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Oh all metal

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shadow Uh

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shadowing them we'll have

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murder resin

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shadow one more hands

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Hi yah la sala

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ya know solar

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hey y'all

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how y'all felt?

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more on

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Hamdu lillahi from Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Hina Madhu who want to stay in who want to study he wants to steal futile who want to steal steal

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when I will be learning in short all young fusina Women say the atma Lena yeah de la who fella more De La La MaMa Yobe lil voluntad de de la Humala yum Murshida ye shadow Allah, Allah in the law hula hula Shetty kala Isla Hanwha hidden hidden sama the lineata he saw herberton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who

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ye shadow Ananda Jana where are we mana Mohammed Madonna Abdullah he was soo well Sophie you home in Hawaii Habib Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ijeoma in wa

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Jalla Jalla Allahu Tenzin

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yes Aluna can Anil fall Polylang follow Allah he will rasool Allah how ously who the Tibet Unicom were ugly Allah, how Allah Sula who inkan to meaning

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as the barbarians attacks resume again, after the short ceasefire that we we experienced over the last week.

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I think we're being put to the test here. When it comes to longevity, something I talked about over the over the last number of weeks. In order for advocacy to have any value to it, it has to be something that is being prepared for the long haul. It's the long term advocacy and work that actually brings brings fruition. And the fact that we're going back again, after 15,000 people were killed to the same format of random bombing of civilian populated areas. I think Allah subhanaw taala is yet again putting us to the test of whether we actually understood and learned the lesson that we should have learned from years before this ever occurred. Because the cycle has been quite

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simple or has been quite predictable for us. We take interest in things during the acute phase

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and maybe a week or two tops after the acute phase, and then everything plateaus back to the baseline that it was at before, the baseline doesn't get any better. It's not higher in any form, it goes exactly to the way it was before. Sometimes I argue it goes even lower some in certain situations.

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And I think the fact that we're going back again, meaning it's not, it's not being put to sleep, it's not being put to bed, they haven't found a way to stop the desk tool.

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I think he's just reminding us that this issue is not an issue, in my opinion, and goes beyond for the spleen at this point. It goes, it goes beyond the the Holy Land, and it goes beyond the US. And it goes beyond Mussi level. So it goes beyond all of it. And it goes beyond the Palestinian people too. Because if you if you notice, it's not just the Palestinian people who are actually protesting all across the globe, there's not enough people if the population of Palestinian people is not enough for all of these numbers to actually produce themselves all across the globe on a weekly basis, the will of a people. This is a will of a nation that is being ignored, that is being

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neglected, that is being told to the face of those who have the belief that you don't matter. And what you have to say about this doesn't matter, either. You're just background noise that we will continue to set aside because you actually have nothing else you can offer, because you don't have the proper roads, and channels of advocacy that are required to make the change that is going to be needed. Which is why I think this is very important for us to take time and contemplate and reflect upon what exactly is it that's going to change for us as a community, I can't control how the Muslim ummah functions on a larger scale. Neither can you, we don't have the ability to do that we can't

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dictate how leaders in the Muslim world are going to respond to certain things, we don't have the ability to dictate how scholars are going to talk about stuff, or how business owners are going to, we don't have the ability to do that. But when we do have the ability to change is how our conduct is going to be over the next year or two or three or 10 or 15, to the day that we meet Allah subhanaw taala and how our communities are going to function. I am a firm believer in the fact that if you can't clean up your backyard, then please, please spirit, the rest of us all of your theories of how to fix the world, please, to spare us what you have to say about how the world is going to be

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fixed. Because if you can't clean up your own backyard, if you can't take care of things locally for yourself, if you don't have your house in order, then please just don't do it. Look, come and tell me how the world is going to be fixed through the amazing theories that you have in your brain. If you cannot implement them locally, yourself, it makes no sense. It really doesn't. Like I don't understand the logic behind it. I tried to Allah He I tried to you're ordered Islamically to always try to understand where people are coming from when they're talking about things. So you can build the bridges, I fail to understand how people who are failing locally on a very small scale, on an on

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a puny scale.

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Puny scale, 136 35,000 Muslims, and a city that is not that big to begin with. We fail locally yet, we want to talk about how the change needs to happen on an international scale. We want to go and tell people how to run their countries or run their communities and change world policy. And I don't believe that's appropriate. You can disagree with me, I have no problem with that. But I don't think that's correct. And I think that the you're given, you're given a chance to prove the

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utility of your thoughts and your practices and your ideas within your local context. If you can't get your ideas to work in a local context, that means they probably aren't going to be extrapolated on an international context to work. If the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the Sahaba with him failed, failed to build a community that had the proper structure to it, that no one would have accepted Islam.

