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October 13, 2018- Part 3

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The speakers discuss the difficulty of praying for others and the importance of mental health and mental health-related issues during war. They also touch upon the story of a woman who died after being kept shock until she prayed for herself and her family. The segment ends with a mention of a woman named Missy who they do not want to interrupt them.

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He tells us, Michigan University data revised start on January, we want to come back from that. And I was barefoot because I didn't have nice, my shoes were ruined because of this long walk, and my toenail still on my feet. Like, it's so hot that you actually told us to work anymore. And it just causes a horrible, horrible feeling. I've actually seen people like that, you're going to go to certain parts of the world that doesn't feel seen. So what they do is that they take it that they're folding, you take a piece of their folding ribbons, and then they would tie it around their feet, just to ease the pain of it. And to make it easier for them to walk to it was called guns with the

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middle of a recovery of the Giza Plateau.

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So what happened, brothers took them

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he marched towards these people, 30 kilometers

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he arrived here.

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And I think arriving there is also

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I mean, they're preparing for without.

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Now the Muslims, up to that point, I never really

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never didn't know what to do when it came to praying for.

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Right, how do you pray during war? It's it's not an easy, very difficult, it doesn't make any out when you do it. Right.

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And then the other half, but they didn't know that at that time. They felt like it was the last war, right? Yeah, maybe can we just like maybe pray also, like, a lot later on. I'm sure many people here who were at the mall will do it too. Because being at the mall is worse than apparently than being more. Or if you're sleeping in and you can bring your budget up maybe at eight o'clock. Or if you're working, then you can just ditch the modem and upgrade later, during the war. They know that maybe we have to pray. And Allah surprise that God is with us what to do is

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to see me on that date used to like

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traveling, so can they play, you can do it that way. But still, they have a break. Either way, they still have to break. So I couldn't defeat him.

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Minimum. And along the way, as it says it talks about praying during the war. Now, I guess it doesn't explain to you how they did it may take some time, I don't try to benefit from it. Because I don't think many of you will actually have to do it at any point in your life at all, you know, you just have to be part of what you do. But what's more interesting to me is is the fact that even during war, they weren't given an excuse not to break.

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Even during war, your cell warriors were at the worst moment, but one of the worst moments of your life, if you ever somehow made a loss to protect everyone here and you don't know what not to go through it. But if you ever do it the worst one of the worst moments of your life. It's very scary, extreme fear. It's very hard. Everyone's scared. It's very high tension moments. And if any moment you are want to be excused from prayer, in your mind, you need this is the moment. This is the moment, right? It's okay, but you're not to pray immediately in the hierarchy is that no, you're gonna pray? You're gonna pray for you. I will tell you how. Because the first thing was like, This

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is impossible. How do we bring it anywhere? Don't worry, I'll tell you exactly how to do it. There's a certain system for it. Just like Muhammad was saying the problem was it was dead. And it's an example for example, because he had to prepare, he was dead and half of the half of the army was dead behind him, I think would be facing towards the end into the fray towards them. And it will prey upon some benefits to what you all can follow him the first half of the half that has been behind him, we pray behind the first block the other half of you standing, guarding, then the brothers are saying we'll sit for the first two gentlemen. And he would stay seated city wouldn't

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move. And the people were praying with him will stand up and continue to talk guys on their own finish. And then go and take this stand on guard, the people were standing on guard would come come in and sit behind the violence that was still sitting in the first chapter. He's still waiting. When everyone's seated, he gets out but he continues to do the door drops. So now after the tour is finished, he's finished his four now the guy who's behind how many of the phrasal verb

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do right so they continue to have the last one. And that way everyone pray together for restaurants and different timings and only half at a time to everyone so there will always be enough people to guard so this was the first time they did something called slotted holes. And this is called cylindrical it's called the prayer of fear if you're in a moment of fear or is so war is probably the scariest moment then even then you do it like in for now that the very interesting part of the story is that no battle actually happened

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the tribes that

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were standing there when they saw the Muslims actually praying in this very it was a very weird way of doing things like because they didn't turn up most of them didn't pray to the washing them doing that. Like these guys are you know, I don't know what they're doing. But this is the screen Yep, I'm out and the all the All right. All right. And before the husband dies before the fight happened. These tribes fight amongst each other and they all ran away. And the Muslims didn't have to do

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no budget happened. And this was one of my favorite was like there's no no budget at all. And they all ran the brothers, I then decided to stay in the US just to establish some strength. And we're not afraid if you want to come back and fight us that it was ahead, we're still here, we'll stay away for you, but they had already ran away. And it was just a piece of proof of strength but the provinces and wanting to establish in Arabia, and they got to do something. Now what I wanted to bring to your attention

