Adnan Rashid – Advising Muslims in Kigali (Rwanda)

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The history and origin of the "verily love" or "will" statement in the Bible is discussed, including a woman named Sonia and a doctor who has a cure for Gunna. The importance of following the Bible and sharing experiences to improve one's life is emphasized, along with the need to act compassionate and share love for Islam to avoid causing harm. The "ropes of Islam" and "ropes of Islam" message in culture of China and Korea are also discussed.
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layer when it comes to

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or hate. A hungry lawyer have been Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala

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wa Sallim wa Holly he was copy of oral Miami Oman.

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My body was a bit ly some Illumina shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Omar Sanaka, Illa, Rama, Camilla mean, young Allah Harry, how you saw a little cuckoo UVA

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You can reach me see if you can make a man up you

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know God, where does it

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go to is

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I read a verse from the Quran. Now Sonia, I will Quran which is in surah Colombia, he demonstrated Ambia it states 1118 Rama Sal Naka, indorama Calella Hola mi na.

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over Amahoro are three symbols. So if the prophet of Allah is a mercy for for all of creation, Neva mana Muhammad arama Haruka to you see, then we today, the Muslim community in the world are to show that mercy, there you go.

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Where to go to is the biggest source of that mercy is the Quran itself. Guerrero is so called Zima channel. You

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need Quran and the Quran guides humanity to all that is good can the Quran you're about to see the video civilities now if people don't know the Quran, urine upon matassa Quran, they will be deprived of Allah's Mercy Riccio was to Kenya nama Hora Nimisha need to see the man so Allah says the Quran upon the Prophet as a source as a sign of mercy, retoucher, arrow, Allah. Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Quran even handed Rama Whoa. So the Prophet brought this Quran to his followers in El Rasulillah Salam by

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ICICI reserve, our Sahaba and then his followers changed Beecher Raj, Luca these people they used to kill their own daughters

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they would fight over a camel that why Naga foo and tried to kill each other. Amma amoako was

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over petty things are matching up to toe to toe and they will be oppressing the women can the Obama can see bad daughters

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and they had other problems in this society.

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Islam came to them with some data as a problem. The Quran was read to them for an hour and they change it from a very bad people but

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they became some of the best people in the world.

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So it was the Quran, the Quran, and it was the Tao of Rasul Allah, Allah Allah.

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Luca, so Dawa changed people that were led

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Dawa, which is based upon the Quran

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and the example of the Prophet SAW Allah

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Muhammad. So if we the Muslims today

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do not do our study.

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Then we will be questioned by Allah on the Day of Judgment. Allah because power is far upon all of us Cuckoo, cuckoo,

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cuckoo Islam, Muslims of Rwanda, Rwanda, they were 2% in 1994 that is the captain and

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now they are about 10 to 12%.

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Do you think this happened without doubt?

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However, if someone is doing Dawa, how,

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and Allah is bringing people to Islam to this mercy through our Candyman?

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Now I want to give you an example of a doctor.

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There is a doctor who has the cure, yeah. Who knows what the medicine is?

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Who knows what the diseases Yeah.

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And 10 people come to him to me

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and tell him what the problem Bammo to me and the doctor he identifies the problem Buganda

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and while he has the medicine, yes, he has the Shiva Yeah. He has the knowledge you have too many. And yet he does not give it to these people.

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What do you think?

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Dr. Weaver

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What do you think of this Dr. Nellore?

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I want the brothers to tell me

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why each and why I recall

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our why Niki Neva zafu maganda was

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what do you think of this doc? Yes

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he says

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what to think about this? Nobody else has done who gives you? Yes. That's what he said yes, but the doctor is the suburb, but the doctor

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Allah is

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Allah knows Allah made this doctor's will that he can give medicine to people

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but he's not giving the medicines

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because he refused to give the medicine that was Jazak Allahu Allah.

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This doctor has betrayed

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a mama to

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Ganga, yet done by me

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he has betrayed his responsibility yet Ambani responsibility he has betrayed his profession yet down by going he is he has betrayed the institution that gave him the degree. He Kiko Chiangmai today he has betrayed Allah Yeah, damn by the Allah. I'm the one who gave him the degree man and you're the one who gave him the Knowledge man or woman. So now this doctor is not a good doctor.

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With a Muslim,

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we are like doctors let us let

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our Ganga

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and we have the medicine to fit to booty. The Quran is Shiva Quran Inomata yes or no? Yes or no? Yes, yes or no is the Quran is Shiva for anonymity and if we are hiding the Quran

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under the table

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and not sharing with people

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who is the problem? Linden we now

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we are not good doctors.

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This is why we have so many people around us who need the Quran Neo Mumbrella he's

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very dour. And when we do it, we have to go there when we give medicine in the society or the console.

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You will see all the diseases less anger goes away. The disease of hate always

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the disease of misguidance

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the disease of incorrect beliefs, right?

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The disease of other problems that people may be suffering from why in the world it will go away just yet. So this is my message today my brothers.

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Allah told us in the Quran, Quran the best people are those who are doing Dawa among ways to serve and

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we live in a Chicago regime. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Beaumont Sano Poland, memoranda. Isla, why Masada? Well Paula in any mineral Muslimeen it is in the Savannah

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so this is one of the most powerful verses in the Quran. He

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Allah saying whose word is better than the one who calls to Allah in my never would need

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a man. So this is why if you want to follow the prophets even as

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a man if you want to follow Muhammad Rasul Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah if you want to follow isa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and he said, If you want to follow Musa

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Allah, if you want to follow Ibrahim kalila

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follow these prophets then you have to follow the example my brother's name

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and one word of goodness is Saba he Shambo limnic jeiza Nee sadaqa. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said only one knew what I

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So now that all of you are who are praying in the masjid know that enemy was the mishaan Mushroom salad you have to share this love of Islam with

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Islam. You have to share this love with compassion with mercy. Wu Tang

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Wu Zhu Rasul Allah salah.

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Assalamo stone in the city of pipe in

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Yama, we every single part of this body has bleeding a hand horse.

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He was calling people

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but the people of Rwanda don't do this to you, Erica.

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They are beautiful people not on the Weather Channel. They accept then Islam they want to listen but

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they want to learn much quicker and yet we do not go to Korea and

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so the Day of Judgment with the Muslims will be quite shallow Islam was I was so we have to indulge in Dawa to go no doubt we have to do Dawa so that people around us can see that we are good people return to the teachings

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of Islam, no Dawa can be done with a smile. Thou shalt

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thou can be done through charity, thou shalt man thou can be done through an act of kindness thou shalt

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thou can be done by helping someone thou shalt

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and thou can be done by giving good advice to people thou shalt

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so on this note, my brother's take ism, but I don't I don't want to take too much of your time and money but it is my honor to speak with you today.

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Most of you move, as I mentioned, converts to Islam

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because Islam is very new in Rwanda

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and this is a blessing from ALLAH SubhanA.

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Allah subhanaw taala. Islam's blessing is only known to those who actually practice it and love it.

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Islam, China, China, Korea.

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So let the people of Rwanda and Uganda to see the mercy of Allah in you one it is Amina masala, you always have to leave fragrance net.

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In any position in any society, our nominee was the mosaic. You have to spread beautiful message of Islam.

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Islam, the Merciful message of Islam

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the most important most importantly, the Compassionate message of

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Islam. May Allah subhanaw taala give the trophy Amin and may Allah subhanaw taala make you the art of this ummah, for your people. May Allah make you the light for you people. I mean, the guy

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with a Windows seven, you know was Maroon. I mean, I've had somebody lie around me

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