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If they failed, if they couldn't run their own society appropriately. If the Medina was not a good example, there would have been no Islam. The reason Islam spread is because he was able to use straw to Islam in a small area to prove that his thoughts that his ideology that what he brought to the world, his message worked, you could you could implement it and would work. And you could have a heterogeneous, genius society that had people from all over and you can still have them live together. People would have rights, there would be peace, there would be clarity, there'd be ethics, there'll be morals, there would be leadership, there will be purposefulness, you're able to solve

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problems, defend yourself. Hold on to your moral compass. He was able to prove that a lot of some people came to Medina, they wanted to see they wanted to see what was happening. Because it was it sounded so bizarre. It sounded so weird to them. They had not witnessed anything like that before. The only system that they had seen was the tribal system, the tribal system, you had the shareholder dealer, you had the eldest of the tribe, and everyone who lived in the area was from the tribe related to this person, and this person was the undisputed leader, whatever he said to right or wrong, for better or for worse was going to be the case and everyone had to listen

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If that did not work, and it never will, by the way, that doesn't that doesn't work. The problem is thought to some brought forward a very different model. He brought it forward idea of a different financial model.

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He brought forward a different political model, a different social model, a different spiritual interpersonal model. And it worked. They came in, they saw, and saw a few people, a small number of people able to defend themselves. They had the commitment and the clarity. They had the love and the closeness. They were able to live in each other's homes, even though they were not from the same background, they weren't family. But something else brought them together, they were able to put their wealth, they were able to put their wealth, even when they needed it for the, for the purpose or for the benefit of the group. That is something that people didn't think was possible, because

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human greed and human selfishness is too powerful. It's a these are powerful, powerful driving motives. They're extremely, extremely powerful. human greed yatish, human greed and human need. These these diseases of the hearts are what kind of manifests in the way we see the world function today. But to actually find a society where these are being put to sleep, or being put aside and a certain degree of selflessness, of love, of dedication,

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of a full of philanthropy, actually occurring within a society of sacrifice is something that people would come to Medina just to a witness that didn't necessarily come to accept the stand they want to see.

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Is it true? Is it true that

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is it true that the Qura she is live living in the in the house of the hustlers you show me I want to see, show it to me I want to see it, I don't believe it's impossible, but I want to see it. So they would come in, they would watch. Alright,

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that's really weird. It took them time to understand the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was able to prove that he had a system that worked, his backyard was clean. His house was in order. And because it was an order, all it took was a few people to spread this Deen within 30 years to all the continents of the old world, and to overcome all of the great empires that surrounded them. At the time, it was ludicrous to even talk about it. To even talk about it was insane. Que Sera, what are you talking about Cy Kisara, or Hakuna was Kisara. The prophet is I'm gonna use this term, but the day will come where you will have the treasures of kids that are in front of you. And people would

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laugh. They would live under their breath because it's impossible. What are you talking about us being able to own that, but he knew how to use salatu salam how the hierarchy worked. He knew how the system was built. You started with yourself, you started locally, and then you made your way up. Anything is possible if you do that,

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without us why the story of how Islam actually spread is still something that the world does not fully comprehend, is not understandable. If you put if you looked at the map of the world, and you put a time lapse, where every second was 100 years, and you started 6000 years ago, you will see the slow movement of different dynasties kind of taking over stuff. The way Islam worked was like a splash.

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It's like a splash. You're just everything was in one then there's a spot in Medina because the timeline is 100 years because the time lapses 100 years it goes from a spot to a splash and all three continents like an explosion. Why? Because he made sure his house was an order Willa hate this is not the hope I was going to give today. This is not what I was standing up here to talk about I recited Switzerland fight at the beginning, I had something else to tell you. But let's make this clear at the beginning before I go into this new series. If we don't have our house in order, then we should not be preaching to others what they need to change. If we cannot work together on a small

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scale, and get things functional for our youth, for for

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our elderly, for converts for people who are struggling with mental health or financial health, or social health, or for people who are immigrants just coming in or for whatever disadvantaged groups we have within our community if we can't take care of them. If we can't figure out a way to make sure that our Muslim or Muslim youth are Muslim population is being nurtured and educated and mentored and taught and taken care of that I failed to see how we are truly committed to this cause I don't believe you're I don't believe the person is honest. When they say no, I am I stand for Edelstein. You do. Show me what you're doing locally. Nothing. I don't want to say it's

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nothing well.

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It doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way.