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if they weren't allowed to postpone a prayer during the war, though What are you doing telling me that you work on Walmart and your management of time and to give you the five minutes to pray in public? What are you telling me what are you doing? Why are you explain to me that I can pray because of all I'm the only guy standing in the in the meat and dairy section and that no one else is down there for you pray when it's good time and you're in school, you ask for a few minutes you will pray Lord you come back to your class it's your rights and it's your duty is two things it's your right in this country to do its meeting and you have a right as a Muslim to ask for time for

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your prayer. And it's your responsibility to do so. You can do is not an excuse to say that will lie I can pray you will learn because I have classes I can't but he also doesn't know you can always plug even always break and always ask for time and go do it and why don't whether you're working whether you're you're traveling

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there are a few times in life or you excuse of being a parent maybe I end up as excused if he is taking someone's life and it happens to go mother that Tonisha he doesn't pray and let the guy who doesn't bleed out and die. Yes take care of it. But very few times and like is it okay for you to postpone a prayer? There are a few times and even in situations like that Some scholars say he prays in Tralee that he repeats it later because you don't you don't you don't lose you don't miss a prayer.

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So if we're gonna jump into school, or I had a game once that was something that we had a game I was playing you're playing you didn't pay look because you were playing a game and it was a football game. I know. I know it was taco for a moment so about free go back. Do not waste your prayers if the story of thought enough doesn't nothing at all teach you anything. It teaches us to mental health no matter what happened it was like a lesson from us under the Muslims because it wasn't about the battle was about fighting was about that you have to pray even if you're scared even if it's war you have to pray the only time you're excused from pain is if your brains with you if

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you're not going you're not there if you're not there your brain is not functioning themselves you're not free but as long as your brain is working

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even if it's just with your eyes

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I was blessed when I was

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very quite young it was maybe nine years old

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to see you great man

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but who knows

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Do you know how often your dad dies

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if you don't know what he did, does anyone know how he died

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or where he died

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anyone at all

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he had a stroke

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basically that basically paralyzed him from the eyes down the only thing he could move was a finger and this is good

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spared 100 hours you OSU.

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Ad IAB is

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This net was bent down for nine years, nine years last 10 years of his life, he couldn't move anything. And he was in a hospital in Riyadh. And he continued to farmed out for nine years, using only using a system where he would look at the letter on the computer and would take, and people would send them emails with questions. And he was sent back essays of answers. He would take with his eyes, he did this for years, for nine years after he died, I'm pretty sure he had a stroke until he died, why people don't know that people know the, you know, the famous debates where he didn't even talk that he was very talented, they don't know how to look what you actually give them yet.

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And I was a part of the conference call. We were kids in school where we got to, someone went to the hospital and and he gave to them to him. And I remember seeing this this man, and just being told the story, and it was just a he, he prayed his prayers every single day. If a five prayers only pray he continued to perform Datawatch we passed away 96 now

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so there was also computer system, we would look at the screen and the scheme wouldn't recognize that he's up in joules focused on a certain letter I would tape and you can look it up and exist today easily but at that time, it was a big deal. And he continued continue to pull him down for nine years.

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So how would you frame it with your mind?

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In your mind, remaining 5g, Allah, what are some of the things you got to move your body when you're doing the prayer is acceptable? You have to do it like that. So there's really no excuse me, come and give me these silly excuses. And I always do it. I will. I went out today and I was at school. I don't know what to tell you. I had a class, you need to stand up for yourself and you need to ask Are you concerned your responsibility and it's your right to do things and you have to go and ask for it. Don't come and tell me how to be shamed or embarrassed. Or you know people are gonna think this or say this doesn't matter if people think or say you need to pray your prayers on time. Don't

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add them all up at the end of the day that doesn't that's not right. It's not okay. If during war, you lose a lot of soul imagine any other time that is much less, the stakes are much, much lower.

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I can't remember anymore. I can't remember. I just know that part. You can look it up probably convenient. Read about it. Anyways, interesting.

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So they did that. And the four are trying to they all ran to the brother says, Hey, mister, I'm gonna come back. So all the way back, we're gonna have a few stories, few things are gonna happen on the way back that are very interesting.

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So I'm telling the first story

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all the time, you probably have left. The first story was on the way back

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on so it was sad.

