to Allah subhanaw taala and say, why,

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and why was this given to me? And could you have not done something different? And why did I do it? What did I do to deserve this? You don't do that because you're Muslim, because this visa is a part of your toolkit. The moment is you're faced with a tragedy that you cannot explain. You take out this B and it protects you from seeing something that can cause you to move beyond to be in a place you don't want to be

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The number of people I've seen lose their face because of faith because of lack of disbelief has

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is, is ranked number one for me, it's still the highest rank problem. It's not atheism and Shabaab going to you know, it's this is running into into a difficult situation, it's being dealt a hand that you just don't feel like you deserved. And just to be hasn't strong enough on your blame and then you lose it all. And as a Muslim this is this is the distinct difference. We just don't do it. By definition, you're Muslim, you don't do that. Subhan Allah is what comes out. Subhan Allah is not yes, we use it sometimes when we're surprised when something some something that surprising Subhan Allah that's not really the usage for it. Subhan Allah is when you see something you can't explain,

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or something that makes you think for a moment, maybe some Subhanallah No, it's not God's fault. I'm not blaming God for this. I'm going to look for a little cafe that and say, I'm going to see where I went wrong. I can I'm going to see what I could have done better. How could I have? What could I have done to prevent this from a cheat from occurring? Because no Carioca, you're the problem you're going to be talking about and so you're gonna forget.

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We're going to try not to move we're going to do our best for you not to forget but you're going to forget Allah, Masha, Allah, you're going to make mistakes. It's who you are. That's the second the second way. The second angle of this V, you have to remind yourselves, who is the flawed one in this in this equation? It's me. I'm the flawed one when something goes wrong. I can't blame God. How can I blame Allah and then take myself out of it doesn't work. We continue the third one.

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When we are still curl use

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for that gear in NASA, it Decra so you have that karumi Yaksha where Jen Naboo Lashkar a lovey Aslan, now I'll Cobra to malaria, to fee while you're here, the third the third way.

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One of your cero Kalyan usaw, will ease you into the way of ease, it's going to be way of ease. So if you come and tell me it's not easy here is difficult. Then I tell you well, Allah subhanaw taala saying it's easy. So if you feel it's difficult, then there's a one of two things. Either he was wrong, it's actually difficult. How shall Allah and we just talked about the concept of dyspnea, or you're difficult. If I'm finding something difficult, either it's actually difficult, or I'm the difficult one. I'm the one who just doesn't have any self discipline, I'm the one who's not willing to put in the effort, I don't want to put any work, I just want, I just want the prize. I want

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somehow for it all to work out and just give me the prize. I don't want to actually spend any time doing anything I want to do is find a way I want to find every shortcut, I'll cheat or lie or find my way around things until I get what I want. Because I'm not willing to do it. But Allah subhanaw taala is saying that the way the path that I put out for you, when we are silica, I'm going to ease you, he's going to ease you into a path that is the most easy path. Now let's see what not when we are silica, the user earlier said he said Neal use raw to the most easy of all paths. So if you're feeling it's hard, that is really not the paths fault, is it? Maybe it's someone else's fault. Maybe

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there's a different reason of why. And this is the third way of just understanding that Allah subhanaw taala created you and prepared you to walk a path of ease and to achieve greatness. It's there, it's it's put out for you. So if you fail to do it, then you're just not doing it his way. subhanaw taala you're just refusing to see his path to be what it is. And you're refusing to walk it the way he asked you to walk it. That's why after he said when we're still going to use Ron, for that good enough. Art is Decra. And this is what you're going to remind people of

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my job is not to sit here and tell you is time is difficult, and make it difficult, and show it to us something difficult. If I do that, then I'm not doing my job the way he explained subhanho wa Taala because I'm telling you is difficult, and it's impossible or semi impossible. Then basically I'm lying. Or I'm telling you that God Himself created you and it puts you on an impossible path to walk and he's telling you that I'm going to punish you we don't walk it. Is that fair? Is that proper? Subhan Allah? That's what you say Subhan Allah? Of course not. What are you you're accusing Allah subhanaw taala of doing something like that? No, obviously I'm wrong. Obviously, that's not

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what he's saying. Subhan Allah Tala, then what we need to understand is that this slave now this story that he has told for you, this path that he has put you on the requirements he's asking of you are very much within your ability to achieve. They're actually quite easy.

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You will ease you into it and you will find ease in it. You will find ease in it not an old not just in practicing it, but it will bring you ease as well. See, here's the little point that we have to remind ourselves of that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Every command he commanded us, is designed to make our lives better

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Now in just an earthier, that's a given. Obviously, if you do exactly what you're asked of us to do, then your military army or find yourself in a great place. But what about duniya?