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Because the question becomes oh, what you have is so beautiful. Yes, we have the Quran is beautiful. It is yeah. We have close to Mohammed Salah Muhammad, is he? He's amazing. He's amazing. You've never heard of anyone like him. Really? Yes. What he taught was just mind blowing.

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to the US. Yeah. Why is it working for you?

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Why isn't it working for you? Why are you bringing it for it to work for me? If it doesn't work for you? Show me if it's not beautiful, show me how it works for you. Show me your community. Show me your society. Show me your you show me, show me evidence that this is so beautiful, and so perfect, and so complete.

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If it is, Mariette, may there be evidence of it? May there be evidence of it. Or it's just talk, anyone can claim something is amazing.

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Now you're here, which means you still believe it is there are a lot of people who aren't here who don't anymore. They've lost that connection. They don't feel that anymore. Unfortunately, they don't feel that that book and the one who, who conveyed it to us out of here salatu salam and is actually of that degree of perfection and beauty. profoundness and depth. Don't please don't come you come here because you still do. But I'm telling you, if that book, and those teachings cannot help you get your own house in order

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and are going to work locally, then I don't believe we're going to see any change for another couple of 100 years.

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besides Allah subhanaw taala told him Fenn now Muhammad Ali him out of being in a Senate and yet he's gonna go get lost for 40 years. But he told me initially,

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he told them initially, enter, know he'd have intolerable difficulty, like Go Go take your Lord and go fix the problem will come later.

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Okay, there's a mentality problem here, you seem to have misunderstood this whole story go get lost for 40 years, 40 years, the new generation comes, we'll see maybe the next generation has a little bit more mojo to them. Maybe they have a better comprehension of it, which is exactly what happened, which is exactly what happened. And for us,

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I don't think that's the case, I really don't, I believe that we have the capability. We don't need 40 years, we don't need next generation, with the people who are here right now. It's just an issue of a decision. It's a decision, it's a conscious choice that needs to be made. I am telling you this because I've seen it happen a lot. And it happens all the time. You have to make a conscious decision in your heart, in your mind of what your life is going to be about. When you pass away, we will all die one day, 100 years from now, no one in this room, we'll still be on the correct side of the Earth, we'll all be on the other side of it.

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Our lives will end eventually, it's not that far down. If you think about it. It's not that far away. What was your life about?

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The end summary the conclusion? The basic goal of it? What was it? What was it that what purpose? Did your life serve? What were you trying to achieve with your existence? With your existence? What we were trying to achieve? That question has to be brought back to the surface has to be talked about, again, with clarity, especially if you're young, specially it doesn't make a difference what age you are, by the way, the prophet Allah, your thoughts on this is a question he asked. When he, when he proposed Islam to people, he was asking them that question. What do you want to live for? What is your life going to be about? That's what Allah did. That's what it meant to them. So they

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they changed people in their 60s and the 70s, they changed and they were able to make a difference with their lives. But that has to happen. Islam cannot be a secondary goal, a secondary game, it can't be some secondary endpoint of your project. There has to be the main focus. It has to be, it has to be and you start with yourself. And you start locally, and then then spread your wings and fly to whatever corner of the earth you want to fly and change things. What else is just what lights all Calum? It's all kind of it's just just talk, just talk.

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I am tired of tired of hearing myself speak and I'm tired of hearing people talk. Just get up here we talk, we talk we talk, we talk more. And then things just continue to be exactly the same to be complaining about the same problems well, like since I was six years old, since I was six sending a message or listening to you listening to people complain about the exact same problems I have not like I feel like can we not be a bit more innovative, come up with a new problem just for the sake of 90 of excitement just to have something new to deal with. It's the same problems just manifesting themselves in different forms. And I think that's something that we should all take seriously and

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think about Aquila colada was started hola Holly welcome. First of all, we are very Laconia foods animal stocks readiness to hula.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa wa sallahu wa salam O Allah Allah Allah may Allah be Avada

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While early he was so happy he or Manitoba and Jehovah when you were 40 but good to know wait if you had your hotbar

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and Miss editing why you and Allah can not agree

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no matter what cost

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patola but he must set it all up it had just to feed her. But are you ever gonna be a chameleon? What do you do one? Oh the Alibaba calm Watty mama calm Elon Musk Ella till pm even knifes God harder to Hoonah and invest in a lot

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of cardio in Mattoon Hamiltonian Arcada well when will Kalam when am I gonna? On his law has that and then suddenly the law is totally unusually high enough so whom in Kedah liketo Billa he was so nothing ABBYY he said Allah Allah He was salam. O Allah He your soloable Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Nursey and your stem your ELA he either mine also whom you should only hire IoT Him whom you're sorry boiler nurse and Yestermorrow eco and to know February hem Trishula hula home key for your Japan you shall insert or Hayato Workiva la he on Yakubu felt asylee heen Joaquin valley here and you know even which Tamara who were who have been I've seen is totally you know don't leave my work

