Adnan Rajeh – Sira Halaqa #12

Adnan Rajeh
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Come on transmitting gossip. When someone's telling you a story about someone else, who's not there to defend themselves, when you're transmitting constantly, you shouldn't say is, it is not proper for me to speak of this, to listen to it or be a part of it. Subhanallah This is a horrible thing to do I but I want no part of it. This is how you're supposed to respond to gossip. This is the lesson.

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I've been teaching them I've been telling the story for for how long, right? So it's a page and a half before I'm dedicated for us to learn one lesson. The lesson is when people speak ill of others behind their back. Gossip in general, or when a specific, and it's and the gossip is about the integrity or the dignity or the chastity of a woman or the chastity of a man and there's speaking that he didn't have the color then you need, then you need to be very clear, and very decisive and how you can deal with it. I grew up for tape,

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I will not take part in this, I will not be a part of it. And I'm not gonna listen to it. And if you want to continue to talk about it, then I'm going to walk away. I'm not going to stay here and listen to you talk about these things. That's pretty important.

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Are you gonna find that hard to do in your life?

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Do you think it's gonna be hard? Yes, it's gonna be very hard. It's gonna be very difficult to do with it. But it is a crucial and essential part of being a good Muslim. understanding Islam If you respect him so Allah Adisa even this much knowing what he went through for a month as being spoken and no matter about his own wife on his own was enough leading up to the climax of the story with a foreigner I was revealed to tell us that you're not allowed to do this. And if you understand that you're not gonna do it anymore. And this is what basically this is how Allah subhanaw taala raised the Muslim community in society in Medina he taught them lessons through practical problems

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happening and then coming in intervening at a certain point and telling them you need to change you will everyone needs to change and they did and they did for a long time deal

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now we're at the same point we need to all make a decision

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will you continue to take part in issues like this early enough? Will you say no I'm not I will I won't be a part of the process. I will not spread gossip I won't listen to anyone entertain it I want you to sit there quietly as people who gossip about others I'm not going to be part of it either you'd be quiet or I leave

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and go problem with some of this call have someone bring them here to fix the problem and just right now you'll find people don't want that he will just enjoy the gossip we just want

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someone out there to get themselves splinters

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month I'm going to

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wait for the next

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level Expo

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I love it

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sure do I know how my job works

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some of the lessons that we talked about last time.

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And all I did was I just walked you through a couple of verses just as a as an example of something that was real right after the incident right after and then it came quite quickly in a row meaning after the after it shall be minus the verses came or were descending on the upon the Prophet. So I said I'm talking about the fact that she was innocent. And then teaching us the lesson that we're not supposed to godson, the rest of the sort of kind of came in a row. And the sooner we talked we saw last time what were the issues were talked about. It talked about the fact that you don't enter a house without permission. Because there's this closed door you don't walk in, you're not going to

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do it and wait, wait until somebody allows you to do it to go home. Right You don't invade people's privacy. You don't evade people people's privacy ever. It's not okay matter who they are. And even if you think it's the house in the middle and you don't invade people by privacy, the other lesson after that was lowering the gaze right read the higher quality meaning a home woman I'm sorry, we have to go through yoga. Everyone didn't like that. Everyone looked at me and we were wanting to move on. It is not fun, but that's a fun part of this. But yeah

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That's what it was with this woman as well. And we're not supposed to we're supposed to lower our gaze, we're supposed to maintain our chastity then if you got over the length of the same command to lower their gaze or to maintain their chastity and for them and an extra thing with the hijab part that we've mentioned before, she don't have to do but, but it's hard and women have to deal with that as part of their Deen. And it's difficult but to get more value for it, there's a part of a system is a part of understanding how society works that I after that talked about this alleged marriage when people come and grab those who are at the right age and allow them to get married,

