Daood Butt – Friday Night Quran Halaqah – August 7, 2020

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to Islam, including the benefits of working with water and river resources, the desire for wealth and children to bring closer to Allah, and the importance of praying for good deeds. They also touch on the potential loss of privacy and the potential for anyone to be caught, as well as the upcoming book of Deeds and its potential impact on people's lives. The speakers end with a call to action and a call for the audience to help with upcoming events.
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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu alayhi wa sallam who Allah and V Hill carry him. And he offered a solid to attempt to clean up the shortness of the way acidity Emily Washington Dr. Samuel de Santi of Coco Lee, my brothers and my sisters said Mr alikum, warahmatu Allahi wa barakato cattle.

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So I don't think the brother outside the window behind me knows that we're live streaming

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and that he's in the background. And unless you've had a way to add, you know, allow this to be an interesting session, all together in sha Allah. Today we're going to be continuing with Sula, calf, and we will be doing verses number 45 until the end of verse number 49 of the sutra inshallah

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we'll begin Of course by reciting the ayat that we're going to be covering and then move on to the next verses. Ruby Negi Mina Shea banyuwangi M. This means you're watching on YouTube watching him, what do you

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think to mirror

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effects are being

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done upon being in tune will refer us back

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politics do

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one by one is enough to do

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need to hire you.

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So, in these two at verse number 45, and 46, Allah Subhana, WA tada highlights, you know, some important lessons for us and he begins with this parable of the worldly life, right, the parable of the worldly life.

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And Allah Subhana Allah says, what would it be?

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So this statement included, let him write hit them, you know, if we translate it literally, this is what tends to happen where people make this mistake where they understand it to mean hit, or beat or, you know, be physically violent, but in fact, that's an Arab way of saying, you know,

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give them an example. Right? Well did it let them mess in it? Give them an example placed before them an example, right? Or a parable as we see here? So he says and mentioned Mohammed, right to the people. All right, so Allah Subhana Allah is telling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to mention to the people, methanol hieratic dunya right mentioned to them the parable of this worldly life, how this life will be right how this worldly life actually is, how it will eventually cease and come to an end, right where this life will cease will come to an actual end it will not continue on forever and ever. And it will definitely come to an end come in ends and no gumina semer

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influxdata babina Battle of Allah Subhana Allah says that this life is like water,

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which we send down from the sky, and the vegetation of the earth mingles with it right. So the water is sent down from the sky, and it is absorbed by whatever Allah subhana wa adad has growing on earth and you know, it absorbs it eats it, it drinks it consumes it to benefits from it. And from that produces beautiful bright fresh flowers, fruit, vegetables, plants, trees, you know, lots of different kinds of vegetation. Then after that, for us hashima after that, it becomes dry and broken pieces, right. So it becomes very dry and broken. So basically it dries out and dwindles away

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to through Korea, which the winds scatter. So the way this life is, is that we are placed here on Earth, and we benefit from what a loss of head with Allah has placed for us just like the water is sent down as something that benefits that which grows on this earth. So we are here on earth and we benefit from what Allah Subhana Allah has given to us. And then after some time as we've grown, and we've benefited and we've enjoyed ourselves and we spent our time here, we then grow out of it right we start to dry up and you know, doing the other

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And Allah subhana wa tada says to Zoo hungria writes, we are scattered, like the winds, like we're just we're gone. We're nothing, we're insignificant, right? What kind of long I know cliche in macdaddy law, and the law is able to do anything, the power and might of Allah Subhana Allah is so great that he's able to do whatever he wants, how he wants, as he wants, when he wants, where he wants, and so on and so forth. And so the example that I had with that is giving to us is that we are here for some time, and eventually we're gone. Right in this world will eventually end as well. everything that belongs on this earth, everything that is here will eventually come to an end.