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to hear what a hierarchy what a hierarchy already he went on which tomorrow he led the US going up either Can you feel beta leaders convene beta they're in the leaf lion by the law can talk if I'm I'm a nurse to hadiza home until Kvlt but what I'm leaving was done at a committee him how are they gonna nurse availability? What and so now I'm full circle and welcome to clonal Kitab if you don't know never heard Docker demon fairly slow now, Mr. Docker demon. Well, if you had you heard about why the kalam and

00:21:42--> 00:22:14

UNHRC Omani jerawat T in Allah He that I'm talkin Camila for a seminar in southern camel we're calling mocassin on feet the hierarchy or coluna as hobbies you know, that's Allah subhanaw taala and y'all if you want to know when you're Homina that can hold out the HUD does and PR Minister maybe movimenti heating Mr. Marathi you know if you hire Tina, but how does Luna and Kim as in Islam cocoon and Islamia why lasercut Masha Allah Chara police and much movement boom at Shire why bother to call me hello and son why either found behind the study of the law and Islam was sloop higher and Islam Kalia your issue and as you insert

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the Torah Dalek

00:22:19--> 00:22:23

we know that Islam is not within Islam. I mean

00:22:24--> 00:22:45

if you go too shy anyway, but that's in Mugello, Raja in Elfi karate muta Camila and let me Hanabusa Allah Allah Allah Salam papaya happy to hire team and TV at home and US hobby. South Africa Anna Halina Phil fashion. South Africa Halina confession was an Aparna shucky Min nafcillin mosquito we couldn't wish to merge and in the Calamar because it was

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so cool bill done it that high to hit what could I imagine was you this must have been Michelle you've

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been a nurse and cool yes Techiman knifes more mature muscular he NF Sua.

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Islamia hola hola. Yo, hello. In Fulton polymath Allah Allah, Allah Hema Bina and fusina Wake botella firma data Phalguna MasterChef I finished up the Kanjo habla is a kind of job nom but beware job a Newsbeat Erlich Nana earn Amma mandala Mata Lisa MIT fina iya T ha and knows better and Islam at Island Jihyo Latina

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o file okay Dalek the candidate should cook Hua Hua Hua Alec who are hot yoga hot

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yoga Hatha Ananda EULA Chico Hello Miko, Malik al Islam yeah for our OB row here we have enough see we have a problem with Mr. Malhotra a Yoda who is either John 10 F sokola. Either lost the dT d noccalula. He SubhanaHu wa Qalamoun. Allah He seems to be I'd like Colombo to look at a simple Java check, shout out like English Gylfi, theaman payment usually NAFSA, who will Freeman Your Holiness NAFSA, who Allah subhanho wa Taala we have to move Islam from the realm of rituals of exclusively being rituals and acts of worship.

00:24:13--> 00:24:25

To a cause Islam before everything is a cause you live for it. And if needed, you die for it to this is for many people around the globe, something that is concerning because most

00:24:26--> 00:24:59

most of those who are in control want a population that is not fully aware or educated, not fully committed to a group of morals or ethics. They want them educated just enough to know write the code to run the machines and to keep things moving, aware enough just to complain amongst each other about how they could, but not enough to actually point out corruption when they see it. Not enough to stand for justice or righteousness when they observe atrocities and oppression and racism and a

00:25:00--> 00:25:04

hatred and double standards, you don't want that, because that can be dangerous.

00:25:05--> 00:25:36

So we want them to be people who are who can be tempted, who can be put in a cycle of consumerism, and consumerism, just so they don't have a lot of time because we don't have a lot of time, he didn't do it, they do it better in the Middle East, in my opinion, because they keep you running after your hopes all your life, they dangle the heavens and you run after it all of your life, you don't have time to talk about climate change, or atrocities occurring across the world or oppression, or you don't have time because you're hungry. And the hope is, is beyond your reach, you have to run, they do it better there. I'm just I'm just letting you know the the dictators of this

00:25:36--> 00:26:12

part of the world, they're probably going back to what they're doing over there, it's better for you if this is what you continue to want. But a population that is committed to righteousness to justice, to integrity to fairness, and is willing to live for that and die for that and and take that as the reason why of why they're alive. Rather than just a sideline project. It's a very difficult population to contain. It's a difficult group of people to, to maintain and to distract and to tempt into control. They don't like that piece. They're scared of it, which is why they use all these words, which is why they use all of these words, when they describe Muslims are the