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See, this is this is the interesting part of the dean. So if I told you that, okay, here, here's the breakdown. Either you walk a difficult path now and find ease later, or an easy path now and difficulty later, then you'll be like, well, I need to think about that one. Because you know what I may say, I'd rather the easy now and let you know what comes later come later, or the other way. But literally what he's saying Subhana wa, tada is, here's what I've given you an easy path and Donia that will lead to a path of ease your multi Yama, and a path of difficulty and anxiety and, and hatred and upset and a lack of fulfillment and failure and sorrow and agony that will lead to a path

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that is very similar to it. So the choice is extremely easy. Why? Why? Why would you ever choose the second one, always choose the first one to go. That's not how I see it? Well, subhanAllah, then SubhanAllah. That's not. That's not how Allah has put it, we have just not understood it properly. That's why when we are sick, that's why the third way of performing to Serbia is the third angle of it is understanding that he has eased you into a path of ease for that in fit, they go and remind people if there is a benefit in reminding that this is what he is teaching Subhanallah Wattana.

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So you know that God will miasha those who have reverence will remember, those who have reverence, will will actually be able to achieve that reminder. So you gotta wait a Jana Bucha, Lashkar, and the ones who are

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and I just call me the most wicked, the Lashkar, those who have chosen to be miserable at all times. And Shukla is just miserable, maybe in a certain period of time. And as Scott is always miserable, he's always upset and that's what he's trying to explain. Some I know it's either the one who will refuse this reminder is someone who has chosen to live a life of difficulty in dunya and difficulty in Africa, you think that the person with a lot of money, who is doing all them honestly is truly happy? Subhan Allah is my answer to you. If you understand this sutra, you understand what I'm explaining to you? The answer is SubhanAllah. That is, that is that can't be true. That can't be

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true. If it's true, then you're actually saying God didn't design this properly. He made it you rigged it wrong. Jalla Jalla Allah Subhan Allah? Of course not. If we think that that we just have a we just don't have a proper understanding of the world that people are truly happy are those Alladhina amanu Atacama in Nakuru, boohooman bakerella Those are the ones who actually have found serenity, serendipity they have found close to it, and they found meaning in their lives and they found fulfillment.

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So you know that God oh my gosh, those who have some reverence will be reminded by this waiter Jana who had

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the most miserable will avoid it, avoid listening to it, they'll avoid coming to it, they'll avoid practicing it, they just don't want it.

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Allah the Aslan now I'll Cobra to malaria movie, how Elia. And that person will indeed, enter the hellfire. And there he will not find death, nor will He find real life. You're not really alive, nor you, nor are you really dead. When they go, they will learn Jahannam something that's difficult to explain. How can you you're not dying. You wish people wish they're dying in general, but they can't. And you can you call about life? Can you call being punished life? No, it's not life either. Doesn't matter I moved to V while you're here, the forest angle of this beer

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by the airflow Herrmann. There's a way that can smell or be docile. The fourth angle is self purification. Though in order for us to be asked actually to be able to perform to speak properly, to understand this concept clearly for it to become a part of who we are a toolkit, a tool in our toolkit that we can use whatever the world throws us a curveball and knocks us down when we weren't expecting and didn't feel that we did anything to deserve it. You have to perform self purification, but the F law you will find full success in this life and the hereafter, if you purify on the inside has to start on the inside. This is something that begins on the inside and ends on the inside has

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to be something I can't judge. I don't know. It's something you only know actually it's a secret between you and Allah Subhanallah you can say it as much as you want. You can say Subhan Allah as much as you want. But the reality of it is only something you and Allah subhanaw taala will ever know about and it's based on self purification. Enough that is arrogant enough, that is doubtful. And enough that is in a state of rough love, indifference or or Oblivion

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is enough that can perform just to be where that got us to be possible. The person who continues to remind themselves of the name of their Lord and continues to pray and stand up in prayer for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala are the ones who will be able to purify their neffs

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didn't can tell you I didn't tell you the story of that guy.

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55 year old person

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wala healthier than anyone I've ever seen

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walking into that person's room to tell them that they had stage four lung cancer, it was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. Because he was completely unexpected of it. He came in because he, he fell down. He hurt his

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his chest cage. So they did an x ray. Just because he they thought maybe had a broken rib, only to find this huge thing sitting right inside, then they do a few more and then it's

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like go tell someone like that. What do you think the response is going to be?