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make it easy for them, even if they're poor he acquitted for karate hula hula hoop believe he was on Telegraph unwelded they are with their with their poor. And then he told them what he is talking about your stuff into the United economy, God had set up a company and those are for we're looking to get rid of they can't do it, then maybe he's chosen to maintain their chastity, maybe it may be patient and persevere to tell us or other grounds them. And ask them to build custom wells and they can do it. And so

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if you keep on going to something new,

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keep on going a bit

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you'll find an A and it's a one to 10 pages, you'll find the high end at the middle why the love and the need and why we will study it. Let's definitely find out who will only Emma's doesn't live in London and in Puglia him wearing mcphedran Allahu Vina who will lay the altar level, what are you gonna do?

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I'm gonna, there's a promise in the middle of the sutra that has no equivalent to the Orion, you will not find a suit that is even remotely close to this one. No matter how hard you work in the office. It is extremely unique as the middle of something during the middle of it just kind of amongst all these commands, that you shouldn't act like this and behave like this and the gossip is haram you have to lower your gaze and you know, marriage is an important part of life and it shouldn't be you know, properly taken care of in the middle of it. There's this promise where the idyllic is Allah subhanaw taala promises that the believers amongst you

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that he will grant them to stewardship of this earth layers to defend them. You will be granted true stewardship of this earth meaning you're going to be granted power.

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Can I still have a Latina coffee just like those before you the believer were prejudiced towards you just like don't automate just like telling me not to use it? Mm hmm. And just like goose egg, it's like well hang on so love it and you'll be branded through stewardship.

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When a Medina Ondina we will grant the strength to the deen that they have Islam will be strong on the earth. It will set a little no longer be a visiting DWT that is here with large numbers and a lot of support what a big deal no woman back at home the unknown you will no longer be scared and you won't be granted safety and security.

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Why there Why is what to do because this is how you may obtain it is to following these rulings is to adhering to these rules and you will obtain this

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promise that Allah subhanaw taala has offered it because what the eye actually explains is exactly whatever he was the loves his religion and loves the Muslim world would like to see it's exactly what you're hoping for exactly the in the eye. Actually words it perfectly.

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So I love it. The love of God knows what you want in China, you will get it. But he certainly did this.

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Right? Because there's a lot of rulings here that you need to follow. There's

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a lot of stuff that you have to be careful.

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You can't continue to gossip and speak ill of people,

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especially about the integrity you cannot support this. We have to support marriage we have to lower our gaze and you have to be we can't we can't expose people's but you can invade people's privacy you expose them and when you have the ability can do it. The if not we do need an oven. Yes, Google Nadine, Americans who were eligible, who would have income that are them about meal companies, financial engineering, we're here.

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We're here to embark

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on those who believe may you teach your children that they knock the door of their parents rooms at certain times?

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Before and during naptime. And after they shot three hours, these are three times that our parents you don't you teach your kid? Why would I do that? I knew that this was the point of his diabetes who didn't know he just talked about conquering the world Yaga you just promised us web better stewardship and strengthen security. And then you tell us yes, this is where it begins. It begins by teaching the kids by teaching your own success, it can lead you to have any business to have to know how to behave with one another.

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And yes, my son, at this time they do expose you not before you walk in, because kids don't think twice. They think it's fine. They've lived all their lives and their parents are gonna walk in when they were babies. They used to do it. But now you wake up the following code. But yesterday you can then enter in a new property and once they're older and once they've already reached puberty they shouldn't they should do is do that all the time. Because you knock on the door all the time, every single event not just those few times.

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It's very interesting. Why is it sort of talking about this stuff? Because I think it matters

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How to Deal with one another within a society. At the end this week in northern Indiana Avenue Billahi was the lead or that God will not allow anybody in Germany who had died yesterday more. Indeed, the true believers are the ones who are wealthier with the province of Allah is ylim. In large, this recruitment, it's a group meaning that they will not leave until they ask permission. And at the prophesizing permission allows them believe it if they don't,

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you're sitting in the classroom just walk up and want to stand up and walk out. I've seen it happen only here. Only in this country, have I seen this happen? I'm teaching a class and some kids stands up and walks out of the room.