00:26:12--> 00:26:49

embodiment or mistakes of Muslims, or in general, the Muslim world. The reason these terms are used is because we're kind of the last group that still see their principles and their values and who they are to be more important than anything else, to be more important than their status, and their jobs, and their reputation, and their comfort and their leisure, they're still willing to put that ahead of everything. And that's not in their best interest. I'm sorry. You're hearing through exactly what I believe. I don't always say this stuff, because I think it but this is what I believe the world is. And this I believe the problem actually lies. If you truly if we truly as Muslims

00:26:49--> 00:27:16

believe in justice and righteousness, then we continue to advocate regardless, we regardless of whether they are bombing, or they're not, regardless of whether it's, it doesn't make a difference, we continue to speak the truth. And we continue to work towards it as an ummah. And we start, and we start by transforming our own backyard, cleaning it up, cleaning up that backyard of ours, getting our house in order, and starting to work from there, you will learn a lot when you do that, and you achieve a lot when you get that done.

00:27:19--> 00:27:20

That's my firm belief.

00:27:21--> 00:27:36

The series I want to share with you over the next couple of weeks is the laws of victory, or the laws of success. It's sort of unfair, that's what it does. So the first 10 suitors of the Quran, from the Fatiha to a terminator story, they tell the stories themselves in their, in their essence, meaning in their,

00:27:37--> 00:28:13

in their themes, they tell a beautiful story, continuation of how Muslims actually evolve and become towards the end of it. So it's, it's a short one, it's only 10 pages amongst the ones that are all over it just all over 20 It's it's very, it's kind of like why is it is here, because it just gives us laws, a couple of laws, 20 to 23 laws, depending on how you want to categorize them. If you want to be successful as a nation, here are a couple of things to avoid a couple of things to do. I'm going to try and share them with you not in a sequential manner of disorder, but share with you the ones that I think are really important over the next couple of weeks. things for us to reflect if we

00:28:13--> 00:28:18

want to be successful, here are a few things to avoid, here are a few things that we have to hold on to.

00:28:19--> 00:28:45

And maybe maybe as a community, we can actually do something, we can make an example for ourselves and for others, and then we'll become much more effective, much more efficient, then we can reach out and help people when you're weak. You can't help those who are being mistreated when you're strong you can and that strength must come from within not just from within individuals, but from within communities as well. I hope that was beneficial to you.

00:28:46--> 00:29:19

At the end we have we do have the MRC social worker amongst us here today. And the reason that we have this on a weekly basis are people who are struggling at home with if there's any form of domestic violence, domestic abuse if their mental health problems if there any family issues. We have the sister here to help with that and someone that you can refer to to help kind of move that move that along and telethon brother hammer will make some announcements regarding some of the protests and activities that are occurring this weekend. While I'm wanting to learn how to be a Marine I'll be even for fun in Allahu Allah, He can tell who you are. So Luna, Allah Nabhi Yeah, you

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Hello, Xena Manuel Soleimani. He recently moved to sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Medina Laila Ali Mohammed can also later Allah Abraham Allah Ali Ibrahim wa barik ala Mohan Medina, early Mohammed come out about McDonough Ibrahim Ibrahim Filomena in Dhaka. Hamid Majeed. What are the Allahu Akbar? Allahu Allah said that the buccal were O'Meara worth man what are the what are the Allah Who man is watching him or hurting him What meaning Well, I know early hippo you being a PA he didn't want Sahaba to heal of Oriole Maya mean why did the woman who whom BSL and Isla yo Medina Why not my home yellowhammer TKO hammer Rahim Allah whomever fitted in Muslim you know when a Muslim out

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

when meaning you know I didn't want me not even home what I'm what I'm

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Welcome my favorite whom I mean, when I finished school Ruben in Nakuru then what if I mean what if I told him I didn't love blue mean welcome Dima and our Nima and Muslimeen welcome Dima this one enough here Philistine Allahu makindye ma home Allahu La Mora whom Allah Who Mojib orchestra whom Allah whom I stood out to whom Allah whom I'm in. Allahu Allahu Ala Moana Ventosa homeotic Alameen Allah humara domestic, rehabbing Muslim in Ojai unit I mean who are they left on solid green Allahu Maradona LG Marina eco Edo de Nicola Dunja Mira Bucha Ballina, la Houma and Jimmy is going to be in October so here now be called by new adjusted and more will have one other alcoholic Allahumma

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disease. Well how

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about Allah? In Allah Hi yah Maura will certainly want you to easily orba when handled fascia even carry well Belding