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They found a place that had some small trees shade because it's very hard to discern and full of like you, you don't want me to just even want to live. If you want to live, you find the shade and you know your restaurant. So it's totally fine. You need to stop so they found the place where some shade and everyone falling down the tree to delete under and the Broncos game, the duty of standing guard for a couple of people. Okay, you guys, I'll stand guard make sure no one's falling us to wake up something happens. The Broncos Listen, it goes to a small tree, he takes off his hang it up, he takes off his sword. He puts him on the team. He lives him as my son, you would take off his shoes,

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put them onto a television you don't unless you have a good internet, which helps them to ever see how they put them together, we would come and do that if you would put them under his head in your sleep it suffers. Imagine I used to put you know his pillows I was used.

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So you would do that you'll make put his hand on them. And this is before he was put into a story.

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And a man actually, who was part of those four tribes didn't give up. I'd be following the Muslim the whole time seems opened up in Manhattan. And he's coming behind them. And he waited to see me one of the guards who was doing their job properly. Because one of the guards actually tells us that I was getting day by day. He fell asleep like three times and those times it was it was just so hot and tired. They hit her falling asleep. And apparently I was falling asleep every once in a while this man made his way amongst all of us looking for the province because it was snoozy and he sees the problem. Somebody's in it. So he comes up. It takes the sword off the tree

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takes it out of the slot and he puts it right under the bubble size that was made right here. As he's sleeping a pass on it. Put me on the helmet together. I'm gonna get the brothers and mix up the device. This is all sorted

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up pops up since

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he's sitting there with a sword stuck right here

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I've never I've seen the narrative maybe sorry actually carried on before it pretty heavy. Pretty scary when you see why you're not sure if you have anything to do with this selection quite intimidating thing I love your neck.

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Skateboarders This is one of those

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I don't know you have to ask a specialist so they don't know. So he's saying that someone they send them to stores under

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demand looks at the bottom it says well

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and no

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Minion gefundene Who can see from you that you're walking around with that your principal? You're fighting plays you're taking on all these tribes are moving within the league. We think you're your hotshot who's gonna who can save you from me now you're done I'm gonna have I'm gonna shove this in right into your throat and this right now. I just want to ask you a question before we did it. Yeah, he put the brother doesn't solicit them totally calm sitting there.

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He looks at him and he says a law I don't know how or why I only don't know why this guy took a step backwards tripped fell and dropped the sword I don't know why I don't know whether it was the strength of the answer of the confidence and wisdom I don't know whether it was whether it was a determination in his eyes on the inside loosen up I don't know if that was the extreme bravery increase that he didn't know how to deal with just vibrating from the province of allies him I don't always what it was but when the brothers Why is it so clearly so confidently as an African with just one word is that Allah the the evil that he trimmed back if I wanted to talk to someone about this,

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I pick up the story and he put it onto the guy's neck. So the guys playing around with this sort of thing. And then Robinson smiles

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and million Jeep Emily, how about an hour of you who won't save you from me?

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So the night is ours to make

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Kareem and Nash it took hola hola Rahim all this out there and say please, you've always been known to be generous. You've always been known to be a great man. Yeah, Muhammad you don't kill me.

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So the proper size says, Hey, let them intimidate you would do that. How would I give you a better idea? How would you believe in the laws of contact in the hereafter?

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Very very rude man. Very little anything at all? So gay guy just started like I can just I can kill you? Nope, I don't want it doesn't push. I'm gonna

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do it eat. And then you will help us against those who are fighting? No, I would never do that.

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But if a device officer you got to take a person who gets irritated and then out of anger will will harm someone out of anger will do something that he will later regret. That's not him. So allies provide either toxic elder to in unnecessarily then how about we just never helped anyone to harm us? How bad is that from you? I'll take anything from you, brother. Yeah, Muslim. Okay, that's not you can't do that. Finally, to help us out? No, then just how well you don't fight us or we always because not only that, okay. All right. So the problem is I send them calls upon this problem. Also how they get up when they see they see departments name with a sort of a nicety.

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That you know what? This guy called up? I didn't tell them what happened. So hold on, there's people that will be this what happened and I came in, I pick up the story and I shoved it under his neck. I woke him up. I told him what was gonna save you. He said, Allah. I don't know what how they build that. Oh, no, I don't know. I'm in the position. I mean, you see me and I'm swearing that I'll never ever helped anyone against you again.

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Why? Because you wanted to teach them, some of them that we don't seek revenge. So you could have killed myself.

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But he chose not because he's the most merciful and you'll take anything you can from it. Even if just a promise not to harm the customer. That was good enough. That's the first story. I'll talk about that story before Joel next time. Yes.

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All the questions