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Hey, Michelle, what's going on? What do you use? It's just an open access. No, it's not. That's not all the things are. In groups, you always ask for permission, when you enter when you walk out, is if you have issues of matter is adequate to just having Adam, tell us how you behave, tell us how we're supposed to behave. We're supposed to show that level of respect to everyone around us. You understand the idea here. He's trying to teach us he's supposed to be respectful, respectful. When you enter a room, when you walk out, when you're in a group, when you're leaving a group, when you're walking down the street and someone's walking, you're lowering your gaze, it is respect. Be

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respectful to those around you be aware of them, be mindful of them, be respectful towards you know, speak about someone behind their back is not respectful. It's not nice to talk about you you're not there, I saw something that like we did something wrong. It's not respected. We talked about it, you're not there. Maybe I should wait for you there and ask them about it. Maybe bring it up. Because the respect to the nuages teaches us to be respectful. And then Mr. latura, he gives this amazing conference that we sometimes don't even pay attention to go back to the I don't know the numbers, I was hoping someone will be kidding. Well, I love it that

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it starts like that ALLAH SubhanA promises to believers amongst you.

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Okay, you can move you can move on to the year.

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Keep on going.

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So here are a bunch of stuff that were taught within the end of the fifth year, and throughout the beginning of the six years. So for around 12 months, end of the fifth year, beginning of this year, these are the issues that the Quran king of the Quran talks about all these issues, talked about the hardest thing to talk about gossip, about having bad assumptions, the

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attorney who can deal with me, no one in the Bible on me is

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right do not have bad assumptions on people. I see someone walking down the street at certain time at certain place in a certain in a certain way, about a subject comes to my mind. It's Saturday night, and it's Donald telling me he's walking, I have an idea. Write about it, it comes to my mind. But I'm not supposed to. As a good person, I'm not supposed to understand it, it's probably not given to me that probably not here is something bad. That's how it begins. All he will be concerned about assumption just about assumption. And usually you have it because you assume that if you were in his position, you'd be doing the same wrong thing. So don't do that. To somebody like yourself

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that have good assumptions of other people. Maybe ask them later, if you're worried, but don't have bad assumptions. They'll start accusing people internally.

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Oh, you don't know where I saw him? You know, I don't see. I saw him walking down the aisles every vendor present.

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When he used to say no, he offered me

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just some random.

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If I had seen a brother of mine with alcohol dripping from his beard, I would think oh, probably someone reported on him.

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I wouldn't on the assumption that they actually drag something around, you know, as opposed to it doesn't do you any good. Highlight assumptions. What good does it do you nothing, it does nothing good for you. It doesn't help anyone actually helps to shape one. That's all it does. And again, it fills your heart with bad ideas and bad feelings toward your brother, husband, brother. That's all of those are sister hiding bite assumptions doesn't help. But assumptions. It does not apply to a parent, just so this is clear. As a parent, I advise somebody to have a kid every moment of the day. Every time you see your kid news out about assumptions because you're a parent, you're here to

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raise, you're here to take care of them. That's your job. Your job is to invite assumptions all the time. So if your dad is accusing you of stuff, he's a good dad. Right? And you'll figure that out when you're in doubt himself. And if he is, oh, complain as much as you want to be or to him or to the world around you. You just have a good father and you're lucky to have a good father. You don't know what it's like to have a bad father, a father who's not around a father who does not care about you doesn't think much of you doesn't think you're worth anything and does not have any interest in you. You don't know what that does to you. I know I work in hospitals. I know where these people end

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up children who I've thought of them don't care about them don't end up in the places period. Children love others who care about them. They may have a hard time you may feel like he's always on my mind me taking my 40 but he loves you and He wants you to become a strong a strong individual in your life and good for him. I thought the same way my father didn't let me out of the house after modem until I was 17 years old. I didn't know what the world looked like after love him inside the house until 17 never allowed outside. If I was five minutes late after a moment that was the end of my life. I was gonna die that night. I would not live to see the morning.