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Well, Kevin, along adequately Shane McDaniel and Allah Subhana, WA, tada is able to do anything. And I was talking about this earlier today in my clips, but you know, when we see things happening around the world, and I know those of you who are on Facebook and YouTube, you see the brother in the background, the mustard is closed in between the prayers, right, and this brother was not here for us. So he usually is here for us. And when he's not able to make it on time, and when he comes late, you know, he prayed, he comes in, he puts down his agenda outside the window, as you see behind me. And he prays there. And that's, you know, one thing that that spreader does, which is

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actually very admirable in all the months that the mustard was was closed for prayer, this brother was outside and almost every single day, every time I came by, he was there in the afternoon, you know, and he was getting ready for salah and he would sit down and recite Quran and so on. So I know some of you are messaging me saying can you ask the brother to, you know, move on, go ahead. No, there's no need to you know, this brother is worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala wherever. And of course we know that he's there in the background and it's a good time for us to make dua for him. This brother is dedicated to the mustard hound a lot and we ask Allah subhana wa COVID to make all

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of us extremely extremely, you know, dedicated to Allah Subhana with added that the mustard itself becomes a part of our life that we're constantly here in the mustard, right?

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Oh, carry on. Then Alyssa pedowitz Addison.

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Well, Ben Muna, Xena,

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Nia, wealth and children are the Atonement of the life of this world. So wealth and children are like the thing that beautifies this world, a man with Xena to hire to dunya it's like the adornment like you walk into a house and you see this beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling. And you're like, oh, wow, look at that. Like this is the beauty of the house. This is like the gem. This is the the part of the house that everyone admires. And then at night when the lights are switched on, whoa, it glitters and it glistens, and it glows and it's beautiful, and it's shiny, and it's nice. You know, Allah Subhana, Allah says, a man one bedroom wealth and children are the things that

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make this world glow. It's beautiful. It's amazing. We love it, we cherish it, right? Especially when we have wealth in our pockets. Alhamdulillah we're really good, we feel comfortable financially. When we have children, we feel happy, right? We feel like you know, our, our,

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our own selves, right, our progeny will continue that we will be able to, you know, continue to bank rewards after we've left this world if our children are pious and righteous and they make dua to Allah subhana wa tada for us. Right and those children we see them grow and everything we teach them everything they grow to do that is good and beneficial. We will get the rewards of that in sha Allah to Allah right so long as our intentions are pure, and doing it for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and raising them in the right ways and correct manner and so on and so forth. And so we'll also kind of Montana reminds us that wealth and children are from the things that he made as a

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beautification for us on Earth.

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Now remember Allah subhana wa tada also mentioned elsewhere in the Quran and sort of on verse number 14, Ulises Zuni, adding nursing Pusha T meaning,

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you will benina when upon

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parity meaning, you will feel

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it when you are

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then he can

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also can with Alice's z and any ness that he has beautified for men

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beautified for men is the love of things they call it her Boucher, what are the things that we desire? Mina Nisa so the things that men desire women things that women desire men, right from amongst the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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would have been and children right we all desire we desire to be with someone we desire to have that partner that spouse in life, we desire to then have children right?

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When Benny welcome Ltd Macondo we also desire to have wealth you know that have you one silver so gold and silver and things of this world that have value we cherish it. We want it we need it we we admire it, right? And we see like, Oh Wow, that's amazing. Like I see a car in the distance out there. I was the new Hyundai right, the new lights, the new license plate and everything. Beautiful black tinted windows. handleless. Nice, right? Not a fan of Hyundai but still right, it looks good. It's something of this dunya something of wealth, something that we cherish. And so Allah Subhana Allah says that he beautified this world with things that we admire, our our desires, we desire

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certain things. He also then says Allah subhana wa tada also says elsewhere in the Quran in

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como la do can fit into a muscle can with Allah reminds us that our wealth and our children are a trial for us. So they should not be things that take us away from the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala they should bring us closer to Allah and further away from Allah as diligent. And I'm hoping that the internet on Instagram here on this screen is working really good in sha Allah. And I'm hoping that the picture is nice as well, because this is a brand new phone and hamdulillah Masha Allah, lots of articles, I hope you all say, Michelle, let's have our cola. You know, I've been in need of a new phone for a long, long time. And finally, hamdullah got my hands on a new one. And the

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picture looks good. So I'm hoping that it is working well on your end as well in sha Allah.