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Now May Allah subhanaw taala grant, you full Althea say, I mean, may you continue to be well on your health physically and mentally until the day you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala the DA is the prophet so I would say and he

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will wait a minute talking about some I know Obasanjo, who was an AMA hater and the non dua you would ask for Never, not not to meet a lot not not to leave this role in a state of being completely ill. But I want you to think about that moment for a second. Just out of empathy, just out of empathy. Think about that moment, if something like that was to be given to you. Let me give you an example of someone working towards against something all their lives and then dealing with what they tried to avoid. Hey, Sally, Sarah, are you Sally Sam brought that message of hate. That's what He taught. He spent all his life saying La ilaha illAllah La ilaha IL Allah you need to understand La

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ilaha IL Allah He leaves, they worship Him. They do exactly the opposite of what he spent all of his life teaching them not to do. And then your multi Yama he's asked

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and toppled Telenor Sita he Dooney Amir in a Haneen Endo. Nila, did you tell them that I spent all my life say telling them the opposite. So what was his answer?

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What was the word that he said? Oh, let's Subhanak it's not your it's not it's not your era. I don't blame I'm not gonna I'm not gonna allow myself to go to a place where I say no, no, you allowed this to happen. No, no, no. Subhanak Subhanak. Of course, it's not your of course. It's not you. Of course. You're not the flawed one. There was some other mistake. Maybe I didn't do it. Well, in control to FERPA alimta, maybe I said it and I forgotten, you know, if I said it or not into a stable home fan, no, maybe they made a mistake, then forgive them, but I'm not gonna blame you. I'm not gonna blame you. That's the whole Muslim lives their lives, and also doesn't look at the outcome

00:27:27--> 00:28:04

and say, Well, what, why didn't Why didn't Allah know? Yes, you know, subhanAllah No, ever, never, no matter what happens, I don't care what occurs in your life. This is the real test to test of life is when you're, you're going, we all get this, you're going to be tripped, you're gonna fall, you're gonna hit hard. It's gonna be something that you didn't prepare for, because you never did anything to cause it wasn't your fault. And the first urge you're never going to have is to turn to the sky and start cursing out and blaming. And that's when you pull out this tool. And you'll say, Subhan, Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah you prepare for it every day in Salah twice you prepare for

00:28:04--> 00:28:39

it Subhanallah Subhanallah to keep on saying it. Why? Because he doesn't need to be exalted. He is the Exalted One Subhanallah with that doesn't matter if you believe it or not, doesn't matter if I say it or not, he's not gonna get stronger if I say it or weaker if I don't Jalla Jalla Allah Who I am completely worthless. Were my words. I am saying Subhan Allah for me. I'm doing it for me so that when I fall, I say subhanallah I don't say something else. This is the first thing that comes out of my mouth because I'm prepared for it all my life. I've been telling myself look at the universe and let the HELOC officer Well, I know he's a support from the universe and they remind myself every day

00:28:39--> 00:28:40

how flawed I am so no

00:28:42--> 00:28:43

I know that I forget I made mistakes.

00:28:45--> 00:28:51

I know that the path that he put for me couldn't be easier couldn't be better couldn't be more suited for someone like me when we have silica to use

00:28:53--> 00:29:27

and then I work on my neffs this neffs that doesn't like to be held accountable right doesn't like to be held accountable. It doesn't like to be blamed for anything. We don't like to be blamed we look for someone else to we look for a hanger who can I blame? Who can I blame for this just find something to throw your mistake on and then their problem is not mine. But a flaw Harmon does occur with a colossal more of the puzzle. The end of the story says the problem really what the problem is, let me move you better to Thirunal higher to dunya The problem is you love this this world the life too much too much. Well, here are two hyaluron whatever cupboard the hereafter is way better it

00:29:27--> 00:29:35

lasts longer and it's even better it's better it lasts longer. I can understand why we wouldn't choose it it lasts longer and it's better so I will choose this

00:29:36--> 00:29:37


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in the end these teachings love your sorrowful all exist in the early scripture this concept of this via goes back as far as Islam goes back. So we Ibrahim our Musa, we know is in the Torah Do you have still have your Brahim? The answer is no we don't know them. That's because there he has been teaching the Subhana which Allah to his creation.

00:30:00--> 00:30:25

Since Ibrahim and before the same concept you need the sub S model because Allah and that's the tool you'll carry in your life to protect you from ever blaming God from ever allowing yourself to go through life without holding yourself accountable with ever under misunderstanding what's occurring around you. I'll end with Casablanca love your hunting Shinola Illa. Hill and just offer to bootleg also Allah Allah says Allah Mohammed in early or savage manga talking la Heelan Baraka low frequency harmonic rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

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