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I didn't like it. Then I didn't like I didn't like it. And I need to do I say

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With full hearts with a heart full of love, thank you the bottom of my heart that he did that for me. Right and you will do he will to London. So don't know, Don't moan too much. I'm okay to come and vent to me. But don't go too much right? Especially young kids who care about you don't know more too much. That is sometimes what I'm talking about here are between others, between you and your friends between you and others who are appears to you don't have bad assumptions on them. It doesn't do any good. Have good assumptions. If you don't have a good expect something good from the pill doesn't make a difference. It shows purity in your own heart. It shows purity in your own

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heart. That's all it does. Having bad assumptions is the core is the little spark that begins the old shovel begins all evil starts with the people who have bad assumptions. Just don't do it. If someone says something that could be understood in a good way, in a bad way, what are you supposed to do, you always have a good way. Now understanding the Bible, don't waste your time. With Allah, you will waste so much effort, energy and time if you if you if you assume bad things from what people say.

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Don't do it. If there's two ways to understand what's then understand the good way and move on and move on. Don't have time to waste on what people said what people did.

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So assumptions brotherhood. These is a time when you never win win win. Customer Oh, by the way away from we're brothers, when we fight we have to someone has to come and fix it. We have to help one another. If I know two people were talking, we had to put in an effort to help them make up and restore their brotherhood once again.

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Equality, ending racism,

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explaining that we're all the same that in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. It doesn't matter where you come from, doesn't matter what how much money you have is matter where you were raised, or how you were raised or who you are, what your name is what it looked like, it doesn't matter. I was pumped, it is not interested in the package. The package is made of foil. Right? It's all it is just a soil package. Who cares? What color the soil packages, it's just it's just dirt stuck with all of us is what we that's all you made about the end? Wasn't it for me the earth, like six months later, there's nothing left down there. It's taken by the earth not to the Mother Earth again. We're all

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from the same earth. No points. All that was left is tough was all that's left. Are you someone who's pious? Are you someone who's good, pure, kind, good assumption that nothing else. Nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Learn that early on in life, or else life will teach you the hard way that we're only everyone learns it. Well, even those who continue to be racist, learn it. Learn it the hard way.

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Learn it now. Don't let don't let those who play on those. Play with your emotions.

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Based on family backgrounds, or financial backgrounds or whatever, don't don't let them do that. mockery. We're not supposed to mock one another also. Greg's gonna lie us come home. You told me

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Don't mock someone. He will send me marketing or there's the media better than them. If you're mocking somebody's better than you the eyes of Allah. Are you offended? Someone will miss out on those more than you. Now what's gonna happen? Now Allah subhanaw taala will probably punish you. Should I do it? You don't know who's better and who's not so don't mock people is don't do it. But I tend to use one second when I did that was Bob. Don't call people names don't get the nicknames you don't like this is what's gonna teach you is this respect, is respect. It's all about having good manners with others. Loyalty, talked about loyalty, talking about lowering the gaze. We talked about

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all these things together marriage, asking permission when you enter a room when you leave a group when you enter a house always Dad, I've seen it. Daniella. If people don't know how to kind of behave when they go visit others. They're not going to do an extended run for the door. No, you're not going to show you data right away of it. Give the give the person over the course of space, maybe a million are probably addressed to staff around the door not many times after that they're tending to open you leave. No bang on the door this woman opens. There's no other than that, right? This This applies teaching.