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And that is from the things of this world that we desire, right things of this world that we cherish, we want things we want amazing things, we want new things, we love gadgets, we love, you know, technology, we love the advancement of things in the world hamdulillah. You know, it's something that we cherish. And there's nothing wrong with that, as long as it doesn't take us away from a loss of data. If things take us away from a lot. If you get something nice and new, and it keeps you awake all night that you miss all that and fudger

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maybe it wasn't meant for you maybe it wasn't the greatest thing for us, right. But if we get something nice, and we admire it, we cherish it. And we use it to wake us up for a budget and we use it to live stream and we use it to answer people's questions. We use it to make good phone calls, and we use it to go to good places and we use it to you know, get closer to a lesson plan with Allah in reciting Quran and memorizing and you know, and recording and so on and so forth, then it can be a tool that takes us closer to a loss of habitat. And that's the whole purpose of these is that we're reading without the too slowly had to say you don't end up because I love and we're here in

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America, unless a pen with a hand and then says but the good righteous deeds that last are better with your Lord for reward and better for hope. What about the two sided hat? What is about the two sided hat? What does that mean? What are these things that are bad yet saw the hat, right? Good righteous deeds that will stay long term.

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And so many of the scholars many of the people of the past have mentioned certain things, for example, the US, Saudi Arabia and others have mentioned the good righteous deeds that last are the five daily prayers. Okay, so one of the interpretations of this is Allah that we pray Our prayers, and that were punctual with our prayers. Right. And so from the things that are about the Ethel slowly hat, things that are good and righteous that will last long term, right long term good deeds that we can do. For example, as we said, even our best little The longer I know that said is the five daily prayers, also.

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And I'll just go through some of them without mentioning names of people because it'll take too long.

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It's been mentioned saying things like Subhana Allah doing have come by saying some habla or saying Alhamdulillah or saying let you know in the law, or Allahu Akbar? These are the things that are considered about the Swanee hat, right? Or even a son questioned, which are the good righteous deeds that will last and he replied, he was questioned and he replied, they are either in law in a in the law. So Pamela Al hamdu, lillah Allahu Akbar, and learn how La La quwata illa Billah hilarya, nauseam. These are from the things that are good and righteous deeds that will last long term that will benefit us in the hereafter. Right now, when we say some kind of law doesn't really benefit us,

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right. It's not like I'm seeing an immediate benefit to me saying some kind of law. Right. I'm not seeing an immediate benefit. It's not something immediately happening. Of course there are right we can't say that there aren't there are a must have had we've had is blessed us with so many things, right? There are lots of things that we are benefiting from, but it's not like something immediately happens. We're like, Oh, it's because I said somehow the law that this is happening to me, right? But the long term benefits are so great with a loss of kind of attachment.

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That, you know, the scholars mentioned these are the things so saying some kind of love handler la, la la, la la, la la la la de lousy.

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We'll move on we'll take the next three verses in sha Allah because I know it's almost time for selected marketed and they're gonna want me to open the door. But there are some people that are supposed to be designated open the door hopefully they're watching and come quickly to open the door for those who are waiting to come in for slots and most of it verse number 4748 49, Allah Subhana Allah says one young woman was singing in Winona jiba now what are all the baddies that hashtag? phenom Nova Do you mean

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we're gonna be killed loco dg tuna Canna solo Kona?

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is Aaron Dunn and then Nadia Anna Anna

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Marie de

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moogerah me and Hamish feeding me.

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de handle kita Bina you

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learn the Mussolini

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want to be your turn even

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when you need

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the most wants to pedal with ADD analysis and these three is in sha Allah and we'll get through them

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in a couple of minutes and shut a lot

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of muscle can with Allah tells us that you will cause the mountains to vanish and they will be leveled flat right the mountains will vanish and they will be leveled and the earth will be left as a smooth plane. Right the earth will be left as a smooth plane, whatever the baddies are, Allah Subhana Allah says and you will see the earth leveled right, it will be like flat.

