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January 26, 2019- Part 2


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The segment discusses the struggles of the brothers of Aveda, including their struggles with their families and actions as Muslims. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding mistakes and bribery, avoiding surprises, and being a good person. They also emphasize the importance of justice in Islam and the importance of living up to what one does. The speakers stress the importance of justice in one's life and emphasize the need for everyone to be deserving of civil rights.

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My name is Sage in his semi Zaidan. The city is a Jewish man. So he's not from he's not a Muslim at all. He's not from the same religion at all. But this is an important point. So this is a this is a distorted view of the four people we have in our story.

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So what happens?

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So but other than that is all people in Medina with whatever it was it was a season to prepare your wheat for Greg, in the next couple months, he would go and buy in bulk to buy wheat to buy all this other fruit and vegetables, and just whatever he's going to need for the next couple of months. Yes.

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So the no money the uncle just accepted Islam. So he bought all this stuff. And he put it in a in a shot and in a cabin or in a

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in a shack that was outside of his house. And he was locked and he put all the stuff that he just bought, it was very expensive back in the day for you to have a lot enough wheat to eat bread throughout the winter months, you were pretty well off. You were doing really well. There was no superstore at Walmart.

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So either you had enough wheat for the winter, or you just didn't eat bread.

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And as simple as that. And many people didn't make it through the winter, just eating beets, whatever they may not nothing that I think that was nourishing. And as people get hungry, we'll see people at the end of winter, you're much weaker, and have lost a lot of weeks to winter. And now come summer they go out they work and they can they can use the land and they can bring some vegetables, grow vegetables, eat and get better. So during the witches party have enough of what you need. So just preparing the Buddha for Mooney putting on his so he did get all that and close the door. And he goes to his

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two sons

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see him doing it

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break the lock, open the door.

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It feels

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to us as much as they can carry just carry as much weight as we possibly can anyone.

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Remember, he sparked the wheat bag had a hole in it. And there was a trail of wheat from the Academy to their hole.

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So But that morning, he finds that someone had broken into his truck.

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And he calls upon his nephew profile

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advice scary that his uncle because of this, what just happened? He's gonna lose his son.

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Because he didn't he's no Muslim. He's fearing that you know, why just be a Muslim. The first thing that happens to me is I know that all my money is what have you got Muslim, I don't want to be able to be more so than 35 scared of that reaction doesn't want that to happen. So he's talking about that, okay, and I'll go on down article report, I will take care of Israel figure this out for you just want you to relax, go pray, or go home or whatever. And at the masjid, let me take care of this for you. So that he looks at the law. And he sees the trail of wheat, he follows it. He sees where it's going. And he knows where it goes to the house of the sons of data. And you can hear them

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all gathered up, and you can smell red and you can smell food. Right so now he has

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how much evidence does he have against them?

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Yeah, you have lawyers here that were telling him that I probably wouldn't set up an order book but it

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probably wouldn't work. Easy to define. Is a Island or whatever. I don't know where that we came from. Do you see me? Are there fingerprints? Nope, there's nothing but I can eat my backyard and make bread. That's okay. But he has a high level of suspicion, probably them. So, I kinda sees all this.

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And he decides you have to go to the doctor. Now one of the sons of Aveda is sitting on the roof.

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For fun, I didn't see the CDs, looking seeing all that he sees a farmer working it out in his mind. Right? So he got scared like Okay, guys, I think I think we're caught. We need to we need to be ready to act, we can act proactively so we don't get in trouble. So what are we gonna do?

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So amongst the things that they had stolen, they had stolen wheat food, and they stole a shield.

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Now what was the most valuable thing amongst everything they still

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shield 100% A shield back then was worth a lot of money, because you took it with you and war was made out of steel to actually have something made out of steel back then was very difficult to come by. So battalion has an actual opposite. He was upset yesterday last week. But what really upset him is that he somewhat took his shields on his side. This was his biggest problem that I need that shield back.

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But it was the wheat that gave it away. So the sons of CFR making making out understand that you're figuring out what's happening. So they want to quickly fix this. So they gather their their family, they gather extended family members, and they tell them

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Okay, look, here's what happens what we did yesterday, we don't want to get in trouble. We need you all to go to the province. And I said, let me say that we were with you last night. And that someone, these people were making a report accusing us of stealing our liars that we were with you all of you.

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So now they got the, you know, the extended family involved. You got uncles and cousins. Now some of these uncles and cousins were like, I don't know if I knew that I'm not sure. But because family ties and that sometimes there was still a lot of a lot of reasons and sometimes a lot of

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corruption. They went with it. So if I lose in the province of Christendom,

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and he told me, I was like this would happen to my dad and my uncle, I am fearing that he loses his snap because of this. And he stole a shield of his that he inherited from his grandfather's and he and he's very upset. And I saw the wheat trail, but I don't think they did advice all the way through. So I don't know what else to do. So the problem is, I said, Give me some time to think on this. So the bra size mmm sends off our homies thinks about it. And it is thinking about skins and the potential value to come in. They see us that alone, we heard that someone came and accused us of feeling

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that this is shameful. We did not steal anything. We are known to be this and this and we've never touched anything. The person who stole it was his neighbor.

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And the accused ze to distribute.

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This man has no understanding what's happening at all. Yeah, he knows nothing about this. He's going on his date about

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going what is the normal and the accused him?

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Now you say well, how are they gonna accuse him? If there was no evidence? Oh, they thought one step forward. So the way that the two sons of a Wait, what did they do? They took the shield. And they went to say the simians house backyard, dug a hole, they put it in it, they covered it.

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And when they went to sell the products on Lulu, they're accusing us Shame, shame on them. We are Muslim families, we are good people. We are ethical people who would never do this. They are accusing us of Allah, we're Muslims. And the person who was stolen is a Jewish neighbor. And he and we started putting the you know, the shield in the ground, beautiful aspect. The products, I have them now that he's giving the story. He was like, Alright, so let's see, let's see if there. This is true. They go on, and they knock on Davis and his door

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and say this, I have no idea what's happening whatsoever. And he accused him of it. And he denies it. And they tell him well, you know, let us take a look at your backyard first. And see, like the first one because

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there's no mapping. So first of all, I take a look at my backyard and take a look at the backyard and you bring up David Sydney's face and your jaw drops.

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And now he looks

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he looks nice, doesn't look doesn't look good. It looks like a liar. And the popular opinion at that point becomes that Xavier stole it. And shame on the VA for accusing the sons of Aveda from doing this Shame on him. And this is what it is what the popular opinion was. And the problem can I send them

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that they did make a ruling? It was that it was by the time fall happened it was nighttime. So he said literally to sell tomorrow.

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But the problem is is no at that point was towards accusing Xavier of doing it because that's all the evidence that hasn't been Have you had no evidence to

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suspect this person's on the way up, most likely if they did it.

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And that's how things go. And my fire is feeling horrible because he's like I accuse people and now I look like a liar. And it's a mess to

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press the record.

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So here's the thing, the setup

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so the way it's closed is the wrong way. So the first time is on the left on the

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first night.

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And then this page after that is a continuation of it.

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Julian came to the province at a time he never came to him before you lose your deal is very respectful of his times. When it comes to the Prophet salallahu Salam it comes to him during the times when he's awake

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out there when he's sleeping the problem solution but very little sleep in his life. He wouldn't kill me. But tonight Gibreel is coming to wake up. Wake up Mohamed

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Salah wake up I need to talk to you. The proper time wakes up and you meet is there. Okay, memorize. And then I got in ecology tab I will call it a Kuma Baden Nursey, Biba, Allah, Allah, whatever the Quran will fall in enough acima was still feeling left in

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him and indeed, you understand that the book upon you with righteousness, so that you may judge amongst people with what you see with with it with the ability that you have. We can ask you to figure things out that you have no ability to figure out if you look at things with the best objectivity that you can possibly have. But do not stand by those orbits or traders. Those who have been trained by others, we should not be fighting with them. We should not be

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Part of what they do. And ask Allah for forgiveness stuff getting done.

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You being told to ask for forgiveness, why the prophets likes to do wrong, nothing really. But someone was going to be convicted of something they didn't do. Someone was going to be convicted of doing something that they didn't do right to say he did nothing at all you had no idea was happening was going to be convicted, most likely of doing something he did a crime he did not commit was stolen, did he let her in Allah data before Mahira what I do judge him and in the DNA of our home in Allah has implemented a whole world and as email and he also what I'm telling you now is Satan, I'm telling you no, do not ask me to forgive those who betrayed themselves and betrayed their

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communities. Because Allah says and does not like traitors and does not does not like those who sin. Because the wonderful parts of it was, I told the Prophets the surgical benefits, okay, I need some way of going by things. Whatever was anyone's makes a mistake. The problem is most of us forget this.

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Y'all don't forget, wherever they are, where they be, doesn't matter who they are. Almost ask them as much as you get them even though when everything when they came to him and they will lie to his face as he goes along. He couldn't go with you. Ever I know my legacy didn't break anything about cleansing Allah. May Allah

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He never He never. He never deprive people from from from asking for forgiveness. And here and he's told, don't don't argue for under

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don't say he's just the first time is the only time that Allah subhanaw taala has said something that's a prophet. He said that he thought he was going to argue to Allah subhanaw taala about the people who have looked at him

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in the hope of the job one could be the commanded reward has already come. Just don't do it.

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And the same thing we're doing right? The same you know, Alex, I was told to do the same thing for his own people. What's the verses of the movie?

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Well, maybe I don't even know

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what happens I'll leave it even Lavina Whelan in the room. Don't talk to me about those are Monday by doing so sometimes Allah subhanaw taala Prophet, don't argue on behalf of those who sin. When when you do that, when the sin is horrific. When the sin is a horrible when the sin is something that you should, in this just in the management of it is too vague. Somebody told me Ibrahim not to argue was the sin of the people of loot on Easter. And what they did when he told Noah not to argue it was 950 years ago and they still didn't listen. And then he's told he tells the problem. Somebody said I'm again here. What did he do?

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They tried to accuse someone of doing something they set someone up. The frames have

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made it seem as if you did something you didn't know do

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you start with the continuation of the verses? Yes, the food I mean a nurse what is the food I mean, Allah will give you baby tuna Mala Yamuna bowl, what kind of love he'll face behind from the eyes of people. You don't want people to know what they did, but they're not hiding on the eyes of a loss. I have no shame from the loss of God as the talk amongst each other and say things that he does not accept. What did they say? Well, not just the fact that they stole but then they gotta do badly they asked them to lie on their behalf and they said okay.

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He compliance now they they helped them out. He helped them out.

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Sometimes you don't do the mistake. And you think that the argument well, I didn't do it. Yeah, but you didn't say anything when it was done? I didn't do it.

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You saw someone steal from someone else in order to have

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if you were the one who was being stolen from Would you be okay with the person watching it and not saying anything? Would you be okay with it? No, you wouldn't. And you would think that was not proper?

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What kind of lovely May Allah Allah knows all that they're doing?

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Giada hieratic dunya see here people are defending them. They say not all forgive the girls will allow your own forgive them for making Jaggu Allah and from you with me. I ask you who will stand up for them on the Day of Judgment when Allah subhanaw taala punishes them for this no one

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is a threat to them for what they do.

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All right. So if you go on with the verses, the last one for the last one, but yesterday was complete.

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Oh, isn't he who sins for for performs? Who makes a mistake? does something wrong? Tell me my elder may be here, buddy. Then you go into an occluder somewhere else I'm doing it. Now. We've all died as kids with our brothers and sisters. If you're an older sibling, you've done it with your younger sibling 100% At least a few times. Right? And that's when you're good. It's understood. It's understood. I was a kid I used to play my brother's mind for everything. You did nothing risky. Well, he did nothing. I did it all. I was the problem. Because every time but when you're a kid doesn't matter when you're old.

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During when you're older, the only the only evidence that you are a good citizen who personally good Muslim, is the fact that you're honest is that you will live up to your mistake if you make a mistake on it, I made the mistake, I will take the consequences for it. No one likes taking the consequences of their mistakes, but only true Muslims are true and good people will and you will end then you will not learn from your mistakes and you will not grow and you will not become a better person you will not succeed in life. If you do not own up to your mistakes. While Allah Hagen is a very refreshing thing to do. If you didn't do the job, don't try and weasel your way out of it. Just

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stand there and say I messed up I was my fault. I accept the consequences if you lose your Xbox title hours or your to your full is taken away from you and you can't go here again. Well, they're accepted live with him because it was your fault to begin with. You need to own your own up to your mistakes. Important part of being alive is important part of being a good person.

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Lying is easy way out.

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Right? Lying to your parents and trying to find them is an easy way to just be brave, be courageous. Be righteous, be a good person. You say I made the mistake. Don't accuse someone else that may only be evil. Yeah, he who does that book done and what is mumble Mina is coming. He is committed to be the worst with the worst type of lying, and he has carried a horrible sin. someone accuses someone else of doing something that they didn't do be very scared to be very, very aware of that. If you made a mistake is there there's no meetings, it feels bad. But I ended up but no, this people respect you for it.

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People will respect you for it doesn't mean you're gonna get punished or get punished. But people respect you for it. At least he's honest. He's an honest person. But once you become a liar,

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how does anyone deal with? How do I know anyone who told me is true? How do they trust you ever again, you don't trust that's why the beginning of the first is talked about betrayal. This is betrayal. You're betraying others you're not you're lying. You betrayed his betrayal. Once someone betrays you, you've never trust them again.

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The very reason imagine this story, Mr. Bitten I again, this is again to prove the innocence of zeta destiny in a non Muslim person in a Muslim community. Are you saying with this idea, the Quran came who came down to the rock in the middle of the night you went to the bars, you can wake up and you don't get in the middle of the night woke him up to prove the innocence of a non Muslim man.

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And to make sure that the Muslim person who did this, who was accused of it and was convicted and was punished for it, even though to make this story even more complicated. The sons of Kobe, it occurred from Hezbollah battalions from two tribal fighting for the last 200 years. And make it even worse, yet the Quran did not hold back. Why? Because justice is justice. There is no way two ways of looking at it just because it must have just mean doesn't deserve justice. People who are not like you don't look like you are different from you different religion, different nationality, different background, they are deserving of every civil rights that you deserve every civil rights and why is

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important right now.

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A couple of months ago, we're going to be doing this probably more than that now.

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Maybe almost a year ago, I we talked I talked about issues within this community regarding the LGBTQ community, talking about those who have different ways of looking at a sexual orientation. And at school there's a lot of education regarding this and the world is moving in a certain direction regarding these issues.

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And during the whole by explain something I'm gonna reiterate it again today.

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We don't agree with them we do. We completely under no circumstances agree with this type of behavior period, it is haram. And there's no two ways of looking at this. However, we don't accept anyone be losing their civil rights regardless of what they do, regardless of who they are. If someone does something that is to you completely horrible, you do not accept this at all. This is a type of way of life that goes against every part of your existence. It goes against your ethics, your morals, your deen, do they deserve to have their civil rights or not? Of course, it doesn't matter what they were, who they are and how they behave, doesn't matter if you agree with them or

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not. You don't have to link them. Every human being living in a society is deserving of having equal civil rights to everyone else. And the Quran came middle of the night woke up the Prophet so I sent him to tell him that that Muslim person did it. And this Jewish version didn't. And you need to announce that now. We also Allah, so we got to move on to the licen directly for potential he called on the Muslims, they recited the verses

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and told them the sons are the way they did it.

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And that's the value of justice in Islam. Justice is higher than all that everything's nothing. Nothing is more important than justice. Why? I'll tell you, I'll tell you why. Because the value of righteousness righteousness and how is that you value is something that exists in your heart in mind. What is the manifestation of heart? What is what is the practice of health? What is it

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If I did this justice, how is about all his ability he doesn't really have. There's really nothing that you can pin up to in terms of a practice. This is how, how does an idea and it's a way of looking at things is knowing what is right and wrong. It's a feeling it's a thought, how does it manifest itself in the world, it dragged into manifestation of it is I did his justice, it is the immediate is the direct result of how it is I did this justice, and nothing is more important than helped in terms of values. And nothing is more important than justice in terms of practices. And a non Muslim person was inaugurated, or was proof innocent, in the middle of the night by the Quran,

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and the Muslim person was accused. And this caused problems with the most unpleasant but that's okay. You can say well, why why did you have to do this couldn't have been done secretely are quietly so that the problems can also arise didn't get bigger. So that the Sunday we waited for data when we started calling, oh, you're from this tribe, you've always been related, I've always been themes and no justice is worthy of an announcement. That's the value of it's meant to come in, in terms of in the form of thread that you and I received these verses, so you'll look it up. And every time we fight remembers at the city, a non Muslim person who never accepted Islam. It's not like

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they see the good, a nice ending to the story with me. And then they read these I said, Allah beautiful, and he said, he didn't, he didn't, it doesn't have to. And that was the point of these verses. You weren't trying to impress faith, these verses didn't come to try and impress him through the list of note that these verses came because these are our values. This is how we live just as above all, and everyone deserves just their civil rights and deserve to be treated equally, period.

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And no one is more valuable than anyone else.

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So these are the lessons that Allah subhanaw taala taught the Muslim community. Within the end of the end of the fifth year of the details of Allah audio symptoms. And the beginning of the six years, it was a very, very dynamic time. A lot of Quran was revealed to the high velocity time, but I was coming every day, with lessons addressing behaviors, telling the Sahaba you cannot like that you can't speak like that this is the story is what needed to happen. This is how you're supposed to think and addressing the big stuff, how it is assumptions and mockery inequality and racism and marriage and jellybeans in an issue the society and even matters inside the house inside your house,

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you're supposed to teach it gives a knock on the door certain times. And when they're older, you should knock on the door every time the closed door is a closed door you don't open it up knocking

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is just it's just a way of life as practices. And the question that we all have to answer is are you willing to take this on? Is this something you're going to be a part of? Are you going to practice this? Or is this just words on a piece of paper?

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We all claim to be loved and respected. It's beautiful. And you hold the Quran you tell people see we have the best book. We have the best book really? Prove it.

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Prove it. You're gonna read it. I understand whatever. Let me prove it. Let me see how that changes your society. Let me see if I can take the Quran you practice before right and then society is a loving societies respecting society, society that that puts value in justice and other people's well being let that be the effect of it that that is the direct effect of learning for unemployment. And the point is, it didn't just before it's fixed the sizes on the society and the provinces and the Muslims and it will fix our society again, if we just raise.

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Okay, I'll leave it at that until that's enough. I think

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we have another seven minutes so I'm gonna do it again.