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Living with people of different religions we're talking about in a moment. I'm gonna give you a story today. And inheritance. Exactly. We're talking about inheritance. I want to be clear for all the brothers and sisters here. Prior to that I understood that we sat when he said you will seagulls Allah ovo that he will be back and even through a little thing that each of the male will inherit toward him as much as two females will inherit. Prior to that there were no rulings for inheritance and women inherited nothing they got they inherited nothing at all. They weren't even a part of the equation men just went and took the the good and the oldest took everything and give what he wanted

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to do his younger brothers. It was completely lose full of oppression. People fought worst arguments of inheritance problems prior to these high priority these if it's hard to say this, but I'll say it women weren't inherited as you would inherit things. So the brother would inherit a bunch of stuff and sisters, you would inherit them

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extremely, extremely demeaning and degrading to women. That I asked him and said that not everyone will inherit a certain amount, or I get they're given this amount from their parents when they die from their spouses or from their children. Possibly

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and Arabs didn't like it decided to like it. They didn't like it. Until this day they don't like it. I come from a rural part of the world until this day people trying to play around play around in churches and a brother would go to assist so yeah you don't need the money. Let me have your part of the Americans that she's still trying to say no so she offers it to him. And he denies or God given right to inherited from our parents. We still 14 years later we're still doing very very careful. Especially brothers be very careful how you treat your sisters later on in

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the week and the disabled. When I'm talking about the weekend the disabled go disorder myself when we start talking about possible those who have no one to care for them.

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Those illegal stuff are either we are returning when we say on their last Wi Fi. That's what I do with Edina.

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You guys alarm on Yahoo. I know God Allah on iPhones before Tiger was those who have no ability to fight for themselves. You don't have a voice the week to disable they need people to stand by them. That Allah subhanaw taala granted forgiveness and it's your job to stand by them go to school with this, it's filled with these verses. These are the lessons that they were taught. It's important because we're at that point dozen lessons today in this society, where you have to start taking out these rulings that is looking at these ethics and morals and start making decisions am I going to be adhere to this? I'm going to behave like this. Am I interested in knowing exactly what Allah

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subhanaw taala wants me to do and how he wants me to do it. And I'm going to stick to it or not? Because that's how societies change. And that's how generations make a difference in the world by holding on to a couple of values that the people before them didn't hold on to very well. We want to want to tell you a story today.

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Stolen shield, the story the story.

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Yes, go back.

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So there's a couple of players in this story that you need to know because I'm gonna tell the story and you guys know who these people are. So we have for sale there's gonna be talking about justice and civil rights. The story this the purpose of it, it happened over the same period just after it has a proven provable innocence I had came that this story happened to me almost immediately. So this story, we have a couple of players. So first of all, you have the sons of Aveda.

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Now beta

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was a man who had three sons, all three sons who were just just were just rotting sons. They weren't good people. They were they these are guys who were doing drugs. These are guys who were were not working, who didn't really learn anything, we just kind of went around causing harm. And if they were known in the in the medina not to be good people, and they still wouldn't, because a lot of homes, there's tons of awareness and they didn't know what to do. There was no way they lived at the time. Another person is called the Five is a

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must have this.

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We don't know I don't know anyone but just know that his three sons were very good people. And then put that off and say four or five and say this man was older was to transmit to me and he's been Muslim for a while now for a number of years. So he's very close to the rock or something like that. And he was also a very new practicing Muslim. And he was giving Dawa for the last year now to his uncle. His uncle is the third guy but I'm looking into her life. Now for Canada. I just accepted Islam new.

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Right, he just accepted the standard.

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You're saying well, we're everyone in Medina must know that. As I told you many times before, not everyone in Medina was Muslim. In Medina, you had the Muslims and without the pain, you had the majority of the Arabs who still lived there, you had the yahood and you had the Mossad. And there was there were five different groups of people living in Medina. Not everyone was a Muslim, but the number of hours on goal was not a Muslim, he acceptably just began to listen and if I was so happy that Uncle Miguel was he's teaching me about Islam.

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But that is neighbor is a man by

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