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And that is an indication that for those who are scared and fearful and want to run and hide from Allah subhanho wa Taala that there will be nowhere to hide. There'll be nowhere to go. There's no hiding from a loss of kindness, on the day of judgment, call us in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala time to be questioned. So there will be no features that anyone could recognize of this earth. There will be nothing and no one that would be left behind right all will be destroyed and then resurrected. And all peak creatures will be visible to Allah subhanho wa Taala and not one of them will be hidden from Allah as

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well hi Shabnam phenom Nova Do you mean ahead. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and we shall gather them right will be resurrected will come together again. And we will gather Allah subhana wa tada will have us gathered so that we will not leave one of them behind a loss of can with anuses we will have them gathered so that we will not leave one of them behind. They will all come together. Right? Well earlier more on Oh Be careful sloughs Allah subhana wa tada says,

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and they will be set before your Lord standing. And we will be in rows in rows. Like we're standing in stuff, like we say so sufu for confetti notice we at issoufou female tennis sada right.

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So, straightening the rows in the prayer before the saga, we encourage each other to do that. Remember, on the day of judgment, we will all be standing

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in rows before I must have had a

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look by the G to Muna cameras on upon.

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Now, indeed, you have come to us as we created you the first time that we come to a muscle panel with Anna, just as He created us with nothing bear before Allah as diligent. And this is to show those who refused to admit or accept that the day of judgment will happen to prove to them that this is the truth. And they are they're now standing before a less dependable attack. That is that random.

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they are new. But you thought that we had appointed no meeting for you before us. Those who thought that they would not stand before our last panel.

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It's Adam. Ben, here it is

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the day of judgment standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala. When we ask about to protect every single one of us, and then Allah Subhana, Allah says, What will we eat?

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And the book will be produced, which book, not the Quran, not the Injeel, not the Torah. Right? Not the Zaboo. But the book that will be produced is the book of Deadwood, and the book of Mohammed and the Book of Abraham and the book of Israel. And we're talking about the people as in our book of deeds in the book of Fatima in the book of admission, the book of Khadija and the book of Sophia, right in the book of millennium, the book of all the people who lived on earth, right, April and May and, and Valentina and Christopher and Michael and, and Scott and Joseph and all these people who lives on Earth, every single one of us, our book of deeds will be produced and brought forth right,

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what will the

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god mean ever shaping me?

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See, and you will see the criminals as in those who disobeyed the law, those who disbelieved, remember what calls the people who disbelieved criminals, right? Because according to a law, the worst of crimes is the crime of disbelief. Right? It's even worse than it worse than any kind of, of crime out there, right, according to a law according to a loss of handle which ahead for us on Earth. Right, as human beings, we might consider other crimes, you know, as being major crimes, but according to a law, a person who disbelieves is a major major crime.

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And so he says, fatale moochie mean, and you will see the criminals fearful of that which is there in as in what is within their book of deeds. Don't be scared to know to find out what is hidden, what is concealed, what is written, what was what will be revealed, of what is within their book of deeds, why apollonia away in Atlanta, and they will say, Oh, woe to us No, no, no, don't make this happen. Right. It's basically an expression of regret No, we wasted our lives No, don't make this happen. Right. They will not be happy to open their book of deeds Madea kita be

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evil slowly

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kebele Ratan

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swaha. Allah Subhana. Allah says, what sort of book is this, that leaves neither a small thing, nor a large thing, but has recorded it in numbers every single thing has been recorded in those books and the people will be wondering and questioning what kind of book is this, that everything is written in it the biggest written the smallest written everything is written inside of this book, what kind of book is this? It has nothing left out of it every sin every good deed, minor, major, every action every statement every you know, aspect of a person's life is recorded within that book. Well, gentlemen, I mean,

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we all and they will find all that they did, how the present within the book, it will be there, written, concealed preserved.

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We ask Allah subhana wa tada to help us all what you need.

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And your Lord treats no one with injustice. None of us will be treated within justice. ask Allah subhana wa tada to save us and protect us all. To grant us mercy and forgiveness, to open his doors of mercy and shower them down upon us. This is the last few minutes of a Friday and lots of handling data except from every single one of us. Does not from the local haven. We're about a level fee come and look forward to seeing you on Sunday for essential fifth in sha Allah said Where are they from? What I've heard a lot you're about a counter or something Allahu wa salam o about a Karen energy and I'm gonna do it here so I can either send him or